Hmph! Don’t Seem That Social to Me!

Every time I need to go walkies, they’re always in a meeting!


“Don’t mess with our watchdog, Ambrogio,” warns We Are Social.


It’s the Play-Doh Puppy Extruder!

Hey, kids! For hours of creative fun, get the Play-Doh Puppy Extruder! Just insert the puppy into the squeezing chamber and select from dozens of creative shapes…


Then, presto! Out comes the puppy, remaining more or less puppy-shaped.


Via Imgur.

Welcome to Chickens Anonymous

A reminder before we start, don’t be afraid to speak up. Remember our motto: “Fear Is Why We’re Here.” Chickens Anonymous is a safe, nurturing place where you can talk about what frightens you. And with that in mind, I’d like you all to welcome our newest member, who… um, we may want to turn on the ceiling fan and open some windows…


Via Reddit.

Accept No Imitations

“Waitaminit… I distinctly ordered a hot dog, not some cloth-based hot dog substitute! Real hot dogs don’t have tags saying ‘Not to be removed under penalty of law’.”


Via Leigh Gregg.

Know Your Mythical Woodland Creatures

Hiking the forest trails in Finland? You may encounter a Grömpendoggel, one of the magical trolls who inhabit the northern woods. The keep warm by bundling themselves in the scarves they steal from unwary travelers, which are so long they keep tripping over them.


Via user Unsplash on Pixabay.

“You’ll Grow Into It,” They Said

You people expect me to fetch this? This thing looks big enough to fetch me!


“My new puppy dreaming of better days,” says Redditor astagg.

No, I Did Not Eat Your Hamburger

And frankly, I resent the accusing way you look at me whenever food goes missing, like “oh, she’s a dog, dogs eat hamburger, QED.” Well, dogs eat cheese too, but do you see any cheese missing? No, you don’t! And here I am standing here not eating it. Chew on that logic for a while, Socrates!



Kick This, Buddy

WARNING! This video contains disturbing scenes of what can happen when a fierce attack dog thinks its owner is threatened. Viewers, if you have a weak stomach, we urge you not to watch this graphic display of grisly, horrific carnage!

Get the Magic-Gro Difference!

Experience mega plant growth in half the time with Magic-Gro™! We asked homeowner Eugene Saspoot of Rancho Cucuclock, CA to try Magic-Gro on his newly-planted hedges where his dog Sparky was napping. Four hours later, just look at the results!


Via Reddit/Imgur.

Shoulda Paid Extra for the Convertible

But still, the sunroof kind of works — I just can’t see the dashboard, no biggie.