Heeeeeey, It’s The Fozz*

Fozz, dude, U are in need of serious trim action. Can U even SEE the Golden Gate Bridge over there?



“I don’t know if Fozzy is up to snuff- [R U kidding? -Ed.] -but he would definitely appreciate the attention. Love the site!” -Aaron E.

[*I know U were going for a "Happy Days" 70s reference there..not quite sure you pulled it off, though. -Ed.]

1-2-3, “Awwwwwww.”

You’ve had a bad day:

1.) Boss yelled at you.

2.) They lost the dry cleaning.

3.) Then you get a speeding ticket ’cause you’re mad about 2.)

So you open the door, and see this!

(End of bad day.)


Ultimate Beady Eye Factor

Radar ears on alert.
Dangling paws.
Chubby lower legs leading to..
Teeny tiny pair of feet.

And oh yes, those beady little eyes boring a hole thru your very soul. Take THAT, Interwebs.

Via Reddit.

豚とパパ: The Peegs -N- Papa

“Buta to Otchan,” or “Pigs And Papa” is the title of a book by Toshiteru Yamaji. He spent several years taking these photos of a fellow named Otchan, who has 1,200 pigs at his farm in Marugame, a countryside city of Kagawa. Yamaji self-published the book and won the 13th Japan Self-Publishing Award Graphic Prize for it. You can find it on Amazon and Foil Tokyo. Way more photos here.

(Kinda reminds U of this story, no?)









From RocketNews24.

Sock It To ‘Em

After you’ve spent the day chasing The Cat, snoozing in the sun, scarfing down Snausages™, and going for a walk, what’s left?

Oh yeah. Must visit the sock drawer.

Via Vladimir S.

Now U C Me…..

Now U don’t!!!

What U mean, I am gonna be in a “Spin Cycle?”
I will use my Kitteh Mind Control to get all the Noms from U…


Panda Blorp Detected In DEE CEE

This is Bao Bao, out and about at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. We’ve also got live dual Panda Cam Action here and here.

From and taken by Joey T.

Classic Interspecies Snorgling Right HEAH

“Gunner the Golden Retriever Puppeh, hanging out with his best friend Delta the Dolphin. This photo was taken at the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida. I work here and bring him regularly. Gunner and Delta have become best friends!” -Marie B.


Doin’ The Frog Paddle

_h1080_w1920_m6_ofalse_lfalse (1)[Yeah, I know there's no such thing. But I am a frog, duh. So when WE swim, it's Frog Paddle, not Dog Paddle!]

Photo of a red-eyed tree frog in Costa Rica, by Nicolas Reusens for the 11th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition, as seen on MSN News. Vote for this shot or other photos here.

Earth Day, Eh?

[Well then, I guess we'd better DIG SOME UP! Hey, pal! Get off your 'Tocks and help me out!]

Meerkat Maniacs @ the San Francisco Zoo. Photo by Unknown.