(Say Like Elvis:) “Whole Lotta QTE Goin’ On”

There’s a LOT of The QTE going on in this 6:03 video from YouTube Mogul Mihai Francu. The opening Panda sequence alone is enough to make ya ‘Splode.

Pixel’s Greatest Hits

Pixel The Maniac Frenchie has only been on these pages for a relatively short time, but he’s BLOWIN’ UP THE QTE. Already time for a Greatest Hits video!

How Low Can You Go?

Check out little Erasmus here! (Say in a lilting Caribbean accent;) “He can really do da limbo, mon!” (This is his second C.O. appearance- watch him playing soccer- honest- back at Christmas 2013.)

From Ilana B.

Hey Wallace? Another Round, Pal?

Wallace The Bun should come in quite handy on Super Bowl Sunday. And he works for peanuts carrots.

From Ben (Wallace’s typist.)

Mmmmm, Yogie!

When you have a long slender SNOOT, it makes it that much easier to get to the bottom!

The Amazing Pizza Exercise Plan!

Need to give your dog a workout? Just take some pizza to the top of a slide and watch her try to get it!

#SnowpocalypseOfDoom Is Here

UPDATED! While these little goobers are obviously having a ball, it’s important to make sure they’re well taken care of as The White Death descends upon the US Northeast. Here are some helpful teeps for you.

And this clip is in the compilation, but is so good it should be on its own- this is Meredith The Corgi.


The Super Bowl Is This Sunday!

Munchkin The Teddy Bear is gearing up for the Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Seahawks. She’d prefer if some dog-named teams were playing, and we don’t have the heart to tell her there aren’t any of those.

NEW Maru: “Maru Intercepts The Box.”

What that basically means is, Hana is in the box. BUT. Maru wants the box. And of course, The Circle has seniority. Is he about to pull rank? Who’s gonna give in? Let’s find out!

Buddies 2.0

animal-children-photography-elena-shumilova-2-16Buddies (1.0) was a little over a year ago, featuring the wonderful work of Russian photographer Elena Shumilova. Now it’s time for Buddies II! (You can also see more photos on her Flickr album.)











(Panda of Boredom.)


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