Got Milk?

Milk The Ragdoll checks out her hoomin’s toothbrush. [“What IS this thing? OK, lemme nom on it for a bit and WHOA.”]*


[*Note- Brackets [ ] used in the context of a thought are used to symbolize the animuhl speech process, which otherwise does not exist. Probably. -Ed.]

New Rule Of Cuteness: Formal Notice

new rule[*Note: You will recall that yesterday we presented a candidate for inclusion in the Rules Of Cuteness. Per C.O. bylaws or…..something, we hereby post the following Semi-Legal Announcement. The Rules are now updated to reflect this. Thank-you. -Ed.]


Royal Antelope
*Photo Credits: Italian Greyhound from some site with a .ru extension (ooo, scary) that won’t respond: Royal Antelope photo by Klaus Rudloff from

The C.O. Guide to Cat-proofing Your Home

Cats are naturally curious animals, and will naturally view any closed door as a challenge. For added security, place a pan of water in front of the…

… oh, never mind.


Toesday Mystery Attitude

This is “Akimbo Kitty,” from (of course) RN24. Even though it’s Toesday, she doesn’t seem to care one bit. And she thinks you shouldn’t care, either. Is that asking too much?

The original Tweet where this showed up says, “If you go to the living cat is relaxing in mystery attitude.” OK, works for me.


Pixel, The Thief Of Slippers

Maybe you recall Part I. Pixel is back with Part II, and he’s probably got your slippers with him.

Only The Second C.O. Lemming EVER!

downloadWe have to go back to the very beginning for #1, too! Photo by Nature Picture Library/Alamy. Submitted by Linda C.

Maximum BUB

There are several Big Time Internet Cats..Grumpy Cat, Simon’s Cat, Maru, and Lil’ BUB among them. We brought you Maru’s latest earlier today, and now we follow The Circle with…The Bub. Enjoy.

Sqwerl Razzberry Tongue-Hance!

201503-a6000-DSC00373-DetailThis is just about as close-up as you’re gonna get, folks. “When this guy figured out I wasn’t going to feed it, he let me know what he thought. Taken this morning in Costa Mesa, CA. With my best blow-up.” -Richard H.


Miss Iris Has A Handle On This

For some of us, taking a shower is a time-consuming hassle. However, Miss Iris doesn’t see it that way.

NEW Video: An Assortment Of Maru & Hana

Mondays are hard enough- so take a break and enjoy the latest Mugumogu clip featuring Japan’s Top Two Kittehs.

(P.S. Did you see the Maru Tribute Song yesterday?)


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