I Can Haz Drumstick Now?

[I haz been verrrrry patient today while you all haz the turkey and the stuffing and the pie, but now it’s time for you to SHARE THE LOVE. K?]

From the BuzzFeed Animals Tumblr.

I Asked Them For Some Turkey Today…

001[…and THIS is what I get???]

(Leopold, from Brandy.)

Milo Wishes Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!

So tell us, Milo: what are YOU thankful for today?

Photo from Milo’s Tumblr!

Did Someone Say…”Whipped Cream?”

There’s probably more than one can of Reddi Wip in use today- and these kittehs are reddi for it, too. They might settle for Cool Whip, too. Whatever ya got.

“Foolishly gave one of our cats whipped cream once, this is what happens every time we use it now,” says YT poster “Minion & Friends.”

Lil’ BUB Gives Thanks….

…for a bowl of fish and yogurt!

[*Note: From YT video: “Some may say that cats shouldn’t have dairy. That’s true to a degree: what’s bad for them specifically is lactose (can give them the runs.) Yogurt however is very low in lactose, and as long as it is plain without sugar, it is quite good for cats and their digestion. BUB’s vet approves, and she has never had any sort of illness from yogurt, even with a Thanksgiving portion.” -Ed.]

#TBT 2: 11/27/2008: Happy Thanksgiving from Winston!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Enjoy a tofu turkey, pie too

We hope you feast like Winston

Start with a carrot and chew!

A hearty Thanksgiving wish to Rich, Winston and Rudy over at FourFour!

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

#TBT: Happy Thanksgiving! And Now, A Thanksgiving Song

A Thanksgiving Song

Let’s sing it together, everyone!


“I aaaate too moishe
Too moishe is what I ate
I ate too moishe
I ate too moishe
I ate too moishe
IIIIIIII aaaaaaaaate too mooooishe!”


[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™: 11/23/06: -Ed.]

Meanwhile, at Camp Wanaleekya’s “Salute to the First Thanksgiving” Pageant…

“Why look, Josiah Witherspoon! Our guests have brought with them a sample of the many vegetables that grow abundantly here in the New World!”

“How right you are, Sarah Miller! I believe they call it ‘corn’.”


“My view before I tasted this sweetcorn,” notes Flickrer Twinkle Enyong.

Hey Rosella! You ‘Bout Done In There?

Save everyone else some of the hot water, willya??

From FJ.

Timo VS. The Drone

This really isn’t a big deal, it’s just for THE SUPREMACY OF THE LIVING ROOM and all.


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