Pick A Square…ANY Square

Will SOMEone PLEASE just pick a spot and be CONTENT with it? Oh, wait. You’re cats. Never mind. In Comments, debg noted, “Is this Maru’s heaven or his heck?”

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Mahalo, Little Dude!

[That’s a great Hawaiian shirt you’ve got there, pal- why doncha’ come…back..HERE…and LET ME GET A…CLOSER..LOOK! (tugs frantically @ :30.)

Best :90 Seconds You’ll Spend All Day

Just watch.

Oh wait- we have another Piggie Video, this one c/o Megster: (It’s an Encore Presentaysh but totally worth it.)

WHO Wants Some Tummy Rubs? WHO Does?

Oh, YOU do, Cute Little Leopard Shark! Here we go, then!



(Bored Panda.)

#TBT: 05/28/2006: Insta-Pants

Ever notice when bunnies and cats sit up they have instant “Pantaloons’?

Submitter Debbie C. wants to know if you have. Here’s her Photostream…

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

Who Needs A Watch Dog?

Cat lovers, now you don’t need to invent in a big Slobberknocker Guard Doggeh. The C.O. Cat Training Method™ offers guaranteed results but your results may vary or your money back! Sleep easy at night knowing that your Kitteh is snoring blissfully keeping watch over your property and family. Call now! Our operators are asleep at their desks standing by!

Grumpy Cat (No, Not THAT Grumpy Cat)

p15052501Thing Two has taken a chapter from one of Tardar Sauce’s books with THIS look. From Guremike.jp.

The Perfect Stick

These doggehs must have seen this video from the weekend!

Free Garlic Hairballs with Every Order!

When you want the hottest, freshest pizza fast, put down the dominoes and dial Parcheesi’s Pizza! Our patented process keeps your pizza at the purr-fect temperature!


“Forgot to close the lid,” says Redditor k3vbomb.

My Croak Is My Passport. Verify Me

To: All Employees
From: CuteLabs Security

Due to recent breaches of cuteness protocol, all doors have been upgraded with Rapacity Inhibiting Boundary Inquiry Technology (RIBIT) locks. To gain entry, employees must: 1. Touch key card to panel; 2. Answer random security question posed by RIBIT GuardFrog; 3. Kiss RIBIT GuardFrog to enable DNA matching. Please report sudden transformations to First Aid.


Via Reddit.


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