Caturday: All Is Calm…All Is Bright…

And then SOMEONE decides it would be a great idea to climb up inside the big green thing with all the shiny things and lights. You can probably guess what happens next.

(Boing!! Boing!!)

Christmas With Cookie The Cavoodle

IMG_6047People! Is THAT a Prosh Little Face, or WHAT? Positively #Redonk. Cuteporter Natalie W. writes, “Cookie is a beautiful ResQte Puppeh that started off with a very rough life- but thanks to the support of many people, he is now a happy healthy puppy with a new life full of love!” :)

edited cookie


Joey To The World

Christmas season usually brings thoughts of kittehs and puppehs in stockings by the fire, or even..BEBEH REINDEER. We suggest this Bebeh Roo makes an excellent Aussie Alternative! “This face-meltingly cute video features the Kangaroos at Nashville Zoo, which are ridiculously adorable. Bonus: It’s seasonally appropriate!” -Lindsay C.

Happy Holidays from Nashville Zoo! (2014) from Nashville Zoo on Vimeo.

[*Total disclosure: The original headline for this post was VERY similar to what you see now, which was coined by the Nashville Zoo video guys. But their header is better. -Ed.]

The Raiders Of The Lost Bark

Indiana Bones needs to keep the Bark Of The Covenant from the clutches of the Nazis kittehs. Will Indy MAKE it in TIME?

Meowy Christmas From Spooky Boogie!

meowy xmas from spookyYup. Maybe one of THE better kitteh names we’ve ever come across here at C.O. “I have been enjoying Cute Overload for years now, and in the last couple years my boyfriend jumped on the bandwagon and now we check your site every day for smiles and happiness,” says Audrey B.

spooky bells
“Almost 2 months ago we adopted out first kitten, Spooky Boogie, an Exotic Shorthair. We would like to share with you our holiday pics of him! Pictures taken by my boyfriend, Andrew C., and myself. Thanks for all the cheer you bring all year long!”

spooky xmas

Simon’s Cat: Off To The Vet

Simon’s Cat creator Simon Tofield has four cats, and as you might expect, is off to the vet on a regular basis. Which also happens to be the name of a Simon’s Cat movie due out in 2015!

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: New York City

Squinkles2 - Photo Credit Ethan CoveyOakland, CA. opened up the first full-time Cat Café in the US just before Halloween, and now the East Coast’s first Cat Café is open, stuffed with friendly furry felines! Meow Parlour opened up this past Monday on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

It’s a two-part kinda thing- a bakery serving Kitteh Macarons and coffee on Ludlow Street, and the cat play area across the street on Hester.

Their website says “All the cats are adoptable. Meow Parlour has teamed up with KittyKind, an all volunteer, no kill rescue group located in NYC. KittyKind specializes in adopting out cats so if you fall in love, you can apply to adopt one!”

16 Photo Credit Ethan Covey

Meow Parlour Catified Macarons

If You Go™:

Addy: 46 Hester St, New York, NY. (Map.)
Access: The closest subway lines are: F, M, J, B. The closest bus lines are: M9, M15, and M14a.
Hours: Open from Noon-8pm Thursday through Tuesday.
Cost: $4 per half hour for adults and children over 10.
Social: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Cat photos from Ethan Covey.

Window Shopping In San Francisco

SFSPCA_Macys_54Time to check in on the Holiday Windows at Macy’s in downtown San Francisco. We brought you the grand opening last month, headlined by the one and only Grumpy Cat, who hated it. But, good news! If you’re in the Bay Area, there’s still time to check it out and maybe adopt a little friend for yourself- here’s the schedule for the rest of the season. (Otherwise, you can watch them live during view hours here: Live Stream 1 / Live Stream 2 / Live Stream 3 /

“Right now we’re at 156 adoptions, which is great. That’s a lot of animals who are going to be in loving homes for the holidays! And almost all of our volunteer slots have filled up this year. Given the weather we’ve been having, it’s really inspiring to see so many people eager to brave the rain to volunteer and adopt,” says Krista M. of the SF SPCA.

“Plus, we’ve raised about $45,000 in donations. We’ll continue to need volunteers even after the Holiday Windows event ends on January 4th, so if anyone would like to makes a New Year’s resolution to help out we’d encourage them to check out our next volunteer orientation dates.”

[Photos by Kira Stackhouse.]

Friday Haiku: Let It Rein

nsdUhtlOnly days ’til Santa
Flies around the world in his sleigh
Pulled by nine Reindeer


Christmas S-moo-th Jazz

The Cows of Holter Farm like to get funky this holiday season.

From Noah L.


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