Pets vs. Technology

They’ll never ever win. But that doesn’t mean they won’t stop trying!

I Bet Maymo Longs For A Normal Life

You know, free from carrot-brandishing robots, giant centipedes, and GIANT ZOMBIE HORSE HEADS.

Wanna Cupcake, Maxie?

Uh…I guess you DO.

Caturday: TCB (Typical Cat Behavior)

Watch Hanami the Kitteh display utter disdain…for everything.

New Maru/Hana: Not Much Goin’ On Here

…but that’s never really the point, is it?

Caturday Pizza To Go

[This haz anchovies on it but dat’s OK, I steal it anyway?]

“This is my cat, Milagro, stealing pizza from a plate and trying to escape with it. He loves food. For once, I had my iPhone close by and caught him in the act right in front of me at the counter. I’ve been a C.O. fan since 2006 when I had surgery and discovered your site. Happy 10th Anniversary! Shot by me, Milagro’s mom and devoted slave.” -Janet S.

Caturday Morning: Feeding Time

When you oversleep and forget to feed His or Her Majesty- they’re not shy about letting you know.

MMMMMM, Hamster Thins

Ever wondered how to make a Hamster Thin? Sure you have- and we have a step by step tutorial for you, with helpful captions since it’s in Japanese n’ all.

(“The key is to keep petting it until it collapses into a puddle of happiness,” says Wendy M., who found this on Boing!! Boing!!!)

“And I Assume You Have Collateral?”

20150118_215144“This is Milo. This is his Loan Officer Face. [*Note: New tag. FYI. -Ed.] He has reviewed your application to pet him….but he’s going to need to see some references.” -Margaret.

Gilbert’s New Game

[Not only do I have this new ball thing that rolls around, they can’t see me when I do it ’cause I’m in this plastic basket!!!]

(“Hi Cute Overload! I thought you might enjoy Gilbert’s new game,” says Cheryl C.)


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