R U My Mom?

[You hafta be- we’re both black and white! So slow down and don’t go in circles- I need some meelk!!!]

Time For Your Weigh-In, Harold

You know the drill- don’t give me that look, you’re the one with the Krispy Kreme obsession. Now be a good hedgie and plop down in your cup so we can weigh you, that’s a good sport.”

(The Squid.)

Hey Tempo! DINNER!!!!!

20150626_165528“This is our Greyhound Tempo, waiting to hear his favorite word – dinner! Hope you can post him!” -Leah T.

“♬ When Irish Eyes Cats Are Smilin’ Snoozing ♫..”

image1“I’d just like you to know that ‘I iz very happy right now!’ This is Pinky Curran, from Dublin, Ireland.” -Neasa C.

Good Luck Kicking Those Buckets

The management of Andme Downs racetrack have announced a rules change for the upcoming Kentucky Fried Derby. In order to assure a fair race, undefeated horse Lightning Bolt will be required to wear buckets of cement.


Via Reddit/Imgur.

Also Starring a Juggling Elvis Impersonator on a Unicycle Who Plays Spoons

Next time you’re in Vegas, check out the hottest show in town: Wowie-Zowie! now showing nightly at the Schlockadero Hotel/Casino, just off the Las Vegas Strip (via 12-mile dirt side road)! Starring Vegas’ cutest showgirls and funniest animal performers (due to budget cuts, combined into one act)!


“He wanted to be fruit salad so bad,” says Redditor _ByTeMe_.

It Looks So Easy in the Movies

“(… as we join Indiana Jones, he find himself surrounded by the savage Whitebird Tribe of the Kalahari! Deftly, our hero takes out his bullwhip, and with a mighty crack, he…  er, he… whoa, kinda hard to control this thing…)”


#Foundbunny: Is This Your Stuffy?

unnamed (2)Another Stuffy needs to be reunited with their hoomin! Catherine M. explains:

“A lovely and obviously much loved brown plushy bunny was found at the Nova Scotia Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, in late March. She’s been having lots of adventures in the museum (the museum’s been documenting with photos and tweeting about it), but she’s lonely for her person and wants to go home. Maybe her person’s not on Twitter? I figure if C.O. covered the story, maybe then there could be a #happyreunion!”

Check out the hashtag #foundbunny, the Found Bunny Twitter account, and the @NS_Museum Twitter for tons of adorable pics of #foundbunny on her adventures.”

Cute Overload contacted Victoria Castle, the Online Marketing Officer for the Nova Scotia Museum, who told us, “I first saw the bunny on a shelf in the cloak room. He looked like he had no eyes. He was well loved and seemed sad. I had to try and get him home.”

unnamed (1)
[*Note: If this BUN belongs to YOUR family, let us know! -Ed.]

Headline THIS: “Tried Kimchi. Did Not Like.”

image1[*UPDATE 1:11pm PT: Thanks to Smartypants for today’s Headline THIS winner! -Ed.]

Yeah. It’s Monday. Many of you are feeling this way after coming back from a three day weekend. So give us your best header and we’ll update with our fave at (or around) 1pm PT! Photo of Semi Sosa, submitted by Farrah M.

Interview With The Shark

qc-sharks-picIn honor of Shark Week, we’re presenting a World Exclusive Twitter Interview with Mary Lee, the Great White Shark. (A CUTE one.) You can track her here!

Mary Lee, thanks for taking the time to be with us. Tell us about your travels.
I’ve traveled 2,0471.186 miles since I was tagged Sept. 17, 2012, in the Atlantic Ocean off of Cape Cod. And boy are my fins tired. -;()

We all know why sharks get a bum rap- the movie’s 40 years old this summer– will U see it?
I assume you’re referencing “Jaws.” I was just a pup when Bruce wreaked havoc on the Orca. But…maybe. So hard to find swim-up theaters -;()

What do you think of “Shark Week” and “Sharknado?” Were U asked to take part in those?
“Shark Week” has the potential to inform and replace fear of sharks with facts. That’s why it’s shark week every week at @ocearch. -;(). “Sharknado” is so ridiculous, yet entertaining, that I have to laugh despite myself. My only recent TV appearance was the Today Show. I wasn’t asked to participate in “Shark Week” or the latest “Sharknado.” Their loss, ha ha. -;().

Do you do your own Tweets (@MaryLeeShark) or do u have help?
I do my own tweets. I try to have fun and play off what my followers say, but also remain respectful to @ocearch’s mission. -:()

Plan on visiting Amity this summer? Maybe say hi to Sheriff Brody?
Let’s just say if you’re visiting Amity this summer…you’re going to need a bigger boat. -;()


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