GoPro™ On A Wiener Dog

It gets a (Hi! Sniff?) little bouncy in(Hi! Sniff??) this video, so buckle yer seat belts!

From Leah R.

The Return Of Cats ‘N’ Racks

IMG_1567Er…so to speak.

“This is Romeow, a stray who adopted us a few months ago. As you can see, he can make himself at home just about anywhere. Self-taken photo, just credit to ‘Kevin’.”

Frida Furrtographer Follow-Up!

FUR_1579-XLJust a few days ago, little Frida was recently appointed the acting Dog Mayor of San Francisco- The Furrtographer was on the scene and took these photos! (Looks like Frida was a little pooped after all the hoo-ha.)






Speakers UP For This One

Earlier, we told you about the kitteh DJ turntable thing. Think that was amazingly crazy?

Think AGAIN.

We’ve had these latte-art stories before- some commenters scoff that “Oh, that’s ‘SHOPPED.” (Apparent logic: if you’ve never seen it before, it must be faked.)

While these are not quite at the artistic level of that previous story, they’re still plenty Qte. Bonus points for the wild narration, too. And all! The! Exclamation! Points!

Paul P. saw this on Engadget.

Not EVERYone Hates The Snow

There are some of us that pawsitively LOVE it. Like the Toronto Zoo’s Da Mao “Bear-Bogganing.” Is that a word? If not- it should be!

From Alexandra M.

YO! Give It Up For DJ Hairball

Or..something. Anyway, here’s the latest CAT QTE from Bizzaro Land The Big J. Cat Scratch Fever, anyone?

Your kitteh can now DJ with the best of ‘em. (Is this where I say “Fo’ Shizzle?” I’ve never said that before.)

Quoting RN24: “The cat scratch turntable has been spotted in Tokyo at Hikarie in Shibuya and online at Nissen, Amazon and Rakuten. Retailing for 2,800 yen (US$24.02,) it comes in parts that are easily assembled.”


From Andrew Y.-san.

Смотреть! Лисы!

418__880(“Look! Foxes!”) It seems that Russian photographer Ivan Kislov likes to hang out with foxes.

Who can blame him when they look like this?

These photos, as seen on Bored Panda, were taken in the Russian region of Chukotka. We’re talkin’ WAY up there.

He works in that town as a mining engineer, and takes photos like these when he has time.

Quoting BP, Kislov says “Foxes are curious and can come very close, and I shoot with wide angle and telephoto lenses.”

Here’s his gallery on lots of good shots on his FB, too.





All of these photos came from Bored Panda with the exception of the last photo, which came from his FB.

ResQte Of The Week: Mahalo, Papio & Chicha!

unnamedThis time ’round, our ResQte Of The Week comes from The Big Island of Hawaii! Specifically, the Hawaii Humane Society in Honolulu.

unnamed (1)
Emily M. writes, “I just adopted a pair of kittens from the Hawaii Humane Society.”

unnamed (2)
“I don’t think I’m being biased, [*Note: you are, but that's OK. Who wouldn't be? -Ed.] -but these kittens are Sooooper Cute.”

unnamed (3)
“Their names are Papio & Chicha!”

unnamed (4)

#TBT: 11/20/2007: More Head Tilts Coming Out Of The Woodwork

Do you want to go to the Pug Party!?

YES!!! YES I want to go to the Pug Party!!!

Nice selectshe, C.S.O. and Cheryl L. ;)

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

Yes, That One’s Juicy, You Betcha

unnamedClassic Example of Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” eyes & noses are Cute. “Here’s a photo of my cuddle cat, Circe, showing off the cute Maru-like freckle on her nose!” -Nancy K.


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