THIS Will Put A Little Sproing In Yer Step!

Um…yeah, because bebeh goats. And donkehs.


From the Baby Goats & Friends Tumblr.

Absolutely Ultimate Definitive Kitteh Baroo

There’s just no other way to say it. Can anyone top this? If you’ve got the photo, let’s see it.


American Grump

Will you look who was on American Idol last night! Looks like she had a terrible time, too!

[That show is still on? -Ed.]

grumpy cat on idol

grumpy with ryan

From Trina E.

Throwback Thursday

Hedgehog Thursday: sleepy quillsville

DECEMBER 21, 2006 by MEG

Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!

Hedgealarms are going off all over the place, Kayte R.!

It’s National Pig-In-A-Blanket-Day

Totally true! [Would we make up a day just so we could have fun with it? Wait- we would. Let me rephrase that. -Ed.]

So naturally, we present…..pigs in a blanket! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. This is Eric….

Eric and gund pig_DSC4991_Resize
and Jane. Thanks to Anna S. for reminding us of the national holiday today…

…and to Meredith T. @ Farm for the ninja-quick turnaround.

Bubble Boggle

Melvyn was a special dog, artistic and graceful. While the other dogs in the pack enjoyed roaming the neighborhood, chasing squirrels, and other typical dog activities, Melvyn stayed behind to rehearse his tribute to Sally Rand’s 1933 bubble dance.


Three Hours Of A Bug’s Life

The KEY to an effective workout is to make sure that ALL of your muscle groups are utilized.

If you HAVE any, of course.

Blame It On The Voices says, “This went on for over three hours.”

Porsche Unveils New “Fastback Kitteh 2014″

The venerable German carmaker, known for iconic models such as the 911, has released its latest model, the “Fastback Kitteh 2014.” Improved nomming and mewing are just a few of the new features built in, says a spokesperson in Zuffenhausen, Germany. “We’re very excited to get this kitteh into production.”

Via @EmrgencyKittens.

Meet Skittles

[Wanted to pass along this email from Bridget E. -Ed.]

“I had quite a scare with Skittles just last week. On April 15th, Skittles required emergency surgery due to an intestinal obstruction. Thank goodness, he is healing now. Because it was an emergency procedure done by a specialist, his medical bills are through the roof. I’ve set up a GoFundMe website to help raise funds for his surgery bills.”

“So far, I’ve already raised over 25% from friends and family, which is amazing! Now, I’m hoping to reach animal lovers from all over to help fundraise the remaining amount.”

“Any funds that are raised in excess of Skittles’ medical bills will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid, a no-kill animal shelter in Gloucester, Massachusetts.”

“I’m hoping that you think Skittles is as cute as I do! Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please know, I have also researched charities which provide assistance for medical bills…”

“…however, they do not provide assistance for emergency procedures and/or do not provide assistance for procedures that have already been performed.”


Hoist That Belleh, Hazel!

“This is Hazel Swift, one of our current wards at the IBKC. The video shows Hazel with Effie Brisker, her sister. Such adorable little orphans – we’re so happy to have them here! I hope all is well in your cute world!” -xo Laurie C.


*Disclaimer: Totally stole the headline from LC.