Caturday: GEM, Guardian Of The Fridge*

FullSizeRenderTracey says “Hi Cute Overload. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. This is my kitty Gem (older sister of Tyson and Magnum) guarding the fridge and letting me know I don’t need any leftovers. You can use whatever caption you would like. Love your site.”

[*Note: My wife and I had a discussion about the proper abbreviation for “refrigerator.” She says it should be “Frig.” I found this online: “‘Fridge’ is a contraction of Frigidaire, one of the first and most popular refrigerator manufacturers. It just became a common slang word.”

Absolute RoC #48* Here

Nosvember lickWe would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the birthday today one of one C.O.’s most faithful (and prolific) sender-inners, Barb of the Concord Paul & Barb emailing duo. “This is my sweet little departed Annabelle. She was an awesome kitty who was part of my life for 23 years. If you posted one of these on your esteemed website for Nosevember, it would make my birthday really special. And if you don’t (sob), we will still love all of you and the joy you have brought us.” -Barbara (and Paul.)

*Rule Of Cuteness #48: Tiny tongues are cute.

Can SOMEone Get My Water Dish?

22985436099_ab299426d1_o[What do I have to do, spell it out for you? Wait. I can’t spell. My tongue’s draggin’ here.]

~ ~ ~

“Enzo got offended that I nearly forgot to submit his nose this year. I don’t have any particularly Nosetacular Greyhound Photos this year, but here he is being cute anyway.” -Shubbe.

Who Is That?

These kittehs have no idea at all who it is on the other side of the glass…but they are determined to find out.

Thanks to Erin U.

Nosevember In Firenze

IMG_20151006_221807“We took our Luca all the way to Italy so we could take photos of Luca in Lucca. Here she is overlooking Firenze though. Foto by me. Love your site!” -Stefanie R.


TGIF! Starring Dobby

output_RLt4FQWelcome to TGIF, our weekly Friday 5pm PT feature. Many of you are off today, busy filling shopping carts full of beer makers and waffle irons- but it’s still Friday in any case, and we never miss a TGIF! Unless we do. This is Dobby, who made an appearance on this very website a couple of months back. “Hi Cute Overload – here are some more great pics of our min pin Dobby. Thank you for my daily dose of Cuteness that keeps me smiling, AJM, San Diego.”

(Black) Friday Afternoon Haiku

image1Today is the day
When people go nuts shopping
Who really nose why

~ ~ ~

“I snapped this photo of my res-q-tee pie Mei-Mei (May-May) and her bee-yu-tiful booper asking for some leftover turkey! Can you say no to this face? I can’t! Hope it makes it in before Nose-vember ends! Photo taken by her mum, me, Annie F.”

Got Up Early For The Shopping, Eh?

Yep. It’s like that.

MOO 2 U 2

IMG_2411“This is Wesley, a Holstein cow at Sunrise Sanctuary. He’s the biggest cow I’ve ever seen.” -Megan S.

NEW Maru: Why Does He Climb Up The Stepladder?

Clipboard01Well….because he CAN. Getting down is a different matter.


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