Bunday: Bring It ON, Big Fella

20131213_214618[Christmas is just four days away and I am gonna wait right here for my loot. I asked for a LOT of lettuce! Just toss it down the chimney, Kringle. I’ll be waiting!]

“My Bun is all ready for Christmas,” says Sender-Inner Tina S.

“You previously featured Bunny in We Like Big Buns Parts 1 and 2.”

Bunday Morning Comix

lizclimo08Art by Liz Climo as seen on My Modern Met.

Bunday: OK, Now Who’s THIS?

output_aENrALMika spots ANOTHER BUN in the house- but for some reason, this one is hanging on that tree they just decorated. “This is our bunny Mika! He’s a Netherland Dwarf and is admiring our new bunny ornament that we got for the tree this year! These photos were taken by April Hemler aka Mom of Mika.” -Vince F.


Meet Becky & Bandit

6a010535647bf3970b01b8d0ac66eb970c-800wiEr, that might be Bandit on the right. These guys are Bat-Eared Foxes.

As the ZooBorns story goes, a local farmer found them on his ranch. He had been building a dam on his property- the dam collapsed and they were found floating in the water.

He couldn’t locate their mum, or their den…

…so he brought ‘em to the Cango Wildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn, South Africa…

..where they are doing well!

Photos by Cango Wildlife Ranch.

Caturday Night: “Hey Honey, Have You Seen My Christmas Tie?”

1xYmW1N“Oh, I just laid it out for you on the dresser. Isn’t it right there? Hurry up- we’re going to be late. And feed the kitty.” (Reddit.)

Dumptruck & Porkchop Present: The 12 Days O’ Christmas

I nearly snorted meelk out my nose when I saw the names of these little maniacs. The leetle hands…the leetle feet! [*Note- Now bring me some Figgy Pudding, darn it. -Ed.]

FAVE FRAME™: Dumptruck gets a dumptruck. Of course he does.

(Bored Panda.)

The First MO-ël

IMG_0950Looks like someone’s got One Flap Up as they count down the hours ’til the arrival of Jolly Old St. Nick! “I look at the site everyday! This is a picture of my cat M.O (Microbe Obliterator from the movie WALL·E) getting into the Christmas spirit. M.O. is a 3 year old ResQte cat who was rescued by my twin sister. Thank you so much and happy holidays!” -Alanna C.

Caturday: When Kittehs Attack!!!

[I shall use all my stealthy NinjaCat™ Powers to sneak up on this unsuspecting and totally clueless animal…to scare the daylights outta heem! MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.]


Spend Your Caturday With Maru & Hana

THIS JUST IN: Mugumogu’s latest and greatest video creation features a variety of Maru and Hana clips!


Thing Two is just not all there yet on Caturday morning- maybe the coffee will help. And no, we have no idea what the donut thing is for. It IS The Big J, after all.



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