C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month: September, 2015

Game on! Football fans are flocking back to stadiums all over the country- and so is this little guy! Click to save, and check for more here!

September 2015

*Image via Shutterstock.

Do You Remember Your Favourite Toy?

Growing up, mine was probably Major Matt Mason, the astronaut from Mattel. Hattie The Westie, on the other hand, only has eyes for her Green Rabbit. I don’t think I got quite as frenzied with my Astronaut as Hattie does with her Rabbit!

“You’ll Grow Into It,” They Said

You people expect me to fetch this? This thing looks big enough to fetch me!


“My new puppy dreaming of better days,” says Redditor astagg.

The Simple Joy Of Being Toby

IMG_1790“This is Toby enjoying the boat ride,” explains Sarah L. Yep, we’d pretty much picked up on THAT.

THIS JUST IN: Hey- You Wanna Play?

[Come on over to my house, we got X-Box and my mom’ll make milkshakes. You wanna?]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Uh-oh, My Spring Fell Off

I was wondering why I wasn’t feeling so bouncy-pouncey lately. Now how the heck do I put this thing back on?


Via Titran’s Cattery.

And LOOK At That Little Wiener GO!

Eight Wiener Dogs competed in the El Paso Chihuahua’s Wiener Dog Race on Saturday night. Only one was the winner. And only one decided to take a tour of the ballpark post-race!

(Stacy M.)

No, I Did Not Eat Your Hamburger

And frankly, I resent the accusing way you look at me whenever food goes missing, like “oh, she’s a dog, dogs eat hamburger, QED.” Well, dogs eat cheese too, but do you see any cheese missing? No, you don’t! And here I am standing here not eating it. Chew on that logic for a while, Socrates!


Via club-sandwich.net.

MMMMM, Wilson #3

[Wilson’s are indeed quite tasty, but Slazenger and Dunlop taste great, too! Oh, can’t forget Penn, either!]

[*Timely Note: U.S. Open starts today. -Ed.]

Let’s Rock, Everybody!

This Panda feels like some Butt Wiggle Action! “Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Aliiiiiiive….” (Either that, or he/she has a back itch!)


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