Caturday: 57 Channels N’ Nuthin’ On

[Dad: "U sure U wanna watch this show? We can watch Ani-"]

[Son: "-mal Planet, yeah I know. I'm SICK of watching Animal Planet! That's all we watch!]


Things Could Get a Little Hare-y

I have to hide how many eggs?

Via Pinterest.

If The Easter Bunny Is MIA Tomorrow—

– there might be a very good reason for that.

From the Sacramento Zoo.

Feel Free To Sing The Song Now

You know the one.



Photo 1: “Dammit Boots, I’m trying work here and your Cuteness is distracting!” -Lara A.
Photo 2: “Lilli. In daily position on closet door.” -Victoria B.
Photo 3: Lily, from Felicia S.

Our Caturday Operators R Standing By!

The weather’s going to be heating up very soon. Unless U live in, say, Surprise AZ, in which case it’s already scorching. Call Screens -R- Us and we’ll stop over and show you how EASY it is to install one of our cat-proof front door screens; perfect for those cool summer night breezes!

OK, so the cat-proof part needs work.

As seen on Reddit.

!Hamster Madness From Japan!

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it? Look at these little Ham Ham Maniacs!

Wanna walnut? Sure U do!

And I think SOMEone is still sleepy.

From RocketNews24.

How ‘Bout A Hug There, Lil’ Fella

Mr. Chicken is only TOO happy to oblige!

As seen on Viral Viral Videos.

Mom Taxi XXII: Water Always Works

[Guys, the holiday highway traffic is waaay too crowded, so hold on, we'll just take the pond instead.]

Beautifu (2)

We Can’t Wait ‘Til Easter BunDay!

We want our treats RIGHT NOW!

Otterly excellent video from the guys at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Good Friday – Flashback Friday

Want to see what spring hat styles chihuahuas were wearing in the 1940s? If you look into our magical wayback machine, you might catch a quick glimpse!

1940s 8mm film, “A Chihuahua with his Easter Bonnet On” (“his” …), via YouTube.