“Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.”

20150511-A01R9231You might remember “May The Fourth Be With You” from last month. The guys at Edgar’s Mission sure do. That’s the day they first met Yoda, who is now a resident at EM. Read more about this wooly and wily Jedi Master here. A Smedley find.

Just CAN’T Get To Sleep

[Turn THIS way…no, turn THAT way. Ermph, pillow is NOT comfortable- wait, I don’t have one of those. I ate it. THIS BLANKET IS..rrrrrr, CAN’T get it the way I want. I give up, what’s on TV? Do we have any Panda Tylenol PM?]


Headline THIS!

Happy frogAnnnnnnd…we’re back with another edition of our pupular feature, Headline THIS. Whip up your best headline in the comments section, and we’ll update with our fave about 1pm PT, bokay?
(And please, no “♬ Because I’m happeeeee ♫” ones.)

(Photo from Arbroath.)


Spotted this story on Mashable, and Jillian L. also sent in a link to Wally’s Instagram.

Wall is an English Angora rabbit, hanging out in the great state of Massachusetts.

“Hi there, I know it’s not Bunday,” she says. “But this is big: this may be the world’s first APPROVING BUN!!”

“Wally is so cute I nearly passed out on my laptop. :-P”








Opposites Attract

293EBB5800000578-3106010-Opposites_attract_Kammer_the_Chameleon_is_known_to_take_a_nap_on-a-3_1433227730375Thanks to Arne for this story from Daily Mail!

Winston is the six-year-old yellow Labrador and his chameleon pal is one-year-old Kammer.

Sing it together- “♬ Kammer Kammer Kammer Kammer Kammer Chameleon ♫….”



Digger’s Wombat Wednesday

wombat2“To add to your stock of Wombat photos, here’s a “Sack O’ Wombat” from Tasmania. This is Digger, an orphaned wombat being raised at the Bonorong Animal Sanctuary outside of Hobart. We got a behind-the-scenes tour of the sanctuary and got to hold Digger as he was waking up. He was shy when he was sleepy, though when our guide took us back into his enclosure later, when he was more awake, he was ‘quite grumpy,’ as our guide put it.”

“He charged us, bit my leg, and went after my boyfriend’s… let’s say, sensitive area (though fortunately he only got a mouthful of fabric). (That’s the photo below — yes, my boyfriend kept taking pictures as Digger went for his special area.)” -Megan.


Gettin’ By With A Little Help From A Friend

Goldfish1This little fellow was having a problem with an infected bladder, which affected his ability to swim upright. So his hoomin stepped in and made a little gizmo designed to help out. Looks like a T-shirt tag attached to a cork. More deets on My Modern Met.

Here’s another fishy with the same type of issue, who is now mobile with a little harness help:

Acorn, Checkin’ OUT For The Evening

Meet Donguri The Cat. Of course, he has his own Twitter page where his slave hoomin lovingly curates his many moods. Most of which involve being prone on his back.

(RocketNews 24.)

One Blanket…Multiple Puppehs

Something (or someONE) has to give. Hey, can we get a couple more blankets in here for this crew?

A Little Dinner Music

Can’t QUITE make out the tune the birdeh is singing, (will he/she take requests?) but the doggeh doesn’t seem to care doesn’t seem to mind one bit!

(From Andrew Y.)


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