Nikki, Don’t Lose Our Number!

Nikki Toes-dayFrom reader Namaval: “This is our kitty Nikki. Today is her first day as a totally indoor cat. Apparently it suits her! Welcome to our household, little one. Pictures by Ye’ela.”

Nikki Toes-day2

What Do Four Week Old Corgis Do Best?

They nom their dinner LIKE CRAZED BANSHEES! (And look! They’re not stubbular yet!)

Koharu Takes A Trip

Remember Koharu from last week? The Shiba Inu with the many boxes to choose from? She’s back, and ready for a trip to the country.

Mo Slo Mo

Earlier today, we got some Maru in Slo Mo- now it’s Bikke The Munk’s turn.

OK, So Take The Photo Already

[It’s not like I can EASILY fit inside this car! Are we done here?]

(Metro UK.)

Learn Languages The JUNIOR Way

Now you can speak any language on the planet, using the fast and easy JUNIOR learning method. No tapes, no textbooks. To be honest, we don’t know HOW it works. See for yourself.

From Paul and Barb.

ATTENTION Toronto Peeps: Tibbs Needs A Home STAT

photo 4Let’s pick up the story from Lauren K.: “Meet Tybalt (a.k.a. Tibbs.) This beautiful, healthy 3 year old boy recently came into our lives through a friend who adopted him from a Toronto shelter. Unfortunately, due to severe asthma issues, she was unable to keep him. My husband and I took him because we could not bare to see him go back to a shelter. Now, after having him with us for a few weeks, I have developed allergy issues of my own (though my husband is fine.)”

photo 5
“It’s with a heavy heart that we have decided to actively look for a better permanent situation for Tibbs. He is such a loving, easygoing, playful cat….who has a weird and hilarious obsession with his towel. He deserves to be with people who can provide plenty of head scratches, treats and attention. Perhaps there are a few Toronto area C.O. fans out there looking for that purrfect addition to their family?”

photo 2 (3)
[*Note: Any Toronto Peeps interested in The Tibbster- send an email directly to Tibbs! Thanks! -Ed.]

Loff At First Sight

Remember when you got your first puppy? Did it go…something like this? [The Mashable article says she waited five years for a puppy- don’t know why. -Ed.]


11156134_10153222923321505_6244362052384441969_n[C’mon hoomin, GET WITH IT. We’re HUNGRY. Crunch-n-munch for me and The Dog, and whatever it is you toss outside for these birds.] From Josh N.

Bitter Kibble Battle Trouble

There was a tense moment at the Goldie household last night, as Mary, Larry, and Shari got into a three-way stalemate over who would get to eat the last piece of kibble.


Miele’s sweet pups, by Flicker-er Franco Vannini


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