Friday Night Snack Time With Lucy

[MMMMMMMMM, cucumbers! Hey, how about some Light Ranch Dressing? And no, I don’t ‘want any Turtle Soup with that.’]

(BB. More Lucy here.)

Hey Luna! Who’s That With You?

Luna The Sea Otter continues to thrive at the Shedd Aquarium (remember The Post That Broke The Internet?); here she is meeting fellow Shedd Sea Otter Cayucos behind the scenes in the nursery!

TGIF, Ginger!

output_rXMiFZAnother Friday late afternoon here on the Left Coast, and you know what that means- we’re tossing another TGIF out there, starring Ginger The Norwegian Forest Ginger Kitteh. (First spotted here.) From Renée Z.

It’s The Princess Pricklepants Show!

Hi-dee-ho there, Pricklers and Pricklettes! Last week, we saw how much more fun the “Star Wars” prequels would be with HUNGRY DINOSAURS! (I especially enjoyed seeing Jar-Jar being eaten alive!) But today we’re going to have FUN ON A CATTLE RANCH!


Running a ranch is HARD WORK, kiddies! Everybody wants to eat your cows without paying for them! Why, just this morning, mean old Barnaby Bear tried to sneak up on me while my back was turned!


And if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to chase away ALLIGATORS! I’m telling ya, it would be so much simpler just to go out for a burger and a milk shake…


“Here are some pics of our sweet hedgehog Princess Pricklepants (farmer, space traveler, etiquette advice columnist) from her experiences running a farm,” says sender-inner Steven B.

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Torty Surfin’

image1If your computer
Is as slow as a Tortoise
Try defragmentation

(“Here’s my baby Leopard Tortoise named Nelson Dorothy “Chui” Mandela Markowitz Pomaranc. She was Googling some Tortoises after breakfast.” -Emily W.)


Pet Shop Ploys

Jeff Wysaski is the inventive mind behind Obvious Plant, in which he enlivens the retail experience by replacing store signs with his own creations. Recently, Jeff visited the pet store, where he upgraded Teh Qte with a generous helping of Teh Wut. See more on his Tumblr.



“♬ I’m A Pepper, You’re A Pepper ♫…”

Wouldn’t you like to be Peppers too, Maymo & Penny? (Here’s the theme song if you aren’t old enough to know it forgot it.)

“♬ If You’re Happy And You Know It ♫…”

Go ahead, you know the words little guy! Ready? Here we go….

(Story from 22 Words: P.S. thanks for the plug.)


Clean Water

Everybody needs clean water. (And a hoomin to help you take a bath in it always helps!)

(22 Words. “Clean Water” performed by The Raptor Project, available here.)

ResQte Of The Week (Ferret Friday Edition)

SteveInGardenFrom Shelly L.: “I am a huge C.O. fan and visit multiple times a day to create an cloud of positivity that will hopefully buffer any negative radiant rays emanating from a certain kindness-challenged homo sapien I am forced to interact with during my daily occupational hours. Or, you could say that I work with a total butthead-happiness-sucker and you help a lot. Note-the rest of my coworkers are great!”

“Here are photos of my personal clouds of happiness and light! (Steve, shown in first photo above.) I think you may have a dearth of ferret photos because out of approximately 8,472 ferret photos I have taken, sixteen were not a blurry streak going by. This is probably why you seem to have more videos than pictures of ferrets, weasels, and other sleek and crazy pets. Every one of my pets is a ResQte!”



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