Let The Shopping Begin!

The holiday shopping season has been going on since September officially started hours ago. Why not start your shopping online with the 2015 C.O. Calendar? Check these REAL quotes from REAL Amazon purchasers!


“Rec’d today and opened it up. It’s Cute as a button and I’m going to really enjoy this! Thanks!!!” -Amazon Customer.

“I give these to my friends and family and they are delighted just by seeing the bunny on the cover!” -Julie O.

“Always excellent quality. Pictures are very well done and very cute.” -Patricia C. Green.

“This is the best calendar ever.” -Cathy Walker.

“Absolutely LOVE these calendars, get one every year for my mom and she comes to expect and love it! Was completely shattered that they didn’t put one out last year so I’m ecstatic to see it back again!” -Crystal Riphagen.

We also wanted to slip in a plug for our friend Sakurako who produces the Fuku Goma Meme Family Calendar 2015! You can buy it right here.


[*Note- Check C.O. out at 6am PT on Cyber Monday. You didn’t hear that from me. -Ed.]

The Littlest Reindeers

IMG_5771“This is Duncan (left – 8 years old) and Misty (right – 2 years old,), and let’s just say neither of them were overly impressed with my idea for a Cute Christmas photo op. Photo by me, Karen M.”

It Was That Last (burp) Slice Of Punkin Pie That Did It

920x920[I feel SOOOOOO Blorpy. More so than usual. I’m off tomorrow. You guys have fun at the mall. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.]

(A Grey Seal at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Donna Nook nature reserve in Grimsby, England; Dan Kitwood, Getty Images; Seen on SFGate by Smedley.)

THEY Got Turkey—WE Get Spaghetti?

[Oh, well—might as well make the best of it! Ready…set…GO!]


Whew, We Made It Through Another Year

So…let’s play soccer.

Via Barb and Paul: heading towards stuffing in Concord.

I Can Haz Drumstick Now?

[I haz been verrrrry patient today while you all haz the turkey and the stuffing and the pie, but now it’s time for you to SHARE THE LOVE. K?]

From the BuzzFeed Animals Tumblr.

I Asked Them For Some Turkey Today…

001[…and THIS is what I get???]

(Leopold, from Brandy.)

Milo Wishes Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!

So tell us, Milo: what are YOU thankful for today?

Photo from Milo’s Tumblr!

Did Someone Say…”Whipped Cream?”

There’s probably more than one can of Reddi Wip in use today- and these kittehs are reddi for it, too. They might settle for Cool Whip, too. Whatever ya got.

“Foolishly gave one of our cats whipped cream once, this is what happens every time we use it now,” says YT poster “Minion & Friends.”

Lil’ BUB Gives Thanks….

…for a bowl of fish and yogurt!

[*Note: From YT video: “Some may say that cats shouldn’t have dairy. That’s true to a degree: what’s bad for them specifically is lactose (can give them the runs.) Yogurt however is very low in lactose, and as long as it is plain without sugar, it is quite good for cats and their digestion. BUB’s vet approves, and she has never had any sort of illness from yogurt, even with a Thanksgiving portion.” -Ed.]


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