You Gotta Watch Out For Water Bottles, Pal!

If you turn your back on ‘em–even for ONE SECOND–you’ll be in big trouble! (*Please note the Chubbular Little Morsel-Bite-Sized Paws, perfect for Nomming!)

Earth: A New Wild

That’s the title of a new PBS series starting February 4th. (Check local listings, please.) The show features an up-close-and-REDONK look at these little knucklehead residents of China‚Äôs Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

What Do U Want For Lunch, Coco?

Some dog food? Or maybe we just head over to In-And-Out and have a couple of Animal Style Double-Doubles. Wait. What was that?

You want SPINACH? Well, blow me down.


She Gave Me The Finger.. I decided to grab it! It WOULD be nice to have a little Peanut Butter to nom on, though.

Oh, come on! - Imgur

Welcome To Bunday, Froley!

JulyFroley04Key points to know about Froley: 1.) He disapproves. 2.) He likes Bananas. 3.) He does not like Linoleum. 4.) From Jennifer K.

Bunday Morning Comix

ImageProxyOriginal art from Cat Vs. Human, As seen on Bored Panda.

Caturday Night Dinner With BUB

BUB seems to levitate a bit as she wolfs down her dinner. WHO doesn’t LOVE some BUB? No one, that’s who!

I’m Gonna Bug Ya ‘Til You Play With Me

You’re a big huge fluffy Dog Mop, and this Knucklehead Nigerian Dwarf Goat named Peppa Lass keeps messing with you. What do you do? Why, you just sit there and take it, of course. You have no choice- Nigerian Dwarf Goats rule the world- we’re all just renting space on it.

Time For…”Playtime With Pixel!”

Pixel HAS to have an “off switch” somewhere, but if he does, I sure as heck can’t find it!

Matching Stubbulars

When you’re Short And Stubbular, there isn’t much to do but chew on the other guy.


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