Look Of Disapproval: Not For Buns Only!

Normally the Look Of Disapproval (#98: A look of disapproval is always cute) is associated with our Wascally Wabbit Friends. This fellow, though, wants you to know he’s up for some disapproving action too.

Found on The Facebookster by Smedley.


Clipboard01Friends come in all shapes and (extra-deluxe) sizes. Imgur.

The Solitary Vigil for the Dreaded UPS Man

For sleepless days and nights he waits, ever on guard against the sinister Man in Brown and his parcels of evil. Then he hears it: the metallic shhunk of the sliding door, followed by footsteps up the front walk. This is his moment. Only he can defend his home against the hellish forces of Zappos and L.L. Bean. Fighting off fatigue, he crouches into assault stance, aaaaaaaaand…


“He woke up and started to get off the couch then went back to sleeping like this,” says Redditor T_Avalon.

Gonna Use Mugumogu’s Comments For This

They’re just too good not to use. (Maru and Hana comments in the hovers.)

“Hey Maru, because it is hot, a lot of your furs fall out.”

“So I make wigs for you.


“Which do you like?” Maru: [I match all.]

“Hey Hana, it is lent to you next.”

“Hana: [It's too hot!]“


Hi Five, My Man!

[Er...make that a LOW Five!]


Friday Afternoon Micro Pigsters

Because we can.

Just Two Pals Out For A Walk/Hop

This involves a Bun and a Cat, in Japan.

You KNOW something’s up here. Anyone care to translate? See comments, and どうもありがとう to うさこ.

From Love Meow, spotted by Pooter.

Well Hellllllllllllo There, Lil’ Lady!

ImageProxyThis is Kibibi, “Little Lady” in Swahili. She was born in March at the Belfast Zoo!

ImageProxy (1)
From ZooBorns.

Flashback Friday: Flute Concerto For Doorstep In G

1821-934xPart of the “The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken,” from Distractify.com.

Guess What’s Coming Monday Morning?

Six AM PT. All the deets. Be here- aloha!