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tumblr_nrliln6RkH1r9164to1_500August is summer vacation time for many of us. It seems that Maddie understands this, and has headed off to the coast (which one, we don’t know) for a little R&R with her hoomin! From Maddie On Things.

“You Picked A Vine Time To Come Home Early!”

picdump-1365-1[I coulda swores your iCal said you weren’t going to be home ’til WAY later. U want one?] (Daily Picks & Flicks.)

NEW Maru & Hana: Mugumogu’s House Gets Messy

It’s finally happened, after about a zillion videos- Maru & Hana actually make a mess inside their Pristine Palace. Of course, getting loaded on Catnip Tea helps.


Katherine B. points out we saw this about two years ago! “We should definitely call this ‘high tea,'” she says.

Pest Problem? NO Problem!

At C.O. Pest Control (brand extension, yo) we’re all about locking down your house with the very best pest control on the market- Persian Kittehs! Watch this helpful instructional video, that will show you how OUR team goes about eradicating those pesky Hex Bugs…ONCE. AND. FOR. ALL.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Rats, It’s Monday!

Mondays are NEVER bad if you wake up and find a little guy wants to play peek-a-boo, am I right?

(Andrew Y.)

One Day, You Might Grow Up To Be King

‘Til then, little guys- just have fun playing and getting hauled around….in Mom’s mouth. (Possible Mom Taxi?)

New Guard Dog

Soo my sister got a new puppy, everyone say hi to Taz. - Imgur[If I see any bad guys I will let you know with a very tiny ‘woof.’] (Imgur/Reddit.)

Paisley (The Sequel)

image6Paisley got a lot of attention this week- being our featured ResQte Of The Week and also getting her very own Rule.

When we informed Paisley’s hoomin Meaghan S. about this, she said “WHAT AN HONOR! I just told Paisley. She said, “arooroooroooooo thank yooouuuuu!” You know the moment I adopted Paisley I knew she would be a dog of many ears, and I’m all about the cute ears!”

“Some days she has ears completely folded over, some days she has one flap up, some days she has one half flap up, and some days she has Dobby ears (you know, from Harry Potter!?). PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! Thank you Cute Overload!”

unnamed (1)

Take Me Out To The Ball Dog Game

Los-Angeles-Dodgers-dog-477927818“Bark In The Park” has become a popular promotion around Major League Baseball for several seasons now. Here are a selection of shots from various ballparks around the big leagues- from Sports Illustrated. (Location in hovers.)














International Friendship Day

Spend the day with your favorite furry friend!


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