Hey! Get Outta Here! Go On, Shoo!

Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster has decided to chase some pesky swallows in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Not a bad way to pass the morning!

The Shichon Phenomenon Continues

oscarIt’s been a day or two since we’ve had a new Shichon photo, right? No prob, Kimberly O. to the rescue.

“I’ve actually never heard of a Shichon either…typically the Shih-tzu/Bichons are called “Teddy Bears,” she writes. “This is a birthday cake I made for my husband John….he said he wanted a cake that looked like Oscar, so…that’s what he got.”

“He is ball obsessed and pretty much always has one in his mouth.”


Buddy The Therapy Dog!

imageClipboard01From Alana F.: “Buddy is a therapy dog for the geriatric patients at Baycrest Health Sciences Centre. He thinks his stubborn hanging-out tongue and big brown eyes are his most handsome features. He’s also a fundraiser on the side, and will be strutting his stuff on the catwalk October 20th during Baycrest’s “Dogs on the Catwalk” event, hosted by Jeanne Beker of Canada’s Fashion TV. Anyone who donates to Buddy will be sent a print-out of the children’s book his artist father created called “Little Buddy, Big Heart!”

Man’s Best Fan

Shane is a folk singer for four-legged folk, and when he gives he pet pibble Doogie a private concert, it’s music to Doogie’s ears — especially when the lyrics include “cookie,” “outside,” and “pee.” See more Doogie on Facebook.

Miracles! Of! Science!

After years of development and billions in tax dollars, scientists at the US Defense Enhanced Refraction Projects Agency (DERPA) are proud to announce the creation of the Stealth Sock, which renders the wearer’s foot entirely invisible.


Via Catasters.

Glubs -N- Mickey On The Ground In Boston!

11807434_1025133824173028_5571349435512044374_oFlashback to last week, and we told you ’bout the big move to Boston for Magilla Glub Glub, Lady Bubbles, and NEW sidekick Mickey! Pleased to report Magilla and Mickey (with hoomin in tow) arrived safely at Boston’s Logan Airport, (Rwanda > Amsterdam > Boston) and are awaiting the arrival of Lady Bubbles (and the other hoomin in tow.) Here’s how it looked! Their FB comments are in the hovers; thanks Bethany and Nathan!











Are You a Next-Level Cat? Take this Quiz

A next-level cat responds to unusual situations in novel and unexpected ways, challenging the tired paradigm of feline behavior. Let’s test your instincts with this quiz: Your human has recently introduced a new dog into your home.


“Chloe is not impressed, she has seen all kitty’s tricks,” says Stefania B.

Stair Master (Part II)

When you’re a little guy, those stairs can seem awfully daunting. (See Part I here.) Here we have another little guy facing the big challenge. And do you know what his name is?


(Speakers UP for the Prosh Whimpering.)


The Sign of the Four

“… and now that we’ve made the sign of the Pirate’s Cross, we chant five times in unison the ancient Summoning Curse: ‘E’racht Ni’bonng Yig-nagth Kabibble’.” And then, if the legends are true, the bones of Blackbeard himself will rise from this very spot. Remember, I have dibs on a femur.”


I think I saw this movie, Arne. They’re doomed.

I Don’t See Anything Different

dog-looking-out-window[I heard that there were some new Windows™ out today. Looks the same to me. Maybe need some Windex™. I’m gonna go have an Apple™ now.]


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