Thank you for a Decade of Cute!

Dearest Cute Overload Peeps,

It’s hard to believe that Cute Overload has chronicled and celebrated over ten years of the most anerable, prosh, sweetest ani-pals and commentary. It’s been over ten years, with hundreds of thousands of comments, millions of page views, thousands of photos, countless awards, including five Webbys, and of course, hilarious captioning from Brinke, Mike, Pyrit, Prongs, Theo, Lisadorable, Chief Sister Officer, and Sparkster. But most of all, it’s always been about you, the faithful Cute Overload community. You made the site what it is, the best place to enjoy, barf rainbows and feel TEH QTE.

Today is our last day, and our last post. The time has come to say thank you to you all, our dear Peeps, and everyone that has worked so hard to make Cute Overload a decade of laughter, outraaaageous vocabulary, and endless squeals of delight. Your submeeshons over the years have given us great joy. And ‘tocks.

42bc036e46e29_3-4310-_tphqSo why are we shutting down? Or giving up?! (kitten at left.) The landscape has changed for us over the last few years, personally and professionally. We’ve had two wonderful kids join Chief Puppy Officer in our home! At the same time, blogs like us that rely on advertising have struggled. You know we have downsized. We feel it’s time to say goodbye, and celebrate the tewtelly adorbs times we had, and not continue to cut back or change quality. We want to remember Cute Overload as the juggernaut that brought you joy. The brand, audience and content should be respected. Sure, there are a lot of ways to shut down or sell—whatever—we’ve considered it all, for a long time, and this is the way we’d like to go. We have a great copyrighted name, and may be back in some form at a later date, we’ll see.

We want to thank our tireless vendors WordPress VIP, The fine folks at BlogAds, the good people over at Workman Publishing, Google ads, and Cute Labs.

We’d like to encourage you to link to your favorite post in the comments. What was your favorite C.O. moment in the last decade? Favorite commentroversy? Favorite caption? Favorite glossary term or rule of Cuteness? We’d love to know. See you there.

Thank you, Everyone. It’s been redonk.

Love always,

– Meg

P.S. OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!




  1. BLEEN!

  2. :’-( . Moose the hamster is definitely still my favorite moment –

  3. Oh … my. Best wishes to you! Thank YOU so much for all the smiles, chuckles, awwwsss, warm feelings, and positive thoughts your web site has brought to me, and I’m sure, millions of other viewers.

  4. Is this April 1st already? I do not like this joke!

  5. I’m devastated to see you go, I’d hoped recent events were just a blip. Thanks for all the cute, especially on bad days. Thanks for introducing me to my new favourite animal, quokkas. All the very best in your future endeavours. 😊

  6. ocelot252 says:

    This news gives me a very large sad. Cute Overload is not only how I start everyday, but has been my go to place for when my anti-depressants alone aren’t enough to keep me going. Good luck with whatever the future brings, and may all your days contain at least 1 rule of cuteness.

  7. My favorite post is my Gizmo’s second time featured on the site: Since that post last summer I’ve lost Gizmo to congestive heart failure, found out I have cancer, and now no more Cute Overload. The last six months could have gone better. You’ll be much missed.

  8. Why is this allowed?

  9. Mr Lurky McLurkerson says:

    I’ve been visiting CO almost since the beginning and have commented but once or twice. I want to thank everyone for the pleasure and amusement you have provided — CO staff and commenters alike — and I especially want to thank Meg for announcing the end with dignity and honesty. Sayonara, y’all.

  10. Gosh. I never really commented much, but I always enjoyed the little taste of lightheartedness in my daily reading that CU gave me. I’m sorry to see it go.

    This (with the hover text) is still memorable:

  11. That’s so sad 😦 😦 😦
    Eternal thanks for everything, and especially for making Winston famous :
    You’ll be missed indeed!

  12. Must cry
    Withdrawal pains will be bad

  13. Sad to see you go CO ! Thanks to Brinke and my CO friends ! Best Wishes to your future !! -Kodie and mommy

  14. Kitty who can’t get out of the tub.
    *sigh* I visit Cute Overload every day! How will I survive without my daily dose of cute?

  15. CritterMama says:

    I’m in shock and in tears! I feel like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, “Where shall I go? What shall I do?” I wish you all of the best and thank you so much for 10 years of comfort.

  16. Calico Angel says:

    Too many wonderful cutes to pick one. I echo best wishes to y’all but I’m so sad; literally crying. I look to CO for my multiple doses of daily happiness. Thank you for bringing us so much joy until today. God bless you in your future. (Didn’t realize I could be so addicted to a website).

  17. OMG Nooooooo! CO has been my lunch companion for 8+ years. Thanks for being fabulous!

  18. Elaine C Williamson says:

    CO is my start page. I will miss you.

  19. OMG I’m sooooooo saad!!! you’ve been my sunshine through my bad times, whenever I felt bluish… You posted my pictures three times and for me was like touching the sky. Whenever I saw a cute anything, always thought: THAT’S C.O. MATERIAL.
    I have a medical degree, but for me it was like: “Hey, mom, I’ve made it. C.O. posted my picture!”
    I guess it’s time to let go, and that’s fare for you. So I want to be forever thankfull to you, because you didn’t just do a website. You gave us light. And happiness. And laughs. And aaaawwws. And that’s what really all is about.
    Here are MY favourite posts.
    And my all time favorite term is “Baroo”. I use it regularly talking in spanish.
    Love you. From far far the south.

  20. I haz a sad! No more CO? Oh, noes! (But really, best of luck in whatever comes into your life, and thank you so very, very much for all the chuckles, giggles, and LOL’s.)

  21. CO has been on my “daily” bookmark list for a long time. will miss all teh cute…

  22. 😥😥😥 I don’t have a favorite, I’ve enjoyed so many. I’ve laughed, squeeeed, oohed and awed, been amazed and even got teary over many of the photos. I also enjoyed reading all the comments from fellow CO fans. I thank all of the hard working staff, past and present for such an adorable, daily web site. I’m really going to miss you and am going to have major withdrawal. 🐰🐹🐱🐮🐨🐯🐷🐸🐢🐘🐀🐓🐁🐿

  23. OMG Nooooooooo! I have enjoyed lunch with CO for 8+ years! Thanks for being fabulous…miss you already 😦

  24. I can’t believe it! CuteOverload has been a fixture in my life through my first overwhelming day in college all the way through marriage, 2 states, and multiple licensing exams. You’ve been my coping mechanism for 10 years – not sure what I’m gonna do without you! Thank you for all your hard work in bringing TEH QTE – you’ve touched a lot of lives and reminded me over and over again that life is more than a series of tasks, it’s meant to be enjoyed… and sometimes the best way to do that is to snorgle a cute puppeh – or at least watch one, and squee 🙂 Thanks for everything.

  25. I’m so sad it’s over! Thanks for all the fuzzy smiles! I’m sure none of our days will be the same without this site here for us, but hopefully you’ll miss us too much to stay gone forever 🙂 I’ll find you some cute stuff for free, I promise! I’ll miss this site so much, tomorrow is gonna be a rough day. 😦

  26. Beverly Manning says:

    I’m going to cry. You can’t go away.

    On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 4:33 PM, Cute Overload wrote:

    > Meg posted: “Dearest Cute Overload Peeps, It’s hard to believe that Cute > Overload has chronicled and celebrated over ten years of the most anerable, > prosh, sweetest ani-pals and commentary. It’s been over ten years, with > hundreds of thousands of comments, millions ” >

  27. I am so sad to hear this. I visit you page every day at least once and most days multiple times. The cute that you have given will be deeply missed. Best wishes to you and yours in the future.

  28. Best of all things to you all. I am soooo sad to lose your bright happy place in my life. I have been a tewtolly loyal lurker for all these years. Au revoir from me in New Mexico and from Sophie and Chloe, now six, The Girls From Espanola, tri-color kittens. Mary

  29. You have been a rainbow sunbeam of joy and kittens smack dab in the middle of the sometimes-awful world. How lucky we are to have had you in our lives! AND, how lucky I am to have had a photo make it onto the site one time! My smiling grape was one of the few non-animals to grace your lovely page. Thanks for everything!

  30. NinjaBeaver says:

    Ermahgerd! I don’t think I’ve ever posted in the comments before, and now it’s all over… *sob*. Farewell CO, you have been a beacon of fun over the years and I will truly miss you. You added the word Baroo to my vocabulary as well, and I shall have to be selfish and admit that my favourite post was squeeing because my li’l girl made the Nosevember line-up. Good luck and best wishes to you all! xxx

  31. I am so sorry to see you go! Your site was checked several daily for teh cute, My best to you all, where ever life takes you!

  32. Cuteoverload has been on the top of my history for years. I visit this site at least 4 times a day. I’m very sad to see it go. Can’t someone take it over from you? We need our cute fix!

  33. ElleDoubleYou says:

    Thank you for the cute and for all your hard work. Wish you the best, folks.

  34. 260Oakley says:

    This is a favorite, both for the picture and the awesome comment thread:
    I would like to thank Meg and CO for providing inspiration and an outlet for my particular brand of silliness. Also, thanks to everyone whoever laughed at my puns, or to anyone who ever graciously scrolled past them without comment. I will miss you all.

  35. Oh noes… I’ve been here since 2006, and just had some other bad news today. Will the archive still be available? I would hate all this cuteness and silliness to just disappear, along with all the Rules of Cute. I would even pay money for it in physical format. Thank you so much for making this place, Meg – but may we at least keep all the memories?

  36. Thank you so much, everyone, for bringing so many smiles to the world.

  37. I have been a faithful reader of the Cute for almost the whole 10 years and I know that my days are just not going to be the same without it. You will be missed by all of us.

  38. Jo Bluestein says:

    Thank you for making CO such a reliably fun stop during my day over the years. Thank you for giving us a thrill and featuring our pooches, Kit the Doxie and ResQte Bella! I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the pics you posted or the incredibly clever writing that enhanced each one, but either way, I will miss all parts of CO. Good luck on your next ventures!

  39. I am just stunned; I was a regular for several years, so I well understand that time and conditions change. But at this moment, when there is so much meanness in the air and on the Interwebs, let’s all look at CO, and remember it doesn’t have to be that way.
    So many fave postings and posters. Hope some of you remember some of these:
    Marnie the parrot “WHACHA DOIN’? PEEEK-ABOO! YOU’RE SO CUTE!!”; the little birdie who “ate too moische”; the terrifying Christmas possum choir; any ottères (and OUTRAGEOUS Fronsche accents!); anything that went “ehn!”; the kitty marriage proposal; Owls; a baby bat in a blankie with a binkie; little dogs and others who were “looking at first, throwing to third.” 😂 All things Megspeak; Theo, Not That Mike, Brinke, Fird Birfle, SkippysMom, QueenOfDork, ROOFEES, Sparky, and so many others. So many. Love and godspeed to you all.

  40. So sad!!! Every day I log on, check e-mail, then go to CO. You have brought me so much pleasure over the years. My three
    kitties like to watch, too. I understand you definitely have your hands (and other parts) full with twins and the rest of your
    life. If you need someone to take over, send me a note. I am a long-time writer and had my own blog with travel and recipe pages, but lost my momentum when my computer crashed with all my pix and we couldn’t recover anything. Now, of course,
    I have backup. Duh! Anyway, many thanks and wishing you only the best.

  41. Awww. This is the second site I frequent that’s being shut down after a decade. I sincerely hope that site closures do not follow the rule of three the way celebrity deaths do! I’m not sure I could link to just any one thing as my favorite, but people loosing their minds over the ‘pasicke’ was hilarious.

  42. Here’s hoping you come back in some other form… in the meantime I’ll be getting my QTE fix from tumblr and pinterest but it won’t be the same without the captions and comments and hilarious vocabulary.

    Exhibit A: this inspired post by NTMTOM:

  43. PS: So is that Johnny Cash singing, or Joaquin Phoenix?

  44. Well, I’m already at the 4th stage of grief – bargaining, as I sit here thinking of a way to convince Meg to let me keep this site up if I worked for free. I went through shock, denial and anger fairly quickly. And then tomorrow will be Depression.

    This site and this community have been an important part of my life for the past decade. Maybe that statement is a sign that I need to “get a life”. In a time where anonymous bullying is de rigueur and being “snarky” is cool, this place was an oasis of kindness. I know that I won’t remember any other commenter’s name or specific comments, but I will remember that every single person was kind.

    So thank you, Meg, for creating this place. For it all started with you and your unique voice that unabashedly embraced cuteness in way that a lot of people would consider a “bit much”. But you loudly and proudly proclaimed your love of ponies, goats with sweatuhs, anerable puppies, redonkulous kitties and the ever important snorgle. We all came along for the ride and loved every last second.

    I hope you know that you created something really special.


  45. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    No!!! I’m just going to be in a state of denial… I do wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thanks for 10 years of pure joy – a much needed antidote to this sometimes cruel world.

  46. If I could link to all 10 years of CO, I would. Really. I have enjoyed every post and picture here.
    Thank you so much. And thanks for sharing Oliver Donovan with us! Dude 🙂
    You will be missed.

  47. I’ve been a reader since a week after you started, I’ll be sad to see you go! Good luck with everything in the future. My favorite post was Padrick’s poem about the cats in boxes!

  48. beaudrillard says:

    No!!! I’m just gonna be in complete denial. I do wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thanks for 10 years of sublime cuteness – a much needed antidote to this sometimes cruel world. You will be sorely missed. 💔😿

  49. Nooo! I visited your site daily, multiple times. Loved the clever titles, the hover texts and the daily dose of adorable. You all did a great job. Thank you.

  50. Cynthia M says:

    I have a sad. 😦 I’ll miss everything, but I’ll really miss Tocktober.

  51. Thank you, Meg.
    Here’s my favorite post, about the new puppy and the old dog exiled to the “butt bed”, which makes me laugh to this day.

  52. This is very sad. I’m sure Meg, Brinke and all involved in the running of CO are suffering as well. I’ve become quite addicted to this site, checking it several times a day and often re-playing videos for another hit of the qte or the touching or the hilarious. I’ve loved it all. Meg, you created something truly unique here, not only an excellent website but a caring, fun, positive, clever community. Thank-you to all fellow COers for all your comments that made me smile, shed a tear, laugh and spew my coffee, and generally feel like I was in the midst of a great family gathering. Meg and company, may God bless you in abundance for what you’ve done here and lead you into even more wonderful adventures. Bye all.

  53. I am going to miss CO tremendously. I discovered Maru here.

  54. I’m crying!

  55. Tim McDaniel says:

    Oh, dear! I’m so sorry it had to end.

    Since there’s no competition now, may I point to , run by Not That Make The Other Mike, late of this parish?

  56. Stephanie says:

    I would be happy to pay up to $10 a month for you guys. Maybe you just have to ask? I am very upset and will miss you a LOT.

  57. I really hope this isn’t the end of it, but if it is I’ll certainly miss you guys. This site has gotten me through some rough patches in the last few years, given me a new appreciation for animals and even added some fun words to my vocabulary. Not to mention CO is probably the only place on all the internet where I actually LIKE to read the comments. Sure, there are other sites that share cute stuff, but it just feels a little more special coming from you guys.

    Whether this is the end or not, thanks for everything. You’ve brightened a lot of days in ten years.

  58. You were my Home Page – and always brought me so much joy in the midst of a difficult job. I understand – but am very sad to see you leave…SIGH.

  59. maroonchan says:

    NOES! I’m so sad to see this place close! I’ll really miss it!

  60. Thanks for all the cuteness and laughs and great stuff. Sorry to see you go.

  61. Becky in OH says:

    So sorry to see you go! Thank you for all your work these 10 years, and many shared laughs with my own kids! Enjoy your children. They grow up fast. Best wishes!

  62. What everyone else said: I will miss you guys, but thank you for a fantastic ten years! Too many great posts to choose just one favorite…

  63. Emmberrann says:

    I, too, am terribly sad to know that the Web will be much less cute in days to come. Now we’ll never get out Ntmtom coffee table book! I had so many favorites, I can’t pick only one. I particularly remember cats in sweateuhs. And a recital of late and much beloved cat whose proclivities for being a floof factory, and a dedicated feline nudist. To the whole CO community, my thanks for many smiles and giggles, brightening many a gray day. You will be much missed.

  64. I haz a sad. I have to say ditto to what others have posted. Thanks to all involved in creating and maintaining such a wonderful, fun, celebration of all things cute. You’ve been a bright spot in my every day, and I wish you the best.

  65. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I need it. Every day. You spoiled me for hover text – I am vexed and disappointed there is none when I hover on cute pics on other sites. Please leave things so I can start again at page 1.

  66. You helped me get through 10 years at a horrible job. The job is gone now but you’re not allowed to leave…who approved this?
    Au revoir! Come back soon. Need toe beans…

  67. Noooo! This site has made my day when I’ve felt sad or that the world was screwed so many times! Thanks for it all. If there’s any way you can continue with volunteers email me!

  68. medusa0813 says:

    Actually crying, been with you since the beginning, a huge fan, thanks for giving me so many reasons to smile, can’t thank you enough for that, I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know 😦 Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  69. OMG NOOOOOOOOOES!!!!! CO is my homepage – now what am I going to do? No matter how onerous the task ahead of me, I knew I could start work with a smile because of you! Thank you, Meg and minions, for so many happy times. All the best to you and your family, and I hope we do see you again! We’ll miss you. xoxoxo

  70. Carol and the kitties says:

    I’ve been a frequent viewer and infrequent commenter for years. You will be missed.

    My favorite is anything by NTMTOM, but especially

  71. French fan here, been following you since forever. This is so sad, but everything has an end. Thank you. Wish you all the best. My favorite posts are the ones with our tuxedo lady cat Kiri : and and

  72. I would never have met Maru without you!

  73. In the past seven days: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and now Cuteoverload. Getting up tomorrow will be difficult with no fix of cute on the horizon. I can’t thank you enough for brings happies when I and the world had sads. At least Ruby was worthy for the site, which was truly one of my proudest moments in 2015! Best of luck.

  74. I can’t believe it has been ten years, you helped me cope with my first real job out of school (where I had to sit at a desk all day!) I think my fave post was the baby wombat/kangaroo pair, although the hippo/tortoise one was awesome tow, guess I like the unusual friends category. Also had your page a day calendar and it was coveted memo paper for long after the year ended. Glad you are keeping it real but just sayin’ if money is needed I will pony up…omg ponies!!!!!

  75. I can’t really add anything that hasn’t already been said. I will miss CO tremendously but am grateful for the 10 years of cute…thanks and best wishes to all of you! (And I have to echo Thribb…will archives be available?)

  76. OMG I just realized that they waited until after Christmas to tell us, just like when your parents get divorced.

  77. Also, is pretty funny. Of course, it only features dogs because as we all know, cats do not feel shame.

  78. Thank you, Meg. I’ve been following this site for years and it has been one of my favorites. You and all who’ve labored to bring The Cute have made the interwebz a much nicer and friendlier place to hang out. You will missed and remembered with great fondness.

  79. I am so sad to hear this news 😦 Cute overload was one of my favorite sites and it always cheered me up. Everything was awesome, but it was here that I learned about bunny island in Japan! I’m going there someday, I swear! 🙂 Will miss this terribly but best of luck!

  80. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH NO NO NO! I Haven’t even sent in my latest puppy pictures yet! I am not okay with this!

    First Bowie, then Rickman, now CO. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GO ON.

  81. 😦

  82. Sheila Frappier says:

    I have been a Cuteoverload fan since the beginning, My bunny Tango was on here 7 years ago and my new puppy Amadeus was on 2 years ago. You will be missed and now, Meg I hope you are getting your own puppeh for those kiddies:-)

  83. Debbie Siken says:

    I am so sad to hear this news. This has been one of the few sites that I visit at least every other day, a place I could always come to that I knew would always put a smile on my face..To many wonderful things have been on here to even have a favorite,as an animal lover I have enjoyed them all.. Thank-you for all the work you put into this….I can only hope someday it might come back…All the best…

  84. I forgot you wanted a favorite – all of them! How do you pick just one out of the thousands of anerable kweetures? I KNOW – you have to leave the site up until we have a chance to review them!!!


  86. Calico Angel says:

    Already left my thoughts for today but…. Mer made a comment that I so agree with I had to repeat it. CO has posted my Miss MysTery twice. Once when she was a wee kitten and rescued by Sparks Fire Dept in OCT 2014 and then on her anniversary in OCT 2015.. Like Mer I felt like I had “touched the sky” when my bebe girl was posted on your sight. Thank you again for all you have given us. You will be missed!

  87. Nnnnoooooooooooooo!!!! Say it ain’t so! This is the saddest day ever!!!!!!!! Seriously, who is going to make me smile every single day? ……. 😿🙀

  88. copperbat says:

    Love you too, Meg. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and the decade that was the Cute. ❤

  89. Good luck to all of you, and thanks for all fun times! Teddy the Talking Porcupine was my favorite; always made me laugh SO HARD!

  90. The 1st time violet made co I sent an email out to all my family and friends. Violet’s ego swelled after that. She wasn’t easy to live with. And it won’t be easy to live without you. It’s a hard thing to bring joy to the world and you did it every day. You will be missed .

  91. So sad…💔 I’m welling up… For the past 10 years or so, when I was sad or upset, I came here and got ALWAYS cheered up immeasurably by the cuteness of the critters. I LOVED THEM ALL! This site was by far the most positive and genuinely sweet and fun place in the entire cyberspace universe. It was an oasis for my soul. How am I supposed to go on without it? Thanks a billion for all your posts — all of you at the CO will be dearly missed but the joy and laughter you shared with us will live on forever in our hearts!

  92. All of our 6 stubbulars are gone now and I have filled the emptiness with you. You will be very sadly missed.
    All the best and thank you, thank you, thank you.

  93. I’m so very sad to hear this. But thank you, thank you, thank you for your dedicated years of showing us cute! Blessing for the future. I’m happy for you, sad for me.

  94. I am so sad ,I really don’t know what to say. You have brightened my day forever! Best of luck with your life- I know life changes ,but I don’t know what I’ll do without CO.

  95. @Calico Angel and @Mer – I know what you mean. When I got an email from Meg about making my hamster a Cover Girl/Hamster for one the calendars, I equated the experience to getting an email from Bill Gates. I told my friends, “…Meg Frost is to the Cute world what Bill Gates is to the software world…” ha ha!!

  96. Aww! Sad tears! Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors! Thank you so so much for sharing all the cuteness over the years. You really brought a smile to our face the first time you shared one of our boston terrier roomba videos – Spaghetti at Sunset It was the first time anyone ever really got to see our creations & encouraged us to keep going. We have made so many IG & youtube friends based on their cute pictures and videos that you shared – and that will last long after CO.

  97. Thanks so much for your site. It got me through many a terrible day at a terrible job with terrible people.

    Jenny the pug – Jenny the pug FOREVER.

    Thank you thank you.

  98. I’ll will miss CO more than I can possibly say but thank you for 10 lovely years of yucks, tears and awwws. I’m kind of in shock so the reality of this won’t hit me until tomorrow or beyond. I wish all of you – captioners and commenters alike – the very best that life has to offer. The interwebz will be a much sadder place from now on. 😦

  99. i’m happy for you all that you’re opening a new chapter in your lives… and so very sad that one of my happy smiley places is going away. A very big thank you to all CO peeps and all the viewers that got “Cats Are Off the wall” so many youtube hits and therefore made George a mini youtube star.
    and MANY MANY THANKS to all the CO peeps for everything that they’ve done for the last 10 years.
    Best wishes to all CO peeps! You made the internets a better place and the world too by getting people to smile – good job!

  100. Tim McDaniel says:

    One cow-orker has a rattie, so “Rats, it’s Tuesday!” always went to him. Aminals that aren’t cats or dogs don’t get enough love on the Internet.

  101. Feeling too sad about this. I echo most of the sentiments here. Thank you. And all good luck to all of you.

  102. Trisha Miller says:

    Thank you for the many, many years of smiles and laugh-out-loud moments. I’m sure you also helped get many, many homeless animals forever homes by featuring shelters and such. Hopefully, people will continue to support those fine establishments. This was a safe and fun place for many. I will miss this very much. Best of luck to everyone.

  103. This really made me blue. I have loved all the wonderful photos and stories you collected for us. Frankly, I visited when I needed to be uplifted and you never failed to make me smile. I will miss all those darling furry faces. Thank you Meg. Your work has touched more lives than you know. Best wishes for your next adventure.

  104. That is depressing. You were my favorite website.

  105. I’m so sorry to see you go. Thank you for years of smiles and laughter. The internet won’t be the same without you. And thanks for making my sleepy kitty making biscuits (Daphne) YouTube famous. We’ll miss you!

  106. this is a SHOCK and so so so sad. I’ve followed, shared, posted and coped so many images and videos….you’ve got a TON of fans who will miss you terribly. :-(((((((((((((

  107. I’m lost and bereft. How can I get through the days ahead without CO and its wonderful community of commenters? You all brought me my beatiful Arabella kittycat and helped me through the loss of many beloved babies. You introduced me to Maru, and Knut, and Teddy the porcupine. While none of my pix ever got posted, I always dreamt that someday we’d make it. Best of luck to you, Meg, Brinke, and all. Other commenters, do please check out NOMTOM’s place so we don’t lose each other.

  108. I am sad to see you go but I am excited for what new adventure lies ahead for you and your family. I have enjoyed your site for many years and couldn’t thank you enough for making me smile on the days I really needed it. Best of luck and much happiness to you and yours! ❤

  109. SumoWonderToad says:

    Curated cuteness is what the world needs. Thanks for a decade of work and joy. My wife and I end each day looking at the cuteness you’ve collected during the last 24 hours. May your future be full of squee!

  110. Say it isn’t so… :'{ From the bottom of our hearts- thank you to Meg and everyone past and present who made Cute Overload the life-affirming oasis of lighthearted Qte that it is: the place to smile no matter what. May I also join the voices imploring the Archive of Cute to remain, even if no new posts are forthcoming? You have created a sanctuary- AND a wonderful new lexicon! ‘Snorgle’, ‘baroo’, and many others shall one day grace the OED.
    With love and thanks from Dmitri Purrshkavich, and cuteporters Doug & Sowmya in Winnipeg.
    PS The extreme honour of being the Last Cat on the Cute is not lost on Dmitri- you graciously showcased him several times.

  111. eaglestar51 says:

    What can be said that has not been said already?

    Thanks for ten years of respite from the nastiness and snarkiness. Thanks for the cute puppehs and kittehs and quokkas and OMGPONIES!!!1111!!1! and every other animal that has graced this blog (including the infamous kangaroo sheik).

    Thanks for the memories; the interwebs will be a little darker and sadder without CO…

  112. Found you all just recently,always made my day or evening…my husband was dying of cancer and your site was my go to for a little stress relief. I will miss you all so much. Thanx for helping me.

  113. So heartbroken to hear this, I am seriously crying! Thanks for the wonderful years of complete enjoyment and happiness. I have too many favorites to list and CO was many times the only good part of my day. I wish the best to Meg and all of you at CO, you made the world a better place and I hope your futures are bright and successful!

  114. This is so sad.

    There are very few pockets of internetness that aren’t sullied by snark or nastiness or “the real world” which is often full of sad news. CuteOverload was a kind of refuge for me. My own sweet mutt* was featured here and I felt like I was amongst friends; people who love animals and the cuteness therein are often some of the nicest people on the planet. It’s been a great ride. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad it was over, but My Cute Will Go On.

    *Coincidentally, the end of CO comes nearly 10 years to the day that my sweet boy Jack came home with us.

  115. I never heard of a quokka until of you guys and I enjoyed forwarding many cute and funny pics and videos to my husband and friends! Thanks for all of the cute. All the best to you all. God bless!

  116. So bummed!

    You guys have helped me out so much the past few years. I can’t begin to express how.

  117. Thank you so much for all the joy and laughter. Twice you posted photos of my boy Skeeter and made me a very proud kitty mom.

  118. Meg, Brinke, Mike and to all the others that have brought us the qte,

    Thank you, thank you, and thousand times, thank you. Although my heart has a hole big enough for a baby trunkster to scoot through, I know that nothing lasts forever. You made the world a better place for the past 10 years. Be proud of yourselves and what you accomplished. Best wishes for all your future holds.

    I’d add a link to my favorite post, but trying to choose the best NTMTOM’s story, would be like trying to pick the “best Warhol.” It can’t be done.

  119. Alexandra says:

    So sad. Thank you for your happy and adorable gift to humanity. The world will be a bleaker and less fluffy place without you. Sob!

  120. Thank you for all you have done to make the world a happier place! I always visit your site when I am sad & I am instantly cheered up. Thank you so much.

  121. Not only am I sad that CO is ending, but I’m shocked out of my mind! I saw this on Feedly and I was amazed! Lol they had a good run! My fave post is “All Aboard…Punks!” featuring three snails I used to own!

  122. I’m crushed. I’ll keep this site saved forever.
    Favorite post: when my Sammy made it. 😃 He’s not long for the world now: I just learned he has bladder cancer. He’s getting the royal treatment his last few weeks. he is still the cutest little love bug and will wag his tail til the end.

  123. One mystery has always plagued me – are “Concord Barb and Paul” an actual couple named “Barb” and “Paul” who live on Concord, MA?

  124. First we lose David Bowie, and now this. It’s almost too much to bear. I started my day with your site. My husband brings me a cup of coffee and my ipad with your site loaded. He would say, “Time to wake up and look at the cute critters”. A pretty great way to face the day. You made my days brighter. Good luck.

  125. I’ve been an avid, joy-filled fan of CuteOverload since the summer of 2006, and yet this is my first comment. I regret not sharing my overwhelming gratitude more often for what the dedicated creators, contributors, etc. did for lovers of cute during these years. I do, most definitely, appreciate everyone’s time, heart, and fantastic photos. My favorite submission of all time, however, has to be the over-stuffed Thanksgiving bird: I’ve sang this song and cracked up about it more times than I can count. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. All my best to everyone from the CuteOverload team. You all are wonderful.

  126. Bananabreadhead says:

    Thank you, Meg and CuteOverload (and 260Oakley).

    You made a beautiful thing.
    If the archives remain available I will be very happy.

    PS “Lunchables” is permanently in my lexicon now — I actually can’t seem to say “lunch” anymore. “Lunchables” often showed up in Meg’s posts.

  127. Maru … lamb bouncing in the hallway … but I think I have to choose the original Scootin Bebeh Trunkster: Still my go-to when I’m feeling low.

    Without CO, how will I cope with the GOP?

    Anyway, thanks for many larfs and much cuteitude.

  128. 1knitchick says: Always and forever this post…

  129. Now I have the sads. Just nooooooo.

  130. @1knitchick Delicious McDonkersons!!!! ha ha ha!!!!

  131. Carol Berube says:

    I discovered Cute Overload in June 2007, after finding a tiny internet spot on my floor not far from my hospital room after coming out a PE induced coma. I was afraid of the future; afraid that my health was ruined and I really wouldn’t have much quality time left, so finding this website was like a being able to have a little dose of true joy that I could take every day, and even if nothing worked out for me, it was heartening to see there was still light and love and life in the world. Happily, I got better and now 8 years + later Cute Overload is still my daily visit, my dose of anerableness, my happy place in the world. Highlights for me from this page were the tree which someone had knit a little pink sweater for, the regular Maru updates,the baby goat stampede, the penguin sweaters and the quokka selfies. Thank you Meg, and team, you really, really made my day, every day, for a long, long time. You will be terribly missed: the QTE, the wit, the fun in every caption, I have only ever seen here. Best of luck whatever you do, you talented bunch, you, whatever it is, you will hand it its ass, much the same as the Japanese QTE scientists hand the world from their secret laboratory under Mt Fuji… 🙂

  132. I’m too choked up to be sharing any memories or saying anything coherent, but much as we expected something like this sooner or later, I have to say how hard it is to see it happen and how bittersweet it is to realize so many of my earliest (and fondest) interweb memories are tied with CO. So thank you to everyone who’s contributed to creating this wonderful sanctuary, and may we all carry a little piece of its spirit to our next destinations.

  133. Thank you, Meg, for all the joy your site brought me. The comments were always hilarious (Oakley=gold!), and the precious animals. My favorites—Maru, ANY baby trunksters, ‘Lil Drac, the baby sloths, NTMTOM’s “Reginald and the Orb of Doom”.

  134. PS. And yes, January 2016 officially sucks.

  135. I can’t even. How will I start and end my days? How will I make sad people happy again? How will I ever realize my dream of getting my pooders on C.O.? Thanks, folks, for an amazing thing: as close to world peace as we will come when everyone stops to SQUEEEE! at the same time. I’m going to put on my best grumpy face and spend the next ten years working backwards through the posts. Sneef sneef.

  136. Andy Waddell says:

    One of my favorite sites to check every day. Often squeeing on seeing another cute little micropig or puppy or kitten or whatever. Remember always that you provided a wonderful few minutes every day TO THE WHOLE WORLD for a number of years. You did something special, truly special, and no one can ever take that away. Thank you.

  137. Sorry to see you go, I’ll miss 260Oakley’s pun and all the cute.
    My favourite post is Maru sliding in boxes

  138. Kate Blasko says:

    I am literally sobbing; this was the one thing I could count on keeping my spirits up during chemo and radiation. Meg, I absolutely understand and respect your decision, it’s just going to take some time to get used to not seeing cute animals evry day. Thank you for everything and bless you for the last 10 years.

  139. amgirardi says:

    Oh QTE people, I’m crying loudly! here in Italy C.O, was for me the last smile before sleep time, almost every day in this ten years. I will miss you a lot, this was my favorite website. I started to visit the site few days after my husband was passed away, you were so a nice and sweet company, and now I am quite a Qte addicted! Thank you so much for all the tears you have swiped away, for all the days you have enlightened, and of course for Maru & C. And my rough and poor english is now definitively infected by your lexicon! Rats! Good luck for all of you, be proud of yourselves. I’m feeling a little more alone, now! a kiss from Anna Maria, and Agostino and Marco- my sons- and Mimi & Piccola, my ten years old – sigh!- kittehs

  140. O NOES!!!!! Will we at least have the archives? Please tell us you’re not taking down the website!

  141. Cute Overload memorial haiku:

    Cherry blossoms fall
    Whiskères, toe-beans — all cause SQUEE
    Beady eyes’ tears *sniff*

  142. Julie Stricklin says:

    So sad to see you go, but thanks for all the smiles. You were always a bright spot in my day 😘

  143. Jeannette says:

    Thank you for all the years of Cuteness! Like many others here this has been my start my day, pick me up during a bad day and just in general place to go when I want to feel good. I am sad that you are closing, but my many, many thanks for doing what you have done for the last decade and for featuring my lovely four – legged children on occasion. Good luck in all that you do in the future! Jeannette

  144. Susan Bannon says:

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into providing us all with such a great space to be “cuted” – I can only imagine the work and time commitment involved and the fact that you lasted 10 years is incredible!! I have enjoyed your site for years and have also bought the calendars regularly – really hope to see you emerge again someday but until then, thanks again and all the best to you and yours!!! We will miss you!!!

  145. There’s no reason all future content can’t be presented on another site – NTMTOM comes to mind – without disturbing the copyrighted CO site. Mike has already come to our rescue when this site went mysteriously dark a short while back and supporting the ongoing community there is in keeping perfectly with the intention of this site: to present cute animals doing cute things for the enjoyment of all.

  146. joe and elizabeth says:

    we shall miss this greatly, thank you for all your efforts, and especially this and this and this and this and this and so many others.
    and of course any and all shetland sheepdogs. best of luck to you!

  147. amgirardi says:

    As I told now is two ‘o clock in the morning, and I can’t sleep because I think that from tomorrow I will not found you for closing my day with some cuteness, some smiles and …. oh uffa! I feel a little lost, now, I will miss you and the community very badly
    thank you Meg!!

  148. What will I do without CuteOverload! Can’t believe your going. Thank you for making every day happy and shining a cute light in a sad world. It was the proudest moment in my life when I got a Quokka story posted! I will miss Maru updates and squee inducing pics & videos. Best wishes for the future & thank you for the best blog ever. Love Hannah xxx

  149. Baroo!!! Thanks for the memories and the Qte.

  150. Tocktober will never be the same. I’m in shock and totally bummed out to the nth degree. Like others here, I’ve been a regular CO’er from the beginning and rely on the cuteness to get me through tough days. Lots of amazing humor and cleverness to give happy memories. Super funny vocabulary that will always be part of the vernacular of the CO world. It somehow never occurred to me the CO could ever not be there. So so sad.

  151. I never commented, but this site was a huge bright spot for me while my niece was battling leukemia. She’s made the 5 year disease free hurtle (Yay!), but I am so broken hearted. It was such a warm spot for me when I felt the world was coming down.

  152. Like so many others, I am stunned and saddened by the news. In an increasingly cold and scary world, places like Cute Overload have provided so much joy, happiness, and hope to so many. Thank you, to everyone involved, for creating a site where only good things happen, where strangers become friends, and where the world is united by the love of all things adorable.

    Many of us have had bad days made so much brighter by this site. It has gotten us through divorces, loss, illnesses, war, and prejudice. It reminds us to look around and focus on the beauty and humor of this world and to understand that something like the inability to look at a kitten photo without going “sqwee!” makes us one family.

    Thank you, for all the years and all the joy you have given us. You have touched more lives, in more positive ways, than you can ever possibly imagine.

  153. Noooooo! I will miss Caturday, Bunday, Toesday, Nosevember with you guys! You always make my day with your adorable photos! xoxoxox

  154. Habitgirl says:

    Dear Meg and the Cute Overload community,
    You will all be hugely missed. I have relied on you all for smiles, laughs and the occasional tear for such a long time. Thank you for creating this community, Meg. Thank you all for the comments that no one could have created but you.

  155. I’m so saddened….but I understand. Things change. I just don’t think I can even process not getting anymore CO emails. I feel like a friend is moving away. Oakley I’ll miss your puns. I’ve missed NTMTOM’s “stories” that would accompany the pictures.
    Brinke many thanks to you too! 😢😢😢

  156. Thank you so much for your devotion and hard work in developing this website. Cuteoverload has been a source of joy for me, making me smile on the busiest, most stressful days at work.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and if we see you again, hurrah!

    Although, frankly, you could have had more wombats.
    (just kidding).

  157. Everyone has had such wonderful words and I am continually grateful and amazed by the Cute Overload community. It’s been a dream! Thank you very, very much.

  158. I’ve been here since the beginning and seen so many incarnations. I suspect that the Kyot will rise again.

    Best wishes to the staff and good luck to you all!

  159. Jan Keller says:

    Thank you soooooo much for all the laughter and smiles!

    If you change your mind, I would happily pay for a subscription to this wonderful site!!

  160. The Original Jane says:


  161. I already wrote about how sad I am. This is the ultimate Rats it’s Monday.
    The post that caught my funny bone way back in the day is this one:
    Meg, your witty humor, the incredible rules of cuteness, so much general awesomeness is truly irreplaceable. Thanks for a decade of smiles and help with attitude readjustment.

  162. All I can say is a big fat Thank You. The time and effort you guys put in to this site have spread joy all over the world. Best wishes to you and I hope we see you again. Sniff sniff.

  163. Thanks so much Meg and Brinke! I remember finding the site and just being so in love with it and telling all my friends. Years later many of my photos were featured, and I was even able to photograph Grumpy Cat along with Brinke. Though I never met Meg I feel like I know her, and that CO is part of my family. You will be missed, and cherished. Thank you CO.

  164. sparkst3r says:

    To those fans of NTMTOM, I’m happy to share that he’s still virulently infected by TEH QTE and publishes under his own nom de plume @ Nothing would make me happier than the CO community continuing on somewhere else, so give it a spin.

    You folks have created something special here and it heartens me every day to see it.

    Cheers and thanks for the memories,

  165. anonymous coward says:

    oh, snap.
    didn’t quite expect this.
    i was still hoping for a return by meg, but not like this.

    co is/was one of my favourite “go to” sites to get a quick dose of silliness and, well, good vibes when the day wasn’t quite going as it should have been.

    meg, thanks for a site that, over the years, brought some much needed happiness to a world that can be quite harsh and cold at times.


    p.s.: is there a way to have c-o archived and accessible somewhere, for us to get some good natured flashbacks from time to time? that would be neat.

  166. Oh Meg, thank you so much !! But big sad. I’ve been following for years. This site has given me many others to follow, Maru, The Daily Coyote, The Elephant Sanctuary, Tiny Hamster, and the wonderfully named Magilla Glub Glub. My favourite ? Maru’s Moving Experience, one of the early ones of the boy (min 1:50).
    I know many people here would subscribe, but I believe this is more about your time than funding. Enjoy your family, and know that there will always be a place for Cute Overload if you’re ever ready to bring it back !
    Much love to you…..

  167. I don’t remember how I found cuteoverload but I am so glad I did. It has been so much fun. Thank you.

  168. Norbertsmom says:

    Nooooo. Please don’t go. You have been my saving grace for years. Will gladly pay a subscription fee. Just please stat.
    You have made me happy when I was sad, you have given me so much laughter, you gave it to all of us.

    No matter what, we will always love our Cute Overload!

  169. Aw, dang. I’m very sad about this, but thank you, Meg, and all the Cute Overlords for everything.

  170. Cant believe: bowie, Glen Frey, Alan Rickman – agreed 2016 officially sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. To echo Julie (earlier today) thanks so much for the kindness and warmth shown on this site. Many times the pictures/comments made me literally laugh out loud (as opposed to “LOL”). This site could brighten a bummer day in two pictures. Wishing you nothing but the best, and good luck on your ventures. Thanks again!

  172. Well, this is just terrible. But thank you so much for ten years of hard work.

    Will the archives still exist?

  173. Tim McDaniel says:

    Links to two items mentioned above:

    #76 Robin Whiskers January 18, 2016 at 3:56 pm: All Aboard ….Punks!

    #84 daisycam January 18, 2016 at 4:26 pm: Reginald Locates the Orb of Madness,

  174. irisclara says:

    So sad! I wish you had a Patreon so I could donate. Thanks for all the cutes.

  175. How shall I get through the Monday blues without Rats, It’s Monday?? This is very upsetting!

  176. Wow, words fail me at this point.
    To Meg and CO crew – you guys are amazing and have touched so many. Thank you so VERY much!
    To CO peeps – thank you for sharing this your posts and pics over the years. I will mourn with you over this loss.
    There are too many posts from the last 10 years for me to pikc one, but I did find Maru, Boo, Grumpy cat, Bunny Island, all the Cat Cafe’s around the world and many, many critters that I didn’t even know could be cute.
    Thank you for the cute, thank you for the laughs, thank you for the tears, thank you for the powerful community that was created.
    I discovered CO when I started my current job and this site has honestly gotten me through some very difficult days. Ironic that I am losing CO just when I am searching for a new job…..
    Tears flow now, but I will shout from the roof tops forever –
    Love you guys to the moon and back 🙂

  177. We’ve been sent to the mod lounge, permanently.
    I have loved CO. I’ve sent photos along to friends in emails, added comments, enjoyed reading everyone else’s comments.
    The big world of cute is still out there, just harder to get to now.
    Thank you all, for everything….

  178. stop crying peeps. Yes we all loved cute overload and for whatever reason the site has decided to go off into the sunset, this doesn’t mean everything is over. I know that someone out there is creative, energetic, happy, ready, willing and able to start the same kind of blog with the same happiness. I bet if you work on it enough you can get even more advertising than the original Cute Overload gang got. All is not lost if you think positive.

  179. Oh, man, this is a major piece of bad news. Why not keep it going on a small crew, with less frequent posts? But more importantly, will it simply be a matter of no new posts, or will the site actually disappear? It would be a great shame to see all this fluffy cuteness disappear from the internet.

  180. Probably some of the posts highlighting bats. What, bats need the coverage too. Sorry to hear they won’t, or any other things, be covered here. I hope someone finds other blogs for adorable animal photos. I guess for a time you did lead the net in cute content, although between kittens, shiba inu puppies, and the My Little Pony fandom the internet is full of cute.

  181. Thank you everyone. You made me smile when I didn’t much feel like it.

  182. You will be so missed! Thank you for all the good work you have done in making people smile throughout the years! My favorite post ever was the cutest bunny ever back in ’05:

    The bunny photo is by Czech wildlife photographer Tanja Askani

    Also, back when my sister & I had a two person singing duo, I bought blog advertising from you guys because I love you so much! Best wishes in all your endeavors and we hope to see you again someday! 🙂

  183. Well, dang, I’m going to really miss this site. Thank you for all the years, and good luck/success in your future!

  184. copperbat says:

    My favorite post was definitely when my own pups were featured unwrapping their Christmas presents. The video has long since been taken down on its various hosted sites. Someday I’ll put it back up.

  185. Ricky's Mom says:
  186. Ricky's Mom says:

    I had such a big sad I forgot to say thank you. 😦 Thank you so much for all teh Qte. I will miss you so much.

  187. Paula DeMichele says:

    There are too many moments to pick my favorite. Knut is one; grumpy cat is one; Timo the Ragdoll cat is my new favorite. Thank you for always being the champion of our furry (and not so furry) friends. My heart is breaking. Best of luck and hope to see you again soon.

  188. cleos mom says:

    Like so many others, I am very sorry to learn that the daily cute delivery is no more. Thanks to Meg, all posters, commenters, and everyone else who made this possible. Sites like CO are what give the interwebs a good name – a force for good in what can sometimes be a less-than-good world. Would also be happy to subscribe if it’s ever an option …

  189. I am so sad. My kitties and I have been faithful followers since the beginning. I will think of you whenever I see a baroo.

  190. Caroline M says:


  191. kibblenibble says:

    OH NOES!!! I haz a huge sad. My favorites were nearly always NOMTOM posts, like the Prickly Kid. Anyhoo, thanks for all the Qte. I love you guys. ❤️

  192. Karen Smythe says:

    This is truly sad. Bunday, toesdays, farrette Fridays…every beautiful day will be missed….furrever.

  193. I is ded. No go on no more.

  194. AWW 😥 I will miss this site 😥 The one of the “Tough Kitty” YouTube of the little grey male kitten doing his best to hiss and spit at the camera was so funny!

  195. 😦

  196. aphrodite says:

    Thank you so much, Meg and Brinke and everyone else for all the cute! Tesla sends his love!!

  197. I wish you all the very best. Just really, all good things. I hope that we’ll all meet over on NTMTOM’s site and keep up with Oakley, Theresa, Kibble, Jane, Kar, and all of the other fine people who have helped brighten my days, too!

    Wow, this is pretty damn sad. Thank you Meg, Brinke, and NTMTOM for all of the wonderfulness. Wow, really, this has impacted me more than I imagine it could. Peace and love!

  198. Barb and Paul says:

    Cute Overload will be missed. By many. With all the awful stuff happening in the world, this was one place we could go to let my mind rest in peace for just a while. And every time we were fortunate to get something I sent in posted, it just made our day in ways that cannot be measured, and lifted us up out of lots of sadness, it truly did. Really going to miss you guys. Thanks Meg, thanks Brinke, and everyone, for all the wonderful moments. Gonna go cry now. So bummed.

  199. Thanks so much to Meg for this site. As someone else said, it’s hard to believe I became so attached to a web site! I enjoyed being part of this family–the comradery here is unusual on the web. Thanks for the memories!

  200. OMG my day is totally ruined – not to mention all the days to follow when i won’t be able to indulge in a cuteoverload cute break. You’be been part of my day for years and years now. Totally broken hearted. Wish all the best though and thank you, thank you, thank you for providing an amazing platform for cutes!

  201. Tim McDaniel says:

    #121 kibblenibble January 18, 2016 at 6:49 pm: The Legend of the Prickly Kid

  202. I am actually crying at this news. CO got me through cancer treatments and many other rough times. It has made me smile whenever I needed a pick-me-up. I want you to know how much I have appreciated this site. I will miss it like crazy!

  203. No no no no no no no.

  204. Oh, I’m heartbroken! I had no idea you were going away! Over the years I’ve had several photos of my own pets posted, and submitted several more for the rescue group I work with. Just a couple days ago you posted a kitten we are trying to raise surgery funds for and we’ve managed to raise $2400 of our $3000 goal, and I know that is largely thanks to the exposure from our CO post. Thank you so much for many years of the Qte and bringing laughter and silliness to our lives! You will be sorely missed!

  205. Just… So….Wrong….18 days in and already waaaaaaay too much greatness has left us this year….merci, merci beacoup pour all the smiles and laughs!

  206. This is so sad! You will be missed, CO team. My favorite, which made me laugh until I cried, is this one
    Plus all goats and hippos. Do let us know if there is potential for a subscription service – I’d sign up!

  207. Thank you so much for all the great memories, I will miss my daily visits to Cute. It always brightened my day.

  208. So sad to see you go. So long and thanks for all the cute!
    This tiniest snorfer has made my day better so many times!

  209. Rabbitsafk says:

    This has been a wonderful site for my daily dose of critter joy. Good luck in all you do and thank you for years of cuteness. 🐰🐇

  210. Wow. I guess I thought this would last forever. I was going to Cute Overload before that was the official URL. It was Meg’s blog on wordpress or one of those early blog providers (too long ago for me to remember!). 10 years of Cute, most definitely will be missed. Thank you for all the years of adorbs.

  211. Too sad for coherent thought. This year bites. Thank you and I will miss you so much.

  212. Oh My! Thank you for the years of smiles but must you go???

  213. This is heartbreaking news. one of my favorites was the “sniper kitty” with captions written by NTMTOM.

  214. For ten years I’ve visited this site multiple times a day, every day.

    When I needed to see something good in this world, I came here.

    In all this time, I’ve probably posted one or two comments.

    Know that there are thousands and thousands of people just like me.

    With all my heart, thank you.

  215. mewermcmewerson says:

    This is heartbreaking news. One of my favorites was “Sniper Kitty” with captions written by NTMTOM.

  216. I’m totally shocked. I second Ocelot 252. When the days seems filled with news about the worst aspects of humanity, CO was my go to place to get a cheerier perspective. Thank you all so much for adding light and joy to people’s lives. Cute Overload will be much missed.

  217. Coco and Buddy's Mom says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it isn’t so! We need more cuteness in this world, not less! Thank you for all of the joy you have shared. Your website has been the best!

  218. I don’t even know what to say, how can I be sad over a website? I want to thank u all, esp brinke, for all the laughs and especially for the shout out for the gofundme page for my Moofers…. I can’t believe I’m all teary over a website…. my hubby is gonna laugh at me

  219. So sad. End of an era. Can this site stay up somehow… can it be archived somewhere? So we have the memories, at least?

  220. SharonK1973 says:

    This is soooo sad to hear, I understand and everything, but it still makes me so sad. This website has been a ray of sunshine for me every single day. I feel like my best friend is leaving. Thank you so much for all the wonderful times. You can know for a fact that this website did make a difference for countless people all over the world. You’ve touched lives for the better far more than you will ever know. A salute to you. Thanks for everything. We will miss you everyday.

  221. Just left a donation for Yoshi the seal kitteh in memory of CO. It helped a little with the sads.

  222. What sad news… This site has been my haven. Always a sweet photo, always a smile. I will particularly miss Oakley260’s terrible, wonderful puns. And any post with a chameleon was an instant favorite. Best wishes going forward, Meg and company.

  223. I am so sorry to hear this, but I totally understand. Thank you for all of the awesome posts!! I really enjoyed the ponies, goats, sloths, cats, dogs…just everything 🙂 Thanks so much for the cute overload all these years!

  224. I has a huge sad! (I know- different site…) You’re the last thing I look at before going to sleep every night. I just howled in abject pain, and I’m not sure my husband understands. Thank you for being the easiest smile of my day, and for touching so many of us with your love of the cute!. The very very best to you and yours. And the first favorite that comes to mind is Surprise Kitty: “Tickle tickle tickle BOOP!” Love you. Really. I do. 😙😢

  225. And “where’s Bee?!?” Another favorite that never fails to delight!

  226. Chris Gallagher says:

    There were so many days when I would be sad or stressed or just plain not happy with the day I was having and going to this site would make me smile and feel better about life. You brought so much joy into the world with all the cuteness. Thank you for making my days so much better. One of my favorite shots was of our Beaureguard on the mop when he was just a wee thing. That and all the support when we had the cancer scare. Good luck with your future endeavors and I hope that includes a new web site like this one. Chris and Deborah

  227. AprilMarie says:

    You were the first sight I’d visit in the morning and the last sight I’d visit at night. So many of your posts have made my day brighter. I will surely miss you. No other sight can compare. Thank you for the happiness you have brought to me. I wish you and your family all the best.

  228. I checked this website everyday with my kids for the past 7 years. They are devastated as am I. Thanks for all the smiles through the years.

  229. So long and thanks for all the fish. Baroooooooooooooo (crying sound!

    One of my many favourites: “‘Ello my friennn…………”

  230. cyberpunkrocker says:
  231. So so sorry to see you go. This has been my cheer up site for nearly a decade. Thanks for all the cute.

  232. I heard the news this morning, and spent a healthy chunk of time, scrolling through posts and giggling at the cuteness. This afternoon, I returned to the site and started frantically buying the calendar. I figured that if I post them in every room of my house, I might be able to recreate the same hit of cuteness. Just maybe…
    Now, I’m back for a third time today, reading everyone’s comments and soaking in the community.
    Thank you for your years of service, Meg and Co.

  233. There have been a lot of good posts that I can’t remember right now, but two of my favorites were from NTMTOM:

    I can’t decide whether I like the posts or the hovertext more. Or both together!

    From the glossary, I really like the picture that is linked from the entry for Wah-Wah. The animated gif is so cute. I don’t remember seeing the original post for it:

    I also really liked “Teho’s” (theo’s) little animated character that would Boop everyone.

    Thanks for CO and good luck with your other jobs/lives!

  234. The “butt bed” will always make me laugh. Thanks for everything. I’ll miss this site. big baroo

  235. I’m grateful and sad. My fave post was our Beauregard the Schipperke on a mop, and a Cute-denizen called him a Swifferke. I’m sad to see my daily blood pressure reducer gone. And I’m grateful for all the years of cute. May the cute be with you all in your future endeavors!

  236. I’m saddened to see this community come to an end! What will I do without the dose of the cute, the weird, and the hilarious that I’ve found on this site over the years? I want to thank you for making this little corner off the intertubes so cozy and welcoming. Too many good ones to pick a favorite, but if one comes to mind, I’ll have to add later!

  237. I am shocked and so so sad – I will miss you!

  238. I am so shocked! I was barely recovering from John Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show and now this…. You gave me much happiness!

  239. Will miss all the special cute comments. They really add to the cute. I am So Sad.

  240. Thank you all so much for the hard work and great posts over the years. You never failed to make me smile and squee during some rough times when smiles…for me anyway… were few and far between otherwise. So sad to see you go 😢 The world just got a little darker……

  241. Tocktober, bun day, moist nosicle, inter species snorgling and honk shu! Party on Cute Overload. You will be missed!

  242. My favorite post where we broke the cuteoverload interwebs is It is where i really met some of my best friends. I even got to meet many of them in real life. CO you have been a haven and a favorit place to go. You taught me so many things about this crazy place called the internets. Got me through some very dicey tough times. The death of my Mom, the girls moving out… And the death of several of my furry friends. I got to meet chief sister officer while i worked briefly at apple. Three weeks. Sigh it really was fun there. I will miss you so much CO and all the lovely characters.. Commenting on the posts. Hugs Meg and thank you to you and everyone who has made Cuteoverload so wonderful. I will miss you all.

  243. FuzzLoveAZ says:

    You have always been
    and will always be
    so loved

  244. Nooo! So gonna miss this! Made me smile every day! The best blogg ever!

  245. Why is everything ending all of a sudden!! 2016 is off to a terrible start! So many squees and bleens and sweatuhs and prosh ponies and beans and ‘tocks!! How can I possibly start my day without C.O.? Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful things you have shown to me lo these many long years. I’ll miss everything about you. Best of luck and success in all future endeavors. And you’ll still be on Facebook … right … ?? 🙂

  246. I’m very sorry to hear this news. I look at your posts every day, and have told several people about your site. While you post many fun images, I would otherwise have not have known about several organizations, plights of individual animals, and other great animals, stories, artists, and overall wonderful images – Maru and Simon’s Cat to name just a couple of so many you’ve made all of us aware of. Where will I now get this information and my daily dose of cute? I’m seriously at a loss, and would be willing to make a donation, as I’m sure others would also, to keep this running, if that’s what it takes. In the meantime, thank you for all your hard work, as we realize these ventures take time and effort. I’ve also loved all the wonderful captions and creative writing. Thank you for all you the great cute!

  247. I start my day with you guys… all you lovely kitties, doggies, bunnies, ponies… I know I can get pics, videos and stories all over the internet. But CO made an immense difference. I learnt to accept the passing away of my pet through you. I got to know that there is something known as rainbow bridge for these dearly loved anipals. My heart and mind was at rest after this knowledge. All of a sudden, I am experiencing a sort of emptiness. Do come back in a different avatar, CO. Thanks to Meg and others, who kept us going through the day, amidst all our worries. Love you all <3.

  248. Melanie Vaget says:

    Meg you gave so much Goodness. We will miss you like a best friend. CO has been a profound part of our lives since 2007. You gave us some of the deepest belles-laughs at times when the rest of the universe sucked. You gave us an entire LANGUAGE of QTE and were the sunshine voice inside all of our heads. Your amazing contribution to this planet is embedded into our consciousness. Not to puke rainbows all over your privacy tailio but we’re pretty sure you helped a huge chunk of humanity evolve in a good way 😀 The space you created was a haven of pure, unabashed joy. Your sweet voice was spot-on hilarious and your pending absence is breaking hearts all over the world. Thank you for 8 years of brilliance from the bottom of our hearts. Farewell cozy sun beam!

  249. Oh my. The sadness I feel is even surprising me. How can we thank you for your hard work and dedication? Cute Overload has been a bright spot in an otherwise darkening world. Here’s to you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    PS Here’s my favorite….of course I could be a little bias…

  250. Ohhhhh, my goodness!!! I realize now that I’d assumed Cute Overload would always be a part of my world, however much time passed. I wanted so much to share my two unbearably cute and beautiful Somalis with you, and (of course) gaze at the photos you posted and read your witty comments until I was somewhere around 100 years old. Not reasonable, I see now. THANK YOU for being here and doing what you’ve done for all these years. You’ve been a massive source of delight in our lives. xoxoxo from Cyrill Bassington Bassington (Somali kitty) and Freya (hooman.)

  251. Your Mother says:

    Well, poop

  252. grytlappar says:

    Nooooooooooo! Say it ain’t so! I’m crushed, stunned. This is the first site I visit every day, without fail. Omg. Please, please keep the site up, what’s already posted, if at all possible? No doubt could you get many, many, many donations to do so. Oh god…

    This site has been so influental on popular culture—I bet Meg would have been bowled over if she had been told what was to come when she made that first post!!! Not least on vocabulary: boxhab? Mom taxi. Bebeh trunkster. Caturday. “Cute overload” for godssakes! Now there are two words that are ever-present in the English language, probably forever, imagine that!! (OMG Ponies !!!1!!!!1!!!1!). Meg coined an expression that is now part of colloquial English language. The writing was such a big part (I can’t believe I’m having to say ‘was’, past tense!) of the site, which made it SO much more than other sites just posting cute animal pics—I’ll take those as well, not complaining anyone posting cute animal pix!—but it just ain’t the same.

    Re: favourite posts… I do have a special fondness for Meg’s early posts that, besides the cute anumuhl included a baby, and the $#&-storm that followed. Haha! The infamous “Pa-sickie”… The controversy! 763 comments! Moms loving babies & pets (“nothing cuter!”), baby “haters” who “didn’t come here to see gross babies” and who weren’t coming back, the “Sayonara! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” responses, and the indignant “Meg can post anything she wants!” posts… 😀 Good times. And not a peep in response from Meg! (Beauty). Or (on a Mother’s Day… perfection), with the inevitable “the mother is endangering the child!”, “I (the perfect mother) would never do that to MY child”, others saying it was FINE, “Relax!” they know thir dog”.
    An obscure one maybe, but I also loved the joy-spreading “Tree Sweater” (Product Cuteness):
    Xoxo, Eva ❤

  253. Calico Angel says:

    I’ve checked in off and on all day reading all the comments echoing the same message of loss of the site and gratitude to CO for 10 years. I’ve been a fan from the beginning. I posted earlier but now I say; “Goodnight Cute Overload”. Thank you for bringing light and goodness to a world of often cold and dark. I love you and wish all of you blessings and peace.

  254. Will miss you more than you know. Thanks for all the smiles through the years. My kids are heartbroken because they truly loved this site and looked forward to it everyday. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  255. Thanks for all the good times. It’s hard not to tear up a bit.

  256. Dear CO, thank you so much for your hard work all these years! Your emailer is always the bright spot in my day and it never fails to bring a smile (cute animals and wit). All the best in your future endeavors and CO will always be in my heart ❤

  257. This was SO not expected. At all. I am pretty bummed out… Can ANY one send me the link to the video of the little kid, in a forest. surrounded by tons of St. Bearnard(s)…breathing really loudly??? I have been meaning to ask, and hope I am not too late!!! I will miss the woman behind the curtain! Saw you in a video fairly recently. FTR, that first guy that left, was THE best with the copy that was posted with the pictures.

  258. I agree with so many of these comments. Like outamoney, to feel such sadness to see this place go is even a surprise to me. There’s a lump in my throat, like losing a good friend. But all good things must come to an end and when one door closes, another opens. Best wishes to you all!

  259. i am devastated that i won’t see cute overload in my daily email any more. thank you for being a consistently bright spot in a sometimes not so bright world.

    thank you, also, for featuring my sweet “kismet” twice…we both felt incredibly honoured.

  260. *Sniffle* I’m sitting here at 2am, waaay past my bedtime, just unable to bring myself to turn off my device. As if once I do that for the day, I’ll be turning out the lights for the last time, closing a door forever *sniffle*. Thank you again for the great videos, photos and posts…I felt like I knew the “returning guests”… Maru, Magilla Glub Glub, Timo…the list goes on…like family. And of course, the wonderful, clever and compassionate CO commenting and writing family too. This was the Happy Place. *Sniffle*.

  261. Thank you Cuteness Overload! You will be very, very , very missed! I loved all your hard work and dedication to the blog!! Much love to you!

  262. Awe love CO!!! Thanks Meg and Chief Sister Officer Amois for all the laughter and joy😺
    And for sharing The Siamese batcat brothers Viktor + Atticus early apartment escapades!!

    And thanks “kittyadventure” I’m still smiling about Couchstradlerpawdangler!!!!!!!!!


    After iPhone:

    Before iPhone:

  263. For almost ten years I have started my days with a cup of coffee and a dose of CuteOverload. I want to thank you for all the work you’ve done on this site. You will be missed!

  264. So sad. Thank you for bringing me joy every day. You will be dearly missed! Valérie, from Metz, France

  265. Scott & Lori C says:

    We’re so sad to see you end. Of course, our favorites include our own gals:
    Also, Norbert, Kodie, BUB, and so many others and let’s not forget Edgar’s Mission. Too many others to remember at once.
    Thanks for all you’ve done and if at all possible, please return sometime.

  266. Thank you so much for the smiles, giggles, joy over the years. I can’t begin to say how much this site has meant to me! Best wishes.

  267. Visit your site several times a day. No one worthy to inherit it? How sad.

  268. Sad to see you go, but I can at least understand the reasons. You made the world a better place for many people. Good luck with wherever life takes you.

  269. This is so sad! I love CO. Always my go to page when I need somethng fun and/or cute. My all-time favorite is Bea:

  270. What a terrible Tuesday….I cannot take it anymore…this year did not start too well:(. I am gonna miss Cute, all that fluffyness, flappy ears, lovely sea creatures…hope there will be a worthy successor somewehere….

  271. WHaatttt? I can’t believe it, I know there are other cute animal sites but.. Cute Overload was the first I found and I’ve been here since the beginning, this is a sad day indeed. You introduced me to all the internet famous animals, Maru, Milo, Norbert, you’ve given me so much adorable joy, and I’m legit sad to see you go. I remember watching an interview yeaarrss ago where you said you and your husband were allergic to cats and dogs and for some reason that stuck with me, so ironic. Thanks for all the cute, I have to go before I cry.

  272. This is so sad!
    Cuteoverload has been the site that makes me smile every day 😦
    I can’t believe you are shutting down 😦
    Good luck you will be missed !

  273. Oohhh Nooooo….. 😥

  274. 😦 this is so sad…every day i visited your site to brighten my day..but thank you soooo much for making my baby famous for one day….of course my furbaby is my favourite post

  275. I have started EVERY SINGLE MORNING OF MY LIFE since you started with my CO!!! How will I ever get out of bed again??
    PLEAZZZZZZZ, I bet all of us CO addicts would happily pay for a subscription fee to be able to go on! You proved to us that there are other people out there who are LIKE US!! Obsessed with the little world and language (how did you know the special words my dogs and cats use?????) of our pets!!!

    You are WONDERFUL and have done more for people’s happiness and good health than the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic combined!! TEARS IN MY EYES!!! PLEAZZZZZ…….. COME BACK!!!!

  276. For 9 years, you have been my morning smile. My 1st cup of coffee and a smile. Not sure how I will change my morning now with the change. CO, to say you will be missed by all of us is an understatement . You have helped me get through the loss of 3 pets, the loss of a grandson and our daughter. Sending you many blessings as you start your new journey….

  277. I’ve been reading since the beginning, but this is the first comment I’ve ever posted. I will miss this site so much. If there is any chance of keeping it going with donations or volunteers, let me know and I will do what I can. I was so excited and bragged to everyone when my baby bunnehs had their video put up here a couple of weeks ago (the one with the teeny bunny tail twitching while the other buns licked themselves). On Saturday, I submitted what I thought was the cutest video ever — my dog snorgling my teeny baby buns. I am so sad it never had a chance to go up.

  278. I’m with you, ChrisO, I’d pay a subscription fee for this site to continue. Anyone else?

  279. So incredibly sad that this amazing chapter has closed. I understand and respect your reasons, but it doesn’t stop the achey feeling in my heart 😢 Best wishes in your future endeavours, and please please please bring back the cute in another form in the future. The world needs the cute!!!

    Thank you for featuring my fur baby Frankie the bunny on your site in the past. I will cherish the memories and comments his photos brought!

  280. This is my favourite post… for years your site has given me something to squeee over even on the glummest days. This must be the glummest of the glum days yet! Wishing you and your team all the best in your future endeavours, and maybe we will see you again in another incarnation… xxxxx Cindy

  281. ChrisO, Brandi Kirchgessner, and anyone else who may have said the same … I join you in your willingness to pay for this site to continue. I visit several times a day. It is an oasis of a kindness and sweetness in an ocean of otherwise. Please don’t go….

  282. Oh, I will miss you guys! Thank you for a fantastic run, and many laughs! Good luck with what ever enterprise you move on to, may it include daily amounts of squeee!

  283. Oh no, say it ain’t so! I am so very sad that you are leaving. Cute Overload is my go-to website; I check in several times a day. Thank you Cute Overload for your years of service, for being there, for helping make the world a better place. I am already feeling the withdrawals. God bless you and keep you!

  284. robert finn says:

    I read this in shock. every morning I read these posts with great anticipation .
    maybe some day like a lost puppy you shall return.
    And I will leave my light on in my window waiting for your smiling, fuzzy face
    you will always be welcome back home to open arms, a full bowl of food ,warm bed & that warm beam of morning light
    to reassure you the world will be OK.
    I can’t, WON’T say goodbye but with a heavy heart I look way…

  285. Jasper's Hoomin says:

    From Rico and Jasper and my family — Thank you.

  286. I didn’t see this coming and I’m devastated. But of course I wish you only the best and thank you more than I can say for all the joy, the laughs, the inspiring stories, the introductions to new critters, and the links to helping animals in need. What’s my favorite post? Literally, all of them!!

  287. Phred's Mom says:

    Thank you, Meg, Fird Birfle, and especially
    260Oakley. You all helped offset all the
    @?$&#%€ in the world. Good luck to you.

  288. Is it April fools day due to a tesseract????
    Thanks for all “the cute” Meg, Theo, NTMTOM,etc.
    Favorite post?? Sparky the Kibble dancer!
    2nd: the guinea peeg with the crocheted hat,
    3rd the leaping lamby (or baby goat) with the caption about “Gravity: Just a theory”
    Can’t be sad. It has been such a joy. Thanks

  289. How sad, this was the only site worth reading, looking at pics, that brought pure joy in this sad, sad world we live in. I know it always brightened up my day! You will be missed. Let me know what I can do, help, so you can remain. The world needs more sites like this!!

  290. So sad :(. I’ve been following for years and will miss you all sorely. Good wishes for the future and hoping maybe someday Cute Overload will return in all it’s glory.

  291. You shall be sorely missed! I wish you the serene contentment & utter cuteness of Maru and Hana (and the impeccable tidiness of their home) in your new endeavours. May the cute always be with you!

  292. Jaclyn M. says:

    So sorry to hear this! But if anyone else is looking for a place to discuss Maru (and Hana), there is a forum on Reddit that I visit sometimes:

  293. LunaChickFringe says:

    Devastated. This has been my homepage for work and home since I discovered you those many,many years ago. It is how I coped with the many stresses and indignities of the day. 2016 has already been a horrible year and we can add this to the list.

  294. I can’t thank you enough for the daily smiles. Good luck to you.

  295. I would pay a subscription fee, as well.

  296. NOOOOOOOO. NO. I will pay to keep CU in my life. Ponies, Quokas, Wombats, Maru, Grumpy, The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee are in my life because of you. Heart broken that my ONE DAILY DOSE OF CUTE is being snatched away from me. Shame on you for springing this on us.

  297. I know nothing last forever, not even Mesopotamia, but I had hoped Cuteoverload would. 😦 I had two of your page-a-day calendars and saved several pages that decorated my desk at school, as I went back to get my MA at the age of 55. They brightened my day, especially through the loss of both my parents. Your site has been a daily joy to so many, me included. Thank you for everything.

  298. Here’s a link to one of the 3 times my bebeh boid was on CO : – It was so thrilling to have my photos used here. I’ve been around since nearly the beginning of CO and I’m sad to see it go. It was a part of my daily routine. Fav things: Theo’s moderashuns, NOMTOM’s stories, the glossary, the rules of qte. Finally learning was “bleen” was about. “PASICKIE”. I will the Frost family well. I’m hoping to see all of you over at where we’ve gathered around the qte campfire to roast some marshmallows and sing the ol’ songs.

  299. One Skunk Todd says:

    Thank you. 😥

  300. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    Well, this really sucks. And I guess this means the end of the calendars as well. Sigh.
    I first discovered CO back in 2008 when I saw the page-a-day in the calendar store and had to get it immediately (Petite Helicopter Head made me do it.) I started surfing the website not long after and it became part of my daily morning Internet ritual ever since. It’s how I’ve gotten the sleepehs out, coped with many a stressful event, and how I got all those pictures to decorate my locker in school (and the occasional homemade calendar, card, and Powerpoint. 🙂 ). And when I finally FINALLY got a submission posted (Save the Koala Month, anyone?) it completely made my day and it is now one of my computer wallpapers.
    Not sure what I’m gonna use to fill this void, but it’s gonna take a while. Thank you to Meg and all the other bloggers over the years who made this website so special. I’m really going to miss it.

  301. Um, guys, I’m pretty sure that it’s medically necessary for me to view your site everyday. You should really keep this thing going, ’cause like the ADA and stuff. Bargaining stage….

  302. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That is no country for old cuteblogs. The young
    In one another’s arms, birds in the trees,
    —Those dying generations—at their song,
    The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded seas,
    Fish, flesh, or fowl, commend all summer long
    Whatever is begotten, born, and dies.
    Caught in that sensual music all neglect
    Monuments of unageing intellect.

    An aged man is but a paltry thing,
    A tattered coat upon a stick, unless
    Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
    For every tatter in its mortal dress,
    Nor is there singing school but studying
    Monuments of its own magnificence;
    And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
    To the holy city of Byzantium.

    O sages standing in God’s holy fire
    As in the gold mosaic of a wall,
    Come from the holy fire, perne in a gyre,
    And be the singing-masters of my soul.
    Consume my heart away; sick with desire
    And fastened to a dying animal
    It knows not what it is; and gather me
    Into the artifice of eternity.

    Once out of nature I shall never take
    My bodily form from any natural thing,
    But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make
    Of hammered gold and gold enamelling
    To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;
    Or set upon a golden bough to sing
    To lords and ladies of Byzantium
    Of what is past, or passing, or to come.

  303. Elizapooh says:

    My favorite is the whole thing. Thanks for a wonderful decade and best of luck to all of you. And whiskery kisses from Cavvie and Timothy.

  304. Thank you for all the cuteness over the years. Because of C.O. I found Maru, Fukutan, and the late, great Winston. I don’t think I could pick out one favorite moment over the years, but this one for sure is my least favorite. Disapproval Bunday, indeed. (I know it’s Tuesday, but rabbits don’t care; they never know what day it is.) I’m glad you’re not selling, though, as I don’t think a new owner could meet the high standards you’ve set. Cute animal sites are all over the place, but Cute Overload was something special. Good luck to you all in the future.

  305. Tigrenska Jourard says:

    Dear Meg and all at CO, you will be missed by millions of faithful followers (like me). Thank you for making the world a better place.

  306. Good Lord, I actually teared up. Tears down my face.
    Thank you. You were all very special to me

  307. Billie-Jo says:

    Oh no! Such a sad start to the day! Cute Overload has been my start page and my go-to pick-me-up for years now. Thank you so much for all the laughter and the tears over the years. There will never be such a warm fuzzy site. Wishing you all the best!

  308. Wow! This is so horribly sad! When I first started reading, I was like, wait – is this an April fools joke? I actually checked the date. (No coffee yet)
    I understand your reasons and they make sense, but this is going to be very difficult for a lot of people.
    THANK YOU for all the cuteness you have shared over the years! 💖💖💖

  309. I am so, so sorry to hear this!! Awww. Such a great blog and so filled with cuteness. Thanks so much for the ten years of laughter and joy!!


  310. Nancy & Audrey DiMarco says:

    Thanks for all the cuteness Meg. You invented the best site EVER and it truly brightened all of our days. Enjoy your little peeps and when you come up for air (in about 13 years!) we hope your creative genius outdoes the cute you created here. You’re the best! Have fun.

  311. Now where am I going to get all the cute animals to make my bleak existence bearable, and I’m being completely serious.
    The cuteness of animals on your site helps me through the day, I am saddened to see you go. Good luck and Thank you for a fantastic site that helps thousands through their meaningless day.

  312. Oh, how sad. I only just discovered you about a month ago and you have made many a day. Can you recommend any other wordpress sites that lighten up one’s day?

  313. This is really, really sad to hear. I start every work day by looking at CO to get a happy start to an otherwise stressful day. THANK YOU for all the years of cute. I will miss it all. The puppehs, the bebeh goats, teddy bear rat. Too many to mention.

  314. Susan Saavedra says:

    NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!! Oh, I wish it were April 1, and this was an April Fool’s joke! I’m going to miss Cute Overload, and the opportunity to faint from the Cuteness on a regular basis. Thank you so much for that!

  315. Thank you thank you for all you’ve done to make the world a cuter place. CO was a pioneer of the interwebs, and your legacy lives on in our pop culture parlance. I’m so grateful for all your hard work over the years to bring joy. Thanks for featuring my kitteh Basil, it was a highlight of my life!

  316. I had lunch with CO everyday for the last 8+ years. Thanks for the happy! It My Aussie Pixel made it on the site twice ( and my doggie nephew Stogie ( So must shamelessly say those are my fav posts 🙂 The words Nom Nom Nom and Puppeh are pretty much in my daily vocabulary now thanks to you. Thanks for all the wonderful posts…peace and long live.

  317. Nooooo!! You can’t go! I am so very sad to hear this news
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE, the pictures and stories on your site. It’s what
    Makes me smile, giggle and laugh to get my day started. This news
    Brings tears to my eyes. I have enjoyed it
    So much!! I know all good things must come to an end but this one is truly heartbreaking.
    Thank you to all of you that have put this together and brought so much joy and laughter to
    many people. Best wishes. Ginger

    The horror. The horror. The horror…

  319. Desdemona the cookie-stealing bunny was the post that got me to discover this site so she’s always a favorite but my best friend posted a picture of her dog just a few months before she died (my friend, not the dog) so that’s always my absolute favorite post. I was so glad she not only finally got a picture posted on CO but also made it into the calendar. It was a highlight of her life. I am having a very bad week and to see that CO, which gets me through the bad times, is leaving is devastating. Thank you for all the smiles and laughs. The world is going to be a darker place without you around!

  320. So sad! You have brought me an incredible amount of pure joy over the last few years, and have started my morning off in a bright way when it otherwise would have been dim. May you enjoy all the best in this new chapter of your life….but please consider coming back to see us in the future. Many, many thanks!

  321. Genuinely choked up, I find this sad for so many reasons.

  322. I will miss my morning start page! Everyday when i log into my computer it is the first place I go so I can at start the day in a positive mood! Thank you for allowing me to do this for all this time!

  323. Wow! Good luck with everything you do. This was a great site and I will definitely miss it. My morning ritual will now have to change. I has a sad like everyone else. We wish you the best!

  324. This is so wrong. I start my day with cute overload. Thanks for all the cute.

  325. I’ve been coming to this site since before Meg’s little ones. It’s been the homepage I’ve had on my last 5 computers. I never used adblock and I’ve posted when I had the time. Cuteoverload has been such a stable part of my life for so long. Thanks for all the good memories.

  326. I’m devastated, seriously. This site has been my go-to for most of the decade you’ve been around, the cure for a down day. I’m not sure I’m going to survive without Toesday and ‘Tocktober… and Bunday… and Maru?! UGH! Thank you for making my days a little brighter and putting a smile on my face when I didn’t think it was possible. Best of luck (truly) to you.

  327. I would happily, happily pay a $10 monthly subscription as well. CO has been a tremendous source of joy and daily stress-relief to me. I’m devastated to see it go. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’d be willing to pay a subscription….

  328. Thank you for being my “happy place” for many years. One of the best posts I remember was when someone proposed to their girlfriend – it was a picture of their cat sitting on the floor with a little sign next to him that said “Marry Me?” There was a follow up pic that announced she said yes. I think her name was Jess? Anyway, thank you again – it may seem like a silly thing but it really helps people get through their day and I am grateful for that.

  329. Any guinea pig posts were a treat for me (oh, and “Cats and Racks”). Sorry to see you go.

  330. Oh Meg, I’m so sorry for the hard decision you had to make. But don’t be sad–time will pass and the cute will prevail. Oh, and thanks for the reminder to appreciate what have today–because nothing lasts forever.

  331. As a devoted reader (emails every single day for a decade) I am so very sad to see you go. But I am also so very grateful you had the heart and soul to bring this website to life and to keep it going for this magical decade. You are such a gift to this world, making it brighter for all those in it. And these posts got me through some tough days. I checked my email every morning and started my day with a smile. It’s difficult to choose a favourite post, but in terms of one notably example – thank you for bringing little dudes like BUB into my life. I wish you all the success and happiness you ever dreamed of in everything you do in the future.

  332. I am so, so sad. I’m speechless 😦 It would be impossible to pick a favorite post*. They have each brought so much brightness to my life over the past 10 years. Thank you for everything.

    *I changed my mind. This one:

  333. I am so sad to see you go! I love this site. Crys in corner

    One of my fav posts

  334. I am heart broken! You will be missed. Thank you for all the smiles and awwww’s you have brought into my life.

  335. Thank you C.O. for each and every day of posts over the last ten years. Be well.

  336. I’m a bit late to the farewell party it seems. I’ve been visiting multiple times daily since the front doors opened. I’ve plastered sheets of the page-a-day calender over every cubicle i’ve inhabited and shared the rest with others. I’ve literally been there done that and bought the t-shirt The short down time earlier this year prepared me for this, i was sad and distraught then and eventually worked through my frustration. I continued to visit the site when it came back but it was never the same – and will never be the same no matter what incarnation it takes in the future.

    A pay for service site will be coming, bigger better stronger but without all the charm of the redonk. I’m sure i’ll be there too, but for now i’ll wallow in my cynical mud hole.

    Not my absolute fave post, but it strikes a chord and speaks volumes of the human condition.

  337. OK….. I’ll give you a thousand dollars to tell me this was a joke! I posted earlier today, but am still in shock!

  338. Man, this just sucks, but I saw it coming after the outage a few months ago. I had a feeling that every day was borrowed time. I’m so sad to see this place go. I checked several times through my workday to see what new cute was up and relieve anxiety and stress. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for our little community, and know, as many have already stated, how sorely missed you will be.

  339. Teri Brucker says:

    Unbelievably sad!!! I check multiple times a day and I always rely upon CO to lift my sagging spirits. I will really, really miss CO but thank you for the years of smiles.

  340. Don’t think I can go on…

  341. coyotemom says:


  342. RabbitDad says:

    Well, that was sudden. And sad.

  343. Meg you gave us so much Goodness… We will miss you like a best friend. CO has been a profound part of our lives since 2007. You gave us some of the deepest belleh-laughs at times when the rest of the universe sucked. You gave us an entire LANGUAGE of QTE and were the sunshine voice inside our heads… Your contribution is embedded into our collective consciousness forever!!! (Not to puke rainbows all over your privacy tailio but we’re pretty sure you helped a huge chunk of humanity evolve in a really good way.) The space you created was a haven of pure, unabashed joy. Your sweet voice was spot-on hilarious and your pending absence is breaking hearts all over the world. Thank you for 8 years of brilliance from the bottom of our hearts. M & J

  344. Mingles' Mommy says:

    You’re killing me… this site has been a consistent source of joy. My best to you for the future!

  345. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Meg and Company, for bringing so much joy to our lives. But thanks, too, for leaving on your own terms rather than selling out. As to my favorite CO post, it is, was, and ever shall be Emo Bun.

  346. I’m completely heartbroken, seriously crying. Your site was many times the only bright spot of my day. It will be very missed. I loved any post with raccoons, red pandas and the darling quokka that I didn’t know existed until CO found it. Thank you for the years of happiness and joy. I wish the best for you Meg, your family and the rest of the CO staff. I hope you have a bright and prosperous future! 🙂

  347. 😦

  348. I will miss you guys. You are the first site I go to in the mornings. It starts my day and keeps me happy. I hope that you find something that brings you happiness .

  349. Thank you all for your continued wishes and favorite posts. It’s heart-warming and we’re so glad you’ve enjoyed the site this much. It’s very hard to let go. @Pookie I had to go find Emo Bun for you!

  350. I am so sad to see you go. Every day I looked forward to your post and I will miss you. Good luck in the future.

  351. housewithdeer says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! All the ripples of cuteness that have spread from this page into the uncountable corners of people’s lives – such a gift. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourselves, sad for the rest of us, and trusting that new doors will open for all.

  352. Nooooo!!! CuteOverload has been my home screen for years. When I turn on my computer in the morning, people think I’m not working/being lazy, but really I just want something adorable to start out my day with. I’ll miss CutOverload so much and THANK YOU for all you’ve done for your cute animals and the people who love them.

  353. Animuhl Fanatic says:

    I wish this was April 1st. 😦

  354. Now what do I do on the interwebs in the future? Thanks Meg & crew for the past 10 years.

    As someone originally from Hong Kong, my fav post(s) (also my only published submeesh) are the ones that features Brother Cream from HK:

  355. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are LITERALLY the first site I check in the morning. I have an empty spot in my heart now. 😦 😦 😦

  356. I’m so sad to hear that you are no longer posting! I have just about everyone at work convinced this is how to get through the day. Best of luck to you in the future!!!!! My favorite post – when you made my pup famous –

  357. Such sadness!! I am grateful to you all though for all the cute over the years. CO has been an irreplaceable, joyful, daily ritual that I will miss so much. So glad I have a fridge that is covered with my fave page-a-day calendar pics. Thank you all at CO for all your hard work, cutes and endorphins! Best of luck and happiness to you!

  358. Here’s my guy:
    Thanks Cute Team – you guys rock and you will be missed.

  359. Dear Meg, What can I say? Cuteoverload has led to much greatness in my life since 2006. First and foremost, CO lead to a new form of sanity preservation by enjoying Teh Qte while stressed out at work. It lead to Vox blogging, where I met so many new friends online and IRL. That’s also where I discovered OK Cupid and met my husband. Thank you for everything.

  360. I am in tears…….literally. I have been with you every morning for years. Life will be very different for this frail old lady. Your site was absolutely perfect. The pix and the wonderful commentary were unlike anything else. How will I ever know if you return ???? Thank you for every wonderful morning. I will miss you terribly.
    Love to you all.

  361. rupert mott says:


  362. Lucy47cat-a.j. says:

    No no no NO ! This is where I come when I need to cheer up. Almost feels like a physical death. damn. I can’t pick a favorite post , there are too many. I’m glad my lil vinnie got a post though. Thank you for that and everything over the last decade. ehn!

  363. leannkaattari says:

    NO. This cannot happen. 2016 has sucked enough without you guys leaving.

  364. So sad. Thanks for all the cute.

  365. I have been reading CO since its inception. When Martha Stewart invited Meg to be on her show, I watched it. I have loved this website and it has brightened up many of my days. Thank you Meg and everyone else for such a stellar website and community. Best to all of you for you futures!

  366. O.M.G. I can’t believe this is happening. 😦
    For me, this is the post that started it all:Li’l McSkunkerson

  367. kerry ohare says:


  368. I will miss you so much.

  369. Geneviève says:

    Thanks for the memories. All of them. Even the occasional insect.
    Good luck with your new projects and enjoy the free time.

  370. Oh wow what horrible news! The sadness is real 😦 I am losing a cute, reliable and very funny friend! I have been checking in daily for the last 10 years. I begin and end my day with a visit to your page. You have made me laugh and helped me through many many rough days! You are so talented and your contribution will be sorely missed Thanks for everything Meg and crew!! Hope springs eternal that we will see you again!!

  371. Fleurdamour says:

    It’s the ‘tocks of an era.

  372. I keep coming back hoping this is a bad joke! You will be very missed. I start my day with the site and when it ends up going downhill, I look here to brighten my day. Thank you for ten years of adorable cuteness and brightening my day. I was thrilled to have my Pnut featured multiple times and am now VERY happy I got my calendar this year! Cheers to you, Meg and team, you will be sorely missed!!!!

    The first three pics in this link are my favorites, my sweet Pnut!

  373. thank you for years of cuteness. how will i start my morning?

  374. Please, please, please let this be an early April Fool’s joke. . .

  375. I don’t have words enough to express how very much I will miss CuteOverload. Thank you for a wonderful ride.

  376. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! 😦

  377. Thank you for all of your time and hard work over the years. You always made me smile and introduced me to some animals that I had never heard of (capybara for one). What will I do during lunch now? You will be greatly missed.

  378. Cavalier Lover says:

    Where am I going to get my important news now? Good luck Meg! Thank you for all the cuteness that made my day.

  379. Long-time viewer, first-time commenter: THANK YOU!!!! I will miss this site more than I care to admit but am very grateful for all the times you made a bad day a little better.

  380. I don’t think i can go on now. No more blorpage? i just can’t…

    Thanks for the past decade, sincerely!

  381. This site got me through some really terrible times. One of my fav posts that I think about from time to time, years later, is Waffles the cat getting stung by a bee. That giant paw is just too funny. Also, any raccoon post was always a delight.

  382. Have you thought about having a paid subscription? I know I’d pay you to stay up!

  383. grytlappar says:

    Nooooooooooo! Say it ain’t so! I’m crushed, stunned. This is the first site I visit every day, without fail. Omg. Please, please keep the site up, what’s already posted, if at all possible? No doubt could you get many, many, many donations to do so. Oh god…

    This site has been so influental on popular culture—I bet Meg would have been bowled over if she had been told what was to come when she made that first post!!! Not least on vocabulary: boxhab? Mom taxi. Bebeh trunkster. Caturday. “Cute overload” for godssakes! Now there are two words that are ever-present in the English language, probably forever, imagine that!! (OMG Ponies !!!1!!!!1!!!1!). Meg coined an expression that is now part of colloquial English language. The writing was such a big part (I can’t believe I’m having to say ‘was’, past tense!) of the site, which made it SO much more than other sites just posting cute animal pics—I’ll take those as well, not complaining anyone posting cute animal pix!—but it just ain’t the same.

  384. grytlappar says:

    Re: favourite posts… I do have a special fondness for Meg’s early posts that, besides the cute anumuhl included a baby, and the $#&-storm that followed. Haha! The infamous “Pa-sickie”… The controversy! 763 comments! Moms loving babies & pets (“nothing cuter!”), baby “haters” who “didn’t come here to see gross babies” and who weren’t coming back, the “Sayonara! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” responses, and the indignant “Meg can post anything she wants!” posts… 😀 Good times. And not a peep in response from Meg! (Beauty). Or (on a Mother’s Day… perfection), with the inevitable “the mother is endangering the child!”, “I (the perfect mother) would never do that to MY child”, others saying it was FINE, “Relax!” they know thir dog”.
    An obscure one maybe, but I also loved the joy-spreading “Tree Sweater” (Product Cuteness):
    Xoxo, Eva ❤

  385. In the hope that you may read all these final comments, may I encourage you to rethink the end of CO? I remember when you first started, and I have been a loyal follower ever since. You started small and then, with popularity, you expanded. Perhaps you expanded too much. Maybe you could go back to the smaller beginning? Or maybe someone could carry on as a smaller enterprise? I know running a business is more difficult than many people think. Perhaps there is someone willing to carry the torch.

  386. This was my first go to page every single day. I learned about Maru, ponies, blorps.. so many great posts and great comments. I am so sad this is going away. You will be missed by so many. Maybe some day you’ll come back (with a hopeful look)

  387. Hi Meg,
    Will the archive still be available? and how will we know when you are back? I keep returning to your message, hoping its a joke. I cant believe my happy place is no more.

  388. Thank you for ever smile I had to kick start my day at work and sometimes for the tears, usually of joy. I never posted my pups (2 GSD and an American Eskimo) but I have taken such joy from everyone’s posts. THANK YOU

  389. Animuhl Fanatic says:

    Someone please tell me that today is April 1st. 😦

  390. Hello from Paris says:

    Reading you was my daily routine. And now, you quit.
    Sad day here in Paris, while we need our daily good laugh watching all the super cute/funny/hilarious/LOL pics and vids.
    What a gloomy, glooooooommmyyy tuesday!
    Thanks for the hard work for the last past 10 years, I wish you all the best.
    With love,
    Hello from Paris.

    PS: there’s no way I’d choose my favorite (except maybe for the ferret’s ones. Because I love those fuzzies crazy smart little maniacs 😃

  391. I am heartbroken! I have been here since the beginning. Thank you for Maru, Winston and all the other beautiful creatures you featured here. The best controversy was the first controversy: a fat cat laying on the headrest of a chair. LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!!!

  392. Oh well. I just regret that I never got around to sending in more pictures of Hazel, but one of my proudest Internet moments is when I saw this post: & knew she was Internet-famous. I also loved all of your other Weimaraner posts, particularly the puppies.

    Really a shame that this site’s going under, but that tends to happen with all the nice places I frequent on the Internet… V_Vo

  393. Ditto, ditto, ditto… to infinity. Barooooo.

  394. Thank you for making my work life a happier, kinder, and cuter place. You’ve been my homepage for-evs!
    You’ll be missed. Blessings. 3

  395. CO has been my default opening webpage for close to 10 years. It’s been my happy place. Now the era has come to an end. Change is hard. Good luck and you will be missed.

  396. I have a sad. I have a very big sad. This site kept me sane during very stressful times at my old job… now it puts a smile on my face and a lightness to my spirit that will be impossible to replace. Few other sites specialize in the cuteness and the sweetness of the world, and fewer sites do it as well as this one. I have a very big sad.

  397. My favorite of all time was the first Ozzy post:

  398. This just plain and simple sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  399. I haz so much sad, my eyes are leaking ;-( This was my absolute happy place on the interwebs and I am so so sad that this beautiful place is no more. Thank you for my little piece of heaven and all the hard work it took to make this site as special as it was.
    And I truly and dearly hope you will carry on somehow and would gladly pay fees. Please think about it.

  400. Blue Fairy says:

    Wow, I’ve been around since the beginning. I never posted much but I sure did forward a lot. I am in tears as I type because I thought this day would never come. I’m sure there are a lot of soggy blotters today. Thanks for the best years of my life. There are jobs I wouldn’t have survived without you.

  401. You’ll be missed. Thanks for the memories.

  402. I’m actually choked up and sad about a future without this fantastic site. I’ve been following since the early early days, so I’m an avid follower of the Qte. I might possibly have seen every single post, and roughly 40% of my vocabulary consists of words made up on this site. This is not just a site for compiling cuteness, it’s witty and kind and makes my day.Thanks to Meg and all for the brightness you brought to my life!

    Not necessarily my favorite post, but it’s adorbs and seems fitting:

  403. crashnandicoot says:

    May the (tiny) horse be with you.

  404. CO is my goto.

    I love everything about your site. I don’t think I have a favorite, but Teddy Bear the porcupine sticks out in my mind. Also, this is something I forwarded to a lot of people. I love it all.

    I wish for you to have all of the happiness you’ve given me, and more. All the best 🙂

    p.s. – What about Patreon? I’ve donated to people’s Patreon accounts.

  405. I am devastated. I have been going to CO for all 10 years. It is a mainstay of my morning and a few times in the afternoon as well. I cannot begin to express how much I will miss everything about CO. You have been in my Favorites bar for many many years. I have a very very big sad. Farewell and I wish you much success in your future endeavors. Come back if you can?

  406. you all said it for me. I’m devastated. How will I waste my time at work now? You mean I’m really going to have to work??? don’ t go. You did great work and cheered everyone up. You will be soooooooooooooooooooo missed.

  407. lisaLASSIE says:

    The best part of CO??? All of it. Amazing amalgamation of cute animals. hilarious captions, weird stories, clever commentaries, and incredibly delightful vocabulary and rules!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you who made it possible and helped me through some very hard times. Good luck to you all.

  408. Oh no. now must thank you for 10 years…your blessed kind posts….with their good spirit, humor, kindness and love. omg shall miss. shall miss. Sending all the best for your ventures. thank you for valuing all that is good, and not “mucking” it up. Big Sad. God bless you and yours. 🐱

  409. Mark Martin says:

    Thank you for Frostie the Goat. Cry not because it is over, smile because it happened

  410. I’m so sad!!! Thank you so much for every (countless!) moment of joy! What are we going to do?!?!?

  411. Don’t go! Your website has been a part of my day for forever! Thank you for always being the wonderful side of the Internet and for keeping a smile on my face even on the worst days. You really did make things a little better in the world. I’ll miss you!

  412. Thank you for serving up the brightest/fuzziest/furriest part of my day over the years—w/a light sprinkling of snark, and a heaping side of “aww” and laughter! It’s SO hard to pick my favorite post–should it be Winston? Or Hovercat? (I always wanted to know how they folded their legs beneath them–from a purely scientific standpoint, of course 😉 Or Maru? Or Dancing Cockatoos? Or the Rules of Cuteness! Or the equal opportunity posts of unusual animals and insects? I am going to miss you so much–best wishes to you and yours, for the future. :,-)

  413. I will miss CO so much… I STILL have CO page a day calendar pages from YEARS ago pinned up on my bulletin board at work, because they are so amazing. My favorite CO moment was when “Waffles grabbed a bee”… Not just because it fit the “Cute or Sad?” requirement… but just the idea of a cat named Waffles, and it’s a scroll-down, everything looks normal until you see “it”.

  414. Favourite moments? A hedgie called Pascale, Jasper – the sorriest puppeh in the world, Kumanoko the hamster, Lil Drac, anything involving bebeh sloths, and that video of the dog welcoming her daddy home after he’d been deployed overseas. And a hundred more that I would be reminded of, going through the archives.

    I used to write limericks here for a while back in 2006, under my real name. Theo complimented me on my scansion 🙂 He also changed the rollover text based on my comment once. This was one of the first places on the internet that I thought of as home, and that meant a lot. The community that has grown up here, and kept the site lavishly supplied with Qte is a big part of the unique culture of the site.

    A big thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed over ten years. I said before, after the events in November, anyone can give you cute kittens or bunnies. It is a very special entity that gives you cute power outlets, rats, spiders, crabs and cell cultures. We’ve had that here. CuteOverload: accept no substitutes.

  415. Ste[hanie says:


  416. skippymom says:

    I’ll admit that I had wandered away in the last couple of years, but there was a period when CO was very important in my life and I made several good and lasting friends here. Thank all of you guys for giving us so much cute.

  417. On 11/22/13 you featured my cat, Lucas. That was a great moment for him and I. Thank you CO for always making me smile! (and thanks for introducing us to Maru) Good luck to you! I hope you’re back someday.

  418. I will miss you guys terribly. You helped create the cute lexicon. OMG Ponies… Rules of cuteness… My cat even graced the pages of this site one time and it MADE MY YEAR! Thank you for all your hard work and beautifully creative webpages.

  419. Kelcey Poe says:

    Thank you for saving my sanity for so many years. I was never so excited as when a photo I took actually MADE it into Cute Overload! It does seem weird to say, but your website has meant a lot to me, and I know you’ve added to our cultural lexicon in ways that will affect us for years to come. Thank you again!

  420. skippymom says:

    I think my all-time favorite has to be The Prickly Kid.

  421. Tricia Cummings says:

    Noooooooo. Say it isn’t so. Please, please, please.
    The depth of my love and enjoyment of this site is immeasurable.
    It is the first thing I look at every morning and cheers me through my awful job on a daily basis.

    I am so grateful to you for having this site for as long as you did. I’ve been here since the beginning
    and am getting all teary-eyed writing this —- thank you for all the joy CuteOverload has given me.
    I love you to pieces.

    Lovingly crying,

  422. WHAT!?!? Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Devastated. I have no other words.

    Wait. Yes, I do.

    Thank you.
    Thank you from the bottom of my QTE lovin’ heart for years and years of AWWWW.

    My whole family is going to be so very sad to see you go. Although this will save them trips down the stairs since I won’t be yelling, “COME HERE! I HAVE TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING SO CUTE!”

    I am so very honored that you featured our very favorite bun just a couple of weeks ago. I feel like we got in just under the wire. Here’s our fav:

    Miss you already.

    The Higbees of North Carolina

  423. Is there any food in the moderation lounge? I think I might be stuck here for awhile. Anything good on TV?

  424. heart breaking in 1..2..3

  425. Marsheeeee says:

    Thank you, Meg, for the most wonderful place on the Interwebs. You’ve saved my sanity many times. Love to you and all who have contributed (Brinke, NOMTOM, etc.) YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!!

  426. I am devastated. A co-worker just walked in and found me teary-faced and looking miserable. I had to tell her “no more Cute Overload!” and we are both in mourning. I feel a little silly for crying about a website, but this has been the warmest (in attitude), fuzziest (though not every creature had fuzz), happiest (for humans and all other animals), sweetest website I’ve ever found. Thank you, Meg, and everyone else for these wonderful years of giggles and smiles and guffaws. Best of life and love to all who kept C.O. going for these ten years, and also to all posters and readers all over the world. Good Night and Good Luck.

  427. Fantasy: Meg keeps it going on a paid-subscription basis (HEY, admit it – you’d all pay!), but it has to be Meg and the crew, because who else (besides all of us fans) KNOW THE LANGUAGE? Who else can channel dogs, cats, hamsters, pigs and goats properly? NO ONE, THAT’S WHO!
    So Meg, chew on that for awhile – OK, take a breather, get a rest, go to a few movies – but then look at this Comments page again in a few weeks and get out the calculator and figure out just how much you need – divide it by US and we’ll cough it up, happily!!!

  428. Wow- I guess it really has been 10 years. I haven’t seen anyone mention the commentroversies! I guess we want to think about the good times more than the less-good. I remember once that someone complained about a picture because this was a “family site” and so many people wrote it about where they were and why they came here. There were unemployed people, sick people, people deployed with the military, people in stressful jobs, and people like me who just like to see cute being celebrated with a minimum of snark. Thank you all for that- most especially Meg and the Official Team, but also the unofficial Team – Oakley and the rest of the commenting crew, and all the rest of us, the occasional crowd.

    My favorite posts were Emo Bun, Is This All There Is (linked above), the one with the lady having her hair licked by a tiger cub and she looks like she could die a happy woman which I can’t find and, (this is embarrassing), so many wonderful examples for the Men of Cute Overload Calendar:

  429. Clio Federici says:

    I am truly heartbroken to see you go. CO represents many many MANY hours of “de-stress surfing” at work and maybe thousands of forwards, shares and “pins”. Basically you have been my go-to site for years! I know there are other cute-ish sites out there, but none compared to you! I am fighting back tears now, but I want to say thanks and good luck! I know you will make someone or many folks happy in whatever you do next and selfishly I hope it is something that we can all be a part of!
    Ps- kick starter campaign for your next endeavor?? Just saying….

  430. I would subscribe, definitely. I think the other half would chip in as well. In the six years we have been living together, I have taught him the ways of the Teh Qte. He knows about ‘tocks and sometimes sings Parry Gripp’s Baby Monkey.

  431. Nooooooooooooooooo!!! I join with everyone else in saying how sad this makes me. I totally get that you can’t do it forever, but this has been such a part of my life on the web that I can’t even imgaine my day without it. There is no possible way to pick a favorite – the blorpy baby seal, Teddy the porc-o-pine, anything with otters, hoverpup, where to start?

    I wish you and the rest of the CO staffers well in your future endeavors and will hope that maybe, just maybe, someday you’ll be back. Thanks for the ani-memories.

  432. Well, this is very uncute news. Of course we wish the team well and can only thank you for our 10 years of collective joy. Here are my two favorites (which I have bookmarked and watch every now and then.)
    P.S. Pa-Sickie!

  433. Cynthia Brown & family says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all of the smiles, laughs, and joys you have brought to my daughter, our three rescute pups, and me. You turned around countless days from sad to happy so many times. We love the quokkas, Maru, emo bun, all of the subtle Monty Python references, Lola the chihuahua, and so many others!! You will live on in our hearts!

  434. You have brought me so much joy over these years, thank you! I wiil always treasure the kibun (, “Dee-lee-shous leepy steecky, I must have eet! (, all the hover dogs, and the batcone of shame (, and a thousand more! Best wishes from a devoted fan.

  435. 1knitchick says:

    I just realized…no more Nosevember or Tocktober.

  436. 1knitchick says:

    I’m sorry, one more please…

  437. Pork&Beans says:

    Please stay!!! I think I have followed you all ten years, I will really miss my daily overload of cute!

  438. @1knitchick No more Nosevember or Tocktober… No more Caturday or Bunday. No Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday. OR Ferret Friday. No Rats It’s Monday… *weeps uncontrollably and beats the floor*

  439. CO has helped get me through some tough times, and made the good ones even better! True story: my license plate reads “KITTEH”, and a couple months ago I was driving down the highway and saw that the car in front of me had a license plate that read “KITTEHS”. I exchanged a happy smile with the other driver as we drove along. See what you peeps have done??? i’m really going to miss you – but won’t change my license plate!!!

  440. fleurdamour says:

    Fave post: Nothing on CO ever made me laugh harder than Cuddles the Wonder Horse.

  441. patricia black says:

    I can not tell you how sad this makes me, you have been my stress reliever for years. I come home work tired, mad frustrated at the world and 20 min on Cute over load and all my frustration fads away, and smile comes across my face.
    What am I going to do now.
    thank you so much for Keeping my sanity, so I did not turn to drinking. you will be missed. please change your minds. >^.^<

  442. I am so sad to see you go. I have looked at this site every morning for many many years and it put a smile on my face. I will truly miss seeing these amazing animals and their human friends. Best of Luck.

  443. Does anyone remember the time Meg posted a HUMAN BABY photo and people were PISSED?? Like a hundred comments about how a human baby would soil the integrity of this site?? That was hilarious and crazy and a testament to the true nature of the CO enthusiast – a little bit cute crazy and proud of it. This site took the pursuit of cute to an ultra-nerd level which was simply wonderful.

  444. misschelley says:

    this site has been a haven. for many!!! this photo is my ulitimate fav. when I found it in 2006 i cried bc i was laughing so hard. the sound effects. the look in the eyes. the paw splay-age. brilliant. i hope cuteoverload stays around in the cloud/ether/pop culture forever.

  445. Calico Angel says:

    I checked back to see if the website was still online…. I was stunned yesterday when I read the post as was everyone. I was equally stunned at my own reaction. Literal out loud crying with tears running down my cheeks sadness. I didn’t realize how powerful CO’s impact is on me. I feel a little less crazy to read others are shedding tears too. I’m crying again as I reread all the comments and visit the favorite posts/links. I still don’t have a fav – too many to choose from but as sad as this is, revisiting all the postings has made me smile. This is a link (if it works) to my own baby girl who graced your site.

    Meg, I admire that you are choosing family but your CO family is grieving. I echo what so many others are saying. I would gladly pay a subscription fee. I know it isn’t that simple but maybe someone out there in CO land can take over?

    CO is pure goodness and love “of all creatures great and small” in a world plagued with darkness.
    Thank you for a decade of goodness. I’ve been here since the beginning.

  446. This has been my favorite website, the first place I go in the morning to start off the day in a happy mood. I hope we can still visit all the archived pages? Thank you so much for the many years of giggles, snerts, chortles, LOLs, and especially for all the sweet and witty people who posted comments.

  447. Wow I’m so sad to see you go. I so looked forward to the daily cute. No Tocktober? No more toe bean shots? I will miss
    you very much. Thanks for the memories.

  448. Stephanie Turner says:

    This is so sad. This site was a bright and happy place with a great community of people. It will be missed! Thank you so much, Meg and Company for 10 fun, cute years!! Best wishes to everybody! Much love, Queen of Dork

  449. Checked back to see if the website is still online… Yesterday I was as stunned as the rest of the CO world but I was stunned by my own reaction. I was literally crying out loud with tears streaming down my cheeks. I had no idea the impact CO has on my daily life. As sad as this is, rereading all the comments (I started yesterday) and clicking on the links to prior posts has made me smile.

    Meg, I appreciate you are choosing family but your CO family is grieving. I echo what everyone has been saying. I would definitely pay a subscription fee. I know it isn’t that simple but we can wish. CO is everything good to “all creatures great and small”.

    Thank you for a decade. I’ve been here from the beginning. This is a link to my own baby girl who graced your pages.

  450. Santipriya says:

    Heart breaking in 1…2…3

  451. I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before, but I’ve been reading your site since about 2006, and when I first discovered it I had to go back and read everything I’d missed, so I’ve seen every post. I am SO sad that you’re leaving, your site has brought me so much joy, and I wish there were something we could do to convince you to continue? I’d definitely pay to subscribe; lots of people would. I love the ingenious captions and stories and comments you all come up with to go with the pictures, and I think that imaginative way of looking at things has influenced the way I look at things too, cute or not. I can’t pick a favorite post, but as I’m tearing up here I’m remembering how sad I was when some Cute Overload stars passed away: Martin “Marty” Mouse, Jay, Knut, and many others. I’m feeling the void! Where will I go for my cute now? Thanks for all that you did, and I hope this isn’t really the end.

  452. petless in Puddletown says:

    What they said! I, too, have a large sad! I, too, would pay to subscribe… don’t know what I’ll do without y’all! Would have never met Maru, Norbert, or Shiro, or so many others.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!
    P.S. The All-Knowing Horse Head of Destiny 🙂

  453. grytlappar says:

    Cont… Faves: I do have a special fondness for Meg’s early posts that had a cute anumuhl—and a baby (!). The $#&-storm that followed! Haha The infamous “Pa-sickie”? Omg. With 763 comments: The controversy… Moms loving babies w/ pets (“nothing cuter!”), “baby haters” who “didn’t come here to see gross babies” and who weren’t coming back, the “Sayonara! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” responses—and the indignant “Meg can post anything she wants!” 😀 Good times. And not a peep in response from Meg! (Beauty). Or (on a Mother’s Day… perfection), with the inevitable “the mother is endangering the child!”, “I (the perfect mother) would never do that to MY child”, others saying it was FINE, “Relax!” They know their dog”.
    Also, an obscure one! The joy-spreading “Tree Sweater”:
    Eva ❤

  454. Barb and Paul says:

    Dammit again. Cute Overload has literally saved me from developing a permanent frown. What would it take to keep Cute Overload? Apart from a paid subscription? Any philanthropists interested in footing the bill for such a wonderful and heartwarming website? I’ll write letters requesting help from good hearted souls who seek a good place to put their extra $$$$$. And pay Brinke and Meg and NTMTOM and all the other Cuteologists who know the language more than adequate salaries, so that this incredible place in space can be saved from extinction? Anybody? I swear, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d be first in line to fund this website to keep it alive.

    Man, I’m so sad about this. And wish I could do more to make it stay. I can’t imagine no more heffalumps, Maru boxhab, Ferret Friday, Wombat Wednesday, Caturday, Bunday, Rats its Monday, Toesday, Throwback Thursday … Where’s my kleenex, dammit –

    So lucky to also have some of my furry beasts grace these pages, to wit:

    And the grand dame:

    I’m going to practice a little wishful thinking, and hope this site can be resurrected. The world needs it.

  455. Right after I lost my sister, I found this website and daily newsletter. It helped me so much those first few months. And, it’s brightened my days ever since. Of course, my own dogs actually being featured was a very proud day for me. But, each and every post helped me through immeasurable conference calls, godless early mornings and dips of depression.

    I’m so, so, so sad that they’re finished. Beyond sad. It felt like a gut punch to read this. And, I will miss them daily for the foreseeable future.

    So much gratitude to the wonderful folks at Cute Overload for bringing so much happiness into our lives for so long.

  456. Lisa Marie says:

    I feel so blessed to have known this community… Sorry to see the end of something do special…this was my last thing to see at night before I slept..except my loving husband… I am very sad

  457. Eddie and Rik says:

    There are two manly manly men here in tears … We remember page 1 forward. We understand the decision, but it’s another big sad for this year. We will follow and look for you in whatever incarnation you decided to appear. The amount of joy you have brought to both of us over the years is immeasurable. An impeccably curated accounts of teh cutes. Good luck and soooo much love to everyone.

    PS – Personally, our favorite thread was WAY back when the B word was first used, and was extremely funny, but the back and forth in the comments about how it meshed with teh cutes was hilarious.

  458. During one of the earliest commentroversies, on cementer responded to a ’nuffer by saying (paraphrasing here): “our surrounding is full of dangers, that’s why we have common sense; the world is a hazardous place, that’s why we have immune system; and life is full of disappointments and unpleasantness, that’s why we have CO.”

    Thank you CO, for being here all these years. You are the first button on my desktop browser toolbar, the first bookmark on my iPhones, the first place I go to when I’m feeling down or upset with the world. You have been a constant source of wonder, joy, and comfort, a welcome antidote that restores the balance to our days. For all of that I will always be grateful. To everyone who have worked on this site, and fellow members of this community, thank you and godspeed.

  459. Oh no! Too sad for words. 😢 ALL of cuteoverload is my favorite! In a world of so much bad news cuteoverload makes me smile, laugh and see so much love, beauty and sweetness. I always look at it before I go to sleep for sweet dreams. Can you bring it back as a subscription service?? I would pay for it. Thanks for all of the cuteness and love! I’m crying writing this.

  460. grytlappar says:

    Cont… Faves: I do have a special fondness for Meg’s early posts that had a cute anumuhl—and a baby (!). The controversy that followed! “Pa-sickie” anyone? Omg. With 763 comments: Moms loving babies w/ pets (“nothing cuter!”), “baby haters” who weren’t coming back; “I didn’t come here to see gross babies”, the “Sayonara! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” responses, & the indignant “Meg can post anything she wants!” Good times. Or (on a Mother’s Day… perfection!), & the inevitable “the mother is endangering the child!”, “I (the perfect mother) would never do that to MY child”, others saying it was FINE, “Relax!” They know their dog”.
    Also, this artsy cutie, the “Tree Sweater”:
    Eva ❤

  461. Meg – please, please, pretty please consider a Kickstarter to make this a paid site. At least just to gauge interest? I think you can set them up so you give the money back if you don’t meet your goal?

  462. Noooo!!! Say it ain’t so. Cute Overload has been my Web go-to for years and years. I live for this stuff! I talk about it to everyone I know, whether they care or not, because it’s so important to me. I share all my favorite pics and videos on the site with my husband, and it brightens his day, as well. I don’t know what tomorrow and the day after will be like…what’s the point of the Internet anymore? Thank you all so much for your service…please come back….I’m going into withdrawal already.

  463. Thank you for a whole decade of Cute Overload! It was a daily joy to see the Qte animules!! My husband, friends and I have developed our very own CO approved way of talkingks! Thank you for ALL the time you put in to bring us joy. This was such a positive, uplifting site I visited daily and your legend will be carried on by us…your faithful followers to continue on the cute and love in this world! Warmest, bestest wish to you as you care for your family! And, I can never pick one post…they were all amazeballs! We hope you’ll be back one day. Much appreciation and love to you! xoxoxo

  464. Who will be bringing the blorp now? WHO???

  465. Cavalier Lover says:

    I’m begging too, Meg. I seriously don’t know how I’m going to start my day without you. The first thing I do in the morning is feed my pets, then sit down to look at the other cuteness here. Cuteness is my therapist.

  466. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I SO look forward to this site every day. It is so well done and I don’t think there is another like it. Where will we go for cuteness? I am so sorry you will be gone, you will all be missed. Thank you for giving us all something to smile about every single day.

  467. victoreia says:

    Sadness. This ranks right up there with losing Leonard Nimoy, Robin Williams, and David Bowie. 😦

    I’ll just hang an obligatory Star Trek ref here: “All good things must end.”

  468. I start and finish my day with your website. I am so sad.

  469. OH NOOOOOOO!!! CO is my oasis, my refuge, my cheery mood-lifter, my absolute joy! Of course my favorite post has to be Sno-ball, since I created the video:
    But aside from that —- I’d have to say Maru. CO introduced me to Maru, and that cat has provided so many countless laughs and- I have to say it- devotion and worship!!! Meg – please let us know if we can make a financial contribution to keep CO alive.CO is one of the gems of the internet.
    With gratitude—–Deb

  470. SeasideBedside says:

    I’m so sad. I’ll always remember the long haired ponies. And that this was the best site ever. Seriously made my life better.

  471. Jodi Hankins says:

    SO SAD, SO SAD SO SAAAAAD!!!! CO is my daily zen, it’s where I go to decompress after having to deal with teenagers, coworkers, family – ghaaaaa! I guess we all have to move on sometime – sniff, sniff…..My favorites are: 10/29/12 – Lil Drac – and he rocks. I don’t know why but I cry every time I watch it. I’ve even played it for the kids at school. I teach Literacy Intervention and some of my kids don’t speak English. Sometimes of they need videos to place our reading subject matter in context, such as animals. The videos are kid safe, sometimes funny and always a hit. My other favorite is: 03/28/14 – Surprise Kitty. I have loved this one as a favorite from first sight. I laugh EVERY time. Crying now……

  472. AllTheRage says:

    Thanks for all the smiles over the years! You have saved my sanity on more than one occasion.Your oasis of happiness will be greatly missed. – From a decade-long lurker

  473. horsetailfeathers says:

    You have been my homepage for years. You’ve gotten me through sad times, breakups, rotten days at work, and have been my go-to source to cheer up others around me.
    You’ve made an extremely positive difference in my life and to many other lives around the world.

    Thank you for everything and best of luck!

  474. 😦 CO carried me through 2 bouts of breast cancer, kept a smile on my face when times were tough. I will so miss all of the cuteness. Good luck and best wishes to y’all.

  475. Noooooooooooooooes! We will all miss you so much. Thank you for all the time and energy you invested in CO. I love it more than carbs. And cheese. And although you don’t know me, know that is super a lot.

  476. Since even before icanhascheezburger went “over to the darkside” (Facebook) I have lurked and enjoyed cuteoverload immensely. THANK YOU so much for giving everyone 10 years!!! You have been a kind, generous and amusing light in the darkness, and will be greatly missed. Best of luck in all that you do from here on! (and yes, like so many others, I am also crying…)

  477. We will miss you so much! Especially our little Bengal Kitteh that was featured in your first calendar (kitty in a dog dish with our dog licking his lips). Loved your site, CO is a gem among sites and we will always cherish how happy it made us.

  478. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will miss you so much. It can’t happen. It won’t happen. I won’t let it. Okay, then.

  479. Bowie and now THIS!?! I’m sad. I love your site and will be very sorry to see you go. Your curating was always excellent, but I love the original content the most–when people sent in their own pictures or you featured a shelter pet somewhere. Dang it. I hope you’ll be back in the future. Failing that, best of luck to all connected with CO and thanks for so much wonderful cuteness!

  480. I owe my master’s thesis to CuteOverload. It kept me going through field work follies, lab work fails, writer’s block… The cuteness and general hilarity keeps me from being a total misanthrope. I’ll miss this place so much. Please come back! I’ll pay!

  481. scoobiesnacks says:

    Sad times… like loads of people Cuteoverload was the most exciting, original, enjoyable website I visited everyday. Multiple times a day even. But I could tell it wasn’t making money. Someone rich needs to make big a donation to keep the cute alive before its too late. Or start a kickstarter campaign.

  482. I am shocked – wow. I have been following you forever and enjoy looking at your site twice a day – always brings smiles and feel-goods in my heart and mind. I understand why you have to go – even though I can’t say “say it’s not so”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 10 years of enjoying your site Meg and crew. You have brought much love, giggles, and awesomeness to many people and that is such a GOOD thing in the society now and the world. I hope all of you truly have blessings from now on in whatever you choose to do. Love you all.

  483. Oh sad. 😦 You made my day every day. Hope you’ll be back soon. Thank you for the daily cuteoverload. You’ll be missed dearly. xoxoxo

  484. Thank you for taking the time to say goodbye and to let us know why you are closing down the site (at least for now). I am most grateful for meeting Theo (and Jaye) here.

    Best wishes to you and yours. Thanks for all the cute and for the memories.

  485. I haz so so much sad ;-( Crying here for Cuteoverload was my piece of freedom and all that is beautiful. There is so much ugly in the world, CO made all always better somehow like magic.
    When reading nasty news simply switch on CO and watch a baby heffalump play in mud. Voilà, everything is good again 🙂
    I will dearly miss CO and want to thank you for the hard work it took to keep it up all these years. Please, please consider a fee or the like, I promise you there are many many people here happy to pay to keep this gem going.
    Love you all.

  486. amgirardi says:

    Oh, I would pay a subscription fee, of course, if you change your mind, any moment… and what about a kickstarter? Meg, Brinke & all of you, God bless

  487. Totally Jersey says:

    I respect and understand the Meg and the team’s decision; this is sad stuff. Thank you for being a part of my every day for the past 10 years. I could always count on you for a smile. And, as a content hungry reader in today’s largely free digital landscape, I have certainly taken more than I have given. Your site has been a labor of love and result of tremendous hard work by Team Cute. Thank you for that gift. Good luck in whatever comes next for all of you. I wish you every happiness and success! [Looks at CO calendar and blinks back tears.]

  488. No!!!!! 2016 is getting worse by the day. I will you so so so much. THANK YOU so much for all the joy you gave me for the last 8 years – You helped me with my depression. Very sad day today

  489. Thank you so much for the past 10 years. I am not sure how I will start each morning, now. You taught us Bleen, OMG PONIES!!!!, presented us the wonderful Winston, Simon’s cat, all the Rules Of Cuteness, and tons of vocabulary words. Thank you for all of it. I now want to wish you all the best, blessing abound and nothing but joy!

  490. metsakins says:

    Don’t Leave .. All the Plants will Die !! (Stripes)

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” (You know .. That Star Wars Thingie)

  492. Nooooo 😦 I will miss wombat wednesday and bunday the most! Thanks for all your work and the cute calendars.

  493. My heart is broken.

  494. I have not felt this sad about the closing of any blog, including my own. I have been a faithful daily reader for all the years. ❤

    I think my favorite rule of cuteness remains one from 2007: #32 If you're caught doing something bad, it's cute

  495. You will be missed! You’ve brought so much joy to so many, it’s a rare accomplishment. Thank you ❤ My favorite post will always be Sheila and Toby

  496. ;-( so so sad

  497. Miss Kitty says:

    I’ve never won the Headline THIS! contest. Rats! It feels like a Monday – forever……….

  498. So sorry, but thanks for all the wonderfully sweet pics – my favorite would be

  499. I always thought this was the best website ever. It has been my therapy for years and I am going to miss it sooooooooo much! Thank you for creating it in the first place and for spreading the miracle of cute!

  500. Kathy Keck says:

    As the auntie of twin girls I understand how life has changed for you. Family comes first is the best policy and should be the rule of the land. You have given us 10 beautiful and cute filled years. You deserve a break but I think you’ll be back some day. Maybe by then the internet will have brain implants and you can beam cuteness directly into our noggins so we’ll be happy all day. Until then enjoy your break, thank you for all your hard work and know how much you are appreciated!

  501. Awww, sorry to see you go but good on your for knowing when it’s your time. This was my baby a couple of months ago: It still cracks me up to look at my kitty in goggles! Thanks for everything.

  502. I feel as if a family member has died. CO was always a refuge from the sucky things in life, and a portal to places and faces I’d otherwise never have seen or known. Your imitators never came close, and many of them just lifted their material from CO. I will miss Cute Overload beyond words. It has been a unique environment, and I’m beyond sad. Thank you all for all of the constant work it took to keep this endeavor alive. I wish you all health and happiness, now and for as long as you live. If you ever again create a website as happy as this one has been, please find a way to let us all know.

  503. You will be missed terribly! You are right to spend time with the family, and I wish you and your partner and kiddos the best. CuteOverload got me through a grueling final senior semester in college when y’all were still rather new (spring ’07 semester). This post, in particular, was my favorite.

    Thank you for all the hard work and all the cute! ❤

  504. I will miss CO deeply. You have made so many people, including me, giggle, snort, laugh, and sometimes cry. You have made the internets a better place. Thank you for all your work over the years 🙂

  505. Can’t write anything right now; too upset…..;
    ‘Bye everybody…. God Bless all of you always……!

  506. Meg, would taking CO to a subscription-based site keep it alive? I have mentioned this a couple of times. Heck, it’s what I would have done. I’m not kind and benevolent enough to NOT get paid for all of the hard work you all have put in for our enjoyment.

    Please come back and make us pay. I, for one, would be happy to pony up for the qte!

  507. Gah! I just came to check out CO, forgetting that the last post was earlier this week. I wonder how long it will take me to break the habit of starting my day by checking CO.

  508. This is kinda surreal … I was in college when Walt Disney died … it felt the same.

    We’re really lucky to have been around for this long, strange journey.. Well done, Meg.

  509. Shinystuff says:

    My last week at my lackluster job and your last week of posting? NOT AN ACCIDENT, UNIVERSE! I will miss you forever, my pretties!

  510. Thank you for all the wonderful and cute pictures of puppies, kittens, stoats and the like to help with the every day doldrums and bring a smile to many faces through out the years, it is greatly appreciated. I wish you and the CuteOverload team the best of luck in the future.

  511. thank you for many years of the Qte, and for adding to my vocabulary. Squeee!!!

  512. OMG! I am devastated!! I have a huge lump in my throat and a pit in my belly. You got me through so many hard days at work!! You also brought so many people in my circle closer together. I do hope you find a way to come back. Thank you for all the smiles and giggles! You will be sorely missed 😦

  513. crashnandicoot says:

    Please come back! I have my credit card in my hand, and my paypal account is loaded and ready. We’ll pay! Come back! How can you stand it? We’re all so sad.

  514. Baroo …

  515. I don’t know if I can pick one from so many, many great posts. Too numerous to count! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me and so many others laugh, sqwee and cry tears of cuteness!

  516. januaryfarmer says:

    Peeps, like everyone I am sad to see ya go. My “I don’t look at stupid cute websites” other has just recently started asking about “Rats it’s Monday” and other things. I’m grateful for the time and effort put into this bit of amusement that I visited throughout the day for a number of years. Brinke’s marathons were memorable. I’ll really miss Edgar’s Mission and some of the more exotic animals who have dropped by over the years. I’ll also miss the comments by the faithful. Thanks for the good times. OMG Ponies, dressed up cats and dogs, people’s dear pets, the zoos and aquariums….I could go on, but for now just saying thanks! It’s been great!

  517. I am very sad. Thank you for all the smiles and good time and discovery !

  518. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meow 😦

  519. Nooooooooooooooooooo! Devo’d!!! Thank you so much for everything and what you’ve meant to so many including myself.. Just look at all the love here. Good luck and cheers 🍸🍹

  520. Rixraxmarie says:

    Oh. I feel I came late to Cute Overload five years ago. Thank you for everything. For making me laugh or sigh when I was unbearably sad or stressed. I’m going to miss you and your wit and your joy, and all the joy to everyone else here. I’m going to miss all the regular posters, and just all the posters.
    Lots of joy to you and your team–you’ve brought so much to everyone here.

  521. I have tears streaming down my face. I can’t believe there won’t be sweet, fuzzy angels waiting to brighten the darkness of the world anymore. Thank you so much for the years of joy you’ve brought to so many lives. You will be missed beyond belief. So many deaths lately, now this. Maybe we should start a support group?

  522. Oh my. This is worse that when Oolong, the rabbit that balanced things on his head, died. I’m devastated. Every morning I come here for a morning dose of cuteness. It has been a wonderful way to start each day. When things were not going well during the day, I would escape to the land of cute critters. Thank you for the many years of pure delight that you provided to the world. I will greatly miss this website. Please keep my name on your list of people you’ll notify should you ever resume your website or create another. Best of luck to you in the future!

  523. Who will be bringing the blorp now? WHO????

  524. I second @MamaBears statement and then thought … OMG .. 2x PONIES PUN !!

    If money for the site overhead is a problem .. I can tell you there are “Cute-junkies” here that will help you with that .. like myself.

  525. I tried to post earlier and it didn’t seem to go through:-( I am very sad to see the end of something that brightened my day every single day and made some of the harder days bearable. One of my favorite posts was the one that brought me to CO in the first place – Desdemona the cookie-stealing bunny. However my favorite one will always be when my best friend finally got her dog’s picture on the site and in the calendar. It was one of the highlights of her life. She (my friend, not the dog) passed away not long after she made it into the calendar. CO brightened her days and always do mine. Your site will be greatly missed.

  526. Melanie-Claire says:

    I look around my office and I have twelve CuteOverload pictures posted on my walls… Rule of Cuteness #10, #22, and #31, Petite Helicopter “Ploop!”, “Pup-peh” (noun), the tiny tongue of disappointment, corgi decimal system… How will I go on without toes-day, and nose-vember? Sign…. Hearts and Hugs and All Things Adorable, to you….

  527. Otters Love Keyboards says:

    all pages favorite. your page has been genuinely squee therapeutic. will book mark for hopeful cute overload return.
    peace / prosperity

  528. Ashley Richey says:

    Where will I go to laugh and see happy things on bad days……I’m so sad to hear this news. This was my happy place. MY Happy thoughts. Thank you for getting me through ruff times and I will miss those purrrfect moments that made me smile. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Hard to say Goodbye!

  529. Your entire team is awesome sauce and always will be. Thank you for providing endless days of cuteness…needed so much in these crazy, sad times of ours. All the best!! ❤

  530. Brain Storm – The World’s Smartest Mouse
    I am so sad…I can’t believe this. I’ve come her multiple times a day since the beginning. What will we all do?!?! Given the opportunity to bring CO back, I would definitely subscribe. Please don’t go…….

  531. Sigh..How can this end? A wonderful decade of all the fuzzies and cuddlies, tocktobers and nosevembers…I’ll miss all the cute..I hope this website will still stay up so that we can browse 10 years of love and adorbz.

  532. freetomato says:

    I just adore your site and have since I found it early on. Thanks and au revoir. I selfishly hope the archives stay on. My big baby boy Boone is in there somewhere ☺️

  533. Where am I going to go when I’m stressed out at work? So sad!

  534. Thanx for all the wonderful smiles! And, I know that only more WONDERFULNESS is in store for you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  535. Mary Carter says:

    Still dabbing tears. What about a subscription-based site?

  536. Welp, the world just got a billionty times less cute and totes prosh. I hope you see how much y’all have meant to so many people (including me)! I have often said that my dream job would be working for Cute Overload…scouring the interwebs for the MOST redonk and seizure-inducing QTE. Or being a backup singer, because that would rule too. Blessings to you and your family and MAY THE CUTE BE WITH YOU!

  537. Calico Angel says:

    With all of your CO family offering to pay a subscription fee – I know I would – what if you could afford to keep the site up with a blog master and fee income to supplement advertising? You can keep control over the integrity of the site while being able to step away from the daily operations.

    We respect your decision but we want Cute Overload to stay. Like so many I’ve been here for 10 years and just can’t let go. I’ve been haunting the archives the last few days.

  538. Thank you for even on the darkest of days, adding a little light!!

  539. Donna Van Gundy says:

    Wow, I have tears in my eyes after reading that- Cute Overload was solely responsible for me keeping my sanity as my job went sideways in 2008! In desperation, I think I googled “pictures of puppies and kittens” or something like that and found the site. Seriously. I will SO miss all of the cuteness. Thank you and I wish you well in your continued adventures!!!!

  540. Miles Eastman says:


    As you can see, I’m still at the beginning of the grieving process. I’ve been sharing stuff from this site with my wife almost daily for our entire relationship. Thanks for the memories!

  541. Still checking for new posts even though CO is closed. Silly me.

    Thanks to all for the years of cute!

  542. so very sorry to see you go, Meg and Team. I discovered your page in 2007 and every day has been happier, funnier and cuter thanks to you. My favourite post had to have been the tree that someone knit a sweater for, followed by the penguin sweaters, baby goat stampedes and of course, the regular Maru updates. I loved my page-a-day calendars so much I still have the boxes and will never throw them away. I now count ‘anerable’, ‘prosh’, ‘baroo’, ‘toesday’, ‘caturday’, and ‘tocktober’ in my vocabulary. Thank you so much for bringing so much humour and love and light to the interwebs. Best wishes to you all.

  543. Echoing what so many others have said, CO has been such a joyful, funny, heartwarming bright spot for me – for all of us – in a too-often dark world. Thanks so much for 10 years of always having a place to turn for a quick lift for the spirits. Thanks for bringing Winston, Maru, Guremike, Christian the Lion, John and Schoep, Chmurka the hamster, and countless hedgehogs, quokkas, wombats, lorises, octopi, dancing spiders, orangutans, kangaroos, disapproving rabbits, sloths, lemurs, fruit bats, chipmunks, squerls, scooting bebeh trunksters, dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, ferrets, parakeets and cockatoos into my life. Thank you CO and everyone who worked so hard to make it what it was – an utter delight. An era has ended.

  544. Meg–thanks for all the years of C.O. Hard to pick my favorites–Winston? Or Maru? Or Hovercat? Or Dancing Cockatiel? Or all the equal opportunity creatures that we might not have realized were cute, thanks to you! At any rate, thanks for the memories. :’-)

  545. I know it’s a terribly sad one, but here’s my post pick:
    I love C.O., but I’m old enough to remember the world before the Internet. Maybe now I’ll find some way to help real animals instead of just oohing and ahhing over pictures–not that that hasn’t been profoundly helpful on hard days.
    I’m so glad I was able to enjoy this site while it lasted. Tremendous thanks to all who made it so wonderful.

  546. Cuteoverload I am so sad to see you go! This is one of my favorite web sites! You are already missed!!!

  547. Dear cute overload, I am so sad to see you go. This is one of my favorite web sites that cheers me up or entertains me at work. You will be missed! </3

  548. I has a great BIG sad b/c of the news! C/O made my work bearable! Where will I go? Impossible to put into publish-worthy prose how integral the qte has been to my mentals. & Meg, your humour is spot on; love the goodbye toast. Instead of a close, I will **try** to consider your last post a coda (yes, the musical term about a repeat before the next new lyric; please, no music majors harshing my ‘splanation. Eeet is how I try to comprehend the devastating). I will be on eternal alert for a Cute reboot. Worshipfully yours, Lisa. Yes, THAT is moi’s name.

  549. Thank you for everything. If you haven’t figured it out already, you’ll be missed. All the very best to you all for the future.

  550. Like everyone else, absolutely devastated. Thank you so much for your hilarious and adorable blog. I will miss you SO MUCH!

  551. Nooooooooooooooooooooo

  552. THANK YOU for years and years of the “fluff” that we ended each day with. It gave us the best dreams!

  553. claytanna says:

    No no no! How will I go on without you guys? Wow… sorry it came to this. Thanks for a decade of happiness though.

  554. J. Devastated Mathews says:

    Please, no.

  555. Very sorry it came to this. Like Julie said above, I hope you’ll consider kickstarter project, or maybe Patreon type of model in near future. I’m going to keep my bookmark to in my bookmark bar and check back time to time to see if there are any movements. Maybe would you consider publishing the best of the best CO picture book, maybe? Love to buy several and gift to my friends and family. Great great work everyone involved. I am truly sad to see you go.

  556. As so many have said, I has a sad. A big huge one. I’ve read your site almost since the beginning I think and told so many people about some funny/cute/hysterical thing I’ve seen on your site. It is heartbreaking for all who love the cute. But lives change and grow as you say and it is completely understandable that you must move on. If something changes for you all please know I’d subscribe! if you went for a paid version. Or donate to a gofundme site. Or, or, or. No matter how it goes though, just sending many thank yous and congratulations to all who worked so hard to make CuteOverload the gem it has been. Thank you.

  557. Joan Swizzle-Manfred says:

    I think we take a lot of things for granted when it comes to the internet. I can honestly say that I’ve come to this site nearly every single day since I discovered it 8 years ago. Every time the job stressed me out, I’d come to Cuteoverload and look at a fuzzy face. Thank you! Thank you, Meg for the gift of this website for so many years. I will miss this and I wish you only the best of luck!

  558. @Julie oh man the “pasickie” thing! That was hilarious! Thank’s for the reminder!

  559. I am truly heartbroken by this news…I think I have been following you since your inception! Meg, is their anyway possibly that you could pass off Cuteoverload to someone else so we can keep this going? Would you be willing to do that?

    Shane in Canada.

  560. This is such sad news — this blog has honestly gotten me through some really difficult moments, I visit it every single week. Thank you so much for a job well done.

  561. oh no – this was my favorite web site. I start my days with cute overload. What would it take to keep it running? Has anyone offered to help? where will I get my critter fixes each day….. WE NEED YOU ……
    Please contact me and lets talk about keeping the site running. maybe I can help.

  562. soft and fuzzy says:

    Say it ain’t so! Where will I get my dose of Maymo? or Maru, complete with co reader comments? I tried to pick out a fave, but there are just too many. Love anything with capybaras in it, omgponies, and of course Maru.
    I dislike change, especially when it’s for the worse. Thank you for bringing a decade’s worth of sweetness to a very unsweet world.

  563. VeganDragan says:

    My heart is broken. Teh cute has been a constant in our lives. A bright spot in an Internet of sads. The hamster with broccoli, the otters holding hands, all the Italian greyhounds! You will all be so sorely missed, and please please please come back in another format.

  564. Well, this is even worse…no posting since 1:45pm Wednesday(PT). Perhaps no more comments as well????

  565. Sorry, my mistake…sadness still being posted……….

  566. Nooooooo..say it isn’t true!….cannot believe this news has made me cry! This is the best website ever and I’ m so sad to see it go 😦 …but let me say a BIG THANK YOU for all the years of cute….you will be so sorely missed …the world will be a sadder place without you !

  567. You have been my go-to page for happiness since 2010. I’ll miss you!! THANKS!!

  568. You introduced me to Maru years ago. I’ll forever be grateful!

  569. There are millions of cute animal pictures on the Internet, but this site was very, very special – the one and only Cute Overload. It takes special people to create such a purely happy Happy Place, so THANK YOU, Meg and Company, for innumerable heartfelt smiles and squees. Very sad&sorry to see you go, but wishing you and yours nothing but the best.

  570. Third time to post, probably the 45th time, just checking back, like some sad, stood up, gown-bedecked gal waiting for her late prom date to pick her up. “Was that his car in the driveway?” “Did someone knock on the door?” *looks at clock again* “Was that the phone?!” I keep thinking when I return, Meg will have set us up as a pay site (much to hundreds and hundreds -maybe thousands and thousands of peoples’ extreme delight)!

    I’ll continue to come back to read this thread, to use it for therapy (like CO has done for many years for me -and it would seem, many others) to try and find closure, to sift through old posts as long as I am able.

    Please, please come back. I really don’t think you know what sort of positive impact this sweet little site has had on so very many peoples lives! What an oasis, what joy and therapy it has brought to the lives of so many.

    Here’s hoping so very much that I return to find CO will, indeed, stay around!

    Much love and peace,

  571. Thank you for all the cuteness. You introduced me to Maru, and this guy

  572. michelle adams says:

    I would definitely pay to keep this site going. It has meant so much to me. I even use it in my speech language therapy sessions for school aged children to young adults. Life is so concerning and serious – it was a haven I truly appreciated it. Thank you, CO. And all my furkids over the years thank you, too!

  573. Badá Rock says:

    I am really sorry and sad. It’s hard to believe that C.O. came to an end. I hope you brig something new up soon. I’ll miss you guys very much. Thank you very very much, from me and my peta, feom the bottom of our hearts, for all the laughs and joy. 😥

  574. I still keep checking the site, old habits are hard to break 😦

  575. I am numb . . . . While I wish you all the best of luck in the future and all the happiness this life has to offer — and also want to express sincerest thanks for all you’ve shared with us over the past ten years– I am honestly bereft. . . CO has been my daily antidote to nearly all that is cold, cruel, and heartless in today’s world. Each time I read about some horrid animal abuse story or learn of the new depths to which human nature can stoop, I have turned to your site to remind myself that there is still sweetness and kindness . . . and the innocent joy of happy animals . . .in the world. Of course, we’ll all sojourn on. But you all filled a real need, and will be sorely missed.

  576. I’m with hilz and everyone else; I used to check several times a day, especially if something is stressful at work, and all I get is no more qte, and I’m so sad. How can I cope?!

  577. *wipes tear*

  578. The most amazing part of Cute Overload was that it led a bunch of us regulars to create a community over on the old Vox site. That community turned into a circle of friends that endured the death of Vox and went on to forge real life friendships, too. Several dozen of us are still connected in one way or another. So while I’m sad to see the end of CO, I’m keeping the best part of it: the people I met.

  579. crashnandicoot says:

    ok, enough, dammit. Come back! We’ll be good!

  580. Why didn’t you guys do Patreon???????????????

  581. Hey Meg – let me start by saying that I obvy don’t know all the details of the legal rights you have to content submitted to this site, but I think there could be TONS of ways to create revenue from this site that don’t involve subscriptions.

    What about CO logo branded t-shirts? It would be very easy to set up a t-shirt business with almost no inventory requirements, given how easy and cheap it is these days to print. You could sell tees with just the logo or maybe give customers the option to print a tee of their own pet with the CO logo. Or allow people to use the “playing card template” to make their own pet into a CO playing card. This printing concept then translates to coffee mugs, water bottles, note pads, phone cases, etc.

    What about a smartphone app that gives users who pay for the app access to new content and the ability to interact with each other? I think the website is awesome, but these days the younger kids need more interactivity to get them interested, for example, the ability to “like” a photo. Maybe some of the new content could be in the form of “memes” to make it more “viral friendly” so it can get passed along (with your logo in the corner, of course) via Instagram, Twitter, etc. You could have “Puppies VS.” contests where puppie photos take on other species photos to compete for likes (sort of like the show SHAQ VS). Of course, QUOKKAS VS would defeat everyone. Wouldn’t even be a contest.

    Just some thoughts. Gotta get to work.

    This site is necessary.


  582. Lots of disapproval for losing a daily requirement of animals, but equal amounts of gratitude, for; lots of laughs, capybaras, who are only now getting their due, animal sanctuaries such as Edgar’s that I’d never have known about, a place in Russia where people spend the night with friendly moose, a boy and his hummingbird, rabbit islands, cat cafes, Henri and other characters too numerous to recall, and critters and those who love and care for them (Abba be dammed, Take a Chance on Me is now in my head thanks to this video, which I saw on CO,!

  583. I can only echo the sentiments of everyone else… just so sad that it’s over, but also so grateful for the years of cuteness. Cute Overload has been a lifesaver. There have been days where C.O. was the only thing that kept me feeling like everything was going to be okay. Thank you Meg, and everyone at C.O., and when things are dark, just remember that the C.O. Army is out there, keeping the world a cuter place. I’m totally biased, obvs, but my favorite post is my own sweet puppers, Scout:

  584. There is no place like I keep coming back to the site hoping to find that you didn’t really mean it. I’ve been dropping in several times a day for many years. Except for the last couple of days, I always left with a smile. I will miss visiting this website. At times, it brought more joy my day than anything else. Best wishes to you and may all your dreams come true. Best wishes to all of us who frequented CO, may we continue to find an abundance of similar cuteness somewhere out there.

  585. Noooooooo! You can’t go! Cuteoverload is an institution. A classic! An expander of my vocabulary. NOOOOOOOO! Please. Noooooooooooooo!

  586. This is like a death in the family, I have been addicted to CO for 10 years to start my morning and end my evening with a smile, laugh or just plain too cute critters. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO COME BACK !!!! I may never crawl out of bed again without my CuteOverload fix to get me moving or ease the stress of a horrible day. You have shown me so many different animals I did not know existed and kept me in love with Maru. When he runs and slides into the boxes and pokes his head through those are my favorite posts as there is something so sweet and innocent about Maru.

  587. Fabulous Mr. Pug says:

    So sad to see you go… I hope you’ll be back one day!

  588. Meg–thank you for everything. We loved them all–it’s hard to pick favorites. Maybe Winston? Or Maru? Or Hovercat? Or Dancing Cockatiel? Or any of the C.O. equal opportunity creatures that we wouldn’t have thought of as cute? At any rate, best wishes for you for the future. 🙂

  589. I can’t believe you are leaving, 😦 i may never open my e-mail again. You were the reason i smiled each day, waaaaaaaaahhhhhh. i luffed everything, especially all golden retriever posts, S I G H………
    Thank you for all the fun and encouragement
    Andrea D.

  590. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors, CO! It might not have seemed like much, but when the world got too sad and the news was all grody, this is where I came to remind myself that there was always something cute worth looking at here. Thank you for all you’ve done throughout the years!

  591. OK, nobody panic. What am I saying, yes, panic, its the right reaction. CuteOverload has shut down. Folded their tents, called it a day, called in the dogs and pissed on the fire.

    They posted some stuff about how times have changed for blogs, how the founder’s personal life has changed, but all I hear is “Wah waah wah waah wah”.

    I went there every single day (or multiple times per day) for a happy, cuddly (except for the random fish or spider post) post with a tad of clever and snarky.

    What cruel Fate robs me of Alan Rickman and The Cute at the same time?

    Rat bastards!

  592. MC from ATX says:


    Because it was the first time–after many other submishes–that my own baby got featured. Sail on, C.O. You will be ever so missed.

    –Marla C. from ATX

  593. This has made me so,so sad. I actually broke down crying quietly at work when I read this. I had taken a moment off with a coffee and surfing in to CO gave me such a schock. I can honestly say that this is the ONLY page on internet that I have probably visited every day for ten years. At LEAST once a day. Often more.
    I understand why you are closing down, but I’m still upset. 😥
    Can’t name favourite posts, they are too many.
    Thank you so much for the ten years ❤ I really hope you will emerge in some shape soon again. You have made very many people very happy.

  594. NOOOOOOOOOOO. You make my day, how can you stop! I love this site. Please,if you haven’t already, consider offering the site for sale, so your wonderful legacy can be carried on. Thank you for providing so many smiles and job for the last 10 years!

  595. Meg, your site has gotten me through some truly terrible office jobs over the past ten years. My life would have been nothing without this!!! Love you and will always think of you guys when I see a cute puppy butt.

  596. crashnandicoot says:

    Call the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance. We need you!

  597. Phyllis Roach says:

    Cute Overload kept me going. I always looked forward every day to looking at all the wonderful, beautiful, funny pictures that arrived on my computer. I laughed, I cried, I cared about each one that I became acquainted with. Some notices told me when they left this world and I mourned each one. What am I going to do without Maru and Hana, the funny little bouncing goats that stole my heart, and so so many more. I feel like I have lost so many friends. I will miss all of you so much. Thank you so much, Meg,for giving us such joy over the last 10 years.Tears began immediately when I read your opening message, when I realized that you and all the animals were going away. And there are so many more just like me. This last posting will remain in my Saved Folder for quite some time. I will forever be grateful for all the joy Cute Overload gave me..

  598. Remember the Hamster Tracker? That guy made me feel normal for how I felt about/treated my hammies.

  599. Oh noes! Very sad news indeed. I’m devastated and droopy, but I hope your change in direction brings nothing but joy. Like my favorite post!

  600. grytlappar says:

    I always thought it was good fun when Meg would post a pic of a baby (“Pa-sickie” anyone? ), and the @-storm that would follow… Moms who love babies (obvy); angry posters who ‘didn’t come here to see gross babies’ and weren’t coming back, the ‘Sayonara!’ responses, the indignant ‘Meg can post anything she wants, it’s her website!’ Good fun. And 763 comments; was that a record?
    Kitten Airlines, with this very competent pilot, and room for one passenger: , and the tree sweater… (product cuteness):
    ~ I went thru many, many old posts, starting at page 2000, going back. Then starting at 1600 for some more… Totally worth it!

  601. No. No no no. I just came here after a terrible day at work to enjoy some cuteness, and read this post. And now my terrible day has turned terrible-er. This is not good news. This is, in fact, bad news. I’m very sad. This blog has brightened my day for years and years.

  602. @Courtney – Whatchoo Talkin Bout Willis was one of my faves!!! I remember busting out laughing because the look on the dog’s face is EXACTLY THAT!!

  603. @ Elizabeth Grisham, thank you for that selection. Yes as devastatingly sad as it is, I appreciate the honesty and especially the comment thread that prompted the photographer’s essay at the end. Henry Beston said of animals “They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.” I love that phrase, “the splendour and travail of the earth.” Thanks CO for highlighting both for the past decade.

  604. Bye, CO. Thanks for 10 solid years of good times.

  605. Librarian Kate says:

    I work at a public library, and whenever I do a break for the Children’s librarian, the first thing I do is pull up CO. I’m kind of legendary for it, and get asked ‘what’s new on the Cute site?’ all the time… but now my heart is full of Emo Bun, and I will miss you so, so much.

  606. Thank you for all of the cute – I have loved it all! I’ve always been more of a cuteoverload lurker, but it was such a thrill to see two of our family members posted once upon a time: Thank you, and all the best to all of you!

  607. Jennifer Courtney says:

    Say it ain’t so! This community has seen me thru the loss of two cats, my sanity, and the occasional pound or two. I want to thank Meg & co for always thinking of their followers & the animals that make our lives better. You will truly be missed!

  608. CO gave the world a beautiful gift. I fell in love with Frosty, Lil Drac and the baby sloths. I have tears in my eyes and lump in my throat, and I am going to buy more CO calendars

  609. Jennifer Courtney says:

    Say it ain’t so! This community has seen me thru the loss of two cats, my sanity, and the occasional pound or two. As the farmer said to a certain porcine ani-pal, “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

  610. My bad day just got horribly worse. I love this site and I use it medicinally. No seriously, it helps my blood pressure. I wish you the best, but am terribly sad to see you go.

  611. Yep, I, going thru all stages of grief. Thank you for finding Maru, Bea the lamb, Knut, etc. My favorites: “where’s Bea?” & guinea pig with crochet hat & Emobun” I never forget them.

  612. Cute Overload, do you have a new plan for my life??

  613. :-((( This is very sad news- I will miss you a lot! I have been hooked on Teh Cute from the beginning!

    I always love Maru of course, and the Akagami World Peace Hamster was an early highlight. I still look at him when I need a complete escape from reality.

  614. No more spreading of the cuteness? I can’t say when I will feel better about this….thanks for all the years of my daily dose of cuteness…..🐶🐾🐱🐷🐹🐰🐵🐷🐯🐭🐔🐴

  615. Elizabeth says:

    Like everyone said, thank you! I remember laughing so hard
    at that video of the cat massage lady. Many other great memories. Best of luck to you

  616. Say it ain’t so! This community has seen through the loss of 3 cats,
    my sanity, & a pound or two. I will always treasure the grins, tears, & laughter you whackadoodle people have brought into my life. As the man said, “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

  617. This hit me harder than it should have. Been having a very rough couple of weeks, and when I found this out was at the end of the worst day of it, I literally cried. After everything I had been dealing with, moving (not by choice), school starting up, looking for a job, and major computer issues, finding that out after all that just killed me. I’ve been following this site since the beginning and am more than sad to see it go. I will sorely miss this page.

  618. Your site got me through the death of three beloved rabbits. Our household now includes two dogs and a cat (no more rabbits), so yours is the site I go to when I need an infusion of disapproval or joy (bunnies binkies are the best, unless bunny yawns are the best…). Without you I would never have discovered Disapproving Rabbits or uglyoverload with its wonderful spiders, or Oolong (, or those amazing rabbit races they have in Denmark ( I have cakewrecks now, and they’re okay, but I agree with Julie. It’s important to have sites where all the ugliness of the internet doesn’t exist, and this was one of those sites, and I don’t have a good replacement yet. I’ll miss you.


  619. Christine Donoghue says:

    Like many others, I am crying too. I will miss this so much, as it is my main stress-relief. I will miss this so much. I hope you figure out a way to come back, I would pay a subscription fee, like others have said. You are very talented and funny. One of my favorites was the Great Dane with the two tiny babies. When you posted something I sent you (the cute spider), I felt like I hit the lottery. So sad… 😦

  620. crashnandicoot says:

    Dear Meg, please save us. Can’t you hire some interns? Please throw us a bone. Throw us a life preserver! I refuse to buy into the death of CO. Folding arms and not moving till it starts up again. Holding breath. Turning Blue.

  621. I come back every day hoping it was an early April Fools joke.

  622. I still pop in a few times every day. Somehow, reading the new messages makes it feel like CO is still with us. I guess that’s a testament to how integral the community was to the site. I hope Meg, Brinke and the others are still reading them too so they know how deeply they are appreciated and how significantly they touched people’s lives. This has been a singularly positive, life-affirming and compassionate gathering place…and there aren’t too many of those around.

  623. Calico Angel says:

    Echoing Emmbea…. Perfectly said.
    I keep checking in, hoping…

  624. I think I’m going to cry — I’m going to miss you THAT much. You’ve been a consistent bright spot every morning for years. I wish you happiness in your new “routine,” but I personally hope you miss us as much as we miss you, and decide to pop up again ….. as often as you’d like!

  625. Aaaaawh I´m going to miss this site and the funny comments on it so much! I don´t think I can say anything that hasn´t been said here allready. But you were part of my daily morning routine and I often checked once or twice more during the day ;). It helped me through some though times and it always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for that! I really hope you come back though 😀

  626. What if you kept the site up just for access to the archives, but charged a small subscription fee for that? To make it feel fresh, you could write a small program to randomly generate the home page post, before users go in and search. It would feel like the coffee table book we have all dreamed about, but better because each person could make their own.

    The fees could cover your hosting costs. You could turn off the comment function so no worries about people coming on and being nasty.

    I’m not sure you could get enough subscriptions from existing readers to cover the cost of a writer (assuming $50/hour @ 20 hrs/wk @ 50 wks/year, that’s $50k annually). At $100 for an annual membership, you would need at least 500 paying members to cover that. This comments section has only about 300 unique people and less than half have said they would pay money to keep this going, so….

    BUT, charging for the archives is super low cost and would give us a way to trickle down off our addictions. Just Iike for people trying to quit smoking 🙂

    BTW comparing CO to an addictive substance was meant to be a compliment.

  627. So sad. Actually crying. Thank you for all of the great post and the wonderful community. You will be missed!!!!!

  628. housewithdeer says:

    Kickstarter. I love that idea. I’ve contributed to two Kickstarter Projects: Esther the Wonder Pig, and a new video for the “Where in the Hell is Matt” video series. Both were well over $100,000 and both were funded – Esther’s was over $400, 000.
    Please give us a chance to support you!

  629. @Julie – To implement a membership / subscription system would probably cost $30,000 to change the site to be subscription only and viewable to only paying members. In parallel with that almost all advertising revenue (which is probably covering hosting fees) would be lost as traffic to the site would plummet. Virtually no one has got a subscription model to financially work for blogs.

  630. Many thanks to Meg and all the other writers, commenters and submitters. I’ve been reading this site daily for many many many years. It’s sad to see it go, but this site was super special for it’s time — like some super cute puppy picture that satisfies 10 rules of cuteness. It will be remembered fondly forever. Thanks again Meg, best wishes.

  631. Martha Farley Berninger says:

    Thank you so, so much for making this wonderful site available for ten years. I’m very , very sad that you’re shutting down, but I do understand. But you do have a lot of fans and I think many of us would be interested in a subscription model if you were willing to sell CuteOverload to a person or people who might be willing to continue in a different format. I’m a little surprised, really, that a pet food or supply firm hasn’t scooped up the site (no pun intended). But I respect your decision. The site has given my husband and me so many laughs and cheered us up on down days. It has been the best free therapy ever. We will miss Cute Overload terribly.


  632. Thank you for years and years of cute! Been one of my daily go to pages for a break! Best wishes for the future!

  633. just gutted by this. honestly, i would be willing to pay a little fee to help you stay afloat – i think most of us would. a yearly/monthly donation for access type thing – would that work? if not, thank you so much for all the wonderful, happy posts, and for all the laughs. you have been great. God bless.

  634. Such a great ride for almost 10 years, in my case. One of my favourites has to be Henri Le Chat . Xx

  635. Thank you for providing teh qte for such a long time! I know that there must be a way to keep the site going, but I respect that you evaluated the options and did what you felt was best. In particular, I always felt that cuteoverload was incredibly genuine – clearly a labor of love with full focus on the cuteness. I would much rather it ended than change hands and lose that integrity.

    I want to share that this blog meant a lot to me – this sort of life-affirming, joyful appreciation of good things is something that we all need in our lives, and I’m grateful that you focused 10 years on such a high-quality blog that affected so many people positively. Thank you.

  636. Cuteoverload is my go-to destination when I need a distraction. Whether it’s a bad day or a tedious project, I know Cuteoverload will be there to lift my spirits and help me get through the day. Today, it’s a tedious project. I came to Cuteoverload for my dose of adorable distraction and what’s this? Closing?! GAH! As sad as I am, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for so many years of squeal inducing cuteness. I can’t believe it was 10 years! Thank you for all the time and hard work you put into establishing a little corner of pure joy in the vast interwebs.

  637. Thank you so much. This has been the best site. Now, life will be a little bit harder and… less cute. Much love and best wishes to you. Now I have to go find some tissues.

  638. Louisa Morgan says:

    Uh – huh so now you guys are millionaires and we are chopped liver (that’s American speak right?) How will we live without CO? Kittens, anything with kittens. Me and my three english home counties kitties will be bereft 😦

  639. Thank you so much for the past ten years! I visit CO several times a day, will surely miss you guys! Too hard to find a favorite post or headline. Hope you’ll find a way to come back! Best wishes

  640. Linda Miller says:

    I have loved, laughed and cried at all the beautiful critters you have been sending me over the years. I don’t have a favorite as I have thoroughly and completely enjoyed them all! I am very sorry that there will be no more. I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and wish you health and happiness in the future.

  641. Oh no! I will always cherish the time spent and friends I met at CO. Thank you for all the cute you have brought us over the years. I’m going to miss CO even though I haven’t commented in a long time (just knowing “the cute” was a url away was comforting) So many fond memories and cute posts, I can’t possibly pick a favorite! ❤

  642. No

  643. K. Rahman says:

    Thank you for all the warm & fuzzy (and occasionally cold & scaley) cuteness you’ve brought to my life over the years. Can’t tell you how many times your site served as a refuge from the real world and brought a smile to my face.

  644. Sad, but understandable. CO always put a smile on my face when I needed it most, and for that I am grateful.

  645. much sad….wow….very depress….such cry….wow….many frown

  646. Thank you for bringing so much cuteness into my and so many other people’s lives. Visiting here always brought a smile to my face. Good luck to you and all the staff! Thank you, and thank you again.

    My favorite individual instance of the cute has to be the sea otters holding hands.

    But even better than the sea otters holding hands: you introduced me to Maru. Again, much thanks.


  647. Owh nooo! it’s so sad that this has to happened =( We really wish that Cuteoverload could continue to share all the amazing awesome cuteness. This my favourite and most visited site almost everyday. I almost wanted share a cute photo of my little dog but I couldn’t anymore now.

    Thanks for all the effort and wonders. Wished there’s something else that can help to still sustain the site though =( All the best to everyone in the team. We will misss you greatly~!


  648. I can’t bear it! I’ve followed you from conception. Thank you from over the big pond for 10 WONDERFUL years!
    I keep suddenly remembering that you’ve gone and it’s like a knife in my heart! I have no single fave, but anything his roundness, Maru I have especially loved. Will miss CO so VERY much and again, thank you xx

  649. Rocket J Squirrel says:

    Let’s start a petition for President Obama to issue an executive order to fund CO!

  650. beemoused says:

    Folks, when one door closes, another opens….please take a peek at NTMTOM’s site at You’ll find many old friends there and very likely new ones. There is still much cute in the world and you can find some of it here.

  651. there’s too many favorite posts! awww i’m sad but happy for you all.

  652. So sorry to see you go, but I totally understand that sometimes things just change. I really love the site and I have been checking it at least once weekly for years now. It is such a great pick-me-up and a positive way to brighten my day. There’s so much negativity in the world this was like a breath of fresh air. You’ll be missed, thanks for everything!

  653. I don’t know how to do the linky thing…..but my faves were the island ponies with their Fair Isle knit sweateuws…. And the sheepdogs at the McDonalds counter celebrating one of their birthdays. Those smiles will last forever, as will my heart’s gratitude for this little corner of joy for us all. Yes, I join in the sad…..but Meg has other joys filling her life now & we mustn’t be selfish…. We will just have to look a little harder. I almost never left comments, but just the same I felt part of the community and hope to see you all in the Internet world again. Blessings, love, and thanks to all…..

  654. Lover of Gerbils says:

    I’m so sad! It would have been perfectly cool to do a indiegogo or similar (not kickstarter – they don’t pay out when the whole amount isn’t donated). Along with all the cute I’ve loved the colors!!!!1!!1! Guess I’m a visual person haha but enough rambling. Thank you for the memories. So very sad to see something I thought would always be here… go. 😦

  655. Animallover says:

    Tears, sniff, I need a tissue

  656. You have been a part of my daily routine for many years. Your blog has started my day with a smile. I have enjoyed all posts especially those with Corgis. Good luck to you and thank you so much.

  657. I keep coming back to check whether CO has resumed posts…How will I otherwise know what Maru and Magilla Glub Glub are up to? How will I get my fill of quokkas? What about ratties on Mondays? I can’t believe that the sole reason the Internets exist for me is now gone…What am I supposed to do with this thing now? Where will I get my qte?

  658. Grace Hwang says:

    I am devastated.

  659. I tried to post earlier in the week, but I guess my browser was cranky . . . Anyway, I want to add my sincerest thanks to Meg and everyone who contributed to CO over the last ten years. This week has been hard to get through. I have come to depend, as others have said, on CO as a kind of antidote to so much that is difficult, ugly, and incomprehensible in our world. I always felt an instant, internal “lift” at the chance to be reminded of the sweetness and kindness of other “hoomins” and the everlasting beautiful innocence of animals. Thank you again. I hope the archives stay “up” and that some other enterprising person can take up the gauntlet of CO’s mission in some other place.

  660. libraryjade says:

    I work at a public library at the adult library reference desk, and for many years the bright spot in my week has been doing lunch breaks for the children’s librarian. The first thing I do is fire up CO on the computer, since it’s the kids library, and because of Teh Qte, and always leave it up on the screen when I leave. It’s gotten us through some rough times, when being able to smile and say “Awww” was the most healing thing I could offer to a coworker dealing with a loss or health problem. And I ALWAYS appreciated the break from the grown-up stuffs, and learning about bebeh goats, and Maru, and all the Rules of Cuteness. And THANK YOU for the hovertext – I’m disappointed when I go to other sites and there are no secret messages waiting for me. Best wishes, and I’ll send hopeful thoughts to the gods of Qte to see you all in the future.

  661. Dear Meg, you forgot one thing. To credit yourself. YOU were by far, far, far the most original, creative and inspirational of all. You are the Shakespeare of Teh Cute. All of your posts are my favorites.
    The CO Peeps will always be the best! Their camaraderie and cleverness, all held together by the genius of Theo’s watchful wit.
    Best wishes to Brinke, where ever you go. Best wishes to NOMTOM in your new site.
    Huge Thank Yous to all for the great memories. Squee!
    Have fun, me Hearties! Yarrr.

  662. Favorite post: Moses and Cheeps! ❤ CO, you will be missed!

  663. This is very sad news indeed.. Very sorry to see you go. Your site will be missed dearly… So much good content and cuteness over the years… Maybe you will come back, there is always hope.. All the best though, as that is what you have given us over the years!!!!

  664. denvercat says:

    Oh no!!!!!!! How will I survive work? This site is how I found Maru and The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, ….speaking of which, my favorite post was the picture of one of your former staffers in military uniform covered with itty bitty kitties. I’M HEARTBROKEN.

  665. denvercat says:

    You’re closing down just when scientific data PROVED watching cute cat videos INCREASES productivity. Come back or risk sending the American economy into another tailspin!!!!!! (Because, hey, what else to we do all day at work but watch your super cute clips.)

  666. Katharine says:

    Noooo! I am now in mourning of my favorite website.
    I must have been following this site for the majority of the last 10 years.
    Favorites: MARU, wombats, hamsters, rats its monday, ‘tocktober!
    Oh man, I am so sad to see you go.
    CO will be missed!!!!

  667. Alan! Alan! Alan!

  668. If it’s true that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only changed in form, you are responsible for an unimaginably large amount of positive energy in this world. Thank you for years of sweetness and light. If you ever consider doing this again, I will be among those who will cheerfully subscribe for actual dollars.

  669. Thank you for letting me share my story about going to Bunny Island. Sharing it with the C.O. community was wonderful! I will miss this place.

  670. I came home, went to my computer, and opened CO expecting new cutes. Then I realize it is no more. 😦 I wanna cry a little now.

  671. Anything with his royal girthness, slothiness, interspecies snorggling, quokkas and of course kitties. Those were my faves. Will miss CO so much. All the best to you guys ❤

  672. I’ve been trying to leave a comment since your last day, but haven’t been able to get through it without sobbing–I’m not kidding either. You have provided so much joy to me and I will always be grateful for that. My favorite post is the little mouse trying to get the big cracker up and over an obstacle. She tries over and over from different angles, briefly gives up and goes away then comes back to successfully steal that cracker! That mouse humbled me and I’ve watched her a hundred times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you all the best in life and I’m hoping that includes coming back someday. Much love to all of you!

  673. Blennerhassett says:

    Bunday will never be the same…

  674. I’m heartbroken. I keep opening the site every day and reading your last post. The world is sadder and lonelier without you…

  675. The world is a sadder, lonelier place without you. I keep opening your website and reading your last post.

  676. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    I commented before, but I never mentioned my favorite thing: the polls that forever had wombats as one choice. Thank you for those.
    I will go on and continue to be a little bit sad now because this first Bunday will be hard without CO.

  677. Comment 400 – Such a lovely round number for such a sad comment stream. It’s always so hard to let things change, which they will. Thank you for a wonderful 10 years and I wish you years of goodness.

  678. Meny fanks fur awl teh Cutes! My favs are still the Hover Cats of all kinds, but most fun was seeing pictures CO had shown me first appear elsewhere days later. You had my ❤ furst and awl-ways and will be mist!1!

  679. Thank you so much for your sweet and beautiful website! It was a daily joy for me in the midst of too much bad news in the world. I always looked at it before bed for sweet dreams. 🙂 I’m so sad to see cuteoverload go and I would pay for a subscription if it comes back in the future. When I saw this last week I cried – I knew I loved it but I had no idea I would feel such a loss with it being done. You had a big positive impact! Thanks.

  680. THANK YOU for a wonderful few years. Your site was ALWAYS my go-to when I was sad or needed a pick me up! Good luck with your future adventures!! All the best from your loyal fans!! xoxo SH in LA

  681. I am going through CO withdrawal, I have no reason to sit at the computer and enjoy breakfast anymore. CO was the only site that spread happiness and cute all in one space. I wish may thanks to Meg and all the contributors, there has to be a way to bring the Cute back online !!!!! When everything was bad in my day, I knew I could look at CO and laugh and smile for a few minutes. I think you saved my life many times !!!!!!

  682. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Heya Meg, It took me a good long week to write this as I am still sore with you. But truly, outstandingly, respectfully, you are a hero to me. Keep on keeping on being a strong, brilliant, out-of-the-park funny, so funny, woman. Be well. Annnnd, cuz there are sooo many memorable posts– Brinke, Theo, you Meg!! Well, I have to choose one and so today I cracked a joke which I without shame stole from this NTMTOM post- I humbly offer this:

  683. I keep checking back to see if it is a hoax or if you’ve changed your mind after the outpouring of love…nope. Children ruin everything. Dialing therapist in 3, 2, 1….

  684. Several years ago I was battling depression pretty hard. Life had really lost its joy and I was in a dark place. When I was starting to feel bad I would come to this site and just look around and it never failed to make me feel better. Thanks for everything for so many years and bringing just a little joy back to the world!
    P.s. I’m much better now!

  685. You are shutting down 😦
    Thank you all for running the site for all of these years.
    The chuckles and feelings of joy from this site have resulted in many a calmed bedtime.
    I’m truly sorry to see it go. But I understand.
    Thank you SO much.

  686. crashnandicoot says:

    Bunday. Sneef.


  688. i feel empty. this morning was a typical crappy monday and I went to CO to start my day and was shocked. thanks for all the good memories. im sure we’ll see you again. good luck to you all.

  689. Rats it’s Monday! I keep coming back to check whether CO has resumed posts…How will I otherwise know what Maru and Magilla Glub Glub are up to? How will I get my fill of quokkas? I can’t believe that the sole reason the Internets exist for me is now gone…What am I supposed to do with this thing now? Where will I get my qte?

  690. My girlfriend and I bonded over this site. Good luck with everything.

  691. I’m only reading this today!… 😦 😥 I loved this site! Even though I was critical in most of my (few) posts, I came here to see positive pictures/stories of cute animals! Such a shame CO is closing down, but it makes sense I guess. The 18th of January is my birthday, so I don’t know, I’ll take this as a good omen! 😀 You’ve done a great job! Thank you. ☼

  692. crashnandicoot says:

    ok, I have to keep checking back, because what if it comes back and I’m not checking? How would I know?!

  693. So sorry to see you go, it was a great relief to look at your website during the day. No bad news, only sweet cute anipals.You will be missed.::sigh::

  694. I keep checking back, too. 😦

  695. Violet Greenswallow says:

    I just wanted to know how appreciative I am for the work you did on this site. Cute Overload got me through 5 months of chemotherapy. Seriously, you really did. Thank you!

  696. Sneaky and Frodo are the cutest says:

    You didn’t post the pictures I sent of my cat Sneaky or the video of my puppy attacking the toy monkey. They were way cuter than some stuff on here. Good riddance. Take your fascination with butts with you.

  697. Ditto Julie…I also keep checking back…hoping Meg, et. al. will have pity on us and find a way to have the Qte come back. The void is awful. I do have a life, but CO was always so uplifting!! Maybe they’re not reading our comments because they know they couldn’t take it. I’m still hoping for a miracle…how’s that for a positive attitude?!? Meg? Hello?

  698. OMG whaaaaaaaa??? So sad. CO was a little dose of joy and fun in the midst of “adult” life. Thanks for the smiles. Won’t forget you…

  699. Who will be bringing the blorp now? WHO????

  700. I walk dogs at AnimalHumane and frequently tell them about the cuteness of your creation. They listen attentively and look at the posts and wish they were cute enough – they all were. Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors, will miss you so much, hugs and thank you for bringing such priceless attention to the best critters on the planet. VERY WELL DONE!

  701. Oh crap! I sat down to do my taxes, pulled up cute overload to help me get through it and….now I may not be able to do my taxes. Thanks for many years of wonderful fun!

  702. OMG, now it’s my 4th comment here. I think I finally have one: “Where’s Bea?!”

    Please come back. I’ll paaaay!

  703. For those who are not aware of this, NTMTOM has a site that helps fill the void and ease the pain of this loss.

  704. Thank you so much for all the years for cute and introducing me to Marty Mouse and the crew over at the Mouse house! Because of you, I’ve had the best couple of years making hats for the gang and chatting with MM. So thank you! I hope you come back soon!

  705. Thank you so much for all the years for cute and introducing me to Marty Mouse and the crew over at the Mouse house! Because of you, I’ve had the best couple of years making hats for the gang and chatting with MM. So thank you! I hope you come back soon!

  706. Thank you CO for all the smiles and laughs 🙂

  707. Stinky-Inky. says:

    So sorry to see you go. Thank you for bringing so much joy into the world. I will miss you.

  708. Ermahgerd – I am still in disbelief about no more CO multiple times per day…sigh.
    Who here immediately thought of all of the cute hedgies on CO when hearing the story about hedgehogs on NPR this morning?

  709. Fake! Totally ‘shopped!!

  710. thank you. i will miss you.

  711. I still have CO bookmarked on all of the computers i use. I still click the bookmark button immediately after opening the browser. It’s difficult to believe that CO has shut down for financial reasons without even attempting a pay for service model. That’s why i’m certain it’ll be back, somewhere, at some point.

  712. I can’t begin to explain the weight that just entered my heart as I read this last post. Yeah, I get that many people find it hard to take cute things seriously sometimes because we just smile and giggle when we see them. But there is a very real and very important service provided here. Like the oxygen that trees provide. It’s value is intrinsic and unquantifiable. The opposite of smiles and giggles is what? It’s dark and it’s the reason I love this website so much. It brings me and many many other people out of the dark places our minds often find themselves. Thank you so so so so so so so so so very very very much for all the times you’ve rescued me.
    BTW.. I would totally pay to subscribe to this service. just sayin.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  713. So sad! Everything that NTMTOM ever posted EVER!!! Love the CO and hope you do make it back someday!! Thanks, Meg!!

  714. loribelle1 says:

    I rarely posted, but loved this site and all the witty hovertext and poster comments. My vocabulary has been changed forever (toebeans, baroo, blorpitude, ehn!, cataloons, to name a few). I hope the calendars will continue. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE JOY AND WIT FOR ALL THESE YEARS!

  715. I’m am the type of person who will usually skip over a long letter. But, after seeing the same post for a few days, I finally read this terrible news!! I cannot believe there is no more Cute Overload. I’m truly in shock! Every time I came to the website, I kept thinking the big boss was on vacation or something like that.

    You were my to-go-website when I was sitting in my boring lectures while in undergrad. I’m going to miss all the cute pictures. Best of luck in the future endeavors. Thanks for giving a thousands of fans smiles for all these years. You did good and your absence will be felt.

    Carolina (Sofi and Bailey’s mom)

  716. I am utterly bereft. I haven’t commented in ages, but have been a fan the entire ten years. I am losing a beloved…that what it feels like. I always loved any disapproving rabbit, and Theo’s comments, and …well, everything. Meg et al, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  717. This is so utterly sad! I’ve been visiting this site since almost the very beginning, and whenever I’ve been in a bad mood or needed some cheering up, this was the FIRST place I turned! Thank you so much for a fantastic 10 years, but I have no idea what I’m going to do without this site to cheer me up. Every post brought a smile to my face, especially some of the adorable bunnies and puppies. Thanks for publishing one of my posts when I photographed a cool moth who came and chilled on my kindle for a while during a tennis match. This site will be GREATLY missed!!

  718. Never thought this would end. I feel a chapter of life is now closed. I am glad my pup made it to your site on April 1, 2015. That had to be my favorite unbiased post I still have 2 Cute Over Load bumper stickers on my car. They are such high quality stickers. It’s been 8 years or something, and they have only faded slightly.

  719. Favorite posts: and – or really, anything with Corgis and pups with short legs. And my favorite word: muzzlepouches. I need to use that more often. Thank you for all the giggles and smiles. CuteOverload really is the best of the best.

  720. It’s hard to believe, so sad to know I won’t be able to see updates on Cute Overload any longer!
    I didn’t write comments so often, but I really enjoyed cute staff, esp. bunnies and kitties.
    Will it be closing soon? I hope not.

  721. This site has gotten me through some very difficult times in my life. That seems trivial, but it’s true. It was a shock to read that CO is shutting down, but I understand that life happens and we all need to move on. Take care everyone and God speed. much love Carmi

  722. Meg, I was introduced to Cute Overload about 7 years ago and I immediately fell in love – with both the cute photos you chose and with your writing style. You are a fabulous witty writer and have such a wonderful perspective. I hope you use your writing talents in your next phase. Is there any way to archive the site so that we can peruse it in the weeks/months to come in order to get our fix? Thank you for so much joy you brought to the world!

  723. My previous comment was the day CO shut down, but I continue to check back, ya know, just in case matters have changed. I am proud to be or have been a member of this great community and wish I had been a better “poster”. I resolved today to remember every single Rule of Cuteness and every tewtelly awesome vocab word associated with CO. So, you know I had to print it out, cause my mind is like swiss cheese.
    Thank you again Meg and team for all your hard work!

  724. I haven’t read through all these comments so please forgive me if this has already been covered, but can we start a paid membership program? I’d be willing to pay into a CO membership program-can we start a GoFundMe or something?

    Please, please, pleae is there anything we can do to keep CO?

  725. C.O: Always know that the efforts you have made over the last decade have been appreciated by many people. And by many, I mean eleventy-billion. I have visited your site daily since the beginning to break away from pissy work issues, mean bosses, good bosses, co-workers, rainy days and sunny days. You have posted my kiddos up for all to enjoy and make me feel like a dog mom celebrity for a day. This is where I text / call / email every person I know to show them one of my dogs on your site. Thank you for creating a positive break in all of our days. Best of luck and I will never forget you guys!
    -Adrianne Munson

  726. I am really sad to see CO go! It kept me going through grad school and always brought a smile to my face. The 365 calendar was a staple in my desk. Thanks for all the great moments and for the hilarious captions. It has been an amazing run! Thanks for all your work and for bringing cuteness to the world for so long!

  727. our long, national squee is over…

  728. Vero Garcia (México) says:

    I always ended up with a huge smile by coming here … I’m going to miss! One of my many favorite moments … the video dog lying down the stairs =} Hopefully you back soon

  729. Dear wonderful people and animals of CuteOverload,
    Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have given me and my friend Lauren the last ten years. It all started when we were living together in a sorority house going to business school. We would sneak into the “office” to use the computer and look and laugh at all of the wonderful posts on cuteoverload. Our moods would go up and our stress levels would go down. This cuteoverload therapy continued beyond graduation, through jobs, law school, and now working as attorneys (pro BONEo if it involves something adorable). We love you and believe that cuteoverload truly saved us from any sad times or stress. I even picked out my dog, Littlefoot the frenchie (@Littlefoot_the_Frenchie) based on adorable posts I read on CO. Words can really not express our gratitude. Thank you! Here’s to you!

  730. I had no idea this was coming. I am still in shock! This makes me so sad! 😦

  731. Katherine Butt says:

    Meg and CO team, thank you so much for all you’ve given me! You’ve started my days with smiles and positive thoughts for 10 years. You’ve been the best therapy I could ever ask for! I wish you the best and will love you always.

  732. Katharine says:

    Thank you Meg, for bringing so much joy. I’ve been with you the whole way and had the honor of having you post a few snaps of my pets. Your blog kept me company during some difficult times of my life- so I am extremely grateful to you forever. Best of luck in the future!

  733. The post you did for my husband and I (and our pup, Martie) on our wedding day truly meant the world to us! We are both so sad the site is shutting down 😦 It is my favorite site and always brightens my day. Here is our favorite post commemorating the best day of our lives:

  734. Thank you, Meg, it’s been a wonderful road to have traveled. Peeps realize now that pursuit of the Qte depends on each and every one of us. The world has been awakened to the necessity, now we must live it!

  735. D’aw… I keep coming back hoping things have changed. Alas, I still have a very big sad.

  736. Shoshannah says:

    This was a sad surprise to start the day with, even though it sounds like change was necessary and good for the Cuteness Providers. Thank you to Meg and the C.O. crew for the years of smiles and laughs and shares. There may be Buzzfeed and whatever other cute-collectors exist out there but they do not have the same kind of humor and spirit that C.O. has.As to picking a favorite post, so hard to pick just one. I must now take a few moments to adjust to the news.

  737. Fleurdamour says:

    I referenced my favorite CO post above, but I just realized I am supposed to post a link to it. Apparently I cannot follow directions. Here it is – I submit a NOMTOM classic “Cuddles the Wonder Horse!”

  738. CritterMama says:

    Life has been a little less sunny since your last post. I, too, keep checking to see if there are any new developments.

    It isn’t my all-time favorite because it’s impossible to limit the posts that I’ve enjoyed over the years to just a few but I was SO excited when my kitties made the cut:

  739. Thank you so much, Cute Overload! I ADORED this website; it brought me years of laughter and heart-tugs!

  740. crashnandicoot says:

    We need a Go-Fund-Meg! Bah, how cute is that?! Meg, please give us a tiny tidbit of hope. Just a smidgen.

  741. Thank YOU for all the cuteness. I have so loved seeing all the kitties (and other animules too) here over the years. My favorites? (1) When my best buddy Theo appeared: . I emailed everybody I knew! (2) This Japanese grandma with her cat: . Maybe the best pictures I’ve ever seen showing the love between human and feline.

    I come here just about every day to get my daily dose of QTE.
    I will truly miss this site, and the humor, sweetness, and wonder that it brought into my life.
    A site that I found that tickles a bit of the itch is , but nothing will ever truly equal C.O.
    Thank you all for everything you have given/shared with all of us.
    You will truly be missed.

  743. Diane in Los Angeles says:

    I will miss da cute as displayed here. Can’t pick one favorite out of thousands of great cute moments–too many to choose from. I’ve probably made more visits to CuteOverload than any other web site save the WELL since I discovered you back in 2005.

  744. Many, MANY thanks for the years of cuteness that’s always perfectly balanced with just enough snark to keep my back teeth from aching. You and the legions of cuteporters saw me through the aches and pains of grad school and questionable employers, the squeees with family and friends, and the ‘omg, that cannot be REAL’ similar to this post: (It’s been my phone wallpaper since 2010. squee!) You will be missed. Please come back.

  745. Please come back, I miss daily cutes 😦

  746. Fleurdamour says:
  747. What sad news!!!! I always loved the CO calendars. Thanks for running the site as long as you did. At least I can still follow all the adorabuhl amnimals you introduced us to on Facebook and Instagram!

  748. ONESADPUPPY says:

    This is the only place I come to to get away from whats going on in this world these day. You and your page will be surely missed.

  749. Any way to transfer the rights of the site to someone that can continue the site?

  750. Cute Overload = Love Overload. Divinely inspired, incandescently funny, endearingly shared, immensely appreciated, ridiculously admired, fiercely original, surprisingly fresh, uncommonly blessed are all the hearts and souls graced by it. Thank you forever and if a new form emerges, allow the revenues to flow freely in that direction. If you build it, we will pay.

  751. Thank you so much for all the joy you brought into our lives. I can’t tell you how much you will be missed. God bless you all in whatever you choose to do.

  752. “My Nintendog is named ‘Pants.'” To this day, I want a dog named Pants, which is going to be a real challenge since we adopt rescue dogs and keep the names they come with.

  753. I’ve been feeling really crap recently and just thought “There is good in the world, I’ll go and look at Cute Overload and remind myself of that…” and saw this message. Feels like it sums up my life at the moment…. I’ll miss you guys.

  754. One of my all-time favorites is Oliver Donovan. Here is his first appearance:

  755. And of course Ol’ Green Eyes, Magilla Glub Glub. Here he is having a meatball eating contest:

  756. I hope you come back some day! I will miss you so much. Thank you so much for a decade of Teh Qte. It’s been wonderful.

  757. Dr. Badass says:

    Dear Advertisers, I’ll give you all of my money to keep CO going!, I found you through C.O. and now you take half my paycheck! I donate to the for Christmas and bought a lunch for an elephant because they told me too! CO introduced me to and Shut up and take my money!

  758. Dr. Badass says:
  759. Jamie Tyus says:

    Thank you, C.O. administrators, for giving me happy distractions while I’ve been sick and in pain these past 10 years. You helped me more than you could ever know.

  760. I keep coming back 😥 Do we know yet when or if the site will be permanently removed?

  761. crashnandicoot says:

    PERMANENTLY REMOVED? Terribles! It can’t be. Please say it isn’t so.

  762. Oh, I’m so sad to lose you Cute Overload. You really have given me a lot of happiness throughout the years. You are one of the sites I open every morning. Thank you very much for your site and your time. Smudge is my cat, by the way. He’ll miss your site, too.

  763. @crashnandicoot… I hope not. I haven’t heard anyone say so… I just don’t know how long Cute Labs might continue to pay the hosting costs. I would love the site to stay available, even if there can’t be any more new posts – but I have been going through and saving pages like a madwoman, just in case it does disappear.

  764. Oh man I don’t even want to think about the site going away. I’d subscribe just to keep all the old pages available.

  765. Best wishes – so sorry to see you go. The cute pictures never failed to put a smile on my face!

  766. Ok, This is the eighth time since January 18th I’ve checked CO’s website, just “in case”. I’m coming out of denial. I know that change is good, and we must move on. And that we loved/were loved by CO for a decade, and it is better to have loved than not. [sigh] I, too, and frantically downloading all my fave posts, as I remember them. (This does involve post-its on my nightstand.) Thank you again to the peeps that made CO possible. The result was greater than the sum of the parts, you know; you were like the Beatles, where 2+2 = 5. Miss you.

  767. I still miss you. I can’t find anything that comes anywhere near filling the space you left.

  768. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Wow…’s dark down here in the Mod Lounge. Still a lot of stuff lying around, albeit with a few cobwebs. Yikes, those leftover snacks aren’t looking too good…oh, look, Sharpy’s actual Sharpee…or is it a Shar Pei? Oh, good, it’s not the latter. Hah, I see pudding, waiting to be flung. And old Comments awaiting moderation…look, there’s one from FIrd BIrfle when she was still Fird BIrfle. And popcorn for watching Commentroversies. And thank God, I found the defibramjiggythingy. We may not need it anymore for the positively diabetic sweetness overloads we suffered, but we might need it now for the sads. Let’s hold on to that. Well, time to get outta here…uh…how DO you get outta here? Sharpy? SHARPY! Hellllp!

  769. I keep coming back every day…just in case

  770. crashnandicoot says:

    I was pretty sure there would be a new post for the groundhog. Does the groundhog see his/her shadow if there isn’t a Cuteoverload post about it??! I don’t think so!

  771. Just a thought, now that I’m coming to terms that this isn’t a joke.. if there is any expense in just keeping the site up (and I know NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING TECHNICAL, ESPECIALLY COMPUTERS), but so we can just come back and look at the pictures, refer to the glossary (essential!) and stuff – MEG! Just let us know how much that costs! Maybe it’s free, but if you have to pay someone just to keep the site up and so we can click on stuff and see it, just post here the cost and I’ll bet we can cover the annual expenses!

    Still depressed… mornings will never be the same…

  772. My daughter is now 5, and she’s grown up on CuteOverload! She even learned all of her animals on this site, including being introduced to peacock spiders. I haz a sad right now. This site is such a huge part of my daughter’s (and now son’s) life. We will miss you and all of the fun times we had looking at the adorably cute animals and watching all of the fun animal hijinks. Take care, and thanks for all of the laughs and cute comas!

  773. Thank you Meg and the team for all the years of laughter and cuteness. You carried me through so many dark days and gave me hope for the universe when nothing else could. I feel lucky to have been a part of this amazing phenomenon. Thank you!!!

  774. Please come back 😦

  775. I’d like to know you better! It always make me sad when somebody quits for good D:

  776. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    Ah say, Ah say, uh…Ah may be just a simple country lawyer chicken, but Ah wish we could harness all this love and energy to keep things ah-going. Ah know how much this uh here site means to me. Ah’m hopin’ an wishun’ someone will take it off our fair Meg’s hands to give the gal a break! Sure as a chicken hawk looks for a chicken, there must be a way forward, ya see?

  777. While I obviously favor the post of my poly-polydactyl kitty, Tilli (, the other post I look for the most often is Otter Patter (, the one that convinced me that Not that Mike the Other Mike must be an English major. (Amiright?)

    I will miss checking this site multiple times daily for chuckles and smiles and comfort in this crazy, crazy world. Thank you for the decade of cute!

  778. Ms. Kitty's mon says:

    STELLA! STELLA! This sucks.

  779. Well this is certainly my least favorite post. Grrrr 😦 All Teddy the porcupine posts were my favorite! Like others, I don’t know how I will survive a life of cuteunderload. Missing it already….thank you for everything and best of luck!

  780. I’m late in answering because I was still in mourning.
    Thank you Meg for my daily dose of cuteness.
    Through this site I got to know (and love!!!1!) Maru, Simon’s Cat and Maymo & Penny.

    My favourite posts were the naked wombat
    the beautiful pictures of polar bears
    and the wimpy but powerful goat (can’t seem to find it on CO anymore) (come on give it all you got)

    And if you ever decide to come back… you’re still in my favourites you know!

  781. Post #783 won’t get through…

  782. #784 then.

    I’m late in answering because I was still in mourning.
    Thank you Meg for my daily dose of cuteness.
    Through this site I got to know (and love!!!1!) Maru, Simon’s Cat and Maymo & Penny.

    My favourite posts were the naked wombat
    the beautiful pictures of polar bears
    and the wimpy but powerful goat (can’t seem to find it on CO anymore) (come on give it all you got)

    And I became a huge fan of by finding the live cam on here.

    And if you ever decide to come back… you’re still in my favourites you know!

  783. Gonna miss my daily dose of cute!
    Thanks for making Teddy famous!

  784. Emo Bun is not surprised. Emo Bun knows life is not fair. But now Emo Bun actually has a good reason for shutting the door to his room and playing Radio Head all day.

  785. It’s sad to see you go, even though I understand why you’re going… hopefully you’ll at least post on the Facebook page now and then 🙂

  786. crashnandicoot says:

    Having a Very Bad Day, going back to the archives to sooth my feathers. Any small byte of cute will help.

  787. Why not charge us a membership for Cute Overload??? Many of us would pay you for a smile a day!! PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!

  788. Sandra W. says:


  789. I’ve been a silent follower the entire time you’ve been running this site. I’m sad to see you go and I have been coming back weekly since that ominous post, just to check to see if you’ve changed your mind. I hope someday you do, you brought smiles around the globe and we need more smiles in this world. Know that you’ve all made a positive impact on more people than you know. I’ll keep checking back….positive thoughts, right?

  790. So sad to see you go! I used to check CO every morning while I drank my coffee. It helped me feel ready for the day. Everyone here was also really supportive when one of my dogs developed cancer. I’ll miss the awesome people and lame puns. Best to all of you!

  791. Curly Grrrrl says:

    Adored your site (and page a day calendars) for many, many years. My DH and I to this day speak in QTE (toebeans, OMG Poneez, Disapproving everything, and so much more) Thank you for the wit and charm that is Cute Overload. My favorite post has to be my own Bob the Cat, Mr. Nosevember #12

  792. The withdrawal is getting pretty bad; other cute sites just don’t have the same kick. I really miss this place! 😦

  793. So sad to see you go. I was visiting you site looking at the adorable cuteness daily on my lunch break. I have a cute overload desk calendar! Will you still produce those!!

  794. Keep checking back in….

  795. You brought so much joy to so many people’s lives. In small moments, in long surfing extents.
    If happiness were a currency, you’d be right up there.
    Sadly, the world runs on money. We people without much moolah adore you the most – but sadly, we just could not do enough.
    But you did. You were one of us.
    All the best.

  796. crashnandicoot says:

    me too. still lurking about. I wonder if the moderation lounge is still open?

  797. i keep hoping for a miracle resurection!

  798. Loved all the bats….the rats………and the puddy tats…….and all the other creatures great and small. No other site has the potential for adding so much positive cheer and influence as yours. I’m another one who would gladly pay a membership to help keep it going….. even for one smile a day. Keep hoping you’ll find a way. Thanks for all the smiles and help.

  799. Still visiting frequently, still hoping this was just a mistake. As others have stated, I would be happy to pay a fee if that would enable the site to continue. Please do come back, we need you!

  800. grytlappar says:

    I always thought it was good fun when Meg would post a pic of a baby (“Pa-sickie”… ), and the x-storm that would follow… Moms who love babies; angry posters who “didn’t come here to see gross babies” and weren’t coming back, “Sayonara!”responses, the indignant “Meg can post anything she wants” Good fun. 🙂

  801. Still desperately sad that you have gone. The snoring dormouse is the one that cracks me up the most. My husband says it looks like me :-)))))

  802. crashnandicoot says:

    surely there will be a Valentine’s Day Miracle!

  803. kittykat416 says:

    Thank you Cute Overload for bringing 10 years of cute! And teaching me the brilliance of hovertext. Some favourites: 1. Theo’s visit to the zoo – (something about the “Hey, are those Dippin’ Dots that kid has?” has always tickled my funnybone) 2. Worlds collide: Theo visits the IBKC! (and being pleasantly surprised to find out just how handsome Theo is!) 3. The dreaded fearsome ninja gets spaghetti caught in his mouth – (I can’t get over his awkward ‘smile’ in the second photo!) 4. How to carry your baby red panda, in 5 easy steps! – (remember, try not to swing the baby from side to side, it’s bad form).

    Thanks to CO, ‘baroo’ is now part of my lexicon when speaking to animals. And courtesy of my favourite commentroversy (I wish I could find it!), I will forever think that “WTF” means What Tremendous Fortuitousness!

  804. I still visit everyday, hoping for a miracle….

  805. Hi

    OMG ! I remember when this website started back in 2006 – it had the coolest and cutest stuff – It would be amazing if you kept in going for another 10 years !

    God bless

    – Joseph

  806. I can’t help but feel it’s my fault for not buying more calendars. Exit stage right. 😦

  807. Heleen - Holland says:

    We have quite recently welcomed two kids as well, and after months of being away, I just found this message on my homepage (yes, CO is my homepage, and has been for a long time). It makes me sad, but the fact that I haven’t been able to check in on my desktop for months, is the same reason that I totally get why you chose to stop CO.
    Love your kids, enjoy the time you have with them, because they grow so fast (faster than all the other kids, or so it seems ;-)). So play with them, spend the extra time you have now with them, and accidentally show them a CO-page. I am sure they love it, as do my kids. I wish you all the best and all the luck. You made our lives just a little bit lighter, every once in a while.
    Gosh, I’m so going to miss you.

  808. Hello from Paris says:

    Still not back online?
    *cry* *cry* *cry* 😦

  809. I’ve loved Cute Overload for so many years. Sad to read about this. But, this one line from a song comes to my mind, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” May this be a new beginning in your lives.

  810. Still returning, still waving my money in hopes you’ll reopen CO as a pay site.

  811. kittykat416 says:

    Oh noes! My comment from days ago go trapped in the mod lounge! And I had included my favourite links!

  812. @kittykat416 There’s snacks in there, I think! S’mores & nachos & beverages of anykind! 🙂

  813. I Loved the Marty the rat pic and Bentley side-eye action and “The Professor” pic that had the dog with a speech impediment and an extreme overbite. Oh and anything with babies! There was a ton of other cute things but this stuff comes to mind immediately.

  814. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who still checks.

  815. Goodbye best blog in the cutie-verse! Thank you!
    I always, ALWAYS loved the hover text. ❤

  816. me still checks too 🙂

  817. Still checking back…hoping for a miracle…..
    NTMTOM is doing great work over at his site…..

  818. CO is still one the default tabs when I fire up my browser every day. I keep hoping at some point I’ll see a different result and it is back. All the Cuteologists at Cute Labs deserve lives outside the internet don’t get me wrong, I just miss the little boost I got every morning. Sincere thanks for all the time and effort making CO happen!

  819. I also keep on checking – not as often though 😦

  820. *sigh* checking in again…

  821. JM, link please! Not sure you’ll see this gosh darn it. Anyone have the link for NTMTOM’s website? I’ve been looking for another good cute pick me up site… and so far nothing is up to the quality/sweetness this site had. Halp!

  822. A fond farewell to you and yours! I’m very sorry to see you go *sob* but I tewtellyunderstand it’s that time for you. My favorite posts are “Au naturale” near the start of Cute Overload, and the one with the dachshund on the beach with the ears waving in the wind. Thanks for so many giggles, laughs and joy!

  823. Gracie's Mom says:

    Still checking back, hoping for a miracle. I loved everything with the “White Death is Upon Us” tag. Does anyone remember when we were counting the depth of snow in Corgis?

  824. kittykat416 says:


  825. kittykat416 says:

    Thank you Cute Overload for bringing 10 years of cute! And teaching me the brilliance of hovertext. Some favourites: 1. Theo’s visit to the zoo – (something about the “Hey, are those Dippin’ Dots that kid has?” has always tickled my funnybone) 2. Worlds collide: Theo visits the IBKC! (and being pleasantly surprised to find out just how handsome Theo is!) 3. The dreaded fearsome ninja gets spaghetti caught in his mouth – (I can’t get over his awkward ‘smile’ in the second photo!) 4. How to carry your baby red panda, in 5 easy steps! – (remember, try not to swing the baby from side to side, it’s bad form).

    Thanks to CO, ‘baroo’ is now part of my lexicon when speaking to animals. And courtesy of my favourite commentroversy (I wish I could find it!), I will forever think that “WTF” means What Tremendous Fortuitousness!

  826. kittykat416 says:

    Ugh… still stuck in the mod lounge…. And all the good snacks have been cleaned out….

  827. I’m a newcomer to Cuteoverload, but I want to thank you for the many months of entertainment. Nothing like a cute animal to brighten up a lousy day. All the best.

  828. Oh no!!!!! You always comfort me after a tough day. Today was especially tough, and now this. I am SO sad.

  829. I catch myself coming back here and then I remember that there are no new posts….(sob)