From the Ear Tuft Hall of Fame

All the way from Smörgasbörd Land, the Tuftiest Ear Tufts Of All!

Cutepörtér Catherine M. presents, “EuroNutkin. He comes to visit us in our backyard in Sweden. We leave noms out for him on the back step. As he sneaks up to the step, first we see his tail… then, his mighty ear tufts… and finally, his little nose and claw peek over the top of the step. Sometimes he stays to eat his noms, sometimes he quickly yoinks a nom and then bounds away… “



  1. Oceanview says:

    OK, lovely squirrel for sure, but being Swedish I feel compelled to point out it is spelled smörgåsbord, harrumph.

  2. Extensions. Or false earlashes.

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    I don’t know, but those European’s are always much more stylish.

  4. I would love to visit Sweden because that’s where my ancestors are from and because I hear it’s such a beautiful country. Now that I know that’s it also the land of supercute squirrels I have an added incentive to go!

  5. I’m so jealous – my squirrels don’t have ear tufts. 😦

    And I can’t wait to try to fit yoinks into a conversation today. 🙂

  6. edmundh says:

    “EuroNutkin” is a GREAT name for a squirrel!

  7. Shelley says:

    shouldn’t yoinks be yöinks?

  8. juliaringma says:

    Macadamia nuts, perhaps?

  9. Love, love, love. I may have to move to Sweden.

  10. fleurdamour says:

    He probably wonders how the people see him coming, not realizing his tufts are like a Jaws fin above the wooden step.

  11. Rachael says:

    Yoinks. *snicker*

  12. Scout C says:

    I am going to adopt “yoink a nom” as my new phrase instead of boring old “grab a snack.” If I can manage to say it with a Swedish accent, that would be so much the better.

  13. but how is it pronounced???

  14. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the Tuftiest Ear Tufts of all?”

  15. I think it’s pronounced as it’s written, except that the ö and o are long vowels.

  16. Nucleus says:

    Of course it’s pronounced as written 🙂 Isn’t every word? Ö = e as in “nerd”. Å = o as in “lord”.

  17. Catherine M. says:

    Hazelnuts, with the shells removed 🙂