Well, like, Baroo to you too

[Z-snap with paw]

Baroo action via Thursday Zen.


  1. What a bue-tee!


    hehe sorry, had to be done :)

  3. LMHO

  4. LMHO

  5. I think the Megster is suffering from lack of sleepness because both pics say “Baroo to the right.” :)

    On another note…. BOOP!!!!!!

  6. Also thinking one should say “Baroo to the left.” :-)

  7. Could be the viewer’s right! ;)

  8. (those ears look really soft…)

  9. tracylee, I am telling you this for your own good. Step away from those ears. You are very close to the edge now, yes, very close. Do not ask me how I know these things, just… Step away from the ears. Now. Before it is too late. No! Do not ask me too late for what?! You are better not to know… yes, it is better so. Ah, the ears never tell of the dangers ahead.

  10. but… but… lds… I wasn’t gonna do anything, I was just admiring them…

  11. Sigh.

  12. “baroo to the left, baroo to the right…” reminds me of this:

  13. As a pup-related thread-jack, here’s an update on Shoep, the arthritic dog that we read about a while ago:
    (have your kleenexes nearby)

  14. Oh, sweet Schoep! :cry:

  15. I think Schoep and his papa John should get the cover of the Men of C.O. calender

  16. I’d been having a “meh” day, but reading about Schoep and his dad has given me the strength to carry on.

  17. Yep, me too. What a wonderful, wonderful story!

    I sowwy you are having such a crummy day, skippymom. Hugs to you and yours from me and mine. ♥

    And I can’t believe nobody has mentioned it yet but… look at WHISKERS on this guy!!! Eyebrow and mouf whiskers both.

  18. Hi, Rachael, thanks. Not actually a bad day, though, just a I-don’t-really-feel-into-this-day day. Not to worry. A few more hours and I’ll be back with the kitties, and then everything is good.

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    Lovely puppeh although it’s actually the same photo in reverse .. check the background rug. He really only did baroo to the right, probably.

  20. questions to the left of me
    puzzles to the right
    here i am
    stuck in the middle

  21. clapclap

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    wolf whistles of approval

  23. Claps AND whistles! :-)

  24. I want to tickle his eye whiskers. Also, *smooch*


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