Scroll down for some sweet, heart-shaped, ‘tockular action:

Sender-Inner-Tock-tographer Michelle R. says that Beeker has the most adorable Corgi heinie. Roger that.



  1. Somebody’s going to think of a “fart” rhyme for this.

  2. I’m besmitten by the wee lad’s ‘tocks.

  3. My NAme is NOt BOb says:

    AWWWWWW!!!!! I ^,,^< (meow)

  4. My NAme is NOt BOb says:


  5. And on a Corgi!! That just amped up the cuteness by about a bajillion degrees!

  6. Where’s the poor guy’s tail? I can’t even find a nub!

  7. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    Scientific Inquiry: Is a “bajillion”, more than “elebenty”???


  8. Assman, baby, yeah!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Unbuttlievable! Just think, if we could find another puppy with similar markings, they could have heart-to-heart tocks!

  10. kibblenibble says:


    Never quite saw anything like it.

    *blinks again*

    Of course it’s a Corgi. Corgis are *made* of fluffular natural hilarity. They’re just funny!

  12. Wow–a great little back end and a fabulous name!

    It looks like Beeker didn’t quite get all the way in the bed before nap time struck.

  13. MisoSoup says:

    Hooray! Corgi butt!

  14. Princess of Insolence says:

    And elebenty bajillion is more than infinity.

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    I wish my butt was heart shaped although I’m glad it’s not furry. 😯

  16. BatBlaster says:

    Well that’s an interesting fur marking, and a bad pun too. cardioid shaped thing…

  17. baby birdie says:

    Ooooooookaaaaaaay? And why exactly is this on CO?

    There really should be a tag for ‘tocks.

  18. I like cute ‘tocks and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny.

  19. chanpon says:

    Oh my god, I’ll bet this little set of tocks DOES crap cute little ponies and rainbows! 😮

  20. Tock about leaving your heart behind…

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Great big WIN!

  22. puppy lumpkins says:

    I was feeling so very blue tonight. I thought,
    “What can I do to fix this? I know, I will go look at cuteoverload, that will fix my blue mood!” Sure enough, I find A) a corgi, B) a corgi with a heart on his sweet little corgi ‘tocks and C) a corgi named “Beeker” with a heart on his sweet little corgi ‘tocks.
    There’s no better therapy

  23. …..or heart a-tocks!

  24. 260Oakley says:

    …or love on the ‘tocks.

  25. Uh-huh… this is why, when I can afford to do so, I want my second dog (lab-mix Sassy’s future little sister) to be a corgi. Well, that, and I used to have a husky-corgi mix (corsky?) and she was pretty awesome. I’d never stop laughing between the two pups.

  26. Ha. Elebenty bajillion is my new favorite number!!

  27. Spec-TOCK-ular!

  28. If you turn it upside down it looks just like Jesus!

  29. 😀

  30. Katrina says:

    Ah, yes Corgi tocks- it is even cuter (in my humble opinion) with a tail. Just pure, unabashed bias. But thees ees so cuuuuuuute! Killer says “hi” to everyone!

  31. I have to say that corgi butt is my new obsession. But my father’s wife’s pet corgi doesn’t appreciate my taking pictures of his rumpus! Seriously…he hates cameras!

  32. This just goes to the Heart of the matter.

  33. Michelle R. says:

    He has a l’il tail stub – it’s just hard to see in this picture. We’d actually have liked him to have had his tail still but when we met him it was already gone. In fact, we had to look up online whether Corgi’s were supposed to have tails!! He’s the sweetest guy ever though – super fluffy and affectionate. He’s all heart you might say… LOL

  34. I love me some Corgi butt!!!

  35. (To the “Addams Family” tune)
    “The Corgi family started
    When Uncle Beeker Farted……….”

  36. Scout C says:

    Added bonus — at night in the dark, the little light heart shows up against the black fur on tricolored corgis so you can see them walking ahead of you. Most adorable!

  37. Milo Cold says:

    Corgi POWER!!!

  38. msminges says:

    Check out the website http://www.corgibutts.com! My sister’s corgi, Suki, has furnished my desktop wallpaper with plenty of spectockular photos.

  39. Michelle R. says:

    Correction: I don’t know for certain he had a regular tail to begin with – according to my research, the trait has been bred out of some Corgis. All I know is when we got him, he was stubbular and I luvs him no matter what!

  40. Michelle R. says:

    HEE! What a cool site!!! Thank you!

  41. Kymball says:

    Corgi Butts Drive me NUTS!