Bark Softly!

…and carry a big… bone?

Sender-Inner Jenny U. says that the owner of this pup is asking him to bark softer and softer… Check it:



  1. sweet!

  2. Marianne Hauger says:

    Wooeee, soft-bark! 🙂

  3. Adorable! Makes me miss the Shiba Inu puppycam.

  4. Cute! My sister’s husky does the same thing-when he gets down to ‘whisper’ his doggie lips move but hardly a sound come out.

  5. OMG that is so awesome!

  6. Too funny! What a smart pooch!

  7. Cute! My sister’s husky does the same thing-when he gets down to ‘whisper’ his doggie lips move but hardly a sound comes out.

  8. Oops, sorry for the double post, PCs acting wonky.

  9. that’s the best part when he totally mimes the last bark!

  10. Shibas are so smart! What a cutie 😀

  11. I want to teach my dog to do this… I wonder how???

  12. So that’s the dog whisperer? For some reason I had pictured something completely different.

  13. LOL, Kevin!

    Cute dog.

  14. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Now, let’s remember to use our “indoor bark” like Mommy told us.

  15. baby birdie says:


  16. Soooo cute.

  17. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    So sweeet! It is trying so hard too.

    My sister had a small dog that ALWAYS had to have the last word. I was sitting in the living room watching all of this take place (and laughing). My sister would say something to her dog and start to walk away, sure enough the dog would bark. She did this over and over and each time she would move further away and the dog’s bark became softer. Finally my sister made it all the way down the hall and into the bedroom and still the dog had to make a really soft bark just to get the last word. I, in the meantime, just laughed.

  18. kibblenibble says:

    Awww. With all of the evidence such as this, there are still those who doubt the intelligence of animals. A sweet story.

  19. Super cute.

    His name is cute, too. Mametarou, Mame for short. Mame is “bean” and often used to describe “tiny” as well. Perfect name for this cutie.

  20. awesome.

  21. Very cute.

    When I was a kid we had a mutt named Ringo who, when he needed to go out at night, would wake up one lucky person to get up and open the door. He knew, somehow, that he didn’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) wake the whole house. So he would stand next to the bed and whine–a very soft, high-pitched little whine: “Heeeeeee. Heeeeeee.” Then he’d lick his chops. It was that smacking noise that usually got you. But if it didn’t, and he got more desperate, he would finally stage whisper one bark: “Huff.”

  22. Well he doesn’t look that tiny but he sure is cute!

  23. Oh! “mame”. Like as in, “edamame”? …happens to be on my plate for dinner…

  24. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:

    but, but….my Mommy didn’t have an “indoor bark”, herself !!!!

  25. In my house this is know as “wuttering”, as in woof+muttering under one’s breath. My dachshund is a famous wutterer.

  26. my doggie does that too! lol except its more like a “barrooof”

  27. Adorable! It sounds like YOU were often the “lucky person” LOL

  28. yes like that. “edamame” is basically saing “eda-bean”

    Mame is an idiomatic phrase for tiny though I don’t know if the owner meant it when they named the puppy (quite possibly).

    I googled “mame shiba” and found this. Very Japanese. LOL.

  29. Sheepishkitty says:

    Wish I can teach my dog that, he really needs a new volume button, I think his stuck on high.

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh now that is just so cute and sweet! What a smart dog! That video made me smile. 🙂

  31. marthava says:

    That is precious.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    HOW do you train a dog to do this???

  33. I wish some of the local dogs, would develop the wuff bark.


  35. Jeeez, so ditto!

  36. It´s all about giving treats I think. Dogs are clever that way. 😉

  37. The Canuck says:

    What a delightful video!

    When I was young I had a wonderful dog we called Chummy.

    One day my brother got tired of her loud barking. He turned to Chummy and said “Little woofs!”

    She immediately understood and thus began a career of little woofs.

    I have tried that with all the other dogs I have had and none have given me little woofs.

  38. lol… jellybeans – are from tje USA and don’t speak Japanese well. Cute!

  39. Courtney says:

    I love having a bulldog because they make such entertaining noises. Most of the time, my male will go “mmmmmrrrrrrrrrr” (it sounds like a kitten on steroids purring) when he wants food or a belly rub. He also has an very soft, muffled bark. And of course, when he gets something very tasty to eat, he emits a very audible “ohm nom nom nom nom”. Visitors are shocked by the constant dog communication when they come over to our house, both because the purring sounds like snarling to most people, and because it doesn’t seem like a 90-lb dog would have such a soft little bark. Of course, he also has the “I have to go out” whine, the “five more minutes in bed” whine, and the “why are you people not playing with me” whine/bark.

    There is no end to the complexity of dog communication.

  40. Ha! Our shiba/beagle mix occasionally does this with his howling! He never barks or howls unless you start, but he’s not always interested in joining in. So he’ll give one loud howl and get progressively quieter until he’s just opening his mouth and pretending to howl. It’s hilarious.

  41. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Chummy…what a cute name!! Smart little girl too!

  42. Waxwork says:

    My dog Jinx does the Wuttering too, only we call it “Chuntering”. He does it whenever people pass the house so it sounds like his grumbling under his breath at them. It sounds so like his swearing or telling the “Damn kids to get of his lawn”.

  43. he was speaking a foreign language with the last one, when he mewed!

  44. sunnylessmum says:

    This is one of the best vids I’ve ever seen! When he does the whisper bark it just melts my heart. What a GOOD DOG!! And then the last one where he doesn’t even use his vocal cords, OMG!!! Treats a mile high for you boy, or girl!

  45. Chris B. says:

    My pom, Dutchess, would do that. I would get after her for something and she would walked away muttering, like she was back talking me under her breath. Unfortunately she passed away the beginning of Feb. She had a very good life with me. I got her as a neglect case and they were not sure she would make it through the first winter. I had her for about 6.5 wonderful years.

  46. A little bit softer now, a liitle bit softer now…

    A little bit louder now, a little bit louder now…

    You know you make me wanna…

  47. flutterby says:


  48. sunnylessmum says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Chris. Dutchess sounds very special. Poms are wonderful. And thank you for adopting and caring for a rescued dog. I lost my cat Sunny to cancer on Feb. 6. Hurts like hell for a while. Really reminds me to treasure the time with loved ones.

  49. ccwriter says:

    Me too. Where’s the C Team?? Baroo!

  50. Snacktime says:

    It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m reduced to watching this vid over & over. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me anymore.

  51. Bless your heart – rescues are the best pets ever!

  52. Jimbeaux says:

    It’s the exact reverse of my friend’s eldest dog. When someone goes by the house, he’ll bark really quietly once, as if to check that the bark still works. Then and only then will he bark more loudly. Always makes me smirk, like he’s saying, “Okay, let’s see… Barking. Woof. Okay, that’s how it goes. Let’s try for real now!”

  53. 😀

  54. C’mon now!

  55. A Career of Little Woofs! That should be a title of something.

    I am a sucker for tricks and that is a GOOD one!!
    My little devil does the opposite, if he starts to get impatient or mad at me [taking too long to make his food, it’s past his bedtime, etc] he starts to sigh, and then he makes little ‘chuff’ noises, and if I really make him mad he starts to bark! lol! I would love to teach him how to do this, it’s too cute!

  57. incredible, i love how he or she stares at the camera (the master) while lowering the volume.

  58. haaawww!!! kawaii!!