THIS JUST IN: Bun noms daisy

For your nibbling Bunday pleasures:

Delicious thanks to Mary C. of Animal Advocates.



  1. trinlayk says:

    Loves me, loves me not,… nom NOM nom NOM, LOVES ME!

  2. catviccer says:

    OMG, the little nosicle bobbing around as bun eats, too cute!!

  3. paulajeanne says:

    Everyone knows flowers are very nutricious. Especially for baby bun-buns.

  4. flutterbye says:

    That li’l cutie just makes my Bunday complete!

  5. Nancy Tompkins says:

    I love his determination and his active nose!!

  6. Whoa, look at him go to town on that daisy! Watch out, Bunny, PETF will protest you!
    (Peeps for the Ethical Treatment of Flowers)

  7. Mmmmmmm! Pollen-y petal-y goodness!!! yom, yom, yom. . . .

  8. Daisys = Rodent chocolate.

  9. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom…..

    Watch out, the nose has a life of its own!

  10. victoreia says:

    That last nose twitch says “Where’s my next daisy?”

  11. I’m in love. Wish I could wiggle my nose and my ears while I eat.

    If my cats tried this, they’d yack up the daisy half an hour later. Carnivores.

  12. Couldn’t get this out of my mind after seeing this bunny:

  13. Squee!!!!

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    Two delicious morsels in one video! Sweet!!!

  15. That little nose moving up and down just slays me. I must beep it.

  16. -deep breath-

    I almost expect a bunny burp after he finishes.


  17. Stressfactor says:

    [sings]Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do….[/sings]

    Oops, guess the daisy can’t give an answer now….. Either that or the answer was NOM!

    (resumes singing)I’m half crazy all for the love of you…..

  18. 260Oakley says:

    Daisies are a gateway drug. Before you know it, this bun will be a petal pusher.

  19. chanpon says:

    Oh the humanity and the carnage! That daisy never stood a chance. Bunny snaps the little flower neck back and even tugs and chews up the skeleton. The horror!

  20. I like the contemplative pauses between noming.

  21. made my Bunday a whole lot better

  22. 0:29 is what I call the buzzsaw effect, when a bunny yanks the long twiggy thing out of your fingers and commences buzzsawing the entire long twiggy thing into its tiny mouth until the long twiggy thing entirely disappears.

    0:40 is miniature disapproval.

  23. Hon Glad says:

    Bunday Bunday
    so good to me
    Bunday mornin, it was all I hoped it would be.

  24. Linda H. says:

    So cute 🙂 .

  25. Linda Stuart says:

    He’s sucking in that stem like the dogs did the spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp

  26. Scout C says:

    Bunnies nomming on daisies…. spring is here at last!

  27. He lubs me, he lubs me nom. He lubs me, he lubs me nom.

    Lettle bunneh, I lub you enough that I don’t care that you ate the pretty flower I picked for you…

  28. Flowers? For me? Om nom nom nom…..

  29. I love the way at the end; when the bunny disapproves of the fact that the hand is not holding yet another daisy for his nomming pleasure. so young, yet so accomplished.

  30. Exactly why my flower garden looks like a plant penitentiary. All my plants grow up in their own cage because all the bunnies in the yard….well, you witnessed the carnage.

  31. Jen8… I do know what you are talking about… I have a shrub in the back that looks like I am a manic pruner… courtesy of the rabbit I call Stew. And that is just one example. I could continue….

  32. Cholmondeley says:

    I approve of this daisy. I disapprove of the lack of further nommage.

  33. there is some serious sniffing action going on there.

    wild bunnehs in my yard love dandelions. they bite them off at the bottom and nibble their way to the top like spagetti. so cute! nohm nohm.

  34. I thought that movie was about dogs!?!?

  35. Oh wow, I clicked through to their Youtube channel – some seeeeeriously cute little critters there.

  36. kibblenibble says:

    Deeleeshus disappearing daisy! 🙂

  37. Meowelina says:

    I think I am in loveeeeee

  38. I love the stem disappearing into the nomming mouth, so cute!

    Could have done without the high-pitched whine in the background though *massages head and turns off sound*…

  39. Bunny lips ;o;

  40. chew, chew, chew, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…………………………….repeat

  41. Pause at :35 or :36. Bun bun is a mafia lord.
    And you thought he only liked daises! O.O

  42. Saffron says:

    I also love the stem disappearing at the end like the bunneh was slurping a piece of spaghetti.

  43. Awww, therapy on a Monday morning.

  44. Very cute when they’re not decimating my garden.

  45. I love it when the stalk goes down, gnaw-by-gnaw… 🙂

  46. Rooanne says:

    I had some roses in a vase on the table and my Bunny got up there and ated them. Not all at once though, thank goodness.

    I love listening to my BunBun’s “cronch, cronch” as he eats. And boy does he love to eat!’
    He likes chocolate too, but I don’t let him have it very often.

  47. why not a category for THIS JUST IN?
    VERY cute video, BTW

  48. he loves me, he loves me not…
    he loves me…
    I wonder what it will be?

  49. everett says:

    Please don’t eat the daises…oh nevermind little bunny, you can eat them all, I don’t mind.

  50. What does that mean in ze language of flowers?

  51. Jerilyn says:

    Nommage and nose twitchage had me sqeeing aloud, which got me some pretty strange looks from Jenny, the spider-plant slayer. And regurgitator. Sigh.

  52. Fluff McFluff'n says:

    OMG God was having a very very good day when he made bunnies. I mean look at it. You can just see the wings and the halo

  53. kokobutterbuns says:

    Seeeeriously cute!

  54. ahahahahha this is definetely stress-free! ^+^