Ducky See, Ducky Do

Neill S writes: “My girlfriend and I were at the Phoenix Zoo and saw the funniest thing. We were looking at the flamingos and noticed a duck that was trying his hardest to be one himself! He kept trying to balance on one foot (with a little difficulty.) He also kept checking to make sure he was doing it right.”



  1. 🙂

  2. cute!

  3. He’s fittin’ in!

  4. It’s the ugly flamingo! poor guy

  5. Oh! That is so precious.

  6. Don’t do it, duckie! You don’t need to be like the cool kids. You’re fine just the way you are.


  8. paulajeanne says:

    Next thing you know, he will be demanding to wear pink!

  9. Is that a Fluck? Or a Duingo?

  10. Cute! That’s one determined ducky!

  11. LindsayDear says:

    Ehn! Ehn! *wobble*wobble*

  12. Poor duckie! He needs a gang of other duckies to hang out with.

  13. schnell says:

    *duckie waddles over* Can I join your club guys? Please, please can I?

  14. junkshop_coyote says:

    When in Rome….

  15. awwwwwwwww 😀

  16. SquirrelyWhirley says:

    Anybody else think flamingos smell horrible, but look dashing on a lawn? 😀

  17. That is so adorable! I love this.

  18. Kimberly says:

    That duck is my hero.

  19. Freakin’ hiLARIOUS, is what this is. 😆

  20. This made me laugh out loud. When among flamingoes . . .

  21. wiven57 says:

    That is cute, but I think ducks normally stand on 1 leg also…

  22. She’s even standing on a little hill so that she’s the same height as the flamingoes.
    That is one determined duck!
    Let’s all try it!
    *stands on one foot, wobbles and falls onto coffee table with a loud crash”

  23. Identity crisis!!!!

  24. All birds stand on one leg…

    [Collectively, even. 😉 – Ed.]

  25. How sweet!

  26. now THAT is silly 😀

  27. Walking E says:

    Meh, being a flamingo isn’t all that it’s quacked up to be

  28. I watch ducks a lot and I’ve never seen one intentionally stand on one leg for a prolonged period. Birds have demonstrated to have the ability to learn by imitation. He is clearly trying to fit in. How funny and amazing.

  29. chanpon says:

    I’z blending in.

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    No way! That is so funny!

  31. Jessica says:

    Hehe… ducks do this all the time at my work. In fact they sleep standing on one foot!

  32. Fluidstatic says:

    How funny is that! I wanna be a flamingo when I grow up too, kiddo. *pets duck*

  33. Copperbat says:

    Awww. So adorable!!

  34. This HAS to be turned into a children’s book. “Frankie: The Duck Who Thought He Was a Flamingo.”

  35. cute or sad?

  36. Those silly ducks. Always trying to be birds they aren’t.

  37. HuntSnipes says:

    Amazing what goes through those little bird-brains. 🙂

  38. MarmieLover says:

    That is an incredibly cute duck.

  39. I’m almost certain the copyfowl pictured is a Coscoroba Swan — a swan in name only, but no duck.

  40. thats cute and funny lol

  41. Papa used to tell us that they closed the Phoenix Zoo “because the duck died”.

  42. Lindsay says:

    I took care of some orphaned ducklings for about a month last summer before I let them go at a park. I visited them there all the time and got to know all the other ducks. It’s not at all unusual for them to stand or sleep on one leg – they also tuck their heads back into their bodies like the flamingos are doing.

  43. It’s so cute! For whatever reason! Just freaking adorable yeah! 🙂

  44. Now give him Ten Apples and he can say, “Look You, I can do it too!”

  45. danbenzvi says:

    “You mean this *isn’t* the Yoga class?”

  46. It’s actually a Coscoroba swan 🙂

  47. pfillbert says:

    We’ve seen this same duck at the Phoenix Zoo and have pictures of him too! Hiliarious! We didn’t notice him trying this little leg-lift, though, but we saw him about three months or so ago so maybe it’s a new trick. He was standing there making threatening noises at me and my nine year-old daughter. I actually thought he was kind of a jerk. 😉

  48. kibblenibble says:

    It looks like the swan/duck has pink feet and a bill to match!

  49. @Robin, so it is. Guys, it’s a Coscoroba swan!
    But there seems to be some debate on how much of a swan the Coscoroba swan is:

  50. this is so cute! absolute evidence of the level of intelligence and soul in animals….

  51. Bo Babbyo says:

    DUCKS are the BEST! This fella has no need to feel outclassed! DUCKS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Hon Glad says:

    Ducky. Your do-in it right sort-a. Just change your diet to exclusively to prawns (for the Pink) get some drain rods and pink rubber plungers for dah legs un feet. Et Viola a Duflingo.

  53. gravyboat says:

    If those snobby flamingos don’t like him, I’ll give him a home!

  54. Lies! The duck is clearly just walking and you have just taken pictures of it when it was in the transitional stage of doing so.

    Also following from your lieing trend, I don’t think you have a girlfriend either.

  55. Poor duckie. And those bastard flamingoes. He just want to be your friend! Who do you think you are? Pink, crooked beak and skinny legs (kind of like me…). You go to hell, you go to hell and you die! *mr garrisson mode off. It should be criminal to do things like that to that poor ducks feelings. You should be locked up for entertainment of children for your crimes! Oh, wait. You are. Sorry.

  56. Katrina says:

    OH, man, it is the whole “Rudolph” and “Reindeer Games” phenonm-you just wait until it get foggy and the ducky’s bill lights up…

  57. Smart guy! And cuteful!

  58. lexipuppymommy says:

    It must been a teenage duck. Those poor things always succumb to the peer pressure.

  59. BStrange says:


    “Crap. I’ve been spotted stealing feed from the zebras again! Hmm.. I’ll rush in here and pose just so…” *wobble, wobble* “…Ha! They’ll never find me now.”

  60. “If all of your friends stood on one leg, would you do it?” Apparently.

  61. Swan. Not duck. SWAN.

  62. Paunchie says:

    that Mr. Garrison Impresh !! Funneh!

    I’m amazed at their skinny little stick legs.

  63. Aw that is so adorable. Duck dont think you realize your suppose to stand in the water while you do that! To look like a water flower. LOL

  64. Maybe he was watching Elmer Fudd and heard them say it was “duck season…sh hes hidding.

  65. I had finches that were singing coqui frog songs – ko kee ko kee after listening to a tape of jungle sounds. My mom was wondering why we had coqui frogs singing and then she realized it was just the silly finches singing.

  66. doxnsox says:

    AWWWWWWWWW. I just may take a visit to the PHX Zoo to see this little buddy for mahself!

  67. “Hey Bob, that last shipment of plastic lawn flamingoes has a defective one; send it back and get credit for it on our monthly billing……!”

  68. Draithy says:

    Aww… this lil Coscoroba Swan is so cute! Mayhaps he/she dreams of one day being pink 😀 …or being a ballerina-swan!

  69. dr. berthaservant says:


    One of the collective nouns for a group of flamingos is — guess what?

    A STAND!

    He’s trying to stand his way into the stand!!!

  70. darkshines says:

    The first word I ever uttered on this Earth was “duck”. It would also make an AWESOME last word too!

  71. Biscuit Tin says:

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and stands like a flamingo – it’s a swan.

  72. @darkshines: That was my first word, too! And now I will sincerely hope it is my last, as well!

  73. Ducky says he was born with a duck body but is a flamingo on the inside.

  74. it’s cause birds, maybe even more than dogs, believe that they are what they are around.
    why they fall in love with reflections of themselves, etc, etc…
    but mostly,
    i believe it is because they are so bustingly full of LOVE

  75. thats so cute 🙂 🙂

  76. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    awwww. it’s a ducky thats tryingna be a flamingo! it’s so cute!

  77. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:


  78. Madelyn says:


  79. Some years ago I had a yard full of Mallard ducks and African Geese and another

    It was not uncommon to see them standing about on one leg.

    Water birds do tend to do that.

    Cute pic none the less..

  80. the phoenix zoo is too cool

    they have massive zoolights at xmas time

    and they had an elephant who could paint

  81. This is so cute! I feel sorry for the poor duck! He wanted to be a flamingo! awwn….

  82. Lerrinus says:

    That’s adorable! 🙂

  83. cellarmouse says:

    @ dr. B …. That “Collective Names for Animals” page is now in my Favorites!

    Thank you!

  84. cellarmouse says:

    @dr. berthaslave … OOOOhhh … So is the whole Scorpio website!!

    Thanks again!

  85. This is cute and funny.

  86. love the story very cutee this is a little of subject but my hamster just died.

  87. jessicargobeep says:

    Hahahahaha! A duck would do that. Too cute.

  88. Funny yet kinda sad… Doing everything just to fit in.

  89. haha thats adorable