Congratulations, it’s a kitteh

So much cleaner and quieter than those yucky human babies, and when it’s a teenager, it’ll never come home from school covered in tattoos and piercings.

Says proud mama Melissa C., “This is Bimmer the day we brought him home from the shelter.”



  1. charliewabba says:


  2. Martha in Washington says:

    I bet all that fuzz tickled!

  3. mmmmmm, comfortabahls, we are!

  4. GORGIOSO x 100,000 !!!!

    (and this one time) I DON”T EVEN CARE if my word ending isn’t precisement correctamente!!!)

  5. True so true and a kitten will never say “I hate you, now drive me to the mall”

  6. catloveschanel says:

    No earbuds in his ears while texting. . .

    Msg to Kitteh: wuva boo boo

  7. oh. mah. GAHD!

  8. AWWW What a sweet little kitty…

  9. how come all animals seem to pass out right after being warshed &wrapped in a big fluffy towel?

  10. that is a true shade of pink.

  11. he’s the tops he’s the catsa lisa. He’s the tops hes the tower of piza

  12. revolution724 says:

    This is why kittehs get away with murder so much of the time. Who can be mad at the clawed sofa, the shredded toilet paper, the hairball on your sheets, when one’s brain is melted by such an angelic little face?

    Corrollary: kittens, they’re always so sweet… when they’re -sleeping-.

  13. Bimmer? Shouldn’t his name be “Dimmer”? I mean, ’cause his eyes are getting dimmer and dimmer…

    What a cute patootie!!! WANT WANT WANT!!!! *grabby hands*

  14. How does one make them pass out? Because after bathtime at my house, our dogs go completely bonkers running all over the house rolling on the carpet and bouncing off the furniture!

  15. That _is_ Yoda.

  16. Katie : because they’re DOGS and for DOGS everthing is FUN and EXCITEMENT !!! *omigosh omigosh* *pant pant* Cats are more ‘Guess I’ll just pass out until dinner time…’

  17. Look at how content this little baby is. It’s nice and peaceful at his new home, feels snuggly already. ;0

  18. Is it weird that I’ve had many dreams that I’ve birthed full litters of kittens?

    …should I have admitted that?

  19. @kittykye, I have dreamed several times of giving birth to kittens, but only ever one at a time. I have also dreamed about nursing them, which is quite tricky because of their sharp little teeth. Hmm…do real live kittens who are nursing have teeth yet, or do they get them later? Despite being a crazy cat lady, I have almost no experience with baby cats.

  20. @skippymom ~
    Ok good! I’m not alone!
    And naw, they’d gum ya, just the same. Teefs don’t come til later. I imagine it would still be a bit awkward to manuever a baby kitteh to do so, though. Make for interesting ‘cats n racks’ anyway! 😀
    I hope my dreams of having ‘multiples’ isn’t an omen for anything to come for me in the future of birthin’… *raises brows* meep.

  21. I agree with katie- my dog does NOT pass out after baths. Last night I walked her a good 2 miles and then gave her a bath and afterwards she zoomed around everywhere. Luckily, she was clean and fluffy so I let her do whatever she wanted!
    I think kittehs pass out because they are so strenuously objecting during the entire bath (whether physically or just mentally).

  22. Bimmer. I LURVE it. I believe, however that BMW’s White is known as Chamonix.
    In English, Alpine White.

    I only know this because husband is tried and true Bimmerphile. He gots 3.
    You have generously given me new ideas for names of my future Boston Terriers. 🙂
    Hey, the husband gets one more Bimmer, I get one more Boston. Fair is fair, right?

    Love to you, Bimmer. Me thinks you got a dern good home.

  23. @ Poohbear: Please introduce me to a dog who enjoys a bath. Mine run around after a bath to find the nearest instance of dirt, laundry pile, smelly shoes, anything that will overcome The Clean. I’ve learned the hard way to not let them out after a bath because it immediately results in a second bath and more crankiness for all. (Mind you, that interim part, aka re-dirtification, makes ’em really, really happy.)

  24. Natalie:::
    i love zoomies. i spend hours on YouTube viddying dog zoomies.

  25. Andi from NC says:

    so…very….. tie tie………. ZZZZZzzzzzzz

  26. On dog bathing:

    Why is it that they are perfectly happy having all that mud washed off them outdoors, using cold water from the garden hosepipe (and not just in summer, either), but will struggle and then sulk if they’re being washed with warm water in the bathtub?

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks to me like Bimmer is headed INTO the tub, not out. He doesn’t look wet. He’s in a state of pre-bath contentment, not dreaming his new mom would actually do such a horrible thing to him.

  28. small enough to be wrapped in a wash cloth?

  29. Oooooooohhhhhhh! De leetle back-lit furs!!!!!!

  30. It’s also nice that you don’t have to pay college tuition for these critters. Seriously, what can college teach these creatures about slacking that they haven’t already mastered?

    Sleeping all day so that they can carouse all night?
    Experiment with ‘herb?’
    Eat badly and often?
    Look at you like of course you exist to bankroll that weekend roadtrip with the boys?
    Look at you like you have the IQ of a kumquat when you ask to see what they’ve been doing for month??

  31. Fluidstatic says:

    I agree with Mary (the first)… he’s in pre-bath snuggle mode. and what a QTE mode it is, too.

  32. @Brwngirl #5 – no, but they will say “I hate you…now open a can of tuna!”

  33. amen to that, ntmtom! i’ve always said human babies should be furry. it would make them SO much more appealing! 😉

  34. Suzy's Mom says:

    My little brother Timmy’s nickname was Bimmer. I still call him that sometimes even though he’s not so little anymore.

  35. awww…. I miss fostering deh babehs…

  36. If this kitten has a flavor, I think it is the finest white chocolate. With just a little touch of mild pink peppermint. I think I shall bite off a tiny sample, to check.


  38. Bless you for taking in this dear kitteh baby…so precious!!! There is a special place in heaven for people who adopt pets from shelters…(-:

  39. I love how the light fro the heavens is shining down on this beautiful baby kitty. So ethereal.

  40. Coming home from school covered in tattoos and piercings? Wow, so much cooler than the school I went to.

    Also: shelter critters are the best critters.

  41. I’ve also had dreams of birthin’ kitties. I’m sure it’s symbolic of somethin’ and not an actual “baby” “hey lady you’re pregnant!” kind of dream. But kitties? ????

    That kitty I just wanna stuff him in my rack and keep hims warm and squeeze him ebber so gentleh!

  42. ooh, another floating kitten head. This one says “go out and get more kittens…go out and get more kittens…” The eyebrow whiskers are miiiiles long.

    skippymom has made me hungry for white chocolate…mmmmmm 😀

  43. Saffron, if you take just the tiniest bite of the kitty, he doesn’t mind, and it’s so extra delicious that a little bit will satisfy your craving.

  44. eastiegirl says:

    Nobody has mentioned the peenk nose and the peenk leeps!

    Kitteh looks quite content and comfy!

  45. NTMTOM: Do you know something we don’t know? Is Melissa C’s last name Castevet?

  46. Squee!
    Epic. Win.

  47. This is no mere cat. This is a MOOSH. 😀

    (I suppose it isn’t a meerkat either)

  48. “He has his father’s eyes.” 🙂

  49. janet2buns says:

    I am shocked that so many other people have dreamed of giving birth to kittens. I thought I was the only one! And I’m janet2BUNS, not janet2KITTEHS ! Shouldn’t I have dreamt about giving birth to bunnehs???

  50. janet2buns it is a common dream to birth kittens or puppies especially when you are pregnant.

  51. Also the kittehs do not crash your car or pilfer from your liquor cabinet. And they never bring up being adopted with “I hate you! You’re not my real mom!”

    Kittehs FTW, and shelter kitteh = super-win.

  52. What have you done to his eyes, you MANIACS???!!!

    [No, what have YOU done to them? 🙄 – Ed.]

  53. Linda Aredondo says:

    Such a true teenager thing. But more so what a sweetheart!! Ur both so lucky

  54. I’ve had those dreams of birthing kittens too, always at “that time of the month.” I figured it was my brain’s way of making sense of the horrid cramps.

  55. PURRITO!

    To all the cat-birth dreamers, did you see the 30 Rock where Liz dreamed she gave birth to MeatCat?

  56. This is my kitteh!!! The sad part is you’re missing his beautiful blue eyes! The. Best. Cat. Ever.

  57. Uh Pheas?

    Melissa C, I think that you need to prove that kitteh’s eyes are so beautiful. I think we need some photographic evidence. 😉

  58. Best post! Congratulations indeed! Aw, li’l kitter can finally relax now that he or she has a forever home. 🙂 That beautiful face is killing me!

  59. @Melissa C – of course she has beautiful blue eyes, otherwise how can she do this:

  60. just looks anemic to me

  61. Looks like the magical love child of Yoda and Falkor from The Never Ending Story. ^_^

  62. Yo-yo-yo-yo-Yo-da-a-ah…

  63. I like that ear on the left, tipped like he just heard water-sounds but isn’t awake enough to discover the impending bathness yet.

  64. OK–but my teenage cat is standing on the table demanding dinner and now thinks it’s just fine to whap me in the head or grab my feet if meals are slow in coming. And breakfast time is now announced with a great galumphing across the humans in bed. And he was once a wee widdle cutie poo who cuddled adorably.

    Thank the dieties he doesn’t drive. Or drink.

  65. kokobutterbuns says:

    Happiness is when you’re taken out of a shelter and adopted into a family who adores you & puts your picture on the interweb.

  66. @Melissa C 😀 AWW 😀 You have a real cutie with little Bimmer 😀 May you have many many years (20+) with that little love 😀

  67. Oh yesss. DED from the QTE. Thank you for rescuing this bebeh!

  68. @kokobutterbuns – and makes you into a purrito!

  69. It is Powder.

  70. I want a critter who
    a) lets me wrap it up after a bath
    b) falls asleep

    As it stands, my dogs tear around the house for a few minutes, then get all tuckered out, and want to cuddle on my lap. Because if they smell like wet dog, I have to too.

    What a prosh bebbeh.

  71. TwilightGuru says:

    LOL, Gawd I LOVE this website!

  72. @ Leslie:

    ….do you have documented PROOF that he doesn’t drink or drive??
    What about when you’re not home? Cats are known to be fairly …stealthy, after all….

    (please insert ominous music here) (Thank you)

    (fade out)….

  73. LOL@Kar! I stand corrected.

  74. Oh soooooo precious! I have my 18 yr. old on my lap as I type. It seems like yesterday that she was that small coming home from the shelter. Thanks for adopting! I believe in making that all of our first choices! And look what you can get!

  75. Mine have tatoos in their ears.

  76. @Leslie #64. “Galumphing” — perfect term for the morning wake-up ritual! I shall use that word henceforth. How is it that a critter weighing less then 10 pounds can feel so very HEAVY when engaged in said galumphing?

  77. @ Linda M. ……18 yr old on you lap…….coming home from the shelter…….. hope this is a kitty!!

    Sweet pic, so tie, tie!

  78. I decided a long time ago to have kittens instead of children. This picture reinforces my resolution.

  79. I am in love!!! What an adorable baby kitteh!

  80. Me too Ritaya. I know there are those who don’t understand, but seriously, my decision to not have children is the gift that keeps on giving. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for my decision (all my friends have teenagers). I’ve read that studies have shown that people who have children are happier AFTER the children have grown and they can be friends with their adult children. They are not happier during the process.

    As I’m an “aunt”, I get to be friends with those adult children too, without the hassle. And my fat little adopted kitteh just gets nicer the older she gets. Sadly, I will outlive her, and that’s the bad part.

  81. I agree with Lainey and Fuzzalina – I have never ever regretted my decision not to have children and to have pets instead – I am very happy with my choice – I have neices and nephews and cousins and children of friends who love to spend time with me because I get to do all the fun stuff and none of the hard work. I am not trying to criticize or be negative to people who love having children – I hope they are as happy with their choice as I am with mine.

  82. MustangSally78 says:

    Mazel Tov!

    Congrats on a sweet new baby!

  83. Bimmer is the most beautiful kitteh I have ever seen, my heart is filled with love and happiness looking at him. Wish you both many many happy years together. Nosetap!

  84. The Green Witch says:

    Awww what a little cutie! I love white kitties, they’re so beautiful.

  85. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Awww, pretty pretty baby, sleeping the sleep of the doesn’t-even-know-what-a-baff-is-yet, LOL! Just wait, lil’ bebbeh. First it will get a little wierd, but then it will get better again, and you’ll be wrapped and cuddled and kissed and fussed over and then you’ll get gushy fud, which is something else you might not know about just yet but which is also a Very Good Thing. And then you’ll go to sleep again next to a lovely warm radiator or on a sunny windowsill. Yes yes, a Forever Home is a wonderful thing, widdle Bimmer, even if baffs are sometimes required.

    Mazel Tov, Melissa and Baby Bimmer and the rest of the fambly! May you all enjoy many happy, sleepy, purry years of cuddles and gushy fud!

  86. Wayyy-back in the very long ago, in the Dream Time, when I was very young, I remember being given a warm bath in the tub and no brudders to bother me, and then being wrapped by my Mommy in a grrrreeaattt big bath towel, and feeling all warm and cuddly, and sooooo tie-tie. Mommy helped me put on my jammies and then, to bed. Mommy would read to me, and sometimes I didn’t stay awake long enough to hear the all of the story. I think the warm water and semi-massage even down to the between-the-toesies enhances the relaxation response. And so, Bimmer-dear, welcome to your new home and your new life! May all your baths be warm and followed by soft towels and a safe place to sleep.

  87. Another little bundle saved. Thank goodness there are good people like you. Hope you have many hours of fun together! xx

  88. Ritaya – Me, too. Then I became allergic to everything (except the breeds that make me make the ohgawdno face) and moved to where even a goldfish would get me evicted. (And yet the kids who regularly scream and yell at all hours, break stuff, and bug others are allowed… and never leashed? Hrrrrmmmm. >.<)

    And I would STILL rather have kittens than kids. Even though I'd need a hazmat suit to cuddle 'em.

  89. I clicked on the comments, and someone beat me to it… YODA!

  90. Quite lovely kitten, very photogenic. I love it