Simon’s Cat ‘Snow Business’ (parts 1 and 2)

Part 2 is finally here—will the maniacally laughing bird win the snowball fight or will SIMON’S CAT?

Mary G., the moral of the story is to ‘always have a cat door’ to get out of sticky sit-u-ay-shons.



  1. serenity_may says:

    awww, loved it… all too familiar childhood memories of getting pwned…

  2. StormCat42 says:

    My best friend bought me the Simon’s Cat book the other day… What a hoot!! (What’s funnier is that somewhere along the way, Simon’s Cat gained opposable thumbs!) I love him and his Kittehs!!!

  3. Too funny! I particularly love the silent meow at the very end.

  4. where’s part one?

  5. I scared my baby b/c I actually had to LOL. Jewely the first minute or so is part one, part 2 was beautifully added!

  6. lol 😀

  7. Awwww 😦
    I can’t see it at the office, can’t wait to get home tonight to watch it!

  8. Too cool.

  9. Win! Simon’s cat is always awesome! Also- @ Gigi, is that a beautiful tortie I see as your avatar?

  10. Awww….


  11. ♥ simon’s cat.

  12. I love it when the bird is stuck on the door window and the cat opens his mouth and points to it! Classic!

  13. The birds in my yard laugh at me like that on summer mornings when I foolishly try to sleep in.

  14. LMAO! That was brilliant.

  15. I know it’s wrong, but I love that little !@# of a bird.

    […”turd” maybe? 😉 – Ed.]

  16. There’s so much detail it really has to be viewed full screen … and the sound, as always, is amazing.

  17. He’s British you know, did I tell you he’s British, Oh and by the way he’s British, doh Inearly forgot to tell you he’s British. I’m British, did you know that? Yes that’s me a Brit a proper one, Half English half Scots. Not that we boast like you Yanks, oh no that’s not us, discreet yes that’s it discreet. Did I tell you he’s British………………… 🙂

    [You don’t say. 😉 – Ed.]

  18. Miss Huggums and little Mets liked to play in the snow and slide when they were young. I can still see Mets doing that paw thing that Simon’s cat was doing, only down the hill so she would slide too. Sigh, I miss them.

    Love Simon’s cat and I too like the open mouth waiting for bird frame.

  19. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    Simon’s Cat slays me. 😀

  20. by that “paw thing” I mean from :30 to :35. (no I didn’t just watch it again) *shifty eyes*

  21. I love the sound effects too… My eldest kitty, Momma, loved snow… Although she would never admit it… She would walk out into the middle of the yard, turn around so she was facing the house, and then sit down… She’d then get this look on her face as if to say “Ahem, I’m out here, my butt is wet, and I want to be carried back to the house….now….” My former husband would put on his boots, walk out there and retrieve her, just as she knew he would… He’d come back in the house with her, and carefully dry off her feet and hiney before putting her down… But she did NOT have us trained… Nope… Uh huh… *slinks off*

  22. Another winner from Tofield. Wow, Simon’s Cat just rocks! This man totally understands the feline mind (such as it is).

  23. LOVE how the bird song was edited to sound like laughter! And when the bird imitates the cat! And when kitty says “GET IN MAH MOUF”

    AND @debg: Yessss! slow loris!

  24. Harumph. That bird should find itself passing through the digestive system of a cat very soon.

  25. Simon’s cat is completely awesome! 😀

  26. HIlarious and adorable 😀 Love the part when the bird is stuck on the door hehehe

  27. Meg, Teresa already posted this, you know, you should prolly hire her!

    I like the helicopter noise the bird makes when carrying that huge snow ball.

  28. HAhahahahe! 🙂
    (is what I actually said)

  29. Okay one of my favorite simons cat sounds isthe Merrrrrt trill… one of my kitties does this… it is my favoirte cat meow..

    LOL when the snow slides off theroof and then you hear the cat door clank That just slayed me completly! LOLOL

  30. Love the graphics, love the sound, I wonder where Simon comes from/lives, hmmm? My oh, my, I do wonder….maybe some Peep or another can tell us?
    IS he Danish? No, maybe he is Estonian, no, that doesn’t seem right, hmm….

  31. I heard that he’s really Joaquin Phoenix (OLD CO joke 😆 )

  32. Katrina – I’m sure he’s Italian, yes, that must be it…..

  33. My six-month old kitten watched this with me. Every time the bird would laugh at Simon’s cat she would paw the screen trying to get the bird. I got double the fun – from watching the video and from watching my kitten watch it.

  34. Another “Flight of the Valkyries” moment when the bird is carrying the snowball. Brilliant as always. Does Simon’s cat have a name?

  35. @Noelegy, I believe the name is British Simon’s British Cat British Joaquin Phoenix.

    […Cash-Presley Jones 😉 – Ed.]

  36. . . . -Incubator-Jones. 😛

  37. Laughed so hard I hurt, even after having just watched the Simon’s Cat videos repeatedly just days ago. Most of my favorite bits have been mentioned, except I think the sneaky-snowballmaking part: It reminds me of when I’d catch certain cats with contraband (disallowed people food, (semi-)dead things in the house, chewed-up schoolwork, whatever) and instead of “Oh crap, busted!” or sudden nonchalance, I’d get the “You saw nothing, go away” glare-and-skulk-behind-something reaction.

  38. My cat was fascinated by the bird sound effects coming from my computer….

  39. …Jones-Jones Smythe!

  40. -Moulton-Barrett

  41. (Bacon eggs and spam)

    [Bus Stop Fr-tang Fr-tang Olé Biscuit Barrel – Ed.]

  42. His name is my name toooooo

  43. (curtsys to Theo)

  44. AuntieMame says:

    My name is spelt ‘Luxury Yacht’ but it’s pronounced ‘Throatwobbler Mangrove.’

  45. that was an ok ending I wish that cat gotten the bird better but its still a cuteoverload.

  46. Simon’s cat does not have ennui and therefore does not need to be confused.

  47. YESSS!!!

  48. Fluidstatic says:

    This is the first I’ve been introduced to Simon’s Cat. Laughed so hard I nearly cried.

    Oh, and Saffron… Classic Monty Python wins you major points.

  49. JohnnieCanuck says:

    You in love with Toni T. too, Theo?

    [Only ironically, Johnnie. Trust this. – Ed.]

  50. resriechan says:

    (Spam, Spam, Spammity Spam.)

  51. fifthsonata says:
  52. Theo – I’m confused. Is my name tooooo? No, no it’s not.

  53. Hon Glad, you may not be familiar with this bit of Americana:
    “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,
    His name is my name, too.
    Whenever we go out
    The people always shout,
    ‘There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!’
    (La, La, La, La, la, la, la)”

  54. ‘zackly.

  55. lol Saffron – I prefer “Bewilderbeest Inc”

  56. Curiousity almost killed the cat</strike bird, hehehe! Loved it! ❤

  57. resriechan says:

    Theresa: I believe that that classical operetta was penned by the same brilliant composer as the reverent “99 Bottles of Beer upon the Wall”.

    If you need a reference document, I shall be glad to provide that.

    Your Humble Servant.

  58. Oh my heavens. Thought Simon was going to open the door and get a snow ball(boulder) to the face.

    That ending totally caught me off guard.

  59. Isn’t he British?

  60. kibblenibble says:

    Hon Glad (# 17) LOL! We ♥ you, dear. And Simon, too. The simplicity combined with detail in these videos is so fabulous. The sound is brilliant, as well. But I love them because Simon’s cat is like a perfect melding of my two. He is shaped and colored just like my Isabella (see my avatar,) yet he acts just like my George. I ♥ Simon’s Cat. (And Hon Glad.) 🙂

  61. @Resriechan, yes, the same genius had a vision in a dream, and upon awakening, wrote down “Three Cheers for the Bus Driver.” He said it was like taking dictation from God. 😛

  62. PS I can provide all the reference documents I need. 😀

  63. I think, we will have to change the sites name, to irony overload.

  64. I like the name Gruneldeheid. 😀

  65. It’s British, isn’t it? 😯

  66. Or Yiddish? 🙄

  67. tobesograteful says:

    I love it when the bird makes himself look like a cat and imitate him! Great.

  68. 😈 Keep laughing, bird 😈 Simon’s Cat will get you 😈

  69. Little-known fact: Isaac Newton invented the cat door.

  70. I have to admit, I was worried that Simon may eat the bird; nevertheless, it was funny!

    Isaac Newton invented the cat door?!

  71. Yes! And he was (drum roll, angels singing)– British!!!

  72. awesome, as usual. LOVE IT.

  73. Even with the sound off this is good. (Boss in today!)

  74. Isaac Newton invented the cat door for real?? OMG what a genius. You see those little buggers been bothering us FOREVER with the letme in! Let me out! Let me INN! OUT! IN! OUT! etc. all day long.

  75. Ehem, Swells with pride (again) I have seen a picture of his cat doors, yes two side by side. One for a cat and next too it, one for a Kitten. He was not that clever cos they consist of two arches of different hights in the bottom of the door – next to each other!

  76. Awesome! Funny!