Where’s My Sake?

Great. Now teach him how to chew with his mouth closed.

I’m not at all convinced that’s not some animatronic fluff ball with eyes, Thayer P.



  1. I hope the owner plans on feeding kitty like that forever…otherwise, she may have one rebellious pet…

  2. Resriechan says:

    (speaking as a ‘Mericun who lived in Japan— which only allows me very limited version of expertise)….the REAL test of chopsticks skills, is supposed to be eating JELLO with them.

    The cat is wonderfully fluffy & nearly all kitties have The Cute gene. However I ever so gently differ w/ the Youtube (or whoever) provider describing said kitty as “Squirrel-like”. They both are animals of Cuteness, sure; I’ll give ’em THAT with no hesitation!!

  3. Flatfaced fuzzballs rule.

  4. kikiwillow says:

    OMG the ear feathers!

  5. Resriechan says:

    Yup, Theresa’s correct, as always — I concur with “Flatfaced fuzzballs rule”. BTW — nice alliteration, there, lady!! (And I use the term “lady” in its original, genuine, respectful meaning !!!!)

  6. China's Human says:

    I looks like Winston may have some competition!

  7. LOL the little paw up when…. Hello person took too long with the chop sticks.

  8. China's Human says:

    Sorry! It looks like Winston may have some competition!

  9. Formica Dinette says:

    As voraciously as kitteh is eating, it appears that the chopsticks are a safety device. If fingers were used they might be bitten off!

  10. Will someone please tell me where I can get one of these?

  11. Queen of Dork says:

    Can I please have?! Please?

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Me whilst watching this video:
    “Aaawwww Oohhh Aawwww Ooohh”
    Looks like another sweet Persian babeh has a nose as tiny and eyes as big as my Isabella. However this kitteh has Isabella beat in the ear tuft department. 🙂

  13. All cat owners are just one step away from this kind of servitude. Somebody remove this video before my two kids see this.

  14. Oh, Happy Caturday! I just love the ear tufts and the little tongue. So sweet.

  15. Resriechan says:

    AND the cat sits on its/his/her hind end the entire time of the feeding?
    OMG Armageddon has arrived.
    (“klonk”/ deadness)

  16. Trabb's Boy says:

    That was adorable, but do, do click on “I are even cuter kitten” at the bottom of the screen at the end of the video. It are even cuter kitten, and watch til the end for the tragic ending 😉

  17. Resriechan says:

    @ Trabb’s Boy: OMG now I”m all worried about a cute kitten & tragic ending.
    When I screened the Chopsticks Kid again, all I got for a Google ad, was about making myself into a Cartoon (not particularly useful since I’m already 70 % a cartoon in my real life) …….

    Save them, Will Robinson, SAVE them !!!!

    (for the non-60s TV folks, that was a ref. to an awesomely goofy show “Lost in Space” with a vacuum-cleaner robot: I think that Hollyweird tried to release a film derived from the Real Thing, a few years ago)

  18. binky-mama says:

    All that kibble has gone straight to his ear floof.

  19. This unbelievably adorable kitteh had better hope no one in the Feline Legion or the ACBU (American Cat Behavioral Union) sees his unseemly ingratiating obedience, or he will surely be placed on probation, and at such a young age!

  20. Yes, I have it on good authority that this is an advanced prototype of the next-gen Furby.

    *Chopsticks and Noms not included, must be purchased separately.

  21. Hmm…his human slave appears to be well-trained.

  22. ZOMG, you don’t give a kitteh Sake!! /sarcastic rant

  23. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    is that Winston-san’s love child?

    (For those unfamiliar w/Winston-san’s brilliance, one of his/her videos is linked at the bottom of this one.)

  24. What species is this – Ewok?

  25. victoreia says:

    @nismo: That was exactly my thought!

  26. Andi from NC says:

    love the smooshy face!!

  27. agreeing with Fomica Dinette #9 comment: chopsticks used for safety devices….! yikes!

    p.s. ear floof is adorable

  28. Cute and berry berry hungries. But no kitteh can replace the famous Winston.

  29. Possible new rule of cute? When your ear furnishings are longer than your whiskers, that’s cute?

  30. I’m not sure what the kitten’s enjoying more. The food or the chopsticks! Whenever I use ’em, I can’t keep my furry masters away from the utensils.

  31. Wish my lil flat faced cutie did that… the only food time togetherness we share is when she comes over to burp in my face after shes finished -_-

  32. Queen of Dork says:


    Julia Child just came on TV!!!

    Bye peeps!!

  33. googlie eyes says:

    Kar, I agree. He doesn’t seem to want to let go of those chopsticks!

  34. Trabb's Boy says:

    feezie, the term “ear furnishings” itself deserves a rule of cute — if it is the phrase “ear furnishings,” it is cute!

  35. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, and Resriechan, you have to click the x on the google ad and wait for the end of the video, then a series of boxes appears at the bottom. The second, I think is the one I was talking about. Woooorth it.

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Have you guys seen the human clock? It’s quite cool. Courtesy of Resriechan. trying to copy and paste it but it’s not working..


  37. Queen of Dork says:

    (Be sure to click on the “view the clock” thing.) Yumness

  38. baby winston clone!!! well, not exactly, but he acts like it!

    [Maybe half Winston & half Maru, if that were possible – Ed.]

  39. pppffffttt! That’s no cat! It’s SO obviously a robot.

    Also, it might be photoshopped.

    [I can tell by the kibbles – Ed.]

  40. the fluffies is soooo cute!!

  41. It looks like the little guy tries to swat at the owner’s hand once or twice. But you know what they always say… “Don’t bat the hand that feeds you.”


  42. Resriechan says:

    TOT agree w/ Feezie (& Tr’s Boy) re. Ear Fuzzines// new Cute Rules. Meg????

  43. Resriechan says:

    PS thanks QoD for sharing about Human Clock !!!
    also also @ Koots: Nice joke & punchline !!!Oh — and somebody brilliant here (possibly VonZ or Theresa) told/ showed me about an Internet RimShot Button (but I’m not presently at my own laptop am on a shared group Internet computer so I don’t know its address to relay to you…SO COOL THOUGH)

  44. sanriowned says:

    Does we know what breed of kitty this iz? I *HAS* to know!

  45. goodness, the way kitty is eating, there’s gonna be some “snarf & barf” action in a moment.

    [Well it’s still only 1 kibble at a time; I think he’s safe – Ed.]

  46. That is some turbo nomming. So cute!

  47. It’s a Muppet.

  48. Resriechan says:

    @ Ed # 38: Now THERE’s a possibility to which I personally would donate $100 — a result of mating Winston w/ Maru????

    Where do I send the funds?

  49. DaytimeDeb says:

    This is the new “must have” toy for Christmas ’09. I’ve looked everywhere…Toys ‘R Us, Amazon…I can’t even find a “gently used” one on eBay. Make me a hero — anyone know where I can get one just like this? Oh, I hear they have an environmentally friendly solar-powered version of this as well. Kitty “sleeps” in the sun all day and plays all night.

  50. sanriowned, it’s a persian. I have two at home. Eating is their life. Eating and kneading me in the belleh.

  51. Resriechan says:

    @ pugsy:

    Hence the phrase “That’s the life!”

  52. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I love the little tufts of ear hair.

    What a gorgeous smooshie face! Yes, she will give Winston competition!

  53. Chez. B. Erger says:

    sooooo cute!
    I love the soft little munching noises the cat makes! =)


  55. 😈 Badly Spoiled Kitty 😈

  56. hehe….a kitty with table manners…..or should i say carpet manners??

  57. Mental Mouse says:

    What is the person feeding them? It it just kibble, or something more exotic?

    Also, the Rimshot Button is at http://www.instantrimshot.com/ .

  58. he looks like teddy roosevelt

  59. looks like an Ewok when he stands on his hind legs

  60. That’s the most labour-intensive way to feed a cat I’ve ever seen 🙂 What a clever cat, to reinforce the desired behaviour by rewarding the person with cuteness!

  61. Sienna_Skye says:

    OMG! that is the cutest video I have ever seen! I just want to cuddle the kitty and feed him sushi!!!!

  62. So adorable – love the feathering hair poking out of the ears and endearing eating habits!

  63. This cat is amazing…I have watched the video lots of times!!!