Dance of the Seven Tails

Late in the night, when the moon is but a scythe of silver in the silent Sahara sky, the sultans and rajahs gather in the royal rec room of Sheik Ben an-Jaree, to gaze at the Queen of Sheba as she dances the forbidden dance…

Your “Copper” is as good as gold, Julia A.



  1. Courtney S. says:

    Shake it, shake it…

    Shake it like a Polaroid (TM) picture!

  2. Wow. That is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!
    That kitten has some serious skills. Get her on America’s Got Talent.

  3. at :27:
    Kitteh: ” I am seductive. I am exotic. I am……mmmm, carpet.”

    Meanwhile, I am entranced. Is Copper his name? It’s PERFECT!

  4. Oh, the wee little bum wiggling about has done me in for the day.

  5. oooh a babee kitteh for my birfday! how perfect! >^..^<

  6. Domestic shorthair kittayn would look like it’s on caffeine if shown next to this smooshface.

  7. Where has the ’email this’ button gone =(

  8. ROFL @Shannon … that’s one of my fave bits! 😀

  9. Sheik Ben an-Jaree? NTMTOM, you sure can dish ’em out.
    Now I need ice cream. Please, won’t someone get this Chunky Monkey off my back?

  10. What a delicious little morsel!

  11. Awwwww 😀 I miss the kitten stage.. the wobblyness.. the unfocused eyes.. *sigh*

  12. Darn, that music just makes me want to watch Aladdin again (that song works much better for me when Robin Williams is singing it). STILL, what a cute lil Raja! I just wanted to pick that kitteh up and snuggle it.

  13. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Bustin’ some cool moves, there, little Cooper. I’m taking notes.

  14. how did he make this into something sexual? is the kitty afraid of the carpet? such unfocused-ness.

  15. That dance is forbidden on account of excessive cuteness. Silly, adorabuhl kitteh!

  16. Mr NoTMiTOM,

    In the interests of historical accuracy and to better assist posterity researching these here archives, may it be drawn to your kind attention, sir, that Rajahs a(we)re not to be found under the soporific Saharan sky but in sultry southern and southeastern Asian ones and that the (in)famous number you allude to was danced by Salome.

  17. That’s one seductive dance! And now I’m gonna watch “Aladdin”, too…..

  18. When precious puffy particle of kitteh puffs up and shimmies sideways, it’s…. CUTE OVERLOAD!!!!

  19. I spontaneously giggled out loud with joy. Definitely squee-worthy.

    Cambridge_Rat_Mom: I thought the name was Copper, not Cooper. But Cooper IS cute!

  20. Baby kitty dancing put me in a dizzy trance…

  21. LOL And bonus stay off the evil carpets!

  22. At one point, I had to wonder if Miss Copper was stuck on top of that ball!

  23. At last, albeit as my alter-ego Julia A., I HAVE A SUBMISH ON CUTE OVERLOAD!

    *dons yashmak and sequinned harem pants, does the Kitten Dance*


  25. @Alice – so THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong.

    [doffs yamshack, dons yashmak]

    Yes, that is QUITE an improvement.

  26. Yamshack! They need to open one of those in my neighborhood. (Lurve sweet tater fries!)

    Can’t see the video yet (*sigh*) but I’m reminded of the Dance of the Seven Pails in P.D.Q. Bach’s epic opera, The Abduction of Figaro.

    Definitely a must see, for opera fans and opera non-fans alike!

    [YAM SHACK SHIMMY! (/B-52s) – Ed.]

  27. From what vending machine of adorableness did this light baby spring?! And where can I get one NOW?!?! The back arching did me in… it’s when I started talking baby-speak. No, I am no ashamed of that, either. So THERE!! ;D

  28. Oops, I meant little baby, not light baby. Darn, I ruined my weird line of craziness there. Or did I make it better? Hmmm…..

  29. Must. Snorgle. Kitteh…

  30. A-RA-bian NIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-i-ights, neath Arabian MOOOOOOOooons, a fool off his guard, could fall and fall hard, out there on the duuuunes.

    Alladin is one of my favorite Disney movies.

    Kitty looks to be a little skeert of the berber carpet. Perhaps it’s sticking to her teensy clawses.

  31. I’m pretty sure that’s a robot kitten.

  32. Ooh, if my Eddy could watch this video, he would be inspired to create his own dance routine. He would start busting the moves all around the house, crashing into walls, knocking things over…he’s about the size of a capybara so it would not be a pretty sight. He would make me get out a few scarves and tie them together for a skirt for him, which he would then be all tripping over. But as his loving Mom I would have to tell him, “Oh, Eddy, your dancing is just beautiful!”

  33. well look at this little Fluffies McFunnytail!

  34. This kitteh is going to have every moment of life covered by a video camera.
    “Mean old carpet. Eww, eww,no, ew, ew, I like my shiny floor. But the red thing likes it so, oh, no, ew,ew, shiny flat floor, Ahhhhhh.”

    Perfectly darling. Happy Birthday cee-joe!

  35. oh my garsh. death by kitten.

  36. The forbidden dance is the Lambada. This is not the lambada. (Thank God.)

    [We’ll remember that next time we post some lamb babies. 😉 – Ed.]

  37. Polka works for that, as well.

  38. I did this dance last night. Cheap wine will do that to you.

  39. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    needs more cowbell!

  40. I like when he stops for a second and tries to nurse from the rug. Hey, you don’t know until you try, right?

  41. So young, yet already a master at her craft!

  42. This is cute, but it would be so much cuter if the kitten actually had seven tails. Just sayin’.

  43. i can haz copper?????

    (PS: This splendid tidbit’s name being Copper, offers a few puns into the “I want my phone call” kitteh in jail post, below …..;) )

  44. (oops — “doggie in jail”. Ennyway, they’re both cute, so the pun remains effective…)

  45. good lord

    co will be the death of me yet

  46. My cat still does that thing were she will let the ball go under her belly fur… then act like nothing is there for a minute or so. Then attack it like it offended her. LOL

  47. Tomorrow is Tocktober! I hope you have held many may photos in arrears.

    ‘Proud Buttocks’ on the way again, are they?

  48. That is one seriously cute kitten.

  49. Floofy little round-bellied morsel of kitten! Want!

    By the way, someone help me please – I thought Dance of the Seven Veils was Salome, not the Queen of Sheba. (Wait, Salome wasn’t the Queen of Sheba, was she?). Oh dear, help! Of course that dance probably is forbidden, especially the beheading part…

  50. Oooh she’s so cute and adorable – makes me want to pick her up and cuddle her.

  51. She’s ready for the Bissel Half-Time show.

  52. Von Zeppelin says:

    Amy J: Queen of Sheba: Contemporary and admirer of King Solomon (1 Kings 10:1-13). Salome: Daughter of Herodias and step-daughter of Herod Antipas, ruler of Galilee in the time of Jesus. Herod promised her anything she wanted if she would dance for him, and she demanded the head of John the Baptist (Mark 6:21-29).

    The “Dance of the Seven Veils” was legendarily associated with Salome’s dance before Herod, although the title is not used in the Biblical and other ancient accounts. A fine example is found in the move “Salome,” performed by Rita Hayworth. As Miss Hayworth’s male admirers would have said in her day, “Hubba, hubba!”

  53. texirishrose says:


    I just looked up Love in the dictionary and found this video.

  54. @Katrina: Many photos in arrears! HAW!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  55. Adore the stubbular tail.

  56. The seductive Queen Cohp-hera sez, “Bring me the haid of Nom the Burptist!”

    (“And peel me a kib-buhl whiles you’re at it, cabana boy…”)

  57. Yeah, you THINK it’s just a sweet baby, but the ears go flat at ~1:28, 1:29, and the truth comes out. That’s a vengeance demon.

  58. There is also a famous series of photos showing the stages of the Seven Veils Dance as performed by the legendary Mata Hari. She starts out swathed in cunningly draped and pinned gauze and jewellery, and ends up in nothing but the jewellery. Very racy for 1910. Alas, attempts to replicate this with my own fluffy monster lead either to veil shredding, rapid disentanglement followed by walking off in a huff, or curling up under the pile of fabric and going to sleep.

  59. Thanks, Von Zep! Interesting that the name of the dance isn’t in ancient accounts. Did Cecil B. DeMille or some other movie mogul make it up to sound exotic? Thanks for clarifying for me.

    And kitty is still unbearably cute!

  60. So stubbular!

  61. Von Zeppelin says:

    Amy J, the ever-valuable Wikipedia attributes the title “Dance of the Seven Veils” to the acting notes from Oscar Wilde’s play “Salome.”

  62. Squeeeeeeee… holy marmalade cuteness! *splode*

  63. Thanks, VZ. In retrospect of course I realize I could have looked it up myself but I enjoy drawing on the expertise and intellect of the CO community. There’s a lot of smart folks and a wealth of info out there. Probably a lot gleaned from Wikipedia…

  64. @AuntieMame: they have YamShacks in your part of the world??? Sounds much healthier than the hot dog shacks in mine!
    “Copper” absolutely lovely name, but Queen of Sheba would be quite fitting of this kitteh. So clearly a prince/princess among felines.

  65. Von Zeppelin says:

    AmyJ, long ago, in the forgotten years of my youth, I was a classical music radio DJ, despite knowing absolutely nothing about music. I quickly found that the secret was twofold: 1) the voice (warm, low, intimate, convincing, if not correct, pronunciation of European composers’ names), and 2) being able to read the back of the Deutsche Gramofon record jackets so as to sound like you actually knew all that stuff about Domenico Scarlatti and Carl Maria von Weber. In somewhat the same way, it’s easy to sound knowledgeable on CO with the internet at one’s fingertips.

    Of course, I also know a lot of stuff. For real. I mean, it’s not all phony. Not all of it. (Backs quietly away, voice trailing off.)

  66. OMG, my head just exploded, brains all over my keyboard. (I won’t miss them.)
    History, shmistory, ain’t you people ever heard of artistic license?? When faced by cuteness of such magnitude, mere logic and facts cannot intrude. Glad I don’t have a Copper, I would be unable to leave the house. Not that I would be unhappy with that.

  67. caineksgirl says:

    is that the music for the aladin video game??

  68. @Rooanne, I think it’s within walking distance of the CuteOverload office.

    Nice work, if you can get it. 🙂

  69. Urk! Heart stopping, mind ‘sploding…

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    Ooooooo. What a sweet little dancer! I hope kitteh will dance Arabian in Nutcracker this year!
    Also, happy birthday ceejoe!

  71. PUFFY!!!! If this were an 8 hour video, I would watch it all….twice. I want to rub this little poofy kitten all over my face and smother it with keeses!

  72. The music totally makes the video, however did you figure out that it would match the stubbular stumbles?? Such genius humbles me; I bow to our CO(verlords).

    [That was indeed a clever idea, but it was that of the video’s creator, not ours — Mike]

  73. Von Zeppelin! You have me dying to hear your speaking voice (at least your radio voice)!! I know exactly the voice and pronunciation you refer to. I always wondered if those DJs were making up pronunciations – ha! Now they’re busted!

    It’s clear you know a whole heck of a lot. I’m often amazed at what CO people know – really, if you put us all together, there aren’t many questions we can’t answer (correctly or incorrectly, or both in some commentroversies…). My particular specialty, plants, is not often called into service here.

    What I know: Copper Kitty is fluffalicious.

  74. I’ve got a yam that’s as big as it’s wide,
    And it’s about to get fried!
    I got me a yam, and it feeds about twenty,
    So don’t forget to bring your appetite, honey!

    The Yam Shack is a little old place where
    We can get some tubers!

    Butter on the mattress
    Butter on the highway
    Butter on the front porch
    Butter on the hallway

    [ 😆 OK I’m dancing, and I’ll have you know I *suck* at it – Ed.]

  75. Anyone familiar with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson may know that he is a lover of all things feline. This is from his latest solo album, “Rupi’s Dance,” and this is the song by the same name. It’s about a kitteh!! And it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this adorable video. Except the kitteh in the video is a flirty little blonde.


    She dances through the flower-filled room –
    Sea-green eyes a-sparking.
    Or are they blue? The message clear:
    Seduce the master, winking.

    Dainty feet circles inscribe
    Upon the frozen parquet.
    Arabesque in compound time:
    Stately Pavane or Bourée.

    Sultry smile, come hither gaze –
    Black hair softly shining.
    Calls me up to half-lit bed.
    Sweet cloud with golden lining.

    Oh, so young with ageless smile –
    Born of ungodly maker
    Draws me: moth to candle bright –
    Fiery pleasure-seeker.

    She dances through the flower-filled room –
    Sea-green eyes a-sparking.
    It’s Rupi’s dance: the message clear.
    Her movement does the talking.

  76. P.S. The album cover and the artwork on the CD itself both show Anderson playing the flute while Rupi–a gorgeous black kitteh–dances.

  77. AWW 🙂 Me want to SNORGLE SNORGLE SNORGLE that baby kitty 😈 then I would take the sweet little kitty home with me and it can DANCE all it wants 😈

  78. Gahhhhhh!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!

    You have lured me out of the shadows with your marmie video! Damn you, NTMTOM!


    I put this on “full-screen,” WOKE BERTHA UP FROM HER NAP, and said “See, we need to get one of these, don’t we need to get one? Kitteh? Little Marmeh Kitteh?”


    Sorry. Back to the rest. Love to all.

  79. Ahh, just to have the kitty baby dance of wonderment back into my house. My kitties are now old 20 and 18 years old, but i still remember their eyes opening and their stumbling walks and running sideways. Your video is so precious. Thank you for sharing and bringing back memories of my own furry children.

  80. Awww poor kitty just wants some meelks from mommy… Such a cute meelk dance!

  81. kibblenibble says:

    This kitten is perfekshon!

  82. Oh Sheik Aleg, I will give you a thousand Camels for one night in the arms of your beautful Queen. Her skin is as white as the milk, her breasts like ripe pomegranites, her lips as the cherries on the bow and boy can she miaow.

  83. is that arabian nights from aladdin?

  84. I love the idea that sultans and rajahs have a rec room like they’re a youth group.

  85. Resriechan says:

    (Hey there Bserv! I was just on the stream under the “doggie in jail” post …someone there was asking after you, a couple of days ago…you might check that out? Hope you’re well !)

  86. Deah Von Zepp- You DO have a sonorous and deeply soothing voice, at least that is how I always read your comments. No Arnold Stang for you! My compliments.

  87. Just way too cute! : ) So adorable!

  88. sooo cute. but it makes me kinda sad to realize that kitten has better dance moves than i do

  89. Could that kitteh be any more adorable???

  90. spottedfire says:

    oh the baby kitten is so cute

  91. Resriechan says:

    @ Alyssa Myers:

    Theoretically, the correct answer to your question is “NO !! Of Course Not!!”.

    However, if, in fact, we held a contest w/ kitten pix of Their Highnesses Winston & Maru, AS KITTENS, along with this lovely (lady?) …. There might actually be a smidgeon of competishe …..

    But, for the moment, we’ll go with the answer “No, Of Course Not” !!!!
    Have a Fluffy Day !!

  92. Resriechan says:

    I hereby have the unmitigated GALL to grab the winning ribbon of wonderfulness & bestow it upon Comment # 39 From “Chet, Ruby etc” re:

    “Needs more cowbells!”

    But, MOM, no one was USING the prize ribbons, anyway. You can’t GROUND me, the PROM is tomorrow !!!!! 😉

  93. Definitely snuggle worthy!!!

  94. Awwww. look at the cwute widdle kitty! I miss my kitten…wobbly eyes…stubby legs…the silky furrrrrrrrrr…