This is photobomb

Check out this squirrelio photobombing this nice couple’s vacation.

He’s all [waving his paw over vast lake] “Welcome to Banff, Bitches!”


Thanks to Sender Inner Tracy B. and Marilyn T. from National Geographic Intelligent Traveler who originally promoted this photo, and of course This is Photobomb, which is not necessarily safe for work. Photo by Melissa B. who was featured on National Geographic Daily Dozen for it! (Choose “August 1” in drop-down to see the image and full story.)



  1. No photo, and a really course video. Huh?

  2. Squirrelio bombed the entire picture away?

  3. what’s that ticking …?

  4. Dude, what squirrelio?

  5. So cute. They should use this pic for their holiday card…

  6. how is this cute?

  7. ROFL Um, I’m pretty sure the pic isn’t loading and photobomb… totally not cute. LOL I think this is one for FailBlog.

  8. I saw this posted on Neatorama. The couple sent it in to National Geographic for some uh, thing *shrugs* lol…
    It’s a totally hilarious photo though. Just one of those ones you’ll be laughing about when you’re old sharing it with the grandkids 🙂

  9. elledoubleyou says:

    click the little rectangle where the photo should be, loads that way.

  10. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t even see a rectangle where the photo should be. I used johnnyjohnny’s link.

    (I just “found” photobomb today on ICHC…not really my cuppa…)

  11. You sure it’s not the other way ’round and that the couple didn’t photobomb Nutsie McPuffycheeks? It totally ruined her slideshow of the Nat’l Parks!

  12. This picture made me laugh so hard! That squirrel’s face kills me LOL

  13. I love how he stole the focus, and the couple is all blurred out.

  14. biscuithead says:


  15. O. M. G. That is so hilarious! Very cute.

  16. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    DAY-yammm! That squirrel’s HUGE!

  17. One of my colleagues sent that picture to me today. I love it! I figured it wouldn’t be long before it showed up here.

    Considering that the camera’s auto-focus switched to the squirrel, it really does look like it was his (or her) picture that those PEOPLE ruined!

  18. Best photobomb ever! I actually enjoyed the photobomb site, but I happen to like all things cute AND crude. If you check it out, be prepared for nekkid butts and guys rocking out with their….Little Squirrelios….out. Not everything that’s NSFW is actually marked as such on that site.

    But back to the above photo, I wish that was MY adorably awesome vacation photo! I would frame it and keep it on my mantel forever! Great pose. I’m glad the people in the unintentional background are enjoying themselves so much. 🙂

  19. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    And this was our trip to the lake last fall. We hiked and hiked and FINALLY got to the water’s edge, and just as we were taking the picture, this pair of humans snuck into the background and photobombed our vacation. Is there anything they DON’T menace?

  20. Loving this photo so hard! Animal photobombs are the best.

  21. I love squirrels so much, they always make me laugh. There’s no way I can be depressed when watching squirrels.

  22. ROFL! that is so cute and funny and the site it came from warrants further inspection by me, LOL!

  23. This might be cutting into F*** You, Penguin’s turf, but….

  24. kibblenibble says:

    Mr. Squirrel looks a bit startled.

  25. I should mention that my friend Kennedy was the one who forwarded the picture to me, so he gets credit too. 🙂 Thanks for the posting, Meg!

  26. Emerged from the daze of PHOTObomb and staggered back to the cuteness of Mr squirrelio; seeking to cleanse my mind and soothe my fevered brow…ahhhh. Feel better already.

  27. Carol Ignoto says:

    What a wonderful fun picture!! Thanks for sharing!

  28. The photo came from National Geographic’s Daily Dozen, where the editors pick their favorite reader submissions every day. You can find it here under August– Week One, image #9:

  29. Elisabeth says:

    I’d be wondering about the oversized seagull the gentleman is holding…

  30. Leslie (NTA) says:

    That sqwe-rell seems to be pretty happy w/ self: That’s quite a grin on his face; kinda reminds me of an old vaudeville hoofer (Geo Allen, Gr. Burns; maybe early Milton Berle) onstage.
    Pic rather reminds me of the Drama Chipmunk w/ his spaghetti “sword”. On a quick search, I cannot seem to locate that post, just yet. Anybody care to find the link so folks could compare/ contrast/discuss??

  31. OMG i love it!! this pic made my morning 😀

  32. Apathygrrl says:

    Best. Photobomb. Evar!

  33. Squirrel or prairie dog?
    Either way, this is cute.

  34. I answered my own question, for a change. It is indeed a prairie dog. Not a squirrel, not even a dog. But, it is still in the Rodentia family.
    Check out for facts. 🙂

    [Ground squirrel, actually. The photo was taken in Banff. – Ed.]

  35. omg, this is totally hilar! I wish this would happen to me on vacation :p

  36. Squirrels are SUCH camera-hogs… evil, evil camera-hogs.

  37. Squirrel is all “Phew! I got here just in time! You almost took the picture without me!” Too cute!

  38. Actually, this is the reincarnation of Milton Berle, doing a stand up.

  39. This is a very upsetting picture. Prarie dawg clearly looking embarassed cuz his zipper is down in the back and couple in the back is LAUGHING at his exposed prarie bu**!!!
    Why do they mock his wardrobe malfunction?

    Poor prarie dawg.

  40. Kristabelle says:


  41. “Like a true nature’s child, we were bombed, bombed to be wild.”

  42. Just be glad that he’s not demanding $10 for making the photo cuter.

  43. @post #31, that’s no oversized seagull; that man is holding his leg and the woman’s got her hand on his knee.

    I can totally see how you saw that though. XD

  44. Or that’s his own hand… looking at it again the way the woman is sitting would make putting her hand on his leg like that a little awkward.

  45. Ground skwerl, not prayeree dog, as explained in the original. Also,

  46. from the trailer for ”The Squirrel That Destroyed TOKYO”

  47. @Leslie (NTA) – spaghetti sword? Are you referring to the dreaded fearsome ninja?

  48. Ooh…I’m going on vacation to Banff in a couple weeks, maybe I can lure a squirrelio into my photos too! This little guy is too funny!

  49. I’m pretty sure (but please don’t hurt me!) that is a Praire Dog. We’ve got a ton out where we live and it just looks a bit more like a P. dog than a squirrel. Not that it matters cuz I’m just being nit-picky… I just feel the P. dog is way under represented, PERSECUTED even, cuz they carry the plague. Psh. Like it’s THAT big of a deal!
    But back to the picture- what a cool shot! That’s something they’re going to cherish forever. They’re both smiling in the background- looks like poor Mr. P Dog just wanted to join in on the family photo op.

  50. Hucking Filarious!!!!! 🙂

  51. donkeyinawhitecoat says:

    I can just see that little guy wandering over “hey guys, what’s goin on in this thread…oh man…oh sorry. Hey, you want me to take your picture for you? OK, just press here? Ok. Do I have to focus? OK…and 1…2…”

    and then he runs off wth the camera.

  52. This is so awesome! I have my own set of stunning scenic photos of western panoramas– Mount Rainier, Crater Lake, Monterey Bay, Big Sur etc. I even have pictures of squirrels. But none in which the two come together in such felicitous fash!

  53. I was gonna say too that the humans were ruining the photo.

    Hes waldo.


  55. “Everybody who wants to be in the picture, get on that side of the table.”

  56. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Camille — Thank you — YES !!! That’s the guy & I remembered (of course, AFTER walking away from the computer) that he was actually of the Hamster Department rather than having been a squirrel.
    That will be all; thank you for your participation !!!

  57. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theresa — plz ‘splain???

    Perhaps some klever film reference that’s not on my list?
    (or is my social awareness even more impaired than I thought???)

  58. Von Zeppelin says:

    Leslie (NTA)–I believe that Theresa is making reference to the instructions given by Leonardo da Vinci to Jesus and the disciples as they posed for his “Last Supper.”

  59. I don’t often laugh out loud at stuff. This? I totally laughed. Out loud.

    Best. Vacation Photo. Ever.

  60. This is so funny and cute! I couldn’t imagine being there and having it happen to me, I would be in tears from laughing so much.

  61. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ VZ: Wow !! Your famililarity with Art History is just phenomenal!

  62. For those wondering it is a ground squirrel… I live in the west… and we have tons of them and they get pretty big along hiking trails from eating hikers trail mix, bits of sandwhich and fruit. and oreo cookies snicker… BTW I would like to say we do not feed the wildlife anymore but I have to admit to giving bits of fruit or chopped up veggies on occasion…

  63. DewiCasgwent says:

    I fear our beloved leaders wrong it not a qte squirrel photobombing its two random hikers photobombing the squirrels holiday photo.

  64. You can almost see the nose and whiskers twitching! 🙂

  65. So a ground squirrel it is. Cute, extra cute. And Banff, how beautiful!

  66. This is one of the best things I have ever seen. My mans and I recently hiked all over the west and didn’t get anything nearly as good as this!

  67. adorably hilarious!

  68. DewiCasgwent- that is exactly right, and I bet the couple didn’t even say “excuse me” they just barged right in. Hmmph, people- so crude. I like to think they sorted it out and this is the copy the squirrel sent to them to show no hard feelings and to come back next year. I like to think that, anyway, I’m such a dreamer of dreams…….I mean really, how else would the people have gotten the picture?

  69. haha, that picture was taken in Banff, Alberta! It’s on the front page of the Calgary Herald today! (yes, these are the kinds of things we report about in Canada)

  70. bastet325 says:

    Prairie Dogs are a type of ground squirrel.

    [Fine. So it *IS* a squirrel. – Ed.]

  71. i love the way the couple laughing at him in the background!

  72. warriortwo says:

    Photobomb is hilarious! Where did that tranny come from?

  73. kookiemaster says:

    “I’m in your vacations memories, stealing your focus”

  74. rhombuses says:

    This squirrel is on the front page of today’s Vancouver Sun, a major print newspaper.

    Go Squirrel!

  75. He looks like a reporter 🙂

    Squirrel “We are broadcasting live from waters edge…observing a strange species.

    OOOH, I must be careful not to make eye contact at this moment they are showing alot of teeth. ”

    Back to you Sally!

  76. Just saw it on Twitter – kind of cool I saw it here first.

    I especially liked it when he is found out to be the fifth Beatle…

  77. GIGGLE 😀 I read about that Ground Squirrel in “The Vancouver Sun” and “The Province” (both newspapers out here in beautiful British Columbia) 😀 The little stinker was wondering what was making the whirling sound as the camera automatically focused on the closest object to its lens 😀 That is how that photo came to be 😀 I think that Ground Squirrel was saying “I am ready for my close up, Mr. DeVil!” 😀

  78. That’s “Mr. DeMille,” actually, as in Cecil B. DeMille (Gloria Swanson’s famous last speech from “Sunset Blvd”).

    As always, please excuse my language/film-school pendantry.

  79. The Shazinator says:

    Well gee. I have a photo of the same lake, from almost the same spot, however, there are no squirrelios in my shot…I wonder why…
    Lake Minnewanka

  80. @ 84 The Shazinator…BRR! Gee, maybe it had to do with all the SNOW!!!
    🙂 hee hee; good photo,btw.

  81. It is either a Golden Mantled or Richardson’s ground squirrel. Prairie dogs live on the prairies!
    Black Diamond, Alberta

  82. Check out the Banff Photobomb Squirrel on video:

  83. Well…. the squirrel found his/her way to chilean newspapers and tv too LOL
    2 days after seen him/her here, saw his story and photo on a tabloid down here and also a secuel new few days ago. Also this lil’ one got abt 3 mins in one of the local morning shows (national broadcasting btw). Was funny seeing it on the TV lol

  84. eternalcanadian says:

    yay! a canadian gopher makes it on cute overload! that is a hilarious picture! and the camera focused on the gopher, not the couple. what a memory. banff is the best place to visit. i love it there!

  85. Oops, sorry, J. Bo 😦 I had heard that saying years ago and I thought it was Mr. DeVil 😦 Thank you for correcting me 😀

  86. I think Mr. DeVil was actually Cruella’s husband who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Foul play was suspected, but charges were never filed…

  87. I love it.. Hahaha – Will have me smiling for a long time.

  88. there so cute

  89. hey this is so crazy but not cute

  90. Rosencrantz says:

    I adore this picture so much 🙂
    Brilliant moment captured (although i should point out its a prairie dog not a squirrel)

  91. NIghthawke says:

    ‘Shopped! The photo looks a little “squirrely” to me.

    (Meant to be punny.)

  92. Thanks Steve for the “Banff Crasher Squirrel: The Movie”:

  93. Staticgirl says:

    Shazinator – you could add a squirrel if you like with the squirrelator

  94. Constance says:

    You can also do it here:

    Man. National geographic? The today show? Don’t people research?

  95. “Don’t people research?” Sad to say, Constance, they really don’t.

    Even Mr. ‘tocks = socks (whose shtick was clearly designed for trolling/nuffingham effect) seemingly didn’t bother to check the CO glossary… though he probably DID check, then decided that being a douche was “more fun.”

    This is why I have a high-speed Interweb connection, satellite TV, unlimited long-distance, etc.

  96. iheartpups says:

    [ *sigh*… 😦 – Ed.]

  97. The Shazinator says: Apparently he was there when I was in Banff…

    [Um, it seems to have photochopped his whiskers off. Hardly sporting. 😐 – Ed.]

  98. The Shazinator says:

    Theo, no, I think they were just frozen off at that time of year. Did you not notice that the lake is frozen? 😉

  99. victoreia says:

    Hey, we’re on CNN’s Headline News! (Okay, riding on Mr. Squirrelio’s coattails…but still!)

  100. gerbilize says:

    we are currently hosting a little challenge on our blog for our readers to send in their best “squirrelized” photos. please feel free to email us your own photobombed shots!

  101. The ssquirrel is very cute!!

  102. Oh and to make a final statement, it is definitely a Columbian Ground Squirrel per National Geographic. Still adorable though! The link is below and the first paragraph just below the picture explains.

  103. The squirrel may not be real, the could have easily used this…

  104. Great squirrel, but I am jealous 😀

  105. He was already added to a bunch of pictures in this link. I had a good laugh over it.

  106. Wow!!! that was so cute!!! The squirrel was the main character of that photo, and the two of you just a background. 🙂 .lolzz,,

  107. me encannntaaaa

  108. its always the crazy locals ruining the picture…ROFL

  109. i love the way they are both cracking up – this picture makes me happy! thank you!!

  110. Western Gal says:

    And I just ended up with a ground squirrel in my lap in Yosemite (and I didn’t have food!). I feel so inadequate.