Ah, those flambéed flies with white wine reduction, MWAH!

They were delicious! My compliments to the chef!


Don’t think for second that I missed those cute suction-cup hands, Michèle M.

[UPDATE — this CGI frog is from a TV ad in Belgium.  Well spotted, FCB! – Ed.]



  1. I can’t believe I ate the whole wing!

  2. That is the cutest frog pose I’ve ever seen in my life–kudos to the photographer. How do you get a pic like this?

  3. Kate — you feed a frog gourmet flies for two hours. Have a photographer standing by in the drawing room. Then, as soon as everyone adjourns there, following dessert cocktails…

  4. sings *ahhhh, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found yooooooooou*

    Dramatic frog is dramatic 😉

  5. Blondie says:

    ‘Put them flies in mah belly!’

  6. @Manny–that’s exactly what I was thinking!

    “I kiss’d thee ere I kill’d thee: no way but this;
    Killing myself, to die upon a kiss.”

  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!”
    From the Royal Amphibian Shakespeare Company production. . .

  8. Noelegy says:

    The first thing I thought of was “Those Canaan Days” from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Especially the part where the guy swats the fly…and then eats it.

  9. bontempo says:


  10. Bridget says:

    Is this is what happens when you drink too much Bud-weis-er?

  11. tracylee says:

    agreed, bontempo, thumbs up!

  12. O, I die, Horatio!
    The potent poison quite o’ercrows my spirit:
    I cannot live to hear the news from England;
    But I do prophesy the election lights
    On Fortinbras: he has my dying voice;
    So tell him, with the occurrents, more and less,
    Which have solicited. The rest is silence.

  13. PS
    Cover his little green face;
    Mine eyes dazzle;
    He died young.

  14. Von Zeppelin says:

    Thank you, Theresa. (wipes tear from eye).
    “Good night, sweet frog! May flies buzz thee to thy rest.”

  15. I’ve always adored the beauty of amphibian eyes. The gold against the black.

    Does anyone do that pattern/color combo contacts?

  16. chanpon says:

    “Oh Elizabeth, this is the big one. I’m comin’ to join you, honey…”

  17. But alas! The wine was poisoned! (No wonder he’s holding his belly)!

  18. What a shot! Thats just too cool, and Very funny with caption ^-~

  19. For some reason I can imagine a tiny fez on the top of his head. I’d shop it myself, unfortunately, my computer lacks Photoshop.

  20. stacyhorn says:

    What’s wrong with him though?

  21. LOL @chanpon!!

    I was thinking maybe the final scene of an opera but at the moment I can’t think of one where someone dies dramatically at the end other than La Boheme – but Monsieur Frogger definitely does not look like he’s dying of consumption!

  22. Rowlf the Dog: It’s not often you see a guy that green have the blues that bad.

  23. holligans says:

    Har! @ manny and bontempo.

    He does look…a bit…uncomfortabuhls…*buuuuuuurrrrp*. Ah, moshe betters.

  24. kibblenibble says:

    Shakespeare references and cute creatures. THIS is why I’m addicted to coming here! *sigh*

  25. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    ZOMG people, I cannot believe nobody has said this yet.


    “I ate so much that I could croak!”

  26. That is such a evocative pose. I’m also thinking some “Ridi, Pagliacci!” and also some Nero or Caligula at a banquet.

  27. Walkinge says:

    Ahhh, time’s fun when you’re having flies.

  28. not another bite…not even a wafer thin mint.

  29. Many former English majors and cute animals here.

  30. A choir of frogs sings “Lie and Let Die” as Shrek and Donkey set out to find Artie…

  31. Ah yes – I was thinking of the wafer thin mint also!

  32. O true apothecary!
    Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.

  33. Subhangi says:

    “Et tu, Caesar salad?”

  34. Beulah, peel me a grape.

  35. hon glad says:

    L’ora e fuggita e muoio disperato
    E non ho amato mai tanto lavita

    I die hopeless, dispairing,and never
    before have I loved life like this

    E lucevan le stelle-Mario Cavaradosi-Tosca

  36. Maybe it was a really, REALLY big peach.

  37. Now if someone could only photoshop a rhinestone glove on one of those fabulous feet.

  38. I think this qualifies as frog porn!?

  39. jackie31337 says:

    AmyJ I was thinking maybe the final scene of an opera but at the moment I can’t think of one where someone dies dramatically at the end other than La Boheme – but Monsieur Frogger definitely does not look like he’s dying of consumption!

    Oh, there’s plenty of dramatic death in operas, but it’s almost always the woman who dies as divine retribution for her forbidden love, so Monsieur Frogger should be relatively safe. And what is up with singing a dramatic death aria while dying of consumption (La Boheme, La Traviata, many others I’m sure)?

  40. “Ohhh, my bowels!”

  41. lurve capshon!

  42. Kitteh Toez says:

    I want him to start singing “Rainbow Connection”

  43. Froggy is thinking, “This death scene has Oscar written all over it!”

  44. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”


    “Good Night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.”

    Good dramatic pose.

  45. hipcheck says:

    first of all: I think this is the best CO post for comments evar.

    second: the frog looks too digital to me. as a former 3D animator, I have to go Matrix on this one and say ‘there is no frog’.

    someone prove me wrong, please!

  46. @chanpon tee hee 🙂

  47. Kristabelle says:

    Perhaps she is 9 months pregnant and BOY is that baby kicking up a storm!!! 😀

  48. Hon Glad, you are so full of culture!!

  49. earlybird1 says:

    AAHAHAHAHA! Drama Frog cracks me up! And the comments crack me up! Sigh (wipes eyes). That was awesome.

  50. Kristabelle says:

    Awww, earlybird, I love your avatar!!!

  51. This is now my new wallpaper. If I could, I would wallpaper my bathroom with this. I bow to the photographer in humble homage.

  52. Mauderules says:

    OK, so I know that it isn’t haiku day but:

    He looks lovesick to me
    Woe is me, goodbye cruel world!
    She’ll be sorry then.

    And of course, if you want operatic references, how about Papageno’s abortive suicide in The Magic Flute? Edited excerpt:
    Vergebens! Ach, sie ist verloren!
    Ich bin zum Unglück schon geboren… .
    Sterben macht der Lieb ein End,
    Wenn’s im Herzen noch so brennt… .
    Weil mich nichts zurücke hält,
    Gute Nacht, du falsche Welt!
    [In vain! Ah, she is lost!
    I was born for misfortune.
    Dying brings an end to love
    When it burns so in my heart.
    Since nothing holds me back,
    Good night, you false world!]

    This frog, like Papageno, clearly has an eye out for last-minute saviors.

  53. Noelegy says:

    ewwee, once an English major, always an English major! You just can’t turn off that part of your brain. I left a comment on I Can Has Cheezburger, and…let’s just say that LOLspeak is not my first language. 🙂

  54. Lynn A. says:

    What a conundrum-Hah cha cha !!

  55. A ribbeting performance, Frog Hamlet.

  56. Sadly, that’s not a real frog. That’s an ad. It’s part of the most recent set of ads for a anti-upset-stomach medication here in Belgium called Motilium. I’d know that little sick frog anywhere. It’s CGI, but still adorable.

  57. @Mauderules, of course an adorable little she-frog appearsm and they start in on

    Actually I was an English major then a music major. I’ve got it all covered.

  58. LisaLisa says:

    Either he ate too much or this is his “sexy” pose!

  59. Of course, you know this means warts …

  60. Kim Evans says:

    “It’s not easy bein’ green…*belch*”

  61. Kristabelle says:

    Oh pyrit, you’ve done it again!!! 😆

  62. hon glad says:

    Thanks Theresa , I guess it’s better than being full of s**t 🙂

  63. Katrina says:

    Hello my baby,
    hello my honey, hello my ragg time gal
    send me a kiss by wire,
    baby, my heart’s on fire-HEARTBURN!
    Your friend, Michigan J. Frogue

  64. Oh noes, not AGAIN! I wanted it to be REAL!!!!
    (striking dramatic pose)

  65. robert nelson says:

    Et tu, Brute?

  66. Heather says:

    “And then Kermit said…..”

  67. earlybird1 says:

    LOL @ LisaLisa: “his sexy pose.” Ha ha!

    Senor McFrogue (in Barry White voice): “C’mere behbe.” (Pats lily pad)

  68. earlybird1 says:

    This has got to be one of the BEST CO posts for creative comments. Is he Sexy Frog? Drama Frog? Bellyache Frog? All are equally awesome. You people make my day!

  69. And the whole time we thought we were addressing our odes and writing our tributes to a real frog….! Makes no nevermind: he looks real enuff; perception is reality, after all; I’ve compared him to the gazillion nature photos I have, and he is
    comparable to any of them…..
    Like the Velveteen Rabbit: Why, he’s become REAL!!!! Yesh, yesh!!… 😆

  70. YAY! Belgium, 1 pt! *thumbs up* ^^

    Thanks and Hi FCB .
    Love the little frog and the “aowww” sounds it makes xD!

  71. Merlin' Muse says:

    Ah, ma cheri, zat vas some spicy meataball!

  72. Lula Mae says:

    O, that this too too solid fly would melt.
    Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew.
    – Froglet

  73. THAT’S CGI! I’m a photographer, and damn, my profession is in trouble.

  74. Katrina says:

    Mauderules, Theresa, Hon Glad, can you do that from memory? My, my.

    Christy, no, no danger there-this is a completely differentiable way to do images. Your trade is safe. Both have their merits.


    I bought and watched “Princess Bride” yesterday, now I understand what you guys were talking about, it is very sweet. Thanks for the tip to watch it!

  75. Michele M. you need to be selling that photo!!! That awesome!!! Great job!!!

  76. Thanks! Very exciting to get a shout-out on my favorite website.