Just let me clean your nostril out



Cute Overload Extremely Disgusting Close Up:


Christine, I hope that’s you driving away in the yellow bug. Far, far away.




  1. mervtheflamingo says:


  2. eww.

  3. yuck, yuck and yuck, but oddly appealing.

  4. *sings* I can be your kleenex behbeh. I can take away the snotttt. I can leeeek your noseee foreverrrr. oh baby let me beeeeeeee your kleeeeeee-eeee-nexxxxx.

  5. It’s a dog thing. I get that. But I must also assert EWWW.

  6. Gee-ross!

  7. Hahaha – ewwww!

  8. charliewabba says:

    Giving lie to the old adage that you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose. In a doggy sort of way, that is.
    Such a tidy fit.

  9. the eternal student says:

    Bahahah! That’s mighty gross.

  10. I shall leeck… eew.

  11. … 😐


  12. that wah-wah could fit entirely in that mastiffs head…

  13. So it’s true. The Boogie Man really does exist.

  14. I saw this and knew I had to read the comments.

    Jessie V, I don’t know what tune you’re singing to, but it’s hilarious!1

    The wah-wah looks so very content–like my dog when he starts settling down with one of our metal barbells. *shakes head* Dogs lick the strangest things.

  15. The boogie man…. *starts cracking up*

  16. What’s on the mastiff’s “elbow”?

  17. AuntieMame says:

    But charliewabba, he’s not *picking* his friend’s nose. He’s *licking* it.

    (Eww, LOL!)

  18. muttluver: I believe it’s to the tune of “I Can Be Your Hero”, by Enrique Iglesias. The original lyrics are: “I can be your hero baby // I can kiss away the pain // I will stand by you forever // You can take my breath away.”

  19. “What’s on the mastiff’s “elbow”?”
    omg you’re right.. DOUBLE EW!

  20. One giant SNIFF, and that wa-wa’s GONE.

  21. Boomer's Babysitter says:


  22. Pick me a winner, little buddy!

  23. laureling says:

    That is completely freaking hilarious! Silly goggies!

  24. Michelle S. says:


    cewwwwwt. <3

  25. Brandi7920 says:

    Super grody, but freaking hilarious!

  26. (>_< )

  27. U R what U eat, and he’s sure a cute li’l booger!
    Bet he was the picker of the litter.

  28. oh you really had me laughing out loud with this one! thank god my husband isn’t home to tilt his head and say “you idiot”

  29. It’s completely yucky AND adorably funny.

  30. mmmm salty.

  31. My rats do this.

  32. neighkaye says:

    Wow! How strange! That little dog looks exactly like my dog! Even the round spot! I had to do a double take – but my dog would be trying to kill the other dog instead of licking it! Too cute! Wish I knew what kind of dog it is – purebred Chihuahua or mixed with something? I always think my dog must be a Jack Russell – Chi mix? if the owner reads this – please post some info : )

  33. berthaservant says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first to say it but, (in Jack Benny voice), you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose…..

  34. is the mastiff sitting on poo??

  35. Michelle S. says:

    Large breeds sometimes get growths on their elbows. I think it’s from knocking their elbows on hard surfaces before the bone hardens.

  36. totalee puppy says:

    Need…barf bin…

  37. Oh, come on, peeps, you’re being too picky! (*snerk*)

  38. Oh, WHY – WHY would you say YELLOW BUG in this context??

  39. 🙂
    the little one is a purebred chi and I think the growth on the mastiff’s elbow started forming when he got hit by a car years ago. & lol that is not poo, it is his male part.

  40. That’s what friends are for!

  41. Snot very nice.

  42. christine- they area lovely pair! Thanks for sharing them with us, elbow thing, male part, nose, chi and all!

  43. Ha! One of my 5-month-old rats has decided I must be groomed every day. He does all around my face and sometimes my ears. But then he sneakly sticks his little tongue up a nostril… that’s where I draw the line!

  44. Oh, spb, you win my ‘good sport’ award, for sure!

  45. Aaaw!