Sleepies. sooo sleepies.

Catheroo (great nickname!) sends in her ‘Sleeping Kitty Making Biscuits” video…

Yes, Catheroo, exscruitiatingly cutezzzzzzzzz



  1. Melissa says:

    OMG!!!! Cutest video ever!

  2. theamazingzippergirl says:

    aww… pooor leetle keeety can barelyyy keeep his eyesss opennn… *honk-shu*

  3. ohmygoodness. can’t…stay…awake…

  4. Sitting here by myself, laughing out loud.
    How asnorgable!!

  5. OMG! I’m Fir-u-0000! Not supposed to go there, Me Thinks!

    ADORABLE video!!!! Longer, it needed to be LOOONNGER! (-:

  6. Awww… so sweet! And someone else who calls that action “making biscuits” 🙂

  7. AuntieMame says:

    I’m not sleepy, I’m not sleepy, I’m not sleeeeeee…honk shu, honk shu, ho…*snort* Huh, wha?

  8. theworldisround says:

    Cute videos are rare…but this one…


  9. i can’t seeeeeeee it

  10. Constance says:

    What?! what! I’m up I’m up!

  11. Looks like me at my computer keyboard some mornings. Except I don’t have cute stripes.

  12. Oooooh so sweeeepeee!!!

  13. Hilarious! I can’t get over how fast and far back the head goes before little kitty wakes up.

  14. Wow. I’ve seen a whole lotta cute here, but that is easily the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…

  15. pendlerpiken says:

    ahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha 😀
    that’s about the funniest AND cutest thing I’ve ever seen. ever.


  16. chilledcat says:

    This little baby is the mostest prosh ever!

  17. mejezabel says:

    HOLY CAT!!!
    I’m so totally going back to bed.
    Thanks for the suggestion tiny cat.

  18. michelle says:

    I second that….That is (I think) the cutest thing I have seen yet. P.S. They call it “makin’ bisquits”-I call it “gettin’ milk”. It’s what they do when they’re nursing. I have a 4 yr old that stills comes up to me and snuggles down to knead on me. Like a kitten. Like she’s still gonna get milk. Crazy cats…..!!!!!

  19. I actually laughed out loud in my office…how embarassing. Thanks alot cute overload!

  20. Yip, me too Lori. just like me in the office this afternoon, i could go to sleep this second.

  21. That’s hilariously cute!!! Paw paw paw, doze doze d’oh.

  22. msumissa says:

    Oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing in the world. I can just hear kitteh saying, ‘I’m up, I’m up…..honk shue….I’m up, I’m up…. honk shueeeee……”

  23. This, people, is why.

  24. GAH! No fair, I’m trying to wake… u…. *honk shu*

  25. thats the cutest thing by far ever surfaced on the internet

  26. That cannot be real, can it?! Extremely cute…to the extreme.

    PS – We call it the much simpler “dancing,” as opposed to “making biscuits.”

  27. “Happy Paws”

  28. Our houselion only does this to his dog…while nursing (I don’t share that with just EVERYone, Peoples).

  29. what do i have to do?
    this is killing me!
    i don’t get youtube.
    how else can i see this!
    all the raving about something i can’t see!

  30. ArrMatey says:

    OH NOES! I can’t get the video to play! Can anyone tell me where I can find it on YouTube? For some reason, direct video links to there never work on my compy. 😦

  31. Ariel — you don’t get YouTube? ‘Splain?

  32. GAH!!!!


  33. I’ve re-packaged the YouTube video link here, using TinyURL; maybe this’ll help some folks…

  34. Just beware some of those YouTube videos of cute kittens. I just got scared by a zombie on one…I hate that poop.

  35. Trish… that is hi-LAR-ious, and absolutely needs to be a video.

  36. Every time I watch it, I lol again…

  37. D’AAAWWWWWUUUUHHHH… happy feet happy feet! I’m all like…. nOOOOO don’t fall over! And then it does it again!!!! *brain explodes*

  38. i don’t get flash or java either. mwaaaaah!

  39. chunkstyle says:

    Makin’ biscuits? So funny, I’ve heard it as “Sucking Wool” too as our cats love the wooly blankets/sweaters/scarves/socks
    This made my day!

  40. Ariel — aha. You just need your geek supplements, methinks. Here:



    These should be easy, straightforward installs.

  41. The-to-the-O: I’d have to get one o’ them thar night vision cameras to vid the King a-kneadin’ and a-nursin’ on his pooch; he only does it at night any more (imagine having to not trip over THAT in the dark). I might have a “still” shot of it, tho!

  42. craps!
    thanks for the help ffeeo.
    still can’t, not allowed to install stuffz on the werk computerrrrrrrrr.
    sad day. very sad day for me.

  43. I actually busted out laughing at this one. :oD

  44. Ariel… well, stiff upper lip, sista. One day we’ll all work together in that Beautiful Office in the Sky, where everyone has “admin” rights (because nobody ever downloads stuff that horks up their PC).

    [angel chorus begins]
    […and stops abruptly with the record-scratch noise]

    No, not THAT office! THIS one, remember?

  45. (swaying by the river)
    savin up my treasure for that golden day

  46. “I kneeeeaaaaad you! I kneee… eeee…. aaa…. shuuu… honkshuuuu… Huh wah? Ahem. I knead you!”

    I want to reach through my screen and give him a great big squidge. (That darn well needs to be a word.) KITTY PAWS!!!

  47. It’s tragic, but some companies have blocked YouTube from their servers. I have some friends who work for Internet Security Systems ( and the company has YouTube as a blocked site from their server.

    The video is like when you see a kid who’s trying to stay awake at dinner and face plants into his mashed potatoes.

    So tie-tie.

  48. Need caffeine!

  49. “The video is like when you see a kid who’s trying to stay awake at dinner and face plants into his mashed potatoes.”

    LOL! Perfect!!

  50. No…musn’t sleep. Still have to shred curtains; eat the houseplants; and tease the dog…..

  51. You can mix & match at will, too. Common recombinations include shredding the houseplants, teasing the curtains, and eating the dog.

  52. WOW, my goodness! So CUTE, CUTE, CUTE…best video EVER! First thing in the morning cuteness, thanks! Goes good with coffee.

  53. Muffin Head says:

    purrrrrrrrrrfect… 😉

  54. All of which happen at our house. What else could they be thinking when they fight sleep so hard. One of our beags is so good at this that she actually falls over.

  55. sigh.

  56. *thud*

  57. oooh. i’m in love.

  58. falnfenix says:

    giggling like a goober over here…too cute

  59. fillyjonk says:

    I love how when he falls asleep (the first time) and then he wakes back up, and he’s all “What? What? I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting my eyes!”

    It’s not often you get cute and funny in one package, but this is both cute and funny. I sat here in my office and laughed out loud at it.

  60. Hahah. Totally Classic.

  61. Laurie C says:

    I’m cross posting this (put in on the Formidable Opponent thread, too) just because it’s so cool (and cat-related). Hope it doesn’t bring down the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing:

    Jack, the bear treeing cat *did* get recognized on Colbert last night. The Brass Bells of Feline Bravery, no less.

  62. No wrath here.
    Meg? Got wrath?

  63. Laurie C says:

    I also saw a video clip of Jack on yesterday. In the text stories, he was described as “a 10-pound cat”. If he’s under 15 pounds, I’m a hedgehog.

  64. Yes, I think that is definitely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  65. gwenchocolate says:

    So so tie-tie!

    My question is: why is the most snorgle-able kitteh evah! trying to stay awake? Kitteh totally looks like a little person with the shocked eyes afterwards and the dizzy determentation to…keep…making…biscuits…*honk-shu*

  66. mariser says:


    “Brass Bells of Feline Bravery” ? are you sure it wasn’t Balls?


  67. Heh.
    Always spay/neuter your pets.

  68. I so kneaded that.

  69. Laurie C says:

    mariser, I’m going based on a friend’s e-mail. I haven’t watched my tape of last night’s Colbert yet — don’t stay up that late. Bells or Balls, it’s all good, though.

  70. That is the very, very best! Sooo Cute and Funny! BTW, check out the big PAWS on that baby! Gonna be a big kitty someday! I call kneading “Making Pitty-Patt Paws”. AWWWWW! 😉

  71. Meg – Congratulations on your Webby Award! I know I seldom comment – but your site is one I visit often. Especially when I need to lift my spirits. I just wanted to let you know I linked this clip on my site. It was just too precious to ignore. Thanks for all of this – you really brighten up my day!

  72. Making biscuits? That’s “cat massage” as in “must finish massaging this client, must finish (wha?!)thisclient,…ggin…g…

  73. You people are going to get me fired one day, I was squealing and eeeeing and awwwing so much all my co-workers think I am crazier than they thought already.


  74. Beware: “The Mighty Claws of Furry”!

  75. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gaaaaahhh I’m lost for words. Total tie-tie cuteness, honkshu

  76. mariser says:

    Laurie C.,

    “Bells or Balls, it’s all good, though”
    true, dat. anything that reduces the “bear scourge”.

  77. They cut the end out of the film, but what happens at the end is as soon as the kitty falls completely asleep, they quickly pan to the window, and outside the window you see Santa Claus and his sleigh speed by, as an uptempo version of “Jingle Bells” starts up.

  78. Laurie C: any news item I saw on Jack described him as 15lb. That ain’t no 10-pound kitty, nossir.

  79. Yep! That’s my baby! Except now she’s like 10 times bigger! So glad to spread the cuteness!

  80. That’s so cute! It’s unusual for me to laugh out loud, but this completed the mission *wants to eat kitty* x3

  81. Thanks, Catheroo! That was a treat!

  82. Heee. I love the look on its face when it wakes up, kind of “what happened?” but cuter.

  83. chelsea says:

    he dozed off just like people do! with the head-jerk and everything!
    this made my day a jillion times better.
    sweepy kitteh.

  84. hrh.squeak says:

    Catheroo – Thanks for sharing the Cutest Kitty Evah!! Oh my goodness. Squee squee SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    My kitty was apparantly separated from his mother too early to learn to make biscuits – (love it – we called it “paddle”). But if you turn him on his back and tickle his tum, he flops one paw and then the other at the wrist, as if to say “Yes, yes, that’s it – you may proceed.” Overly cute.

  85. squeeeee! (i can’t stop saying it!)
    this lil’ kitteh is absofrigginlutely the cutest. she even looks like my sweet lucy (gone, but never forgotten), who also used to make kitty pizza. who says being kneady is unattractive?

  86. Laurie C, I’m with you — Jack ain’t no 10 pounds. The probably rounded down from 14 lol.

  87. StormCat says:

    We have 4 Kitties and we also have an asundry of “biscuits”…

    We have making:
    air biscuits
    carpet biscuits
    leg biscuits
    and my personal fav, daddy biscuits..(mainly because that means my male Kitty is kneading on Daddy, and not my legs…He hurts!!!)


  89. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Such a cute and sleepy little ‘itten…

  90. SO ADORABLE GAH!! oh my oh my i want to snorgle catharoo! ahhh kitties… so so cute. *SNORGLE*

  91. *dies from teh cute*

  92. Laurie C says:

    mariser – finally got to my Colbert tape. Yes, it was bells, but there were two of them on a collar, in recognition that Jack was likely neutered.

  93. ROFL this made me LOL too. Though “making biscuits” seems to have a different connotation to me… and not cute at all. Hehe.

    But this kitteh is so darn cute I just wanna squueeeeeze and snorgle it.

    *head implodes*

  94. Villeline says:

    I’m spoiled forever now. The cuteness of this kitten makes me fall over from laughter every time I watch her. Is that supposed to happen?!?!

  95. the little kitty looks DRUNK!!!!!!!j/k lol

  96. Andy Lee says:

    Reminds me of Peppermint Patty at her desk at school.

    zzzzzzz… I’M AWAKE! I’M AWAKE!

  97. That hypnotic stare as a kitty tries to find a comfortable spot – or make one already found even more comfortable – it is almost AGRESSIVELY cute.

  98. PrincessCait says:

    awwwr! so cute! i love how he does it TWICE. i was like, no way he’ll do it again. and then, he did.

  99. hrh.squeak says:

    Has anyone else turned up the speaker really loud and noticed that the dialogue in the background is completely apropos? Kitteh was Hypnotized!! (Catheroo, you have a very nice voice.)

  100. Stacia K says:

    Next time I need to feel better, I’m going right to this link. What a cute little fuzzikins. I’m dead from cute.

  101. Laurie C.,

    thanks for checking. “Brass Bells” indeed. Jack is most deserving.

    (I guess I need to find and watch that clip).

  102. OMG so durn CUUUUUUTE! And yes FUNNY! And did I mention CUTE? I had a sudden urge to get out of bed at 5:45 for a CO fix. You are my bestest addiciton evah CO!

  103. Catheroo, how did you know to tape her? Did she do this a lot?

    I LOVE this video!!!!!!

  104. Diane N says:

    To Cheryl: this looks like MY Lucy when she was a kitten, too. Tabbies are the bestest.

  105. colette says:

    ohh no, i’m awake, must knead….hmmmm, oh, knead soommeee mmmmooooorrrreee…

  106. Re: Jack on the Colbert Report–

    Awesome!(I actually threw my arms in the air and said “Yay!” when I read that!). Now to see if the sibling taped last night’s so I can see it (or figure out when it re-airs, which it does constantly, right?)

    (tee hee, I called it!)

  107. I happened to have my camera handy and she’d been kneading and kneading…so I grab the camera, and then she starts kneading and nodding. You can see me shaking a little as I laugh. She still kneads, but doesn’t doze off so much.

    My little narcoleptic kitty!

  108. I wish it was longer.

    My god.

  109. OMG, soooo cute! What a little sweetie! Love it! I keep watching it and emailing it to friends. Glad her claws didn’t hurt.

  110. …Going…Going….Gone…zzzzz

  111. awwww

    my cat does this on a pillow in the lounge

  112. My old cat used to do that on anything, a pillow, newspapers, my leg. I even got her to do it on a drum. We refered to it as “patty pawing” in our house. The cat I have now does it somewhat but not like my old cat.