When You Gotta Go…You Gotta GO

Go on, little fella! Do your bizness! What’s stopping you? Here, let me open the door- whoops.


Ash Goes Offline

I said yesterday I was a sucker for owls. That was a true statement, and so’s this one: Love Me Some Yorkie Action. Seriously, I was sitting here pondering why we don’t own a Yorkie (landlord, ahem) and then this email came screaming in from Emma C. “I’ve attached a photo of Ash, aka Weenie, the cutest little ‘Mostly Yorkie’ in the world. Ash lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her hoomins would be delighted to see their baby on C.O.; they’re huge fans. I hope you publish it! Stay awesome, Cute Overload.”

Thank you Emma C., for making my Yorkie Addiction worse.

POP Goes The Pupster

Eet’s National Popcorn Day! U can have some if U want. Will cost you a scritch on my head. A great deal 4 U!

Yorkie Pup from Shutterstock.

Yorkster Overload

“This is Penny – she’s smirking because her 4 little pounds of Cuteness outsmarted the Polar Vortex by staying inside!” -Cuteporter Jenny C.



We Got More Football Today, Huh

[Since you’re gonna be hunkered down on the couch with all those Niners, Panthers, Chargers and Broncos- maybe I could hunker down with you?]

Yorkshire Terrier Male Puppy from Shutterstock.

Poll: Do Yorkies Have Magical Powers?

Maybe it’s just me. But prolly not. Every. Single. Time. When I see a Yorkie…I want it. Right then. They look at you with those Little Yorkie Eyes, then toss in a wicked Baroo for good measure, and you’re done for. Do Yorksters do that to you, too?



Ri The Yorkie photos via The Furrtographer. But you knew that.

Better Gear Up If You Wanna Keep Up

Lt. Snuggles has two speeds.

Just about to go real fast…

and going real fast.

Lt. Snuggles’s agent, Amy S., tells us, “He’s a 3-year-old spoiled Yorkie who loves being cute, chasing birdies and sneaking bites of kitty roca when Mommy isn’t looking. :)”

Comfort Seeker

More pillows, please. I prefer overstuffed and brightly colored.

Mari tells us, “Max Reyes, who was born in Toledo Ohio, has been leading a very comfortable life in Florida for the past four years.”