Happy (Late) Birthday, Stu!

Sorry we missed your party last week- looks like you had fun!

“I’d like to submit my cat ‘Stu‘ for your site!” -Sami C.


THIS JUST IN: Happy #1 To Fenway!

Fenway CAKE time“My precious girl Fenway turned one years old yesterday and we had a little celebration. Photo says it all :).” -Cherie O.

Happy Birthday, J.D.!

You want some help blowing out the candles? Oh, looks like you’ve got that handled.

(As seen on @Digg.)

Happy Birthday, Carl!

image2Carl The English Bulldogersons celebrates Birthday Numero Uno in Wheelersburg, OH. From Brittany C.

What’s Better Than A Golden Retriever?

image_2TWO of them, naturally. AND..it’s their birthday! Say hello to Boomer and his brother Chauncey, (your guess as to who is who) who just celebrated Birfday Number Two. Photos from Elle W.








TGIF, Boomer!

Five PM PT on Friday- traditional launch time for TGIF! And who might this be? None other than Boomer celebrating his 5th Birthday! Thanks to Photographer/Owner Cassia D.



Happy Birthday To Miss Alice!

3 (1)It is your special day! May you be happy, may you have a wonderful day! May your birthday be filled with whisker wiggles and yogurt drops!

4 (1)

5 (1)
Text and photos provided by Jessica W.

Happy Birthday, Kodie!

IMG_4843The K-Man celebrated his 7th birthday on Saturday! You may not know it, but Kodie is a charter member of the C.O. Hall of Fame! Here he is wearing his Superman outfit (Same as in 2013.) Hope you had a great one, little dude!

Anniversary Buns!

HappyBirthday“Two Lionhead Rabbits having a party! Hope you also think these lionheads are cute! The left one is Frozzie and right one is called Smokie. Best regards, Melissa V.”

Happy (Late) Birthday, Tri$ha

unnamed[We just got this in on Sunday from Karly and Erik. Sorry we missed your BD, Tri$ha. -Ed.]

“We think it’s about time that you made Tri$ha’s acquaintance and helped to make her first birthday dreams come true by giving her a place in your esteemed palace of cute!
This little ball of fluff and love was born on Valentines Day and lives in Berlin Germany where she spends her days being photogenic, devouring underwear and making everyone around her fall at her feet with adoration.”

unnamed (1)
“She is a Japanese spitz who came all the way from Ireland to make us proud dog parents.”

unnamed (3)
“Being a modern lady, Tri$h also has a Facebook page that you can peruse at your leisure! I hope she makes you guys smile as much as she does to us!”

unnamed (2)


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