Patrick The Wombat UPDATE!

Ya might recall that back in August we wished ol’ Patrick here a Happy 29th Birthday. Yes, 29! The world’s oldest (and biggest- 84 pounds) Wombat. We saw this article on Lost At E Minor, and decided an UPDATE was in order. We also have an interview request into the Big Guy- let’s hope we hear back.

(As we all know, WOMBAT is one of THE best words in the WORLD to say. WombatWombatWombat.)

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Vinny, The Wandering Wombat

This…is Vinny. According to Yahoo News/Australia, he wandered off (a walkabout?) from Goldfields Wildlife Rehabilitators in Coolgardie Western Australia, on Friday the 9th. But he’s back after a two-day trek. Quoting Yahoo, “As we speak he’s lying on his back, sound asleep on the floor enjoying the breeze,” Rowena Walker said. “He came home and just drank and ate for an hour … and then he went straight to bed and has been sleeping ever since.”

Vinny the wombat appears pleased to be back home. Picture: Rowena Walker

Thanks to Claire M.

Poll: Koala, Panda, Or Wombat?

Whenever I see a Koala, I think that is the Cutest Roly-Poly in the world. But then when I see a Panda, I think the same thing. Along comes a Wombat, and…well, you see the dilemma. What do YOU think? Panda..Koala..or Wombat? Let’s go Polling!

Credit where credit is due, for the first photo: “Here is a pic taken recently at Australia Zoo owned by the late Steve Irwin & family (crickey) located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I had to fight the crowds and wait about half an hour for this cute little baby Koala to come out of the leaves for the perfect shot.” -Kon K.