The Look Of Disapproval Is NOT Limited To Buns

As proof, we present Otis, c/o The Furrtographer.


Wilford Brimley, We Presume?

Look! See the mustache there on Mr. Banana Slug? Now eat yer oatmeal- it’s the Right Thing To Do!

From Iesza J. in the Great White North.

Catford Brimley says:

“I didn’t go to high school. I think that after you learn to read and write and do your numbers and flush the toilet behind yourself, you don’t need no more schoolin’. You need to get out in the water and swim.”

“I resent the fact that people in places like Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco believe that they should be able to tell us how to live our lives, operate our businesses, and what to do with the land that we love and cherish.”

Picture 2

“I’ve taken on a little bit of self-discipline that I never had before. In general, I’m looking after myself more. I do the blood tests about five times a day and inject my insulin twice a day, delivered by Liberty, of course.”

Picture 3

Taffy the Wilford Brimleh impersonator by Christine M. Sent in by Winston Challenger Anna B.!