Bonus Christmas Eve Eve Trading Card!

From Melissa: “Scooby Hawkins from Los Banos, California wishes all C.O. Fans a Wienerful Christmas and a Happy New Year!”



And Look At Those Lil’ Wieners GO

As you might know, Oktoberfest is going on now in Munich, and last Saturday Friday they really had it going on in Zinzinnati- the second biggest Oktoberfest celebration on the planet. Naturally, it featured Wiener Dog Races. (Click each image for C.O. Super-Size™ Wiener Dog Action!) Now, can someone get me some mustard?

untitled shoot-0089

untitled shoot-9872

Photo Sep 18, 12 19 48 PM

untitled shoot-0135

untitled shoot-0212

untitled shoot-0207

untitled shoot-9913

untitled shoot-9881

untitled shoot-9865

untitled shoot-0095

untitled shoot-0062

Le Creditos~ Super Hi-Res Photos by Brian (Dangerous) Douglas Photography, with special thanks to The News Roadie, Rich Walburg of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

They’re Cleaning My Bed

[….so I’ll just take a nap up here if it’s OK with you, big guy. Ahhhhhhh. Perfect.]

(Susan M. saw this video here.)

“♬ Walkin’ In A Wiener Wonderland….♫”

(Total confession time, we used Sender-Inner Melissa’s supplied headline because, well, it’s perfect.) ‘Cause that’s what’s going on here, a Wiener Dog Wonderland! The featured pupster above is Scooby- check the hovers for the names of the other Little Dudes And Dudettes! “Happy Holidays from the Hawkins family in Los Banos California,” she adds.





GoPro™ On A Wiener Dog

It gets a (Hi! Sniff?) little bouncy in(Hi! Sniff??) this video, so buckle yer seat belts!

From Leah R.

Saturday In The Park

So you’re a Lil’ Wiener Dog. It’s Saturday afternoon. Why not head off to the park for a little Nose Boop Balloon Action?

From DP&F. Headline by Chicago.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 8:52a PT (Bonus Hour Post!)

Dobby The Wiener Dog (@dobbytheween) is all set for the big day ahead! Will U be his Valentine?


image (1)
24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…