They’re Cleaning My Bed

[….so I’ll just take a nap up here if it’s OK with you, big guy. Ahhhhhhh. Perfect.]

(Susan M. saw this video here.)

“♬ Walkin’ In A Wiener Wonderland….♫”

1(Total confession time, we used Sender-Inner Melissa’s supplied headline because, well, it’s perfect.) ‘Cause that’s what’s going on here, a Wiener Dog Wonderland! The featured pupster above is Scooby- check the hovers for the names of the other Little Dudes And Dudettes! “Happy Holidays from the Hawkins family in Los Banos California,” she adds.





GoPro™ On A Wiener Dog

It gets a (Hi! Sniff?) little bouncy in(Hi! Sniff??) this video, so buckle yer seat belts!

From Leah R.

Saturday In The Park

So you’re a Lil’ Wiener Dog. It’s Saturday afternoon. Why not head off to the park for a little Nose Boop Balloon Action?

From DP&F. Headline by Chicago.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 8:52a PT (Bonus Hour Post!)

Dobby The Wiener Dog (@dobbytheween) is all set for the big day ahead! Will U be his Valentine?


image (1)
24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…


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