Let’s Do The Weasel Tango

A Deadly Weasel Toy invades their space. What will happen? And A-one and A-two….

Kate C. scores again.

Domo Arigato

Mr. Roboto. This techno-toy sounds like the ideal indoor cat plaything, or, a man in high heels.


So I Assume All of the Other Superhero Costumes Were Rented, Then?

By day, mild-mannered Wiley leads a seemingly normal life…

But whenever Wiley’s ultrasonic ears sense injustice and danger…

He transforms into his crime-fighting alter ego, Breadman!

See more Wiley at Critter Camp! Thanks, Beth R.!

I Had That Dream Again

First, this nice lady gives me a dog biscuit, and then another and another, and then I’m covered on dog biscuits and I can’t move. What does it mean?


“Something that I stumbled upon today. Looks like Oscar has it made!” says Nicole F.

Come With Me if You Want to Salsa

My name is Don Arachno, I’m the king of latin samba,
The ladies see me dancing, and they’re shrieking ¡ay caramba!
Alas, I am but robot, and must seek upon my honor
One special dancing partner by the name of Sarah Connor

Please tell me that thing on the front dispenses tequila, Wendy M.

You’ll Never See Cats the Same Again

You’ll probably never fall asleep again, either.



Via Meowtfit

Pink. Armadillos. In. Argentina.

Cuteporter Nicky B. spotted this on Boing Boing. “Just in case you guys hadn’t been alerted about this already!”

Uh, no, we hadn’t. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

And Wendy M. wrote in to add: “It has a ‘butt plate.'”





Photos as seen on Science News!

Butt, Butt, Butt, …

these magnets are so attractive!

“I was doing a little online shopping today and came across these *ahem* unique magnets. My first thought was, ‘These are perfect for ‘Tocktober!’ My second thought was, ‘I should send these to CO!'” ~Anna G.

POLL: R U A Kitteh Friend…Or A Puppeh Friend?

There’s one way to find out. Take this test. Play these videos. Then take our poll!

Puppeh via Reddit. George the Cat, from Cuteporter Jen.

Flashback Friday

It’s OK, I’m a professional. I totally meant to do this. I caught myself!

“Puppy, 1950” Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images