“Today I Am Declaring My Candidacy For President”

DTCat_FEAT[First off, I’m really rich. Secondly, I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. And third- can SOMEone find me my can of AquaNet?]

(This actually IS the “Donald Trump” caterpillar; a caterpillar of the flannel moth. Honest. Nerdist.com says so. Thanks to Robin L.)

Lookit! A Little Floating Hat!

There’s a LOT going on way down deep off the Puerto Rican shores! (This guy is a Dumbo Octopus.)

Here’s a more comprehensive look, too:


YAY 4 #WorldOceansDay

It’s a day to celebrate all the QTE we hold near n’ dear to our hearts. Like these lil’ critters!



GIFs spotted on Monterey Bay Aquarium PR Twitter, originally seen on Silicon Republic.

[*Note: Google Maps also has a nice feature today, FYI. -Ed.]

Meet Earl The Pandalamb

Yes, you read that right. His name is Earl. He’s a Panda. AND a Lamb. All in one. Sort of. Right?

“It’s pretty much what you’d think a Pandalamb to look like,” says Tamara.


56I was zooming through TweetDeck and came across this fantastic Dumbo Octopus (Opisthoteuthis Agassiz) on The Featured Creature’s Twitter. Are those…FEET hanging down there?


What. In. The. World.

Without a doubt, this little maniac deserves his/her own Rule. We’ve had them on C.O. for EIGHT years! And so, from this moment on, so it shall be. Sealing wax, if you please!!

Hey, Ya Little Squirt!

If you visit C.O. long enough, you’re likely to see just about every Cute thing there is to see, animuhl-wise. Oh, we might even throw in a car or two, just to keep you guessing.


Why, Sea Squirts, of course. (*Update: Added “Under The Sea” at Faye’s suggestion. But first, ladies & gentlemen..please welcome: Mr. Bobby. Darin.



(RN 24.)

Spins A Web, Any Size

Nice hat there, little guy. “A new species of spider has been discovered. They have named it ‘Sparklemuffin.’ I am not lying.” -Katherine B.

[*Update: Meghan B. suggested “New York New York” might be the song this guy is singing. Good call. -Ed.]


Can I Get A Nudibranch Pepperoni….To Go?

The Featured Creature likes weird animals- and coincidentally enough, that’s where we spotted this critter– who fits the bill. Almost two years ago (!) we were introduced to Mr. Nudibranch. This year, we have a..Dominos Nudibranch? Pizza Hut Nudibranch? What? Is? That? Answer: a “Pizza Crust Sea Slug.” (Same thing as a Nudi, says FC.) Or, (say like Cliff Clavin:) a “Pleurobranchus Areolatus.”

[*Note- Of COURSE there’s a “Sea Slug Forum.” -Ed.]

6188863677_3318e332ec_z (1)




“But then…the poop *moved*!”

2015-02-16 14.28.51We get emails….and then we get emails.

Like this one from The Mad Cat Lady.

“Look at this little guy!!! OMG! I was walking down the street and first thought it was a bit of doggie poop, but then the poop *moved*! And on closer inspection the poop turned out to have ‘eyes’ and…wasn´t poop at all!”

2015-02-16 14.27.35
“(For the scientifically minded, this is the caterpillar of the rather large (palm-sized, eek!) Tersa Sphinx Moth.)”

2015-02-16 14.27.38

This Happened.

Hard to believe, I know. Totally real, totally SQUEE.

As seen on Tumblr.


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