Segmented Neutrophil. Wait. What?

Can…CELLS be QTE? The answer to THAT is YES! (And this one is singing Harry Connick Jr.!)

image1 (1)

“So, I’m learning to be a vet tech, and a couple weeks ago in the lab portion of one of my classes we were looking at blood smears. Imagine my surprise when I came across this white blood cell (a Segmented Neutrophil) smiling at me! The red blood cells around it also make it look like it has a body! Photo credit goes to my friend Sarah I., who managed to get this shot of it.” -Lindsay.

Long Eared Jerboa ACTION!

This rodent is a long eared jerboa. It hops around like a kangaroo - ImgurQ: What could be better late on a Sunday than some Long Eared Jerboa Ear Flappage Action? A: Not much. (Reddit/Imgur.)

Headline THIS, Mr. Bond “Lizard And Let Die”

iguananose (1)[*Note: LATE UPDATE 2pm PT: “Lizard and Let Die” from MA, hands down. Thanks to everyone!! -Ed.]

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve got Spectre on the brain- can’t help it, it’s been three years since Skyfall. So when I saw this image c/o Charmian Z., that was the first that entered my mind. “This is an endangered Blue Iguana who is currently residing at the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Recovery Program‘s facility,” she says. “They are trying to get the wild blue iguana population up to 800 individuals. The beads this one has in his spikey hairdo is like an ID tag. The colors are read from the outside in and help researchers identify the iguanas from a distance once they are released into the wild.”

So. You know what to do- let’s have some terrific headlines and we’ll update at 1pm PT!

Hmmm…This Is EITHER…

DSCN1016….one of those furry hats Sean Connery wore in “Hunt For Red October,”…or “Katherina, in the classic meatloaf position, with the end slice in view and haunches up.” Your guess is as good as mine. Pic/description from Michael S.

Are You Kidding Me?

Good GRIEF! I don’t know what got me first, the Blinky McBlinkersons eyes or the Spock Ears. Fascinating. Leaving for Oregon now.

“These ‘Caracal Kittens’ have it all: ear tufts, eyebrows, Hercule Poirot mustaches??!!!, Fierce Hissing!! Big Blue Eyes!! This YouTube video of Caracals from the Oregon Zoo is too much. I’m just urging you to feast your eyes and post!” -Jeanette.

Bug Dude: WHAT! IS! THAT?

LeafBug1“This little dude oozed its way onto our car the other night, and my husband was fascinated with it. We don’t know what it is, but my husband had to bring it home for my bug-loving son to see. The video was taken on top of the car, and the pictures are of Bug Dude being inspected closely on my son’s delicate fingers. Bug Dude has since been released into the wild to become whatever beautiful butterfly it’s supposed to be.” -Chris and Betsy D.

Hold It- Gotta Tune My Head A Sec

UPDATED WITH BONGO FEET! [I use these so I don’t have to pay for cable. Of course, I don’t get any video, but I AM listening to ESPN now! Whoops, did I think that out loud?]


Brand New Bebeh Rock -N- Rollers

6a010535647bf3970b01bb0865c524970d-800wiThese guys are called “Rock Hyraxes.” They’ve just gone online at Chester Zoo in the UK and, well, they rock. Obvy.

(ZooBorns, spotted by Maureen P.)

Itty. Bitty. Purple. Googley-Eyes.

You’re cruising underwater in your zillion dollar custom made remotely operated vehicle (ROV,) minding your own business, and…HELLO, WHO IS THIS?

60 Minutes did a story on how Robert Ballard and the Nautilus are exploring the ocean floor and streaming it all live 24/7. They have some incredible hi-light videos on their website and this is one of them. I thought this little guy was just too cute not to share!! It helps that purple is my favorite color.” -Inge.

Bunnehs Of The Sea (Part II)

leaf-sheep-sea-slug-costasiella-kuroshimae-5Remember these guys from the middle of the month? They’re back. And they’re JUST as cute.
Some people say they look like Sheep, or Cows. It seems Sea Slugs and Sea Sheep and Leaf Sheep are all kinda/sorta related- whatevs, they’re awesome, no?



(Bored Panda.)


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