C.O. Daily Emails (Or Lack Thereof)

*UPDATE 7:02pm PT: Folks, we think we’ve got the problem solved. Let us know in the comments if you start getting them as usual. TY for hanging in!

We’ve been hearing from a few peeps that you’re not getting the daily email with the previous days posts on it. Hmmmm. While we look into this, here’s an alternative to consider. Set up a Google Alert by going here. It’s easy and fun for everyone!

1.) Fill it out like so: (Customize the fields to suit, such as “language.”)

2.) That’s it! Then they’ll arrive looking like this:


So This Hamster Went Into The Bar…

No, wait. The Hamster RUNS the bar. And this is what it looks like.




From Foodbeast.com and the indefatigable Andrew Y. Original source bonkers Twitter account is here.

Time for some sushi after work.


What Do U Get When U Cross A Sloth With A Kitten?

Well, Slittens naturally.

Rachael A. is a web designer. You can submit a kitteh photo to her, and she’ll give ‘em the Sloth Treatment.

And no Mr. & Mrs. Nuffer and all ships at sea, these aren’t real.

She was behind the Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls page, too.


As seen on Design Taxi.

We’re Still A Little Rattled

If you were around earlier today…you know that we, um, weren’t. So now C.O. is settling back into our perPETual Cute Groove- and first up after the GREAT BLACK OUT OF 2014 is….some total weirdness from The Big J.

Not really too sure what’s going on here. This Big Yellow Thing (allegedly a pear) is hopping up and down, and then jumps in the drink. Really all ya need to know. RN24 says this is “Funasshi, Japan’s squiggly-wiggly pear mascot from Funabashi City in Chiba!”

Well, everyone knows that.

BUT WAIT! ACT NOW and you can watch this one, too! Call me, maybe!

Remember The High Diving Giraffes?

Well, the Giraffes are back, and they’ve brought their pals. (Pre-Emptive Nuffer Disclaimer: This. Is. Computer. Generated.)

From David R.

Friday Afternoon Redonk

So, it’s Friday afternoon, getting ready to shut ‘er down for the weekend right?

Maybe….do a little cooking this weekend? With your dog?

And this next one is Totally Apropos given the Pikachu Invasion hitting Japan.

First video from The Daily Dotster…second one spotted on VVV.


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