“It’s Coming To Get Us!!!”

Someone (or something) has to give here. A robot spider with a camera and disc shooter…vs. a bunch of kittehs and their Mom. From Japan.

But you knew that.

(Boing Boing.)

No Hair? No Problem!

Professional photographer Sophie Gamand likes to take photos of hairless dogs! These photos were shown on My Modern Met. Quoting MMM: she “focused on two major hairless breeds, the Chinese Crested and the Xoloitzcuintli (or Mexican Hairless Dog), as well as mixed hairless dogs.” (Names of puppehs are in the hovers.)











Maybe I Can Hide This In Here (The Sequel)

Wally The Sqwerl and his huge pal Jax The Bernese Mountain Dog clocked in at #5 in the top videos of 2014. Now they’re back and Wally is still BUSYBUSYBUSY eating nuts from/hiding nuts in Jax’s fur. Jax seems rather placid.

(Boing Boing!)

#DeflateGate: The Real Story

The Super Bowl is less than 48 hours away. As you probably know, there’s been a lot of HOO HA in the news about footballs being deflated in the Patriots/Colts game a couple of weeks ago. Now, one investigative reporter has discovered that the scandal is far deeper derpier than anyone imagined….

(See the SPCA of Westchester County NY. site for more deets on their adoptable friends.)

How Low Can You Go?

Check out little Erasmus here! (Say in a lilting Caribbean accent;) “He can really do da limbo, mon!” (This is his second C.O. appearance- watch him playing soccer- honest- back at Christmas 2013.)

From Ilana B.

The Return Of Mari The Shiba Inu

You might recall Mari, The Shiba Inu who simply wears her hoomin OUT.

Well, Mari is back and she hasn’t changed one bit.

*BONUS Freee Translaysh: Someone in the YT comments did a translation of sorts. At least, I think that’s what it is:

Scene 1: Ok, let’s take a measurement of this panel, hey, newbie, hold this! OK (look at his hand, that means give it to me) Ouch! No, not that. I meant the saw!
Scene 2: Hey, newbie, hold it tight, if you don’t, my design will go wrong and I have to do it again, hold it tight, tight!
Scene 3: Chew well and eat your food. Are you chewing well? The chewing is your job,too
Scene 4: It’s gonna be a hard job in the small space, get nervous. Ok, let’s do it( hide). Newbie, newbie, it is my granddauter Meg’s birthday today. I will invite you for the party. Let’s work again( hide) Are you OK there? If you are OK, put your hand out (you can see her hand) well, it seems you are OK.
Scene 5:I guess you can understand.
Scene 6: If I die, turn the spotlights on me at the end PLEASE,Pl,,,,,but, in retrospect of my life (he glances back){puns}( furikaeru- same pronunciation)tut! Mari is a really good actress. Hope you can enjoy her acting.

From Andrew Y.

Someone Knitted Crocheted Little Santa Suits?

kamakura_knitted_birds_0945So, on this street, there are some sidewalk barriers or guardrails or..whatever. And they make little birds to go on top of them. Nice little whimsical touch, right? Then someone decides to MAKE LITTLE SANTA CLAUS SUITS FOR ‘EM. Yes, it’s Japan. Again.

“One of my other favorite blogs has posted some amazing cuteness which you just have to see,” says Cuteporter pk1154.

“Not only do the Japanese make barricades that come with little sculptured birds, but someone was thoughtful enough to make them wee knit caps and cloaks for winter!”

Eye Cannot Handle This

Artist Andrei C. drew these sketches for his puppeh Juno on a rainy day when Juno couldn’t go outside.

See more on his FB.






(Bored Panda.)

Only One Kitteh Can Save Us, Chief O’Hara!

I wonder if Commissioner Gordon REALLY knew who he was talking to on the other end of the Bat Phone?

From Cuteporter KB, who says “I made it from the photo my friend Kathy took of Bat Kitty that you featured a few months ago.”

NO Clue What Is Going On Here

All I can suggest is just click the button and roll with it. It’s The Big J, once more. GAAAAAAA. (BTW, speakers up, please.)

From FB, with a tip of the cap to Robin L.


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