Gizmo’s VERY Merry Christmas

OK, so Christmas was ten days ago. We just got this one in on New Year’s Day, and wanted to show you just how much fun Gizmo had on Christmas morning. The fun isn’t in GETTING the’s OPENING them.

From Kenneth C.


Happy (Late, Sorry) First BD to Camilla Barker Freckletocks

Congratulations and Pupcakes all around, CBF! “Happy Birthday to Camilla Barker Freckletocks! She turned 1 year old Monday!” -Joy.

Tubs Я Us

It’s the end of the week. Time to ease..back…in the Jacooz for a little R N R.

Then again, maybe the tub gets you just a bit TOO WOUND UP.

Both Video 1 and Video 2 from Mashable.

Shiba Spa

There are some animals that you can’t get into the sink/shower even if you used an industrial-grade tow truck. This Shiba Inu is not among those, though. Wait for the post-shower reaction at the end. #BANANAS.

(Andrew Y./RN24.)

Hey Charlie! Is That Your New Toy?

I guess that means “yes.”

From Concord Barb & Paul, back in the game following an extended hiatus.

Hey Jane, You Wanna Go Outside Or Somethin’?

We’ll mark that down as a “Yes, please.”

O, Canada!

Chunk has….a problem, for some reason- with this O CANADA water bottle. Chunk, Canadian water is just like everyone else’s water, dude! You don’t need to be scared of it!

[* * * * COMING UP NEXT……GOATS WITH COATS. And maybe a cow or three.* * * *]