Cats Are Supposed To Be Smart

So when will they learn that they will NEVER EVER catch the little red dot?

“This is the same British shorthair kitten from “Kitten vs. Straw,” says Vladimir S. In this video she tries to catch the notorious red dot.”


I Haz Blue Stick Thing?

[Twirls around in metal thing. Haz fizzy water inside. Snort it up ma nose to get bubbles? Must get this now.]

Cats Like BB-8, They Do

I admit it, I’m the one person who hasn’t seen the new Star Wars movie. These kittehs obviously have, and their favorite character is without a doubt, BB-8.

With or without his head.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Learning Curve

Everything has one. And in this case, you simply don’t start ACTING like a cat out of the box. You have to develop a specific skill set. After all, these things take time.

Sprocket & Gizmo

If you look in the dictionary under the term “Whackadoodle,” you’re most likely going to find this pair. From Eva M.

Who Is That?

These kittehs have no idea at all who it is on the other side of the glass…but they are determined to find out.

Thanks to Erin U.

OK, Time For “If It Fits, I Sits.”

Yes, it’s a huge cliché. Yes, it’s totally appropriate for this series of Cat Photos.









(Lost At E Minor.)

Boing Boing Boing Go The Kittehs

Laurie Cinotto of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee has a new batch of fosters that are the sproingiest kitties ever,” Katherine B. tells us.

We must agree.

“And here’s one where they go vertical!”

Kitteh Kondos

As they mentioned on Laughing Squid, this somehow reminds you of the opening sequence to The Brady Bunch. (Or maybe…Whac A Mole: Kitteh Edition?)

(The Squid.)

Caturday: U Want Some O’ THIS?

[I’m ready for ya! Dive on in under the covers and Let The Snorgling Begin! And don’t forget my tummeh.]