The Case Of The Curious Coco

Kittehs are known for their curious nature. Coco The Kitteh decides to check out this hoomin’s hair and thinks being a hairdresser might just be a good career move.

“This is a video of Coco when she was a little bebeh kitten, when we adopted her.” -Vlad S.

Quit Givin’ Me The Finger!

[I MEAN it! Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack!]

(This DID have to do with Arbroath.)

(Say Like Kirk:) I. WANT. MY. TOY!!!!

A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta DO.

Caturday: I….MUST….HAVE….EET

See how much whackadoodle fun you can have, simply by using the sun’s reflection off your wristwatch? #REDONK.

From Boing Boing Video.

It Takes Very Little To Amuse Coco

Specifically, a single peanut will do fine, thank-you very much.

Caturday: Bonkers Kittehs

Bobo & Nikita demonstrate typical kitteh behavior. In other words, what they do when they’re not 1) sleeping, or 2) ignoring you.

Kitteh Goes Bananas

Er, so to speak. (Start the video, then click the music player.)

From Cats, Beavers & Ducks.

Let’s Shed Some Light On This Subject

[No! Don’t turn the light on, I haz lots of fun now?]

What’s Better Than ONE Whackadoodle Kitteh?

An entire roomful, of course.

“As kitten guardians know, every day with kittens is a circus…but this one is special. Not only did the video win First Place at the Just for Cats Film Festival in Vancouver, it highlights the awesome Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue. So two thumbs up.” -From Karen (aka Sasha’s Mum) in Vancouver.

Quite Possibly The Most Gonzo Whackadoodle Kitteh EVER


(Carrie S., thanks for sending this. Saw it on FB but couldn’t use it!)


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