Close Encounters, Vol. I

Since we see a lot of videos like this, from here on they will be part of a series. Volume I presents Dash The Kitteh and Mora (Mora?) The Chicken getting their playful on.

Bonus Butt Wiggle at 1:33.


Bread Cat Missile (パン猫ミサイル)

The title of the video guarantees it a post here on C.O. The whackadoodle kitteh is just a bonus. Big J. Again.


(Boing! Boing!)

TGIF: Chloe/Poophead/Crazypants

unnamed“Chloe (aka, Miss Chloe, Poophead and Crazypants) is a 3-year-old ResQte from Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, CT. She came in with a litter of kittens and they all got adopted..but not poor Chloe. When I went to the shelter she was super friendly and adorable, so the choice was easy.” -Pix by me, J.P. (Provider of Food, Laser Pointer Technician and Nap Interrupter.)

Remember, “Luna” Is Short For…


Caturday Morning: What’s For Breakfast?

Olives! Do I love ‘em? Do I hate ‘em? I don’t KNOW!!!

(From Laughing Squid.)

You Know How Kittehs Don’t Like Water?

Diego The Bengal Kitteh didn’t get that memo.

Here he is going for a casual stroll swim at Graham’s Beach (New Zealand.)

(22 Words.)

Only One Kitteh Can Save Us, Chief O’Hara!

I wonder if Commissioner Gordon REALLY knew who he was talking to on the other end of the Bat Phone?

From Cuteporter KB, who says “I made it from the photo my friend Kathy took of Bat Kitty that you featured a few months ago.”

Snow: The Greatest Thing EVER

You probably don’t recall the very first time you experienced snow. Most likely, it went (Speakers up.)

(The Daily Dot.)

The Case Of The Curious Coco

Kittehs are known for their curious nature. Coco The Kitteh decides to check out this hoomin’s hair and thinks being a hairdresser might just be a good career move.

“This is a video of Coco when she was a little bebeh kitten, when we adopted her.” -Vlad S.

Quit Givin’ Me The Finger!

[I MEAN it! Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack!]

(This DID have to do with Arbroath.)


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