Get It, Luca! U Can Do It!

There’s…something on that bench. Luca wants it, but Luca is also scared of it or something. What to do….what to do???

“I’m attaching a brief video of my pug niece, Luca. I literally cannot stop watching it, as her reactions to her mom’s voice are adorabuhls. Luca is the smallest and most energetic pug I know!! Proud aunt, Christina.”

[Does the narrator sound like Teddy Bear's hoomin to you? -Ed.]

Shhhh..Be Vewwy Vewwy QUIET (Updated!)

[Dere are hoomins in this room. Must be vewwy quiiiet.]

(Hit the music at the exact same time as you click the video. And don’t go back in the water, either.)

Video via The Big TO.