Good things happen when you go thru the Mailbox

Look at these sweet chat icons that "Anno Superstar" created out of Cute O imagery. I mean, what could be better than prosh imagery and the Cooper Black typeface?* Way to GO!

😉 Click here for large versions of the icons 😉


*OK, *maybe* Hobo Bold, but Cooper Black rulez. Thanks, Anno 😉


From the desk of: The CI Security Department

Animalpeopledogpolicewallfrisk_1Cute Industries (CI) has a 27-step verification process to ensure you get not only the most adorable, but most scientifically valid Cuteness™ on the Internet. Yet despite the hundreds of highly trained Cuteologists, massive verification process, and ISO-9001 certification, sometimes we make mistakes. Today, just such a mistake occurred. A person by the name of “Kelly Harrod-Lui” submitted a picture of a mouse ostensibly caught in a toner cartridge claiming the photos came from her office. During step 13, one of our patented Cuteness Fraud alarms was tripped. Special Agent Ivana Tinkle, a member of the CI Investigative Department, contacted the submitter and determined the submission was indeed valid and the submission proceeded through the process. The NSA identity verification during step 27 passed and the post was released January 12, 2005 at 19:11:03 PM PST.It was a fraud.Fortunately, our ever vigilant Cute Overload Army quickly caught the deception and notified us. The CI Emergency Response Team was immediately activated and the offending information was sanitized. Coincidentally, Special Agent Tinkle was found dead late tonight, having accidentally choked to death on 2,500 Marshmallow Peeps. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ivana and her family.Cute Industries would like to offer our sincere apologies to Campagna, McGroarty, kelly, Uriel, Chell, liquidnight, kat, suzy, benjamin, Vale and any other members of the Cute Overload Army who might have been traumatized by this incident. And whereever that Cliff-Claven-voiced mouse is, may he rest in peace.We salute you,The Cute Overload Security Department

Let’s check the mailbag!

Pencil_2SUBJECT: Damn you to hell!Thanks. Thanks a lot.I spent years, possibly decades, honing my post-modern ironic cynicism to a fine point. I went to grad school. I wrote a thesis. I smoked, I drank straight whiskey, I guzzled coffee like there was no tomorrow. Confronted with “cute”, I would raise one eyebrow, sneer ever so slightly, and nod with a palpable sense of ennui. “Riiiiiight,” I would comment, “cute.”Gone, now. All gone. All that work, ruined with a single “awwwwwwwwwww.” I want my money back.Distraught,JD Henry

Spotlight: Reader comments



this kind of thing RUINS….nay…. UTTERLY DESTROYS the institution of marriage. most religions clearly dictate that couplings on 70s style floral print bedsheets are to be between a married man and woman. this is why hurricanes are nastier, tsunamis more frequent, and americans still allow their chocolate bars to have wax in it. i, for one, am sorry to see this kind of wanton animal nookie-uality being condoned. sigh.

Posted by: IHatetoast | Dec 19, 2005 at 12:38 PM

One reader writes; “Dear Casey” [say in Kasey Kasem voice]

Pencil_2Dear Ms Cutey McBloggerperson:
I am a guy. A straight guy. And I have to admit, this cute stuff is fantastic. It has to stop. You should be ashamed of yourself. Collecting all the cuteness on the interweb into one place is dangerously reckless and negligent. Sure you make it easy for us, but did you ever stop to think? What would happen if the internets broke? Prolly I think all the cuteness would build up on your server until it essplodes! Think of the children!
In conclusion I think there are a number of ways to address this Serious Issue:
Distributed Processing: I’m not sure what it is, but I think They used it to find aliens. I don’t know if they were cute aliens.Puppies: They actually go on any list I make, it’s just luck they’re appropriate here.Synergy: Management Catchphrase. Focus on Success!Variety: Keep ’em on their toes, challenge ’em. Throw up a pic of a big block chevy, an airbus, or even a lava monster.Congressional Committee: Not very cute. Let’s hope they don’t catch wind of this.