A very alert reader finds more curled up paws

Alert reader Sheri has pointed out an InterWeb site called CuteOtters.com. It’s full of deliciously slimey tiny-eared Dewds. Below are a couple of faves.


And check out this McSchlumphersons. He’s all: "Harummph, my bruthuhs." [Followed by heavy eyelid blink]


Sherimabob, I’d crack open a shellfish on my chest for you if I could.


BEYOND nerdy

John B., Biggest Noid on the Planet™ sent this one in asking "the age-old question: Can Calculus be cute?" UH, John, nevermind that—put AWAY your +15 mace and GO OUTSIDE FER CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!


Oh, and it’s "EHN!", Baby. "ehn." 😉 ❤

Once again, proving that kissing our ‘tocks and mentioning the Big ‘C’ gets you published

Pencil_2_1"Dear Cute Overload Web Master,

I am positive that you get many, many compliments on your website.  I stumbled across it somehoe in my surfing several months ago and I am so glad I did.  I very much look forward to my inbox Cute Overload e-email every day.

I am currently battling cancer and it is very hard to smile some days.  There have ben many times that Cute Overload has lightened up my morning considerably and made me LOL at first nad continue to chuckle all day.

Basically, I am having an on-line affiar with Cute Overload and I needed to come clean.  My husband found out about it!  He’s okay with it though!


Thank you for such an awesome, joyful concept!  There is so much ugliness in this world we live in – Cute Overload is a huge ray of sunshine in my life!

Peace and blessings to you,
Kerri M."

////Kerri M.—Enormous snorgs to you, Girl. Kittens make things allllll better.////

Possible new rule of cuteness?!

Meg: Settle down, People, there is a guest cuteologist here for a lecture, and he has some excellent observations to share with the class. Dr. Mike-in-Denver, please, go ahead. [open gesture to crowd]

Mike in Denver: [Clears throat] Um, yes, thank you, Dr. Frost. Let me start by saying that while perusing The Cute I have noticed a phenomenon that I think is worth suggesting for a possible canonization.

[students at edges of seats, hummingbirds buzzing overhead carrying notes]

Namely, sleepy eyes: the droopy lids, the unfocused expression, but mainly the overemphasized lower eyelid region. When prominent, this seems always to = cute (unless it’s on, say, Brian Dennehy). I have attached a mashup of some good examples for your class to review.


While this may be a subset of ‘eye capsules’ (as the two are often interlinked), it seems to function independently. It also seems that kittens, puppies, and other young’uns are best at this, but then, they’re best at everything, I suppose.

Anyway, I thought I should go ahead and submit this to the CuteLab for analysis.

[students nod enthusiastically]

Meg: Thank you very much, Dr. Mike-in-Denver. Students, GET ANALYZIN’!

Sthunday Night Post

"Hello Meg,

I thought I’d tell you about something that happened to me a few weeks ago that you and the community might find amusing. I ended up in the hospital for severe depression and had to stay in the psych ward for about five days. It was quite an interesting experience to say the least, but I found the environment very positive and healing. It can get quite boring after a while just walking around with nothing much to do. On the first day in the eating area I noticed a writing board on the wall with a marker on top. I had missed my daily dose of Cuteoverload.com so I thought, "Why not advertise it in the psych ward? I must spread the joy of the Cute(tm)." Luckily there was nobody around so I quickly wrote out: "Visit the best web site ever! Cuteoverload.com. Get your cute on!" I wondered how long it would stay there before someone erased it. To my surprise, it lasted four days. One of the psych nurses walked in and suddenly stopped in front of the board, looking a bit confused as she read the message. I explained the web site to her and she thought it sounded really good and she said she’d check it out. I asked if she wanted me to erase it but she was really kind and said to keep it up. One other patients made fun of though. A friend I made humorlessly asked if it was "one of those fetish web sites". I explained to them the nature of the web site, but the guy who made fun of it seemed a bit perplexed. (He probably thought I was crazy. But I was in a psych ward for goodness sake, so who cares?) I told them them that I consider visiting the web site Cute Therapy.  I visit it about two or three times a day and the rush of cuteness that flows through my body is a powerful sedative for my depression and anxieties. Unfortunately, around the fifth day, a new nurse came onto the ward and told me that patients are not supposed to use the board. The next morning I woke up to find it erased and the marker taken away.

Thank you for providing such an uplifting web site. I’d be interested in hearing other spreading the Word of the Cute stories. It might be difficult to beat mine. Have you considered selling stickers advertising the site? They’d be a great way to quickly stick on objects.

Please keep my name, e-mail address and location anonymous. I don’t want to get sent back to the psych ward for obsessive compulsive Cuteoverload.com disorder (OCCOD).

Feeling better,

PS: Feel free to edit the message for grammatical errors, etc.

Sthunday Night Wrap-up


"…once upon a time the pwnee known as Tony James was adopted by ateenie-tiny pwner known as Siouxsie Boots (on account of beingmarmalade with 4 white boots). The pwnee thought he was being reallysmart by getting one of those catflaps with a solenoid latch that couldonly be activated by a small magnet attached to the collar ofaforementioned pwner. Pwner arrives, and is fitted with the magnet.Some nights later, the pwnee is awakened by anguished pwner yellingfrom the kitchen. Descended, expected the worst. Found pwner attachedto the fridge by means of said magnet. She didn’t see the funny side."

Posted by:Tony James |May 30, 2006 at 04:37 PM 

Sunday Wrapup: Comment of the Week



The post "Cat box" prompted Michelle to write this kick-ass poem:

"Padriac’s Parents had recycle paper –
A stack that resembled a smallish skyscraper.
The recycle truck was soon to arrive,
So they wrangled the stack to the end of the drive.

Padriac’s Pop hollered "Bend at the knees!",
As the mountain of boxes swayed in the breeze.
Once they got started they couldn’t well stop,
And the boxes on top were now starting to drop!

It’s a good thing Padraic had trained all the cats
From very small kittens to quickly react,
In case of a breeze-triggered paper stack sway
To prevent the dropped boxes from blowing away!


Posted by:Michelle |May 25, 2006 at 10:34 PM

One reader writes: “Dear Casey,”

OK, People, give this one a chance. The photo is not the best photo you’ve ever seen, but I McChuckled at the caption, ’cause you can just imagine this redonkulousness happening.

"Rudy got a big floppy dog for X-mas and he requested it be placed in front of the part of the wall that breathes hot air. He spent the day there, but it wasn’t long before Kitty had to get in on that action."


Ha ha, Steve C.!

Let’s cure cancer, People!

Below is an excerpt from an article in NOW Magazine on cute images—and how they make you feeeeel.


Confessions of a Cute Junkie
Turns out my addiction to pix of furries and fuzzies is medicinal

by Elizabeth Bromstein

"…Anyway, I’m going to entertain the idea that pleasant pix are good formy health even if I can’t find a whole lot of research to back this up.It’s obvious there’s something here, though, when you look atadvertising. Has anyone ever wonderred what bunnies have to do withcellphones?" Read more

Thank you for sending this in, Dr. Nick and Sparky 😉

Holy Recreation!

Untitled2Remember this little cookie-stealing bunny? I *just* got this email from "JKrew" who had a _little_ extry time on his hands today. You must see the image link he sent. OMG!

The JKrew online journal