The Dog Days Are Comin’ To An End

Some kids are already back in school- growing up, we always went by Labor Day as the traditional end of summer, then school kicked in the next day- and that was the end of summer! These guys must have looked at the calendar and decided they needed to get one last swim in! Go for it, little guys!

“In this video chihuahuas Cedric, Augusto and Mathilda swim through tunnels in a pool on a warm summer day. For lack of a better word, this might be called water-agility. And this is great refreshment also for the dogs.” -Krista L.


They’re At It Again

No, not Japan this time. Much closer to home. So…just when you thought things might have calmed down a bit at Sunflower Farm Creamery– it’s been a couple of weeks or so since their last video. Well, they are back, and they’ve brought us Part II of Lola The Cute Bebeh Wah Wah & The Goatsters. Sunflower = #UNSTOPPABLE.

[*Note: Don’t miss what is coming up at the top of next hour. -Ed.]

Rosie Says, “TGIF!

“Dear C.O., here is my sweet Rosie getting her morning massage. She loves her massages, meeting new people, and removing the stuffing from her toys. She also loves looking at Cute Overload with Mom. Love, Kibblenibble.”

[*We promised you Rosie would show up on TGIF, did we not? -Ed.]

Fly The Furry Skies

“This is the tower, and ah, roger that AirPup 1, you are cleared for final approach on Bunway 1L..reduce your airspeed and check your flaps. See you on the ground, and we’ll have a cold one waiting for ya.”

High flier
(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

Greatest Wah Wah Ear Action Ever

Kibblenibble sent us several great shots of her Wah Wah, Rosie. We’re holding on to the others for an upcoming edition of TGIF. It’s for the best.

TGIF Featuring Ivy Rose Jemima Pie!

You know it’s the OFFICIAL end of the work week when TGIF appears on C.O.! This is Ivy Rose Jemima Pie. “I adopted her a few weeks ago from a local foster/resQte organization,” writes Debbie C. “She enjoys treats, puppy school, and playing with her cat siblings, George and Minnie. Hope you enjoy these, and will consider sharing them on my favorite site!”



Toudi Tuesday

From comes the Pictorial Proshness of “Toudi,” thought to be the world’s smallest Wah-Wah. She’s 12 weeks old, and weighs “just 300g and only reaches 7cm in height.”

And for those of us who don’t live in Toudi’s home of Wroclaw, Poland (where they embrace metrics,) that turns out to be 0.66138679 pounds, and 2.75590551 inches high.





THIS JUST IN: Operation Chihuahua!!!

JUST IN from The Furrtographer:

This week I had the pleasure of being involved with a Chihuahua airlift from San Francisco to New York, and it was amazing! I’ve been a volunteer photographer for a few years now with San Francisco’s municipal shelter, Animal Care & Control, and they set up the program years ago with ASPCA in New York and Virgin America. This time around we transported 12 chihuahuas across the country in order to help them find homes on the East Coast, where small dogs are hard to find. We had a great time, and were ushered along the way with the help of the amazing Boo as well as Frida, the dog mayor of San Francisco! Here are the photos I took of this magical day!

[*Note: Operation: Chihuahua from November of 2013 here. -Ed.]











Wah Wah Photobomb Action!

“Poncho & Chico chilling after breakfast. Photo taken by me yesterday morning.” -Julie H.

Multiple RULES On Display!

This Wah Wah has broken every known record for most number of Rules in one post. (Seven!!!)

“This is Poncho. He loves sleeping on his back in a sunbeam. He is a funny little puppy,” says Julie H. He’s also displaying the following Rules Of Cutenessquite a rarity.

Rule Of Cuteness #01: Putting a paw up is cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #02: Looking helpless is cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #12: Fuzzy, floppy limbs are cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #19: Dainty paws are cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #22: Curled-up or tucked paw is cute.

Rule Of Cuteness #39: Nuzzable mini-chests are cute.

And of course–the big one:

Rule Of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.