C’mon, Hurry UP!

[We’re gonna be late for dinner! They’re showing Kung Fu Panda on the big screen, too- that’s your favorite!]


Introducing Gordo!

Jill M. writes, “This is Gordo. We think he’s pretty cute. Enjoy!” C.O. totally concurs with your Cute Assessment, Jill! Happy New Year, Gordo!


Oh, You Want Some O’ THIS?

[Fine. FINE. Let’s GO, big guy! Right NOW! Yeah, you’re a big bully aren’t ya. Well I am gonna take you DOWN a peg or two. C’mon, I mean BIZNESS.]

Another Quality Smedley Find.

Not A Creature Was Stirring

Not even Maggie The Littlest Wah Wah. Sent in by Coco. Now get to bed. Santa can’t stop at your house if you’re still on the computer reading Cute Overload.

A Really Good Puppeh Name!


And that feature photo above is giving off a serious Barney Fife vibe, right?

Ann C. says, “I’ve submitted him before, but Chickpea will one day be on C.O. I am just sure of it. [*Note: Today is the day. -Ed.] He now has over 600 Facebook friends — even though he has no thumbs to post things and has no idea what Facebook is!”





Can We Talk About…Wah Wah Butt?

This is usually discussed…if at all..in hushed tones, behind closed doors. But we think it’s time to bring “Wah Wah Butt” out into the open. This is an unfortunate condition whereby certain Cats are born with a Wah Wah Head stuck onto their ‘Tocks. Hence the term….Wah Wah Butt. If you happen to see one of these cats on the street- give them a smile of encouragement. We’re all in this together, after all.


Wilson The Wah Wah and Pepper The Cat demonstrating our newest Rule, c/o William H.

Stay Safe, Mexico Friends

There’s a Big Old Hurricane headed your way. Hunker down and we hope you all stay safe! Here are some pet safety tips for you. (Photo via Shutterstock.)

#Tocktober: Hey, Chuckie- You Gonna Share Those?

Apparently not. “Chuckie Tacobutt, heading off to find a quiet place to enjoy his treats,” says Erin C.

Russell, Meet Belle

Say hello to Russell the desert tortoise and Belle the Wah Wah Mix! (Russell coming in for a quick kiss.) Submitted by Ron and Carol P. of Phoenix, AZ. (Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android.)

Well? Are We Going For Soft Serve Or NOT?

[I’ve been WAITING for my TCBY! Don’t make me get all FIERCE and stuff. ‘Member, I like the ‘Nilla with some peaches in the middle, K?]

“Meet Annabelle the Chihuaha, Eddie and April’s little bebeh!” -Eddie H.