Stay with me people—usually 'cute' and 'amphibious' don't go together—but this teeny froglet is absolutely prosh. Check out his tiny tail and transcluent fingers. He's like a tween, he's still got his baby tail, and his voice is changing! Riiibbles!
Sally Harper, you're a genius!


Just add stripes.

This Kodak moment was brought to you by San Diego Zoo.


Which side is up, again?

SealThis, and many, many more melt-inducing pictures can be found in LiveJournal-Baby Animals.

Hedgehog croquet anyone?

Bring your own flamingo! Moochas gracias goes to Geenge for this perfect little specimen.

Where’s MY Budweiser endorsement?!

Sent in by Mr. Jared Nied, who claims he just wants to 'snuggle' with this tiny lizard—Hey Jared—newsflash, it'd be nothing but Crushed City® if you snuggled him. But maybe he could nestle in your eyebrow? That might be the ideal place to carry him.


Baked On, Caked On

This baby seal, stolen from the The Solomonia blog, is almost ready for cookin', after rolling himself in herbs and crumbs.


Follow this lemming!

I would gladly follow this cute lemming to my deeeeeeeeeeath! (fade to thud)


Cuteness GOLD!

Thanks to The Statesman Journal of Salem, Oregon, for the following photo which should win an effing OSCAR. It fufills so many cuteness rules, for starters, it's more than one type of baby animal, second, it's a Chihuahua and Chipmunk combination! The only thing cuter might be the Chihuahua and the chipmunk nursing on a deer, causing a Cuteness Trifecta™—but—that would also be weird.

Apparently, a quick-thinking vet (who is obvoiusly a fan of sent this Chihuahua home with an orphaned baby Chipmunk and hoped for the best. Holy Thanksgiving!



Goodbye, cruel world!

As if she were jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, "Goliath" the Hermit crab shows her out of the box thinking with this stunt. Crustace-a-licious. Submitted by extremely alert reader Shelley!



This Hedger is kinda Billy idol Beady Eyes wears a Pashmina. Not sure how cute a HedgeHog can be, but hey, the 80's are back, so she's rockin' it! High BEF.