…Or is it a Wall-ette? [wallaby?] Methinks it matters not! It’s prosh regardless!




Hmm, gynormous feets and curled up paws. <singsong> Someone’s following rule 10 AND Rule 20! Thanks for sending in, Mila R.!

“Flo, we’re gonna need a smaller bottle.”

Mr. raccoon-pants here might need an eye-dropper for a while. TEENY not-ringed-yet TAIL ALERT!


Gracias, ShizGirl :)

Interweb_1// It’s the power of the InterWeb!//This just in!///
Extremely alert reader Nancy M. just sent this photo in of her cat "Dr. Moritz van Taco, MD" checking out the raccoon bébé post. Hee!

Three evil otters

Obviously, these Dudes are making very evil plans. Using every tool in their arsenal, their teeny ears and plump cheek puff, they will soon be running SeaWorld Park. Better ply them with delicious fishes early on—it’s best for your own survival.


Moist, webbed thanks to the Sea World.

Grubbie Mc Grubbersons

[Baby elephant theme song]

Alas, it’s another day in the life of Grubbie McGrubbersons, the soon-to-be-Hawk-moth grub. He’s all: "mmmmmmm, delicious green stems!" [touches stem with ‘paw’]


Who knew grubs had BEF? Delectable, Stephanie S.!

Pocket McPockersons

Lil’ Fox Junior here was born at Mississippi State University, at their Wildlife Center. Why is it that it seems (not sure) all baby mammals start with blue eyes—then the blue eyes may or may not change color? Is this true?


AP Photo by Russ Houston, sent in by eagle-eyed reader Richfield M.

Double take

Hippopup_1At first glance, it’s really hard to see the lil’ Hippo pup. Then you’re all: "Aie!!! Holy Mother to Baby Nostril Ratio!1!"

Snorting, watery props to Wayne H. ;)

Rule of Cuteness #21: Eye Capsules

OK, People, give this a chance here. Eye "capsules", as seen on the baby Wombat on the bottom photo, are cute.


Sure, this wombat could rip your heart out with his nails faster than you could say ‘shrimp on the—" but his eye capsules are still cute.


Janet N. Blink Blink!


<Glurp!> UCLA tastes sooooo good goin’ down!


Neal of Everett, WA, SWEET shot!

What a nice couple


Camilla: It’s a good thing these pens have grips to hang on.


Steve: Yeah? my perch is way scarier—check it—no grips! And our two-pronged hands aren’t helpin’! At least I can show the camera my sweeeeet hiney!


Look a—Whoa! We’re leaning! we’re leaning here!


Camilla: (glances back at Steve) Oh, brother.

Thank you, Chrissy;)

The sea was angry that day, my friends



Tortu_4I have received one billion trillion emails on the following topic, so it’s finally time to post it. Yes, you’ve all read it, bit GUESS WHAT? you’re going to READ IT AGAIN.

I submit to you, thanks to a million billion Cute O readers, the True Story of a Remarkable Friendship. The story of Owen and Mzee, a baby hippo and turtle who befriended each other in Kenya. It’s an uplifting story [music starting] of a tsunami that hit back in 2004, [wildlife sounds] where these two homeless ani-pals were moved to Hallard Park, an animal sanctuary in Kenya. [Macaws cawwing]
"Owen", aka "The Baby Hipster" was one of the animals who moved in. It was here he met "Mzee", a 130 year-old tortoise. [Three’s Company Music] The two have been inseparable ever since! The hijiinx!

And now, there’s even a book about it.

Hip hip….



Thanks, Melanie T. and the bajillions of others who sent the story in.


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