Happy Valentines Day to you

Happy valentines day to you…


Snake on Thumb

Snake_on_thumb_1‘MK Ferg’ (looooove that name, I could say it all day; ‘Ferg!’) sent inthis delightful teeny snakie-kins. It’s a Pueblan Milk Snake! And it’sanerable.

Hint: if you click on the photo, you can see the snake smile. Also, I tried to make this photo as close as possible to actual size.

Roo ‘n’ Rack

Yes, I said it. So sue me. I’d like to see a class action against Cute Overload. The judge would throw it out on principle. Oh, and It’s a male "rack" this time. I hope you’re HAPPY!

[I am—just LOOK at those 'Roo lips!]


HUGE props to E. Collison, Special Forces, CO Army and Animal Pictures Archive.com.

Dude, I’m Audi

So dude, thanks for having me over—your Superbowl parties are always great. [high five] I gotta get home—I got a thing. Yeah.


So, yep, I’ll just be onnnnnnnnn muh way. Late!


:) Ben T.!

Two-toed Preciousness

Brianna W., you really outdid yourself. I mean, we get your average mellow sloth photo, but this is a refined piece of genius. And two photos at that. Despite the significant B.E.F. and ‘Kilroy was here’ look, these little dudes are awesome. Thanks!



Chez Hole

Mr. Hole: Sugar, that was great.

Mrs. Hole: Chicken Kiev has always been your favorite, silly. More tea?

Mr. Hole: Please. Do you think Jessica will call tonight?

Mrs. Hole: No, she’s got her sorority thing at school. Prolly not.

Mr. Hole: It’s tough living in the empty nest sometimes. I miss her.
Hon, why is the fridge twice as tall as the door?

Mrs. Hole:

Baby—go to sleep.



Darrellyn S.—you’re the best.

Rule of Cuteness #15: Disproportionate ratio between relative ear to head size

Let’s just make this rule official and stop messing around. This guy is totally otterlicious—note teeny webbing in hands.


This is "Snowdrop" the otter, from the Dartmoor Wildlife Park in Devon, UK. He needs 120CCs of milk STAT!


Thanks for the tip, Lyssa B.!

// AMENDMENT! Due to the Great Jerboa Conflict of December ’07, rule #15 has been amended to include OVERSIZED ears as well as small ears. This amendment shall be named The "Burton-Oakes Corollary." Thanks to Rule-Amendment Sender-Inner Kim B-O. //

Moooooom! stop it!

Snoooooork![tongue slather]Picture_11_2

Do you have these in an 8 and a half?

If you squint, Olive and Gizmo look like a pair of shoe tips. SHOES WITH TAILS THAT IS!Corikindred_olivegizmoThanks, Cori!

Smile: You’re on an underwater camera

BlowfishIt must be good to be a puffer fish.Found in an anonymous open web directory, so unfortunately we don’t know who to credit.


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