Slurp, slurp. slurp suh-lurp.
I lick your tiny legs and
then I let you go.


Lickable Frogulence brot to you by Cuteologist Carolyn from New Jersey.

Oh, this is trouble

Four dudes, lookin’ to make truh-huh-huh-ble!
Lock up your wimmins!


Thanks Beth, for the David Bradley pic.

Rule #17: Have tiny ears

We all know that cheek puff is anerable. Duh!

But we have yet to document ear size. Obvy, the following otter is modeling ideal cute ear size, which is pretty much equivalent to a non-existant ear. So basically, less ear is better. I’m just sayin’.





What’s an otter doing in a bed of straw, Amy L.? (I mean besides making evil plans)

A-ha! eyes at the level of the nose AGAIN!

See!!! what did I tell you about eyes at nose level, People!? Here it is, proven AGAIN, this time in Tokyo. See, once again, the Japanese kick our butts with Cuteness. BTW, I’d like to see him try and slurp something up.


Reuters, Yahoo News and Ant are to thank.

Bebe Pepe

Nice manicures and saving animals? I’m imagining Barbie in a lab coat…


Zees petite stinkee brought to you by Patty’s Wildlife Rescue ;)

Mirror, mirror on the wall

who has the juiciest Hedge-nose of them all?


Lookin’ good, Jan W….


Little Sheepykins here is looking for an envelope to jump into and [singsong] send himself to yoooooooou!

Sweet Star Trek outfit, too.


Soooo Rule 14, Virginia R.! Thanks, Cheviot Miniature Sheep Farm!

Ceci n’est pas un snake

I am… not a snake. I am but a lizard. and I lof you.


Tori H, Baby, this goes out to you…

Freckles + smile

A marvelous image sent in by Ms. Gabrielle Pope, of SF Chicks with Sticks. The image comes from one of those fabulous emails with a billion animal images in it. Email me if the photo is yours, for your credit!

/follow up, 3/4/06. The photographer is Shelley Sanders. Found by Cuteologist Heidi A. Thank you, Heidi!/


Whatever you say, Mr. Lasseter!

Behold the teeny "Stinkpot" baby turtle, who looks like he’s auditioning for Pixar’s next movie. At least he’s having a better time than Stubby McStubbersons here. Both are ‘musk turtles’ from the Sternotherus Gallery at (I can’t pronounce it either.) Thanks, Piezocuttlefish!



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