Is there room enough for comments on this photo?

Because the joke possibilities are endless! [singsong]

And what’s with all the shearing posts lately? I mean, what’s the deal with that? [Seinfeld voice]


As submitter G3K says: "This one’s a home run."
Excellent photo, Glamphyre!

Rule #23 Knobby knees are cute

Rule #23, People! It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new rule, and this is long overdue. Spindly lil’ legs with knobby hocks are a must. Don’t fight me on this!


Little mobile fawn is from Heather C., the Seashepardess!

This profile should be on a coin

"Snowdrop" the otter strikes AGAIN! Check out this "Whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis?" face:



Snowdrop must be all grown up now at Dartmoor Wildlife Park in Devon, UK.

Racktastic Adoption!

‘F. Skylar”s Dad has a license to raise wild animals at his house… Her "Rural Guardian" Dad has raised wild deer, baby opossums, several squirrels, and a couple of raccoons with a license.  Her Dad stumbled upon Rascal, a little screaming baby racoon who had fallen WAAAAAAAAY out of a tree… As if his cute ears weren’t enough, Rascal makes a cooing purring noise when eating. And if Dad is late with the mail, then there is a screeching…oh, the screeching!



Tail rings of thanks to F. Skylar… ;)

Teeny Green Bloop

Teeniest of green globules, Lil pudgle McFrogersons has perfectly tucked feets, and then…


WHAM! The scale of a man-hand shows you how small he is. Ahn.


Gracias, Lilybunny!

Have a good day at school, Dear.

"Have a good day at school, Dear." [slurp]


[Watching Prairie Dog Bus leave] "Growing up so fast…" [Beady eyes blink]


This photographer is a genius—you MUST see her ‘Bear rug‘ shot. The Cat’s Jungle aka S. Pettitt Photography captured these awesome photos at the San Francisco Zoo. Thanks for submitting, Susanna C.!

Roo Pads

You can pick your ‘roos
You can pick your pads
But you can’t pick your ‘roo’s pads.



Cuteologist Stephanie R. reports "it’s so cute it hurts." Deep breaths, Stephanie. Deep breaths.

All the cool kids have Alpaca trainers

Here’s the story. According to the Daily Telegraph in Australia, a boy named Rory needed a Footballing partner. With Rory sans siblings, and living on the Children’s animal farm in Victoria, you can just guess what happened next.

Mom noticed the Alpaca "Chicky" had a real ‘tude, so she saw a potential match. She encourage "Chicky" to tackle, the border collie "Jet" to retreive, the miniature pig "Hamlet" to run around in circles and the cockatoo "LuLu" to cheer them all on from the sidelines.

Chicky: "Sproing!"


Chicky: "Get out the way—tiny hooves comin’ thru"


Rory: "ooooof!"


Jet: "Dewd!"


What a cute kid. Thanks for the story tip, "Nightwatchman" blogger Glenn P.!

A perfect “Rule 20″, trotting around

Look, I know I’m in the minority on this, but dammit, Eye Capsules are cute. A perfect example of Rule 20. You can practically hear him blinking. "Plink plink!"


Tiny (but earth-shattering) stomps to Mr. T!

Built-in, ready to go

Some peeps are reeeeally lucky—they’re born with snorgle action built-in. Tapirs and Aardvaaaarks have it MADE. They barely breathe in, and it’s INSTA-SNORG. Look at this lil’ guy!
Lil’ Aardvark Dude was submitted by Guy B. from Yahoo.


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