The first ever bat on C.O.

We’re not against bats here at C.O. headquarters. Really. It’s just hard to find a prosh-enough bat to post. Well, those days are over thanks to alert reader Melissa S. Melissa spied this previously "overlooked source of BEF!" from a mile away. I like his little wing nubbins.


Bats off to you <groooooan> Melissa S. ;)

Beady, small ears paws-uptitude, but…

Perhaps a new rule of cuteness should be not showing your nads. When I think cute, I def don’t think ‘show your nads’ helps the situation. This is a case where paws are up, eyes are beady, and ears are small, but nads aren’t helpin’. Oh, yeah, that’s gotta be a tail.


Regahdless, Harry D., meer-ci!

The password is…



Holy McSmokes, Thoma T. Thank you, and thanks for the patience. (Thoma sent this way back in December ’05. Yes, the mailbox is HUGE)

Hello Sears? Have I got a photo shoot for YOU

Have you been to Sears portrait studio recently? They do AWESOME work. Let me tell you, I am not kidding. 2 years ago, Sparky and I and our roommate, The Dude went to Sears for a ‘family’ portrait, and it was AWESOME. They take good care of you there, the quality rocks, and I spent 15 hours looking at their prop selections.

I love that someone brot their turtle and kitteh in for a portrait. That cat is all: "WTF? I can’t cuddle with this!" The turtle is all "Ehn!"


Justin V., Tossing Rituals brand coffee crystals in your direction (sorry, inside joke, we lerrrve the coffee creamer powder at the office called ‘Rituals’)

This cannot be good…

"Daddy, look at all the kitties!"


uh oh, Cartoonist Phillipp V. L….

Sing this song!





[repeat until roommate kicks you out]


Way to go, New Zealander Chels! (Oh, and SOMEONE is rokkin’ Rule 16…)

Australian Animal Favorites 3

A dingo pup! (I’ve never seen one, only heard of them!)


And an Australian Shepard (natch!)


Dingo from Featherdale Park in New South Wales, Australia, from Misato K., and the Shepard is from Em A. ;)

Goodbye, Steve

A wallaby waves good bye…


Perfect shot, Brad T. See more of his Australia photos here.

Favorite Australian animals 2

Holy Marsupials! This could not be sweeter…


Orphaned Pocket roos from Mo L. at Wildcare Australia.

Favorite Australian animals 1

Today we’ll have some Australian animal favorites in honor of Steve Irwin. Like Mr. Rule Numero Seven here.


G’Day, Aliza D.


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