Just snortin’ sand. You?

Yeppers. Typical day here on Año Nuevo*. Chasin’ the luzzadies, and fightin’ the other blubbery dudes. Oh and snorting sand. I likes me the pppbbbft! sand.


*Or did you go to San Simeon, Em Dot?

The Dahlia Inn

Baby green anole lizards "Iggle" and "Squiggle" checked into the Dahlia Inn for their summer vacaishe. I hear guest services inside the blossom are quite good.


The anerable pair of lizards inspired Michelle E. to more than just a series of lucious photos. She also decided to start an online store to support the Young Survival Coalition,  a foundation for young women with breast cancer.


"Ehn!" [leans out on tiny hand] "Oh concierge!"


N’head butt pas!

What was up with French player Zidane getting thrown out of the game for a head-butt today in the World Cup finals!? Le Dang, Monsieur! I suggest the only type of head butt Zidane should be allowed to deliver from here on out: The cute Red Panda head-butt, as seen midway into this video below:

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Merci, Tom T.!

Debauchery Friday: Do I sense a Friday theme *hic!* here?

900 *hic* bottles of beer *hic* on the wall [wobbles]
900 otters of beeer! *hic!*
You take one *hic!* down!
Pass *hic* around!
899 bottles of berr on the [Ker-plunk]


Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one, David K.?

Stay cool

Did you remember the ice for your Fourth of July barbeque today? You can never have too much ice.


Denise S.—rokkin’.

Bombay or Bust

Isn’t there some fable about riding on a toad’s back? If there isn’t, there SHOULD be. This little mouse can’t get his paws wet—while crossing a puddle in India.


"Ehn! ehn! ehn!"


Floated in by Flávia A., Philip P., and Frank S., taken by Pawan Kumar for Reuters


Ruhmember so-called "Rule 16"? Well, it was INTENDED to be the rule that ‘Possums aren’t cute"?

Well, the first image below proved otherwise. Possums can actually be cute. Little did we know that image would be the inspiration for a hilarious lil’ wood carving by Todd Bouck, wood carver extraordinaire!



Meimi Hartman—you are a genius.

Meimi, if you are not already a profesh photographer, you better get on it. Look at this shot, for crying out loud. A SMILING HIPPO!? For God’s sake, get thee to National Geographic.


Hippos might win the ULTIMATE ear-to-head ratio, BTW.

Ear buds

This little dude’s ears are gonna blossom. Can you imagine him with two flowers, one on either side of his head? Don’t even get me started on the whisker puff.


Ran M. from Israel writes he took this photo in the Galapagos islands—WHERE CUTENESS HAS EVOLVED!

Oh, fer cryin’ out—gad dernit

Ehn, ehn, ehn! [Scratch scratch srcatch] leeeeeeeeean Ehn!


To my brilliant grandfather, Papa Frost, for sending this one in. XOXOXXOXO! Love, Grand Dot


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