I shall leeck—YOUR HINEY

Um, at Cute Overload, we make sure EVERY PIC packs a ponche. It’s go large or GO HOME, PEOPLE!This pic seriously delivers. As sender-inner Shianling K. points out:1. There is leecking involved2. Rule #2: Someone is looking heeelpless! [singsong]3. Rule #7: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute4. Rule #1: Paws up (in this case, over eyes, with is even more points)5. Rule #17: Tiny ear action6. Rule #16: Keep your eyes at the height of your nose *and* have a five-head, (large forehead) and make sure your body is as tall as your head.7. Rule #15: small ear-to-head ratioLickin_a_hiney(Yes, I think Rules 15 and 17 are indeed the same) Derr!


OK peeps the WHOLE DARN WORLD is jealous of the Monterey Bay Aquarium today.


OMG, snoozin’ baby otter paws… there’s a whole slideshow, too.  Check it out!


(top otterling) (listening closely) "…Something strange about this pillow."
(otter underling) "Uh yeah, it’s got your HEAD on it." (rolls eyes)

Can you imagine being the lucky zookeeper who gets to play with baby otters??  [headspins]


Señor and Señora Rabies are ready to come raid your bird feeders. And cat food. Got any extry lying around? Consider it goooooooone! [singsong]


Who was that masked cat, John L.?

Yep, you take a size 9 Mens all right.

Amazing how Varmint Shoe Sniffers can smell a size in SECONDS!


Right, Tessa S.?! ;)


Seeeeeeeeeeeeealed, weeth a keeeeeeeeesss!


Sender-inner Elizabeth B. says her friend Elysa B took this photo in New Zealand and Australia. Holy pristine beaches.

“Kiss a lovely moose”

We’re all familiar and adore "Engrish", but today, it’s time for the Russian version of it. Behold the "Kostrama Moose farm" in central Russia. Not only are the photos TDF, but the phrases and translations are extremely entertaining.

There is an overwhelming admiration for the meese. The farmers claim "Moose cows loveus more than their own children."


"They run to us whenever we call."


and "and some – big bulls, kind like kitten. "


According to the site, "Swedish army had moose troops… Moose turned out to be wiser then their knights, they left battlefieldto hide in the nearest forest if danger occured."


The Kostrama Moose farm website has delightful (snort) content categories too: "Why Moose?" "Buy a Tame Moose", "Heal a Peptic Ulcer" (Apparently a moose-related specialty) "Drink a Moose Milk" and my favorite: "Kiss a lovely Moose". 


NOT TO MENTION the knobbular delights that are the moose baby photos.



sooooo…. wobbly…. must…. try….


The author of the site has a future in coffee table book, for sure. 


Daisy H. does it again. Brilliant, brilliant find, Girl!

tiny tiny hippo

OMG. This little Hipster is slippy-slidin’ all over the place, you can totally see it. He even has ‘chub." I think he has some umbilical cord action going on too. Rock on, little muddy earflaps.






Tiny pygmy newborn Hipster courtesy of sender-inner Margaret L. and News.com.




Reuters is CATERING to "Koala ‘tocks" readers. And it’s woooooooooorking! [singsong]


I’m hooked. HOOKED, sender-inner Cheryl L.! ;)

Wine just came shooting out of my nose

Um. Red wine just came shooting out my schnozzle at 75 miles per hour.Please look at what sender-inner Bridget F. just sent in. She says: “This isn’t a picture of an animal per say… but it is a picture of my butter and how it landed on the carpet. It looks exactly like a little duck, and I had to send it to you!Happy New Year!”


[Wiping off computer screen]

Qwack qwaaack

Will you please check out this duck-billed platypus. I mean, not only is he half-prosh, half bill, but makes the most anerable sound when annoyed:


Take a listen! [156KB]



Jake B., I think you just got some attention for your favorite animal…


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