The Chronic—what!?—cles of Narn-ni-ah

Forget changing topics—we’re back with more Bambi and Thumper, with even more shots of their snorgle-fest:


And their Hide-Out:


And the fact they both take time out for groomin':


Once again, Tanja Askani RULEZ.

Bambi and Thumpare

Fabuloso photographer Tanja Askani strikes again with her ‘Bambi and Thumper’ series. Two canoodling wildlife sweethearts, snorgling away.

Check out Teh Thumpster, he’s all: "Whaaa? What ees thees tenative snorgling?" and Bambi’s all "Eeeear-licious…"


Later, in Narnia, they rendez-vous AGAIN!


[Sounds of Springtime music] la la la la la la, and they’re back at it!Image007_4 

Way to submit ‘em, Cheryl E.! ;)

I daresay! What do you mean tea’s not ready?

[outrageous English accent] Why, why—I ordered it hours ago! Where the devil is it? I daresay you simply cannot get good help these days. Haruppphmph, pish posh and all that.


Ted C’s Galapagos seal is the most regal, elegant little Dude.


Look, sometimes, a Pup and his Ferret just wanna cuddle. Is that SO WRONG!?


No. the answer is no, Becca F.

Lil’ Winkie

Karen A writes:

"Last night I walked to the bathroom, turned on the light (thank GOD i turned on the light) rounded the corner and saw…well, I didn’t know what it was. I saw an ear and gray/black fur and that’s as far as I could go. I called linda saying something like "um…lINDA! there is SOMETHING as big as a SMALL rabbit in our toilet. YES! I’M SERIOUS! hurry up, I’m gonna cry." It ended up being a opossum. When Linda got him out he was all shivery and baby and then i called him lil’ winkie. We put him in a carrier with towels and left him outside hoping that he’d make it until the morning. It’s funny how he went from disgusting, horrid creature to pitiful, little baby. He is fine today, Linda’s going to take him to the Prairie Park Nature Center."


She continues: "The worst part of the whole experience is the what if’s that keeprunning through my head. What if I didn’t turn on the light? I hardlyever turn on the light at night to pee. What if I went to pee and itbrushed against my butt? Or if i was wiping and it touched my hand?Karen think’s that I would have thought I had a opossum baby, which ispossible. Then we would have to name him Jesus and it would be amiracle to be investigated by the church. Seriously, and where the helldid he come from? There are no openings anywhere in the house (wechecked because i was convinced that his big, mean, momma was under thebed) so the only conclusion that we can come to is that he crawled upthe pipe. ugahhblaghhshivercreepyfreakout."


Karen A.—too funny.

I feel a flip book coming on!!! [singsong]

Turtle Junior has been CAPTURED! Susan the Farmgirl found him while "gardening" [That's farmspeak for turtle-huntin']

Check him out, he’s all: "Oh, Crikey. That’s it—I’m taking my pin-prick nostrils, and we’re outta here!"


"I’ll just be on my—Ehn!—way!" [waves claws]


"If you’ll just let me—ehn!—down" [looks down the eqivalent of 800 miles]


"Don’t make me take your kneecapsoutEHN!"




Great job, sender-inner Angela S. ;)

Mrs. Plumpersons

We’ve seen some premium prairie doggage on this site before. I mean premium. But Mrs. Plumpersons here really takes the cake. You know she’s on her ‘front porch’ right now, telling the kids to get back in the hole. Thing is, can she fit down it?


Kudos to chucktographer Alex D.

Look! A Moose!

"Look! A Moose!" is what I always hear at the office when I’m supposed to ‘Look the other way".



© Usama H. and thanks to picture-sender-inner Jayne C.

“Beh beh Boo boo”

…That’s whay I’d name my Baby Beluga whale if I had one.


Check it out, he’s all: "ppppbbbbfffftttt!!!" with his new blow-hole action.


Sent in swimmingly, Kristine M. and congrats to the Shedd Aquarium.


Will you please look at Mr. Paddles here. He’s all: "Ehn!" "Pick me up!"

The ears OWN you, too. Too bad he could claw your eyes


Good find, Fern H.


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