Swimming lesson

swimming otterz

The best part is the first 2 seconds of the movie where the bebeh flops into the water. Yay.


Milkpanzer, nice pick… ;)

Neck propper-upper

You prop up muh neck

just high enuff

so I ken smile

and soak up the sun

[Sing to the tune of Greensleeves or something]

//Later- OMG, it’s Send in the CLOWNS I’M SO EMBARRASSED Don’t tell ANYONE//



XO,Meg (and sender-inner Dawn M. who couldn’t "resist taking a peecture of loverrrssssss"

Bebe I’m Kerrrrlde

LerveThese monks almost made it through Friday the 13th and boy are their arms tired. Shout out to Animateca for this simian snugglefest.


Thank the lo’ for foxes.

Espeshe ones that fit in your hat.

And that curl their paws.



Hélène D., Très Bien!

Nice juxtaposishe

Peep this redonk video mash-up of the movie "300" and defenseless kittens:

Hee!Hilarious find, Diana ;) Oh, and must he yell so loud? Yeah, yeah, we know you’re dining in hell, blah, blah, blah

This little piggie got drawn on

Obviously, this girl accomplishes more before 9:30 than you do all day.

wee wee wee, all the way home, right sender-inner who’s name I can’t find!?

You’re outter here, young man

I TOLD you not to spit water at your sister [chizzomp]

Audi 5000

Love the ‘who? me? what?’ look on his face, Amanda D.

And now, a tiny turtle.

ehn ehn ehn (claws move in the air)


How many words a minute can he type, Renée?

Nice antennae, Baby.

Ladies and Gentlemens, I present to you: The Tiniest of Feets!


Nuri P., nice email sig:


Bebeh Spa Sloth


A nice post-massage nap in a lavender-smelling towel. I think I hear some new-age muzik in the background. ZZZZZZZ.

Which way to the sauna?

Lyssa B., your submishes shud really be outlawed.


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