Who ordered the teeny ear appetizers?

‘Cause they’re READY!

[ding! Microwave sound]

Two bites should do it.


Rawk ‘n’ Roll, Kathleen M. ;)

Ppppbbbbttthh! [Butterfly tongue sound]

You didn’t know butterflies had tongues did you.

Looks like they kinda have ‘tocks too. Sure, they’re long, cylindrical ‘tocks, but they’re ‘tocks all right [puts away magnifying glass]


These glass-wing butterflies are nuts aren’t they?!


Thank you, Auntie Olga!

Hangin’ on a petal

Check out this lil’ guy hanging on his rose "front porch."

He’s all waving at cars going by and hollering "Howdy neighbor!"


Joe A. — petal-lish.

Most Delicate Nibblings

Little fluffy clouds upon the forest floor…


I nibbles up one, then I nibbles up more…


Thanks to Kelly for posting these to the Weather Underground‘s photo collection ;)


Check out Sir Beadiness on his Momma’s back. Talk about yer rule 16. I also like their teeny lil’ gray muzzlepouches…like they dipped their faces in a bowl of octopus ink ;)


Piggybackin’ thanks to sender-inner Laura B. ;)

Eye capsules… so… heavy!

There is NO better way to celebrate your Friday than checking out this tie-tie Bebeh Slothersons.

Claws—so… clean.

Brenda G., gracias!

“He only has a very faint skunk scent”—I’ll bet

Sender-inner Karla’s Friend’s Aunt’s Cousin took these pics. ;) Apparently, this lil’ skunk was found on the side of the road, orphaned, it’s mother roadkill. After bringing the skunk home, they placed him in the barn with a mother cat and kittens. Apparently, Lil’ McSkunkersons is easy to pick up and pet, and "only has a very faint skunk scent".


Someone git the Lysol

One question: what will happen when the skunk gets a little older (and stinkier!?)

Whoever smelt it, dealt it

Check out this kitteh, he’s all: "I can’t even focus muh eyeballs much less deal with this OUTRAGEOUS McSkunkersons!"


Mom’s all: "whuh?"

An adoptive McSkunkersons Mother's work is never done

Lovely work, Karla ;)

Ferret snorkling

Look, I know there are three bowls of food here.

Alls I need is water for the time bein’. [dunks entire head in bowl]

Daaaat’s corrrecte.


Holy Jacques Cousteau, Ashlie W.!

Ribble ribble

From condos to castles, Barry has you coveredFrog-saver and stellar mortgage broker Barry writes:

"My wife and I were at a Chinese market when we spotted these bull frogs being sold for the Chinese New Year to be eaten. We decided to save one from a sad death and took it home. They sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like I had bought a piece of meat. When we arrived home, our dog Puka fell in love with the frog. She thinks its her baby. She mothers it and follows it everywhere. If he tries to hop away she will nudge it back with her paw. When its in the tank she never leaves its side. She loves her Phineous frog!"

Shifty eyes

[will you please check out the eyeball action on this frog]


Ehn! [pushes with nose]

Run away!

Orange eyes, tufted ears—wot a combo

I’m a ring-tailed lemur,
I’m such a schemer,
I’ll ride on yer back
When it’s time to chillax


OK, bebeh lemur fur hands are TOO MOISHE Ceci W.


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