Sir David Attenborough’s voice is like buttttter

Tell us more Sir David!Mooooooooooooore!!!

If you haven’t gotten The Planet Erf in HD series yet, you shud!

Ruh Roh.

Looks like we had a little ferret AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCIDENNNNNT! [Singsong]


James W., at least this falls into Rule of Cuteness #32. Otherwise, he’d be in big trubbles.

FOLLOW UP: Swimming kittehs

As a follow up to our very popular: "GLUURRRRGH!!!" post, eagle-eyed sender-inner Helene S. sent in this anerable, weird follow up vid!

"Kitteh paddle" back legs are the best.

Built-in binocs

I can see the game juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine.

I need a mini hot dog now, tho. And a beer.




Says Sender-Inner Rhonda C.; "During the fourth inning this praying mantis flew up from way down by third base to land DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF US in the cheap seats at the Portland Beavers game on Friday night. Scared the living [Crapulence -Ed.] out of me until I realized what it was. Our friend Tim Goodspeed, a nature/travel/macro photographer, took this pic. The lil green guy watched the whole game with us."

Oh, I bet he watched more than just the game, Rhonda—THOSE EYES CAN LOOK INTO YER SOUL!

Giant Turtle ‘Tocks

Caked and wrinkly, turtle ‘tocks
Crinkly, crusty turtle ‘tocks
Rumpled, puckered turtle ‘tocks
Ridged, and dimpled, turtle ‘tocks.


Furrowed, folded, crumpled, crusty-tacular, Cheryl H.!

Four Days Old!

[upbeat daytime theme music]

and now, today’s News Of Teh Qte™!
Featuring your host, BABY HIPPO:

[ticka-tak, ticka-tak, ticka-tak]

Many thanks and scratchy wet snout nuzzles to CBS News‘ "Photos Of The Day" peeps!

The Frog Board Meeting

Good Ribbets, Everyone, and thank you for attending today.

Our first order of business [Points upward with one suction-cupped finger] The newts have challenged us to koi race at the pond. Who’s in? [crosses suction cup fingers]


Pass the flies, Crom74. ;)

What if you could swish your ‘tocks like this?

…it’d be easier to get water off of them ‘n’ stuff.

I like to think that if I concentrate hard enough, I could swish my human ‘tocks like that. I could even hold them to one side, to "point" out something. Like at a cocktail party; like; "Hey! check that guy out!" [‘tock swish]. Yeah.

I mean, am I right, Julia K.?

You ever had that feeling that you posted something before?

…Because I think I might have posted "Capers" the otter before. Something about his floating, undulating belleh reminds me of a previous post. However, I can’t even find it if I had posted him before.

Well, if so, he’s DUE for a re-post! Voilà!


Nomming on Bebeh toys, Meg F.

It’s SOOOO HOT in Maine…

[crowd roaring] HOW HOT IS IT!?

It’s SO HOT, a moose is in the kiddy pool!


You heard me. [slooosh!]


OK, sender-inner, I promise I won’t use your name, as you requested. But you know who you are… ;)


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