Ooh baybeh baybeh

A caterpillar is a bebeh butterfly.



Push it, Katie B.!

[Jaws theme]

duh-nahn, duh-nahn,     duh-nahn, duh-nahn



Evil otters! COMING FOR YOU, Jan K.!!!

Almost NSFW

I’m sure the Fathers of the InterWebs had looping evil-otter-undulaishe-dancing-vids in in mind when they developed it so long ago. [sighing head tilt]Their dreams…finally came…. true! [gasp]

Josh N. AND C.S.O. insisted we post this IMMEDIATELY. Also on CuteCast, natch.

Um, [barking over counter] I ORDERED A LATTE




Lappix, I didn’t know they even HAD a Starbucks at Sea World San Diego. Go figure.

Tail, ‘tocks ‘n’ toes

People, this is a bebeh sea lion’s tail, tocks and toes.

Eef you look real close, you’ll see the tiny toenails too. Fascinating. [Say in Spock voice]


Otherthings, way to gerhe.


I think we need a new category.

I’m thinking it’s something along the lines of "Sugar and Spice" or "Wait a minute! Scroll down!" or "Cute or Gross?". This new category would cover any photo that was anerable yet…disgusting!

Like dees: [head tilt] 1 part "I Shall Leeck You", 1 part fawn ‘tocks, and ONE PART POOPULENCE!


Help me, CuteOverload! Is it cute or gee-ross!? HALP!

Meanwhile, nice work, sender-inner Mimi M. You’ve set new category wheels turning…

You will see a behbeh seal sucking it’s own fin-pacifier in this video

You will also see the best teeny nostril flares—and I mean the best. On a scale of 1 to 10, these go to eleven [Nigel Tufnel voice]. Check it.

Nice sending-inning, Meighan M., and once again, enormous kudos to the Vancouver Aquarium… ;)


Will you please check out this behbeh "Matschies Tree" kangaroo. All powsched-up, on his way around town. I’ve never actually seen a behbeh in a powsche before, so this is a head-tilt-"ahn!" moment for moi.


Unique submishe, Jill-e-b!

//THIS PHOTO is from Yahoo! Photo of the Day//

THIS JUST IN: cross-species BEF

B.E.F., or Beady Eye Factor is NOT just for the world of Pocket Pets, People.

Will you please check out the obvious SEVERE case of beady eyes AND MUZZLE POWSHES as captured on the SEALS below.

THAT is a serious case of BEF, Brinke and photo-taker extraordinaire Heribert P. ;)

[it’s PUFF!  MuzzlePUFF! …why u do dis?? – Ed.]

Look. [nervous laugh] You got it all wrong.

Look, I hear you, OK?

You read this silly website, and you’re convinced that all otters are evil, right?

So called...

You’ve heard that we lie on our backs in the water all day, hatching ridiculous [holds paws up, does invisible quote marks] "evil" schemes, pretending we’re friends, etc. Right? [Scratches head in disbelief]

I can't believe we're even having this conversation

[Sighs] I don’t know what to tell you. It’s simply [wipes eye nervously] not true.

You feel me on this?

All right? Otters are not always making evil plans—that’s… ridiculous!

Look, I’m glad we’re on the same page here. [Paws behind head in ‘we’re done’ motion]

[clapping hands together in 'finished!' motion]

I got shells to crack and really don’t want to try and convince you again, Erin E.


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