That did NOT just happen

You know when you’re watching something and you can’t beleive what you’re watching?Well this video is like that. OTTERSZ FLOATING AROUND, NAPPING and…HOLDING HANDS! Yes, you read that right.

Try NOT to exclaim "OMG" out loud. Serious Cynthia H.

Let’s check in on Knut the polar bear

What better way to check out Knut the polar bear than the DALLAS THEME SONG and fabulous imagery?Check it:Kelly E., I agree, great editing.

Listen Dahlings.

Watch moi bask if you must, Dahlingks. Just keep the feesh comingk.Sir_sea_lionRachel M., I LOVES ME THE BLUBBER!

Wot up, from P-Dizzawg

Wot up, P-Dawg in the Zizzle (as in, I’m shoutin’ out from the SF ‘Zoo‘, Dudes)

Yep, gettin’ my poe-tay-toe on*. [Furiously eats and shreds]

Gotta go—I gotta hot date with a flamingo—we’re going to the Penguin feeding.


* I think that’s a potato!

Gracias to San Francisco Zoo Peep Kelly W.

Who ordered the teeny ear appetizers?

‘Cause they’re READY!

[ding! Microwave sound]

Two bites should do it.


Rawk ‘n’ Roll, Kathleen M. ;)

Ppppbbbbttthh! [Butterfly tongue sound]

You didn’t know butterflies had tongues did you.

Looks like they kinda have ‘tocks too. Sure, they’re long, cylindrical ‘tocks, but they’re ‘tocks all right [puts away magnifying glass]


These glass-wing butterflies are nuts aren’t they?!


Thank you, Auntie Olga!

Hangin’ on a petal

Check out this lil’ guy hanging on his rose "front porch."

He’s all waving at cars going by and hollering "Howdy neighbor!"


Joe A. — petal-lish.

Most Delicate Nibblings

Little fluffy clouds upon the forest floor…


I nibbles up one, then I nibbles up more…


Thanks to Kelly for posting these to the Weather Underground‘s photo collection ;)


Check out Sir Beadiness on his Momma’s back. Talk about yer rule 16. I also like their teeny lil’ gray muzzlepouches…like they dipped their faces in a bowl of octopus ink ;)


Piggybackin’ thanks to sender-inner Laura B. ;)

Eye capsules… so… heavy!

There is NO better way to celebrate your Friday than checking out this tie-tie Bebeh Slothersons.

Claws—so… clean.

Brenda G., gracias!