I’m quokkin’, yes indeed

How many of you have every seen a Quokka before? Raise your hands! [looking around the room]

Ok, not many. HERE YOU GO!


Well done, first-time submitter Mark. Curled paws, B.E.F. and moist nosicle, CHECK!

[on phone] Oh, Notingks moshe. Just hanging in the bag.

Yeah, come on over, I"m just hangin’ out.

We’ll watch the game. Yeah. Come on over.


Brittany, we’re gonna hang with you. Got any salty snacks for us while we watch the game?

Bashful mantis leaves a present

Sender-Inner Lorel J says: "Earlier this year I hatched 3 praying mantis egg cases (insert comment about sitting on them).  Finally a grown-up one found me. I don’t flatter myself that it came to thank me for the gift of life, but it did leave me a little present, albeit unintended.[see CU with circled gifty-poo, also attached]Guess he was nervous, poor guy.  Probably soothed himself by chawing on a ladybug."


Nicely done, Lorel! Nice circling on the perpe, too. I like how the mantis arms are up in a bashful posishe, with head tilt.


Yay for poops and manti.

Check out these folded monkeh paws

Is this monkeh one of those animals that looks really soft, but is actually kinda bristly?

I like to this he is soft. And that his little hand on your face would be like a kitteh paw.




Perfect paws, Sender-Inner and Zambia Safari-er Jennifer T. ;)

*I’ve decided that adding "Pants" after any word adds instant emphasis. Helps if the first word rhymes with ‘pants’. Thank you.

Snakes On a Rack

People, watch the fashion runways closely for this one, because SOMEONE is gonna steal this look, it’s so suweet!

I can’t tell which end of the snake is which. But I do know that Mr. McSnakersons makes a nice bracelet.


Nicsssssss Sssssssssender-innering, Aaron O.!

Come on in!

Come on in.

The Ant soufflés are ready, and I can’t wait to hear about what’s happening with you at work. [pours Chardonnay]

Such a soooooft lookin anteater, Sender-Inner Michelle S.!


I got picked CLEAN, People!!!

Dewd, even the poodles are laughing at me. THIS IS JUST GREAT!


Kristen R., he’s almost as small as Winston now.

I wanna be this tur-tuhl.

Um, what turtle eats mashed potaters?

It’s like an ENTIRE WALL OF POTATOES!!! If he pokes through the wall, a gravy lake might pour thru.

[Photo removed at request of owner]

Delicious AND nutrishe, Sender-Inner Benjamin C.! NICE PHOTO WORK, Iona B.!

Sir David Attenborough’s voice is like buttttter

Tell us more Sir David!Mooooooooooooore!!!

If you haven’t gotten The Planet Erf in HD series yet, you shud!

Ruh Roh.

Looks like we had a little ferret AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCIDENNNNNT! [Singsong]


James W., at least this falls into Rule of Cuteness #32. Otherwise, he’d be in big trubbles.


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