Snorf 1 and Snorf 2

Will you please check out these McSnorfersons, inhaling their boxedlunchabuhls. I can totally see their ears flicking with excitement.

Like mom like son, originally uploaded by somesai.

Mini legulence

Will you please check out this miniature legulence + belly combo.

I wish we had a larger picture upon which we could enhance C.O.X.C.U.-style, but we don’t.


Michael G., I wonder if they have a full Price-is-Right living room set-up in that hole?

Now we’re ‘TOCKIN’

Ladybug ‘tocks
Ladybug ‘tocks
unless you’re a male then
Gentlemanbug ‘tocks

Tiptoe, troo dee clovères, originally uploaded by yospyn.

Pamela L., way to SPOT this one <-See how I did that!? AHAHAHAHAHAHHAALOLPONIES.

Meanwhile, over at Seaweed’s birthday party…

People, you know the more redonkulous, the better as far as I’m concerned. Well, this turtle-birthday-party-in-the-tub fits the bill. Please check out the décor…


The perfectly fitting parteh hats (who knew!?)


AND, the BEST turtle birthday present ever—sardines.


Charme C., way to spend your Saturday night…



I… moste. I moste kees!

Just let me do eet.

Please.Please let him do eet, Sender-Inner C.H.S. ;)

// UPDATE — yes, oops, this is a dupe post! Encore! //

Step one: place a few cubes in the shaker

Step two: fill shaker with top shelf vodka or gin (not BOF!) add a teence of vermouth and olive juice

Step three: shake it like a Poloroid pict-chah


I hope you know what step four is, Valerie J. ;) and that you have chilled glasses waitingks…

Image from the Times, article by Mike B. More on this story here!

Seriously hungry, hungry hippo

Yeah, I pretty moishe watched this one with my mouth open in disbelief the whole time…

Mo K., way to pick ‘em!

Now playing on CuteCast, natch.

This just in: A pile o’ meerkats

OMG, look at the guy bottom middle.

L to the O to the L. He’s totally mid-pile.


Kimberly S. says it was very cold at the Louisville Zoo that day, and the ‘Kats were piling together for warmths.

And P.S., I hear that Meerkat Manor 3 starts August 10, on Animal Planet

One-half Meerkat, one-half pup

People, this is what happens when pups and meerkats spend a leeeeeeetle too moishe time together. You get what’s called a Meerpup ("PupKat" was also an option, but too confusing)

Sigh [head tilt]


Good news is that MeerPup is adoptable at Bideawee ;) Thanks, Tiffany L.

The elusive, bamboo-leecking red Panda

Sender-inner "Hideous Lump" says it’s a CRIME that we haven’t posted more red Pandas.

For once, Hideous Lump is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. So here we go.

my_pic211, originally uploaded by takenzen.




Panda Torpedo, originally uploaded by Gobdol.

Meanwhile, note fur ‘smile’ and bowing technique (while on a tree bough, heh)

redpanda1-01-19-06, originally uploaded by Peter Waterman.



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