I Am… Viscacha!

On the plains and mountains of Peru, there you will find Viscacha. My cousin is the Chinchilla, but he has the ears that are stumpy, not tall and proud like Viscacha. But neither is Viscacha the bunny rabbit, for their tails are like, how you say, the puff powder, not long and curly like Viscacha.

When Viscacha is threatened, I emit a fearsome roar!

There are some who say that to sniff the fur of Viscacha produces the visions of beauty in the mind. But this is the nonsense.

Photos via: The Lost But Not Forgotten, the Cutest Paw, and the James Brunker.

My Little Pachyderm

House hippo, tiny rhino, mini pony, lap-sized giraffe; all have become super popular of late. Now, the first-ever sighted adult dwarf elephant in Sri Lanka is getting his own trendy tiny trunkster action too.

Video proof at Daily Picks and Flicks. Complete story at the Sunday Times.

If You’re Batty and You Know It…

… flap your ears!


But do you recall, the most aimless reindeer of all?

So, Santa’s extra-back-up-stand-by reindeer, Sven and Ole, were very busy at their flying practice when Sven says to Ole, this is one foggy Christmas Eve! And Ole says, do you think we mist it?

Via Reddit.

Double Vision Always Seems to get the Best of You

A sudden change in your vision could be an early warning sign of a craving for jelly donuts, two monster sized chocolate bars, a box of dates, some sand dunes and a tent or two.

Via YouTube.

How did the Spider Monkey get its name?

Oh look, here’s one now. Let’s ask. So what are you, a spider or a monkey? One or the other, you can’t have it both ways!

My name is a combination of the word spider, which is Latin for AAAAIIIIEEEEE! [Psycho music], and the word Monkey, which is a made-up word that is cute to say.

Hula Skirt Monkey would have been nice. That Carl Linnaeus sure has a lot to answer for.

Baby spider monkey learns to leap, via Zooborns.

Dik-Dik go Plink-Plink!

If Africa had a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this would be its Clarice.

More doe-eyed cuteness on Zooborns.

Not Available In Stores!

Her music touched a generation in a sensitive place — and now for the first time, Q-Tel Records brings you the timeless sounds of Colleen O’Coon, Queen of the Celtic Water Harp. You’ll get all the classic hits: “Mae Bonny Bill” “Divil Ooo Croggy Moontin” and “Mayre Groggit niff Flarble’s Quoob (clean version).” Order today!

Another Post, Another Cute

Another Raccoon, In A Suit?!

“Cutest thing that could rip your face off.” From Sam P. Via Imgur.

Toebeans A Go-Go

Kitty toebeans extraordinario.

Puppeh workin’ the toebean mojo.

Otter toebeans like fo’ sho.

Turtle toebeans in slo-mo.

“My snowshoe kitty, Quinn’s little speckled toe beans. We adopted her on Sunday from the Kentucky Humane Society & I’m just so in love with her already. I’m sure she’d love to be on your website in celebration of her adoption!” -Mariah R.
“Frida.” -Natalie.
“Otters.” -Chris W.
“Our golden retriever, Dax, on her very first day at home with us. I think the paw really adds something, don’t you?” -Gina G.


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