Bottle-fed orphan BFFs

Lila and Outlaw (the raccoon) are tewtelly BFFs!  Both were bottle-fed orphans and are best buddies to this day. Hey Sender-Inner C.S., have any photos of them now?


Don’t mind me. [chomping on behbeh raccoon ears]


No, Nibbles, Stop!!!

NIBBLES! Do NOT sniff that McSnakersons!

He’s nothing but TRUBZ!


Or… IS HE!? [I see the smallest of smiles here…]


Jessica V., I hope you appreciated Nibbles early XMas present…

The otters get ready for another Christmas party

Wife Otter: "Hon, did you order that sea urchin, crab, clam, mussel, and octopus gift basket for your mother? The one that comes with a rock?"
Husband Otter: "Yes."
Wife Otter: "Did you get Tommy the ‘Making Evil Otter Plans Handbook’?
Husband Otter: "Yessss"
Wife Otter: "—the Kelp Hammock Pro for Emma?"
Husband Otter: "Yessssss Hon!"


Good work, Kathryn P.

ok ok OK

Everyone and their brother has sent in this Daily Mail article of this new species of rodent called a "Jerboa". People, this animal is not cute. [looking over glasses in lab coat] Let me tell you why. Rule #17, paragraph 14, item 7 SPECIFICALLY STATES that ‘tiny ears’ are cute. Rule #15 talks about a small ear to head ratio.

Why? Tiny ears are nibble-able! No one would even NOTICE if you chomped a hamster ear off would they!? No! They are small and fit in your mouf. This guy is like, part moth, and his ears would gak all the way down. Do you want that? Do you? Come on, People.


You got me on the beadiness of the eyes. At LEAST he’s got that going for him.

“Ib not that strongg a swimmber”

Ruhmember that epic SNL sketch of Harry Shearer and Martin Short as Synchronized swimmers?

This SWIMMING SLOTH should join their team.

"No you’re not mad, you’re just pointing. Hey, you, Iknowyou, I knowyou!!!" Katherine P.

Scooped by DListed!

My other fave site,* has SCOOPED US by posting this prosh McMonkersons/banana combo for their weekly caption contest.

Touché, DListed, TOUCHÉ!


Oh, and nice Brad Pitt photo today, too. 😉

*The thinking man’s Perez Hilton

You’re sucking my eyeball out.

The Toledo Zoo has a new behbeh giraffe who has a Mom likes to get her snack on. Can’t blame her. Schloooorrrrphf!

The Toledo Zoo—also home of "FrogTown" which is the best exhibit name evar.


Love the lil’ crooked mouth on the behbeh, Johanna S. 😉

Not even four gulps

Care for a snack?


Watch out, they "ribbet" all the way down…

Love the miniscule haunches, Candace M.

Remember the “ehn!-chworm”? Now he’s out camping

Der tuh der tuh derrr

Out campingks.

With my friennnns.

Gonna make inchworm-sized s’mores…




Jordan U., that silly little guy thought he was in your tent didn’t he. Didn’t he!?

Do you all remember when we caught this guy reading!?

THIS JUST IN: A mini badge

Je suis petit McBadgersons!

Ne mange pas mes oreilles!


Marty C., those lil’ eye capsules and that mini paw ackshon is the proshest. If you find a mini-badge, call the Gwent Badger Rescue 24-har hotline stat!, and donate here!