The tiniest of…trolls?

You know what I’m talking about—those guys with the wild head of hair, in all different colors? He’s totally one of those.

He’s all, "I am a toy that sits atop your pencil in fourth grade! yaaaaaah!!!" [shaking hair back and forth]

Baby tamarin hanging on…, originally uploaded by Nick Lawes.

OK, it’s really a behbeh Tamarin monkeh. Not a troll.

Sure Bebeh, you can rest in my haunch

Holy Haunches + RULE 7!

[Um, plus tiny claws of doom, check those things OUT]

Sleepy mommy and baby, originally uploaded by lynnirene.

Flickriffic find, Johanna S.!

Snout Matchingks!

I’ve had it with carrying you around all day. [Yawn]

What kind of animal are you, anyway!?

Quati, originally uploaded by marcazani.

Michelle S., I have a crown with ‘Flickr-Finderer" on it for you!

And now, a baby beaver






‘Tocktober: icy cold, submerged paw pad edition

It’s like this guy just did a perfect dive and kersplooshed into the pool.

Must have been a triple lindy.

The end!, originally uploaded by ucumari.

Regina C., extra points for difficulty.

Is there a monkeh in all that fluff?

Bebe-est of monkehs, (at least I think there is a monkeh in there) here, hangin’ on a finger.


Via, spotted on Digg and by Rachel W.

And the most unusual muzzlepowshe goes to…

This guy!!!

Thanks, Cynthia and Dan H…

Ladybug ‘tock submission

‘Tocktober submissions keep comin’, People, this time, with ladybug ‘tocks.

This ladybug sent her OWN photo in (notice she is on a keyboard)


Liz L., I think you might have helped her a little bit, tho.

Meanwhile, over at Prairie McPlumpersons

Check out the tubbular-ness of this scene. And I’m not talking about the ACTUAL tub, but the tubby Prairie Dog action.


Bloooooooooooooooooooooop! [Sides plunge out]


That zoo in Duluth MN. is taking very good care of them dogs. I’m sure they get telenouvela acting classes too, right Karen B.?

Packin’ Lambs

According to Sender-Inner Goodwin D., when it’s time to move sheep and lambs to a new grazing field, a donkeh helps out with the moving process. The lamb-o-pack ensures no lamb is left behind… LOL


I am not making this up. I only post what people send me.


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