Behbeh lemur leeps

Step aside, Flocke!* There is another Cuteness in town, this time in Paree, France, at the Vincennes Zoo. A behbeh crowned lemur named "Kibongo" (Great name) is all: "wash me cuddles wees zees fluffy blankie BON!"

Lemur300 <– (from The Guardian)

Then he’s all; "I drink your milkshake! I DRINK IT UP"


Thanks for the little red leeps alert, Sarah L.!
*Just got side-tracked on the Flocke site for 20 mins, thanks a LOT

Bodyless Red Panda makes great snorgle-able pillow

Oh, Hai. I would like to display to you my teeny headulence. [Turns to the left, shifting tiny squeezable ears] OK? [rolls to the right, displaying ears further]

Ferret steals microphone cover

It’s OK, CNN has another one, I’m sure.

Megan A., nice fish-eye lens on that ferret Bebeh.

Mmmmm, rock peeee-llow

Hmmm, I teenk I weel warm my miniature ear nubules on this warm rockkkkks [baking sounds]


Delectabuhls, L.J.!

Ferrets can’t spell

Man, it’s so nice to see these little Carpet Sharks giving to each other for a change—instead of scurrying under rugs and and up your pant legs and stuff.


AAAGAGAAHAHAHHHH!!!! [sound of ferret scurrying up my pantleg unexpectedly]

This image is an encore presentation, ’cause it’s so dern prosh. Thanks, Natalie F.

Animal Phone

Wing wing! Wing wing! It’s for you!


David Rosenberg’s guinea peeg Noodle is just one of the stars. We’ve greenlit it for 43 more episodes.

Let’s get knobbular! Knobbular!

I wanna get knobbulaaaaarrrrrr!

Let’s get into knobbular! [Sing in Olivia Newton John voice]


Check out this Knobbule rocking some Rule 23 born at the Chester Zoo. Her name is "Margaret" and she’s getting bottle fed ’cause her Momma was like "Whuh? I don’t know how to do eet!"


Thanks to ALL the beellions of peeps who sent this one in…

And the Groundhog officially declares:


It’s official.



According to legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there willbe six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not see his shadow,there will be an early spring. Thanks a LOT, Phil.

Hey You. Let us in.

[Taps schnozzle on glass repeatedly]



Um, that kitteh will never let those deerses in.

// UPDATE — check out the LOL version here, courtesy of ICanHasCheezBurger //

Oh, you’re on thin ice now, Mister!

Verrrry thin ice.

If only there was some way to get you out of there…


"Just doin’ a little ice skatin’ nyere", Ross and Jo-Lynn L.!
(read more here)


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