No deadly sins HERE

Um, sloths don’t get NEARLY enough loves from this website.

This submission slowly crawled our direction (took all day, ’til just now) and we had to post him. You can tewtelly see him waving his little sloth paws, all don’t fergit to post a slooooooottttttthhhhzzzzZZZZZZ [falls asleep]


Jessica S., I think he’s smiling.

This is a stick-up!

Empty your pockets of ALL the dried cat food you have and place it in this bag here. I MEAN IT


Nice lil’ masked bandito, Eleanor W. I gave him everything I had.

Just Snarfin’ Around

Another great way to spend your Caturday.

Check out the baby armadillo schnozzling around in the yard. He’s all: "Donde es some grubs?"


Bonus points for eye capsules, Anna O.

The Lamb Socks 2000

Googly eyes and knobbular knee portions are also built-in to this model. Test goats are available for drives. Take the Burlingame exit, ask for Tony.


Nice work, Em!


This is a great song, and even better, it looks like what life would be like IN THE LAND OF CUTE OVERLOAD. I think Dr. Cute even makes a guest appearance in the video…

Thanks, Hera H.!

THIS JUST IN: Eyebrow “circlettes”!

It’s a GOOD THING you People are ON THE BALL or else we would have missed these "eyebrow circlettes" entirely.

Please see exhibit "A" the seal pup here, with completely circular eyebrow hole things.


See!? SEEE!? LOOK!


No, I am not kidding, Johanna S.

Elephant paints own self-portrait

You have GOT to be kiddingk moi. Check out this talented schnozzle action.

Michelle B. crazy find…

Mad Hops

Check out this Kangaroo’s very first powche exit and hoppin’ ’round at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn.


Videoicon2 Go Joey, go go go!

Excellent submishe, Courtney A.

More shifty eyes

I’m BAAAAACK, and still no hair gel. WTF.

Special Thanks to Super Flickr-r Giles B., who has increased awareness of these lil’ endangered gorillas with terrific photos.

Take a right at the gun rack

OK, if you were to file this under COMPLETELY REDONK, and that would be a start.

Um Clo G., first there was Jessica the massaged house-hippo, then Patches the hamburger-ordering house-horse, NOW THIS MOOSE AND ODDLY INTRIGUING SOUNDTRACK. You must be stopped, pure and simple.


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