Straight Pimpin’

Check out this lil’ shuffling, pimp-coat sporting McSluggersons. He’s all "Luhzadies, I gots the feathers, and the shuffle. And I’m workin’ the Nat’l Geo, so you now it’s all riiiiight" [Full National Geographic series here.]


Emma S., I recommend working 42nd and Slug Street. Always works for me.

Whaaaaat’s uuuuuuuuuuup

Seriously, what’s aaaap. Oh, and pass me a beer.


TimesOnlineUK Slide show, that’s what!

A face only a mother could love

At least this lil’ Bush Baby has the suction-cup hands going for him, though.

[plock plock plock sound of him scaling a window effortlessly]


Thanks to Sender-Inner Ally and her three dogs, two hamsters, two turtles, four rabbits, a fish, and four horses, plus, the kitten she’s in process of adopting.

Yes, ‘nanas ARE my favorite dessert…

How DID you guess?! [shifty eyes for five mins]


I like the opposable foot-thumb, Lawrence L. and FreakyMartin.

Heart Addax ax ax ax ax ax

I love it when I hear about completely new animals—check this out: two endangered "Addax" were born at the Louisville Zoo in the last few weeks. Their mini horn nubules will son be spiraling out of control.


More on the Addax here from Louisville Zoo. Gracias to Sender-Inner Laura E.

Tanja A. does it again!

People, it just doesn’t GET any better than Tanja A.’s animal photos. Behold this tiny McFoxerson in a riding hat.

See more of this scene here. Hint: scroll to the right to see all three fox photos together…


Arlo R., go Vikings!


The Baltimore Sun is reporting Samson the behbeh elephant gains 2.5 pounds a day. That’s like a new ear a day.

Samson lives over at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and is featured on MarylandZoo TV!!! OMG.


I’ve never seen a smaller ‘phant, Alice B. Have you!?

Though technically not a stoat, this baby otter voted

Otters, weasels, stoats, ferrets—they’re all just furry kneesocks with eyes, aren’t they?

But, they can all make a difference by voting Cute Overload for a People’s Voice award! (Psst, look for the Weird category) (…or you could just look for “Cute Overload” alphabetically)


Via via Radikal Foto and Sender-Inner Angela D.

Once again, the DikDik conquers this website

People the DikDik schnozzle is just about the most anerable thinggoing. Imagine this little guy, sproinging around on the Africanplains. Saw it muhself and almost die-eee-d. Serious.

The cutest animal…, originally uploaded by mistca.

Johanna S., even the name ‘DikDik’ is prosh. COME ON!


Tapir_worldShine up your schnozzle, ’cause it’s World Tapir Day.

According to Sender-Innner Anthony L., the aim of the day is to raise awareness of tapir conservation. And to show off their prosh little logo!

Find out more on tapirs and the conservation efforts to save them. All store profits go to tapir conservation projects. The Tapir Gallery has a lot of schnozzles in it, just like this guy. ;)


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