Watch this bebe koala eat leafs

Just before you go to lunch today, check out what’s on the Bebe koala menu; a mini salad.

Tiny Baby Koala

Laura T., read the title of this post in an Australian accent for the complete experience.


This butterfly is all extending his tongue into this turtle’s eye for some "nectar." Extreme interspecies snorgling.


Ouch, Johanna S. —that hoits.

And now, a petite Squirrelio + friend

Sender-Inner Audrey N. invites us to: "Note the tail puff, knobbular knuckles, and 360-degree ReflectO-Orb Beadulous Eyes™."

Um, Thank you, Audrey.


Also, Audrey’s friend Daniel took a photo of this junior McSnakersons, who obvy must have the tiniest tongue in the woild.


Gracias, Audrey and Daniel. ;)

The Slow Loris might be the proshest animule alive

Please check out the tiniest of tongue/banana action and the [plink! plink!] eye capsules. This is the Slow Loris, a nocturnal primate from Southeast Asia. They’re not meant to be pets, they prefer hangin’ out in the trees.

Wikipedia sez these guys ar "happiest at the top of trees" and "make slow, deliberate movements and a powerful grasp that makes them very difficult to remove from branches."

Apparently, they rarely eat fruit, so this banana feeding is unusual…

Don’t let the proshness fool you of course. Like all of the cutest animals, these guys have some serious teef. And as a bonus, they secrete toxins out their elbows. Cute! [head tilt]

Behbeh lemur leeps

Step aside, Flocke!* There is another Cuteness in town, this time in Paree, France, at the Vincennes Zoo. A behbeh crowned lemur named "Kibongo" (Great name) is all: "wash me cuddles wees zees fluffy blankie BON!"

Lemur300 <– (from The Guardian)

Then he’s all; "I drink your milkshake! I DRINK IT UP"


Thanks for the little red leeps alert, Sarah L.!
*Just got side-tracked on the Flocke site for 20 mins, thanks a LOT

Bodyless Red Panda makes great snorgle-able pillow

Oh, Hai. I would like to display to you my teeny headulence. [Turns to the left, shifting tiny squeezable ears] OK? [rolls to the right, displaying ears further]

Ferret steals microphone cover

It’s OK, CNN has another one, I’m sure.

Megan A., nice fish-eye lens on that ferret Bebeh.

Mmmmm, rock peeee-llow

Hmmm, I teenk I weel warm my miniature ear nubules on this warm rockkkkks [baking sounds]


Delectabuhls, L.J.!

Ferrets can’t spell

Man, it’s so nice to see these little Carpet Sharks giving to each other for a change—instead of scurrying under rugs and and up your pant legs and stuff.


AAAGAGAAHAHAHHHH!!!! [sound of ferret scurrying up my pantleg unexpectedly]

This image is an encore presentation, ’cause it’s so dern prosh. Thanks, Natalie F.

Animal Phone

Wing wing! Wing wing! It’s for you!


David Rosenberg’s guinea peeg Noodle is just one of the stars. We’ve greenlit it for 43 more episodes.


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