OK, I know this isn’t ‘Beautiful’ Overload, but check it

Violins + dolphin bubbles…

[Drifting off into Never Never Land]

Melanie P., I’d say ‘thank you’ in dolphin squeaks if I could.

Got flood insurance?

pat pat pat [looks up]

pat pat pat [looks up]



Colin D., Is that a furry knee sock in the wash or a ferret in the tub!?


Don’t give me this "Lunch is suhved, Sir" bullcrap.

I ordered a basketball and you know it.


Back to the freezer you go, Sabrina K.!

Can’t wait for the movie

Glurps_2OMG, will you please check out the redonk baby Tamarin monkehs over at the Paignton Zoo. Their names are "Padme" and "Chewie"

[mini Chewbacca yell sound]

Let’s just hope these two have better dialog written for them.

More on this milk-glurping, tiny-handed, nibble-able tail story here from BBC.


Excellent cuteporting, Rachel W.!

The Schnozzle Patrol

Um, there is MORE than enough schnozzle to go around in this vid. Question: Could you have MORE Schnozzle in this video?

The answer is none. None more schnozzle, Lynette. None!

Let’s start the week with a miniscule bebe koala. Bam!

This guy is so small he is on the WAITING LIST to ride on another koala’s back. Puhlease. That is small. He’s measured in "grams" whatever that is. ;)

via videosift.com

Phil/Ant P., fantastic quality foraged link!

Emo Zebdonk

This lil’ hybrid is so cute—she looks like he has built-in lace-up shoe/hooves.


Lys W., thigh-highs are tewtelly in. Just ask Hayden Panettiere.

This behbeh goat…rocks!

Check him out, all rockkin ‘n’ stuff. It’s like he’s checking out his new super hooves for the first time or something. Sproinnng!

Love the slow-mo moments espeshe.

Kora M., another brilliant submeeshe.

Mooth Tockths

Moose_2Sender-Inner Karen M. lives in Alaska, where she CLAIMS she knows her ‘tocks.

She says the ‘tocks we’ve been featuring on the site lately are too small or something. Then she said something like luckily for us, she was able to get some moose ‘tock footage. Lucky because "wild mooses only hold still for a leetle beet, and then it’s off to the next brancheroo."

So here are some mooth tockths for your pleasures:


Hey, ruhmember these mooths? That post was good times. Check out that stubbular tailio!

This snake is OBVIOUSLY trying to hug the monitor

But he has no arms…


So he’s all: "Ehn!" [head curls around monitor in lieu of arms]


Nice Hawaiian shirt mousepad and anerable snake-a-tude, Lesley C. Since this behbeh snake doesn’t have fur, please expect major Nuff action on this one…


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