It’s Spring Break. But your Spring Break bod isn’t ready.

Options are:

1. Stuff your flabbulence into a last-year’s bathing suit and pray the Muffin Top Queen doesn’t pay a visit
2. A muu muu and 8000 sit-ups is a good start but will take 34 seal hours to see results
3. Throw off suit, run down beach naked with Corona and lime slice in yer teef. Pure class.


The choice is yers, Jillian C. And don’t think we didn’t know you did 12 Tequila Poppers in a row in ’88. WOOOOOOOOOOOO

Guess who just filled out their absentee statewide primary balllllot!

This lil’ stoat! He’s votin’ ‘n’ stoatin’!

[OK, technically, it’s a Marten, but Martens only vote for Nader and I didn’t want to encourage that]

Curious Marten, originally uploaded by Adam Lyon.

Wombat hat

It IS a little chilly outside, pass me my wombat hat.

Yeah, the one with the eye capsules. Thanks.


Nellie F., the site this photo is from is called Wombat Country? AWESOME!

THIS JUST IN: Badger badger badger badger mushroom! mushroom!

FirePeeps in Oslo Norway saved a bonche (official term) of baby badgers from a building. Sing it with me now!



Gracias, Kaya K. and Kjersti W.

Full story, in Norwegian that you can’t understand, here.

Rescute: Racoon ears, ready for nibbling

Served up just like you like ’em. Rescute and nibble-able.


Sender-Inner Sarah L. was instructed by a wildlife official to keep him warm and safe inside until she can get him back to his Momma tonight. The official said nothing about nibbling eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrs!

I’ve been waiting for the GD bus all day

I can’t believe they raised bus fare to one squirmy wallaby.

Used to be one hamster round trip.

I don't even wanna know how this photo got taken

Flavia A., I suggest you unicycle to work.

[Squeals and snorts of delight]

Rumember back in the 60’s when we all thought the Pygmy hogs were extinct? Well good news. A few years later, some peegs turned up at a market, and were rescued and re-habbed.Now, a bonche of them are being released back into the wild.

They’re all snortin’ around ‘n stuff. More on the story here from Times UK.


Watch out for pythons, little Dewds! You too, Apsi W.

A Day in the life of Super Schnozzle

SUPER SCHNOZZLE up in a tree!


Super Schnozzle Creek walkingk!


SNORGLING CAREFULLY (with enormous nails! ye!)


Making tiny snuggling scratch marks! (the only good kind of scratch marks)




By the way, watch out for moist nosicles under comforters…


XTreme Close Up of Said Nosicle:


Licking a neighbor!


Hitting Control-Alt-A to see if ants show up on screen!


Begging to be removed from the basket to snorf more ants! [swipe swipe]


Tom T., Amanda M. and others, thanks for pointing out (again) the fabulous TAMANDUAGIRL!

Wot a BABY!

Will you just LISTEN to this guy whine and complain. OMG [eye roll]

Movie after the jump.


Vid by, submitted by whiner Chaos S.

Straight Pimpin’

Check out this lil’ shuffling, pimp-coat sporting McSluggersons. He’s all "Luhzadies, I gots the feathers, and the shuffle. And I’m workin’ the Nat’l Geo, so you now it’s all riiiiight" [Full National Geographic series here.]


Emma S., I recommend working 42nd and Slug Street. Always works for me.


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