This Is For Your Own Protection

Meet Tai and Pip, twin red pandas at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a safety precaution, we’re only going to show you their heads, because the rest of them have been deemed by the C.O. Public Safety Advisory Committee to be too cute for safe public consumption.

If we were to show you their soft, fuzzy, oh-so-snorglable bellies, or the delicate downy fur on their bushy, bushy tails, your brains would melt into a pool of butterscotch pudding and ooze out your ears, which would really put a crimp in your plans for the weekend. Also, brain is notoriously hard to clean out of clothing, especially synthetics. We’re only thinking of you, people.

You want the cute? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTE!

Just send us the dry cleaning bill, Nicole M.

Meanwhile, at Camp Wannasnorgleya…

"Ralph?  Ralph, you awake?"

"Cut it out, you’ll wake up the counselor!"

"Hey, you wanna know why I wasn’t in wood shop today? You wanna know, huh? Do ya? Huh?"

"Lemmie alone, Shermy, I’m sleeping."

"It’s because I totally scored with Sue-Ann Glupenpooter, that’s why."

"You lie, Shermy."

"Am not! We went out behind the boat house, and she let me get to third base!"

"Oh, for your information, Shermy, Bruce from cabin 12 told me that he overheard Becky and Janelle talking about how Weird Linda told them that Sue-Ann thinks you’re a total loser spaz butthead. So shut up and go to sleep."


"All right — second base."

"Good night, Shermy."

Yeah, we’re not buying it either, Philip K.

Rescute: A baby deer named Jet

The good folks over at the Iron Mountain Jewelry store had quite a surprise recently. On the way to work one recent morning, they found a fawn on the side of the road, it’s Momma just killed. The baby had just been borned. So, rather than leave him, they took him in and researched the finest way to bring up McFawnersons.

Which includes delectabuhl meelks:


Curious housemates…


Knobbular nature walks…


Tap dancing surprises…


Attempts to nurse on the Great Dane…


And of course, carrot slices.


Check out the FULL STORY and loads more photos here, in their Fawn Folio. Thanks for the tip, Amberly S. ;)

I want to belieeeve

AP is reporting a "unicorn" was born in captivity in Italy (where all miracles come from)

OMG, I’m gonna barf a rainbow. Ralllgh!


How bummed is that deer, Tracy W., Cheri S., Torie R., Tania S., Robin V., Carly L., and Kimberly H. + another beellion Sender-Inners?

An itch impossible to scratch

Go get ‘em, Plinky McEyecapsules!

Michelle F., you know we love this mortal sin in particular.

Oh bring it ON, Baby Macaque

We’re tough—we’ve seen this all before.

Sure—curl ALL your paws in at once. Just go right ahead. We can TAKE IT.

Those little nubbular ears? No problem, we can handle that toooo. [stops self while reaching out for a nom]

Oh and the eye capsules? piece of cake. [sound of twig snapping]

Sleeping Baby Macaque, originally uploaded by jasohill.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I wanna scoop him up and put him in an ice cream cone.

Finally, a zoo that understands the evil power of otters

People, the Minnesota Zoo gets it. Finally a reputable establishment that understands the evil, evil powers that otters have over just about every other living creature! They simply cannot be stopped.


Washing washing ALWAYS WASHING, Alie S.!


Hmmm, let me think. What is the NEXT BEST THING to a warm powsche?

Warm laundry with Country Fresh scent that’s what.

Baby Kangaroo, originally uploaded by vapspwi.

Read this entire entry with an Australian accent I dare you, Lori W.

Pass the bong

Oh, a bonche of typical McGrapersons—nothing new here, right? Wait—one of the McGrapersons is LOOKING BACK AT ME, OMG



p.s. Remember this; "A McGrapersons, I MUST HAVE EET!" ?

“Pudu”—sounds like a short name for a Hollywood couple

Um, "Pudu"?! I LOVE IT when new species of animals come out of the woodwork to kill us with their adorabuhlness!

Have you ever HEARD of a "Pudu"? Even the name is prosh. Here is a pair o’ pudus at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.


And get a load of the close-up, People. You can’t handle the Pudu.


Libbie M., you win some kind of C.O. award for bringing this new animal to our attensche.


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